Use of Microbes in Dairy Products – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Use of Microbes in Dairy Products – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter microbes in human Welfare in that we are studying topic Use of Microbes in Dairy Production when I say the making of fermented mini it will have certain microbes or curd uses certain microbes for its preparation today we’ll be studying about them. whenever daily products like milk fermented milk or yogurt a form inside industries on-site households there are certain microbes that are involved in those products and those microbes are nothing but starter culture so this starter culture could be SABC or lactobacillus acid or lactobacillus now inside production of curved there is a sugar which is quezon and it just lactose so whenever you start a culture which is lactobacillus is added into this sugar lactobacillus is converted into lactic acid and this lactic as an imparts the soreness or against the creamy texture of cone dysentery interests you to make that fermented milk or the fermented yogurt starter cultures are added and suitable environment and controlled temperature or environment is just produced dairy industry employs other organisms of SLE BC family to prepare that fermented milk products also use of microbes in daily production now daily production uses starter culture Oregon’s in the initiation culture to form all those products of deal with and this yogurt or your fermented milk products now start the cultures are also fungus inoculum cultures daily products like fermented milk or yogurt or Greek yogurt are produced deliberately by using microbes under decide fermentation processes together I to Constitution or to make the dairy products or all the fermented grape yogurt and all such product inside a Greek yogurt or it can cut cut there are 1.5 million of all this lactobacillus and this lactobacillus acts on the lactose sugar present inside the milk to convert into lactic acid to give that curve this the texture which it has and the soreness of the code which is present in it students in this part of the chapter we have studied about microbes which are which help in daily production I hope you are clear about this concept thank you

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