United Airlines Adopts the Walmart Welfare Model

United Airlines Adopts the Walmart Welfare Model

United Airlines has an ounce or it’s being reported that they will
announce actually in October that they’re going to take their gate agents the people who take you take it when you get on the
plane and at these are people who are unionized
and make you know in the neighborhood a
forty to fifty thousand dollars a year they that’s a decent middle-class income in
many parts in this country they’re gonna take these folks and bed
fire them in a buncha cities and a higher instead our contractors subcontractors
hired companies that pay their employees nine
to twelve dollars an hour city you know they’re taking was forty
thousand dollars a year is Ron what 36 bucks an hour something I
don’t know what it is I don’t know how to do that now but in any case today people who are
making a decent living in their gonna replace them with people who are making poverty wages now why would you
not to do that because these this this is the Walmart business model the the McDonald’s
fast-food business model is now starting to explode across
america and he got a lot of publicity over the
last few months particularly because our occupying because the 15 you know a fifteen dollar minimum wage
movement in activity in Seattle and and what happened was all these big
companies that hadn’t been using the Walmart fast-food business Parnell said well let me use we do this holy cow now let me explain the Walmart fast-food business model is
really really simple you pay people a low enough wage that it’s legal it’s
above the federal minimum wage is seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour but net but its low enough that they are
poor enough when they work for you that they qualify for food stamps and housing
assistance and ends and medical care so the Walmart fast-food bismarck bills
model is let’s have part up the cost above our employees those things that
keep our employees alive their food their medical care their
housing let’s have those costs paid for by the taxpayers and we can take the money that we would
have otherwise paid those employees and we can give it to our stockholders
in our executives can take a larger paycheck this is called internalizing profits and socializing costs or externalizing
costs and companies all around the all around the country all around the
United States this is something that you know it’s it’s in most countries you
can’t do this because in most countries the minimum
wage has been indexed to inflation afar minimum wage is indexed to inflation
right now be but well bucks an hour which means the most minimum-wage
workers would not qualify for food stamps they don’t qualify for in a very large
family like it’s and they’re the only worker in the house
back in the sixties in 68 which is the year that I’m
referencing the you if you index to minimum-wage workers and 68 I was one of
them as a DJ at a local radio station and and I also worked at a gas station
at Bob’s Big Boy back then minimum-wage workers earn
enough that they did not qualify for food stamps nowadays minimum-wage workers because we
didn’t index it to inflation the minimum wage
is not twelve dollars and something in change an hour said stormy seven
dollars an hour now Walmart can do something here that
they pretty much can’t do in any other developed country in the world and that is pay their workers so little that you and I as taxpayers if assuming
that you have a job and you’re paying taxes the UN ir picking up the Walmart costs
and the fast food cause miss you know the the math on this has been done congressional Democrats released a
report earlier this year that suggested that
American taxpayers are are subsidizing every Walmart store
in the country to the tune of 900,000 1.75 million per year per store by picking up these costs is these what
would otherwise be direct cost for employment if wal-mart
was paying their workers fifteen twenty dollars an hour their pain McCaskill payers we would not be subsidizing them but what families looking at this going
hey we’re only worth about a billion dollars we need now are and CEOs and stockholders and everybody
else so this business model you know as
wal-mart’s gotten away with over the years and the fast food industry adopted this
about it a generation ago started doing this and they’ve gotten away with that and so
now united airlines saying hey what’s good for the goose is good for
the gander we can get a a sling this is just wrong and there’s three
different ways that we can break this down we could stop it the first would be to
simply raise the minimum wage and in fact the reason why the Obama
administration proposed a ten dollar tense an hour minimum wage is that at that level a ten dollars in
10 cents an hour in most states in the United States if
you’re a single person and then you’re earning
that you no longer qualify for food stamps and public assistance most public
assistance so it breaks that business model which is why these companies are
fighting against it so hard why the republicans that they own in congress are refusing
even consider legislation to raise the minimum wage and the republican-controlled House
represent as we’re all legislation aspiration the second way that we can break this
business model is to roll back taft-hartley is to
repeal the taft-hartley Act was passed during the Harry Truman administration over his veto three times to repeal taft-hartley which created
this car about for any state that declares that it wants to be a right to
work for less state if you repeal taft-hartley then you’re
operating under the National Labor Relations Act the Wagner Act 1935 and what that says is that you know if
its its car check on steroids if a majority of people more than fifty
percent of people in workplace say I wanna be any in you’ve got a union an employer can do nothing about that
they can’t bus that union and they cannot hire non-union employees
it’s close shop and that would drive up wages and that
would break their business model and the third way that we can break this
business model which is something that I’ve been suggesting for some time
actually all three of these are in been in my book rebuilding the American dream the third way is to say we’re no longer
going to give tax breaks over any kind to any corporation that has even one employee who qualifies for food
stamps if you have even one full-time employee
who qualifies for food stamps you no longer can take tax deductions
for anything you can deduct your executives meals you
can it do you can’t deduct the the cost to the private jet you get
now obviously that’s not going to happen you know
they’re not gonna do do is to connie is that maybe you could just do may begin to
save no longer deduct quick executive salaries but I mean you
make it hurt recover that million dollars per Walmart
recover that tens of thousands or hundreds of
thousands dollars per mcdonnell’s for Burger King per you know whatever
per store recover their money say we the people
are no longer gonna pay in 30-40 percent a year cost to have an
employee at your job you’re the employer and if you’re gonna follow this this be
this business model it takes advantage of the fact that Republicans blocked
raises the minimum wage and the right to unionize over the last
thirty forty years if your gonna follow this business model you you know we’re going to take a bite
outta your backside we’re going to recover that money the
amount of money that these corporations RDR ernie every year the amount that other expense that they
are dumpy on We the People according to
researchers at the University of Illinois at the University California
Berkeley is 243 billion dollars a year that so much you entire subsidize in
Walmart the fast food industry and now united says hey we want to get
in on this game was getting axed it this is the Thom Hartmann around otter
is going to be next everybody every country every company in
America that has the ability to do it is mister
bust in their unions and and drop in a way

31 thoughts on “United Airlines Adopts the Walmart Welfare Model

  1. Thom- none of those measures will ever make it to a vote in either the house or senate as long as money and wealthy donors buy policy.
    The first step, is to get an Art. 5 Constitutional Convention… anything short of that, for the express and specific purpose to formally make it that money is not speech, corporations are not people, and elections must be publicly funded, or it will just get worse. That is a guarantee.

  2. This will make travel even worse than it already is.  I´m betting that they also hire half of the staff they had before.

  3. Race to the fucking bottom! UA, another company on my boycott list. I'd love for them to deal with it legislatively, but until that happens I'm not a customer.

  4. And this is after United dumped it's pension obligations on the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp – a government agency), paying employees a fraction of the pensions they have worked their entire careers to get.

  5. Alaska Airlines did that years ago when they contracted out their union baggage handler jobs to Menzies. The workers make $9/hr with poor benefits.

  6. AA & US Airways has a vote coming up in August.  AA already likes to contract out AA jobs for contractors.  If we don't win the union vote….we will be deep in contractors……..I hope this video reaches a lot of AA employees.

  7. Damn.. we're becoming like a thirld world country. All local vendors, outsourcing employees, by contractual jobs, no benefits, no medical. This needs to stop! He's right everyone will be next.

  8. United has been doing this for many years. Going back to the 1970's when they fired the Sky Caps. In the 1990's Food Service was fired and farmed out. United failed to pay the pensions the should have, now the government has to pay a partial amount and UNITED is looking for more ways to FUCK its employees.

  9. No mention of the blatantly OBVIOUS approach for ending this dilemma (i.e. reigning in wasteful government welfare programs)? Mr. Hartmann is nothing more than a progressive ideologue pushing an agenda that puts ever-increasing amounts of power in the hands of leftists who enjoy telling others what to do with their lives. #MORON

  10. My monies have been misappropriated since I had "working papers" (15 year old worker) … I want some of that money back ..

  11. They are buying out their flight attendants for $100,000 so they can hire cheaper labor,  I'm sure. Senior flight attendants over 12 years of service cost more money. Force them out so they can hire junior folks who need food stamps in some cities they are based to survive. Yet, they don't get paid for boarding, deplaning, or sitting around in airports even though they are on duty per the FAA duty rigs. This is industry wide procedure.

  12. Ha! 40-50k. I was a gate agent for Continental and made 30k after 7 years, and that was with ot. The bottom line here is that Gate agents and ticket counter agents in particular are no doubt the face of that airline. No one other person in that airline is scrutinized, demoralized, yelled at, threatened, and even verbally and physically abused. But I know first hand that they are. There wages should be 50k a year. And no one should cross those lines and accept 8 bucks an hour. Airline CEO's make tens of millions of dollars. And the people who run the damn thing makes 12 bucks an hour.

  13. I use to shop at mcdonalds and walmart until i found how they treat the employees and i havent shopped there since going on 4 years now. All good things will come to an end one day

  14. Unfortunately it's the sad reality of these subcontracted and outsource employees who are not even related to the airline. No wonder why airlines like United are getting from bad to worst because United gets what it's paying for. These employees don't even belong to the airline who don't pay them. and not only they are underpaid but they don't even get flying benefits.

  15. Plenty of illegal aliens just waiting to be able to fill these jobs when the Democraps get their way and legalize them…it will be happening to a lot of other industries also.

  16. And all the companies that do that still charge the maximum for what they sell, and there is no REAL competition. United will not reduce fares unless all the other airlines do the same!

  17. $25/hr x40 hrs a week is $50k. And then they wonder why they've got cranky gate agents and such. I know this is an old video but it infuriates me that they're dumping and outsourcing good middle class union jobs

  18. UAL specializes in screwing people. There are departments where 90% are contractors and not to just be there for a project or two (temporarily) but they ride like this for good. All airlines are like this but UAL is by far the worst.

  19. United gate agents are not unionized. I was never a union member when I worked for the airline in 20 years of employment as a ticket counter/gate agent.

  20. Gate agents at United ARE NOT unionized! Neither are the ticket counter staff or anyone who works in a customer service position at the airport. You should be angry at Delta for stripping Northwest Airlines employees of their union when the two companies merged. Stop spreading lies. You know nothing!

  21. If major multi billion dollar corporations feel that $20 an hour is too high, then they shouldn't be in business. Period. People working full time have a right to a life!!!!

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