UNBOXING The Colt from The Unnamed Society

UNBOXING The Colt from The Unnamed Society

Hello and welcome for a new Unboxing sequence
here on TheWATCHES.tv and today we really have something special and different to share
with you. So I guess you guys know that it’s again
my birthday, like every month actually so let’s immediately start with some proper
unwrapping of this huge present. As you can see, massive cardboard box to start
with and now look at this crazy bullet shaped case made out of aluminium, pretty nice feeling
to simply touch it, it’s already pretty impressive and let’s put it horizontally
and you really can’t go wrong as one part of the bullet is slightly flat and will therefore
let you place it in the right position. So let’s now open it and to do so, you need
to press this button, like on a regular bullet to ignite the explosion, but here it releases
an open/close mechanism. Ok, surprise, surprise and look at this crazy
colt shaped object nicely tucked inside this bullet and yes, this is actually a timekeeping
device. Personally I’m no particular gun enthusiast,
but I have to say that this object looks pretty damn cool and just as a side note, historically
and based on their micro mechanical know how, there has been quite a few suppliers of the
watchmaking industry which have manufactured small components that could be found in guns
and other weapon related objects. Ok, but let’s get back to the Unboxing of
the day. At the bottom of the case, you will find like
a round and heavy metal pedestal onto which we’ll be able to place the colt, I will
show you this in a second. You have the special winding key and normally
the original certificate is found here, but I have to admit that we have kind of the prototype
version, reason why there are a few scratches here and there, but production versions will
of course be impeccable. Ok, so let’s place the pedestal and let
me take out the colt. As you can see this is really a true cool
object and it’s the first one presented by The Unnamed Society, kind of a new brand
which will specialise in developing and producing very original gifts, always unique objects
and this one has has been developed with the team of L’Epée 1839, that’s the company
specialised in producing amazing clocks and you must already be quite familiar with that
name on TheWATCHES.tv, since for instance they are the ones coming with exceptional
timekeepers with MB&F such as our friend Baltazar standing proudly here at TheWATCHES.club and
always overlooking what we do. Ok let’s dig a bit deeper with this colt
and let’s place it on it’s pedestal. To do so, you actually have two options; you
can either place it vertically like this and when you do so, the time information can easily
be read on what mimics where you load the bullets. You have two dome shaped disks, one with the
hour and the upper one for the minutes and you can enjoy the movement’s construction
made of 142 components; gear trains, regulating organ on top, large single barrel offering
you 8 days of power reserve and all the parts are really beautifully finished and polished. But by taking this small metal ring, you can
also place it in a horizontal position and looks just as cool. I do like that you have both these options. Ok, so how do you set the time and how do
you wind it? For time setting it’s really easy, you can
simply move the disks by hand, align it as you wish and you’re done. To wind the barrel, this is actually pretty
cool, you take this key and place it in the gun’s actual barrel, that’s the very first
time I could say something like this. So now just turn the key and off you go and
I think the sound is quite appropriate for this object, sounds pretty cool, really gives
you this feeling of loading it up. The frame of the gun is made out of brass
which is nickel and palladium plated and either polished, satin-finished or sandblasted and
the entire object weighs 3.6 kilograms. The grip is also quite special, in this case
it’s made out of cow horn, feels comfortable in your palm, but as The Unnamed Society revealed,
there will be different versions made. Overall 50 of these colts will be produced,
but each one will be unique pieces; special material used, special engraving. Ok, like I said no big fan of guns, but this
big thing is seriously nice and one last little feature is that you can arm the gun and pull
the trigger without hurting anybody, but you will hear a nice little click sound. Ok, I hope you enjoyed this special Unboxing,
always a pleasure to do and if you are interested in purchasing such a piece or have one customised
for you, well it might be a bit difficult to find it at your local dealer, but you can
always ask us and we’ll make the contact. Just for info, price starts at around 30’000
USD and depending on customization, price will of course increase. All the very best to you, see you real soon,
I will now go and scare a few people outside, should get me arrested in no time and Viva

72 thoughts on “UNBOXING The Colt from The Unnamed Society

  1. Thank you, Marc. I would love to have this on my desk. Sort of a Colt 24. Staring at this timepiece would be a magnificent way to kill time!!!

  2. 3:55 that noise sounds perfect for it.
    I think it maybe sounds like a revolver rotating the cylinder.

    "I had to kill some time." "I had time to kill." "Time for payback".

  3. Haha this is beyond cool!!! There is a saying that the thing separating men from boys is the price of their toys!!! This thing fits the bill perfectly 😂😂😂

  4. That's pretty cool, but I'm clumsy and would break it in less than a minute by accidentally touching the escapement.

  5. Cool. As a side note is the size of the 'watch colt' representative of the real thing? Is that the size of a real colt? You would need some large hands, if so.

  6. the only problem with having a Birthday every week is now you are older than me lol. What an amazing timepiece, this really needs a glass case , now there is an idea for a business in Geneva at only 35K ill have one for each day of the week ,thanks for showing this to us your office must be very cool Viva !

  7. Always good to get a bonus video. Marc I am not sure I have the brain power any longer to work out your age with you having so many birthdays. Lovely clock, L'Epee do some amazing collaborations. You could easily use this gun for self defence although you won't need to shoot it just bash with it. Cheers for the video and Viva Clockmaking!

  8. Pretty cool. Makes for a nice modern art piece. It also reminds me of your "Restoration Of The Double-Barrel Pistol And Its Songbird By Parmigiani Fleurier" video which is one of my favorite videos on the channel.

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