Unbelievable Shocking Cultural Norms from Around The World – Fact Point

Unbelievable Shocking Cultural Norms from Around The World – Fact Point

Since not all of us can travel the whole world,
Fact Point has brought the entire world to you. In this very interesting video we will tell
you about different cultures from different societies which you may find even shocking. So let’s get started! #1. Croatia Croatia is popular for its national parks,
beaches, and of all the things – the coastal country is also famous for its Game of Thrones
Appeal. But, if you are travelling in this eastern
European country, depending on where you are from, it might shock you when you learn that
if you plan to stay there, it is expected from you to clean not only your own house
but also the street outside of your house. There is a reason why the country is famous
for its clean streets and communal civil pride. Croatia is not exception, countries like Spain
too have similar culture. #2. I don’t want Coffee. Wait! Now I want In Ireland, it is considered rude to accept
any food item from the host the first time it is being offered by them. Even if you are being offered a mouth watering
treat, pretend to decline the offer. You will be asked once again, and this time,
it’s absolutely okay to accept it. It might sound a weird practice especially
if you are from country like US where a no would mean a no and agreeing the other time
might make you come off as a weird fluctuating person. #3. The Country With No Traffic Rules Food is not the only thing Lebanon is famous
for. Talk to any traveller who have been to the
Lebanese Republic, they would tell you that there is virtually no traffic rules at all
in the Middle Eastern country. Even if there seem to be traffic rules, everyone
is speeding around you and the rules are not enforced at all. Needless to say, there are countless accidents
everyday on the roads of Lebanon. #4. Pish-Kesh In Jordan, Iran and many arab countries, if
someone compliments about something you are wearing, it is considered rude at your part
to not offer the same thing immediately to the person who originally complimented you. In Iran, this tradition has got its name and
is called Pishkesh. One traveller shared an incident that occurred
in one of the Jordan hotels where, unaware of this tradition, he complimented waiter’s
watch and the waiter immediately unlatched the watch and tried to push it on the traveller’s
hand. If you want to accept the gift, don’t say
yes before you have said no at least thrice. That’s another aspect of this norm. Good luck! 🙂 #5. Being Friendly Towards Strangers If you are from US, nothing special in here
for you, move on. BUT, if you are not aware of the US culture,
prepare yourself for a cultural shock when you land in the America and suddenly people
you don’t even know, are smiling at you. They might even ask you how’s your day going
and not even bother to listen your reply. And, similarly, if you are an American travelling
in Europe and trying to be friendly with random strangers on the streets, prepare yourself
for receiving weird looks. It’s fascinating how opposite two cultures
can be. #6. Rush hours in China and Japan Talking about opposites, it would be quite
interesting to discuss how the crowd treats you in China Vs. how it treats you in Japan. You will find countless travellers telling
you how in China, during the busy hours, everyone is pushing, cutting the line, breaking the
queue and seem in hurry. They might not care even if you are a traveller. The reason is fairly obvious – China has a
HUUUUUGGGE population and if you are planning to stand there and wait for your turn, you
will never get an opportunity. Now when it comes to Japan, you would find
yourself at the totally opposite end of the spectrum. #7. India If the word “diversity” could be represented
as a country, India would be the answer. The south Asian country has diversity in every
form. The country itself is a concoction of different
cultures. While there is a lot to talk about India,
one cultural difference which might catch your eyes and might even shock you, especially
if you are not Asian, is the sight of grown up men walking around holding their hands
which might illusion you into thinking they are homosexuals but in reality it is a fairly
common way to express your friendliness in India and the men are just being bros! #8. Tolerance towards public drunkenness If you are a Brit or familiar with streets
of Britain you probably know that public drinking is taken casually and considered normal there. But the attitude towards public drunkenness
when compared to Europe is totally different in the States. So much so that asking for beer in a restaurant
might invite stares and a lecture on “sir this is a family restaurant”. Let us know in the comments what do you feel
about either of the cases. #9. Nap time in Spain When you visit Spain as a tourist, roaming
in the Spanish street in the afternoon would make you realize that you are probably alone
and nobody is around with all the shops closed. This time after the midday meal till 4pm is
also called Siesta time in Spain and in these early hours of afternoon you would probably
find no one in streets or in the shops except for probably
you yourself. #10. Balinese Funerals If you are new to Bali, Funeral processions
might look like a party or wedding to you. Funeral procession in the Indonesian Island
are full of food, music and songs. They are very expensive too. Often the body is buried inside a container
till arrangements for funeral can be done or the auspicious day arrives. Balinese funerals are very expensive and the
body may be interred until the family can afford it or until there is a group funeral
planned by the village or family when costs will be less. Additionally, if the departed was a court
servant, member of the court or minor noble, the cremation can be postponed up to several
years to coincide with the cremation of their Prince. Cultures can vary greatly. Did we miss your country ? Why don’t you share
with us in comment section below. If you found this video interesting, don’t
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  1. I like your video. Can I download it for my class discussion? I am taking my Masters in Divinity now and it is a help for me to understand various cultures thru your video.

  2. Nice video, for example here in Medellín if you take a nap at 4:00 0'clock you'll probably wake up the next day like an alcoholic does hahahaha

  3. Tnxx a lot getflyscience teams like Gaurav sir who provides us very great information ℹ️ 👌😍👈it's sign to be grt persons!!! 😍👌👈

  4. The people who think holding hand is a homosexual activity, those are fool. India is the best country in the world.

  5. I'm spanish and I can tell you that almost no one takes naps. I don't get why everyone around the world thinks that we're some crazy sleeping beauty country…

  6. In America most people are friendly but go to NYC or Boston and be friendly and nice to strangers and they will look at you weirdly.

  7. Does that Irish rule apply to asking a girl out too? I once asked a Irish girl out but she turned me down. Now your making me think I should have asked her out again.

  8. Have any note about this video i want , because i really like this , this video my teacher suggest me write down but still have some i'm not very fastly to take note

  9. Sorry but no one gets weird stares and waiters certainly don’t say that if you ask for a beer in a restaurant in the US. 😂

  10. In my country sellers in the streets leave heaps of gold piled on top of each other, literally lose bars of pure gold but if you steal one every one on the street will gang up on you. No need for security/sensors here lol

  11. In Australia when someone die, they can "freeze" the body for 1 or 2 weeks until all the family can arrive to the funeral. In México I´ve never seen that, once someone die, we take the body to the funeral and it is immeditely cremated or burried. The other thing is that in México we do not offer any food during the funeral, is a very silence moment.

  12. My American friend said that he found it weird how in Australia strangers come up to you and start talking to you about random things or even getting aggressive.

  13. It wasn't very clear what was meant by "you would find yourself at the totally opposite end of the spectrum" when talking about Japan. Japan is even more densely populated than China overall, but Japanese people are famously "polite". My best guess is that what the narrator meant was that people don't push and cut in line in Japan like they often do in China.

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