Use of Microbes in Human Welfare – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Use of Microbes in Human Welfare – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Today we are studying about high microorganisms have helped humankind in various aspects for example microorganisms help human being in the production of antibiotics that is industrial production use of microorganisms for the production of biofertilizer which are organic fertilizers use of microorganisms in the form of biopesticides rather than using chemical pesticides we can use this by pesticides use of microorganisms for sea bass treatment that is based water treatment which can help the municipality of our country last but not the least use of production use of microorganisms for the production of biogas just natural gas so we see that how microorganisms have held human beings in various aspects of life for example methane gas or biogas which is produced is far economical far better to the environment as well as to human beings as compared to the normal LPG on industrial scale production of antibiotics like penicillin rifampicin chloramphenicol all these broad-spectrum antibiotics can be produced using microorganisms even enzymes like lipases pectin eases proteases streptokinase –is all these enzymes which have various application whether it is in juice in nurseries for example when you need a tropical now ice cream or when you drink or Tropicana juice it will have an enzyme called expectin is which is present inside the juice to give better texture or flavor to the juice similarly when you have a dirty clothes or a dirty laundry to remove that stain or oil from that cloth the enzyme that is used is lye business and this enzyme is produced from microorganisms similarly when the Municipal Corporation treats are based there are three stages that goes in the waste treatment primary secondary and tertiary and during all the stages various aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms are used whether it is in sludge digestion or in BO reproduction so let us see how microorganisms have helped mankind in various as we may study the use of microbes in human welfare microorganisms can be used for various aspect the first one is microorganisms in household products production of household things like code idly require lactobacillus species and organism on a bacteria that is naturally present inside or you which is used for the production of this household products the next one is microbes in civics treatment when I say C which it means wastewater drinks treatment or the same water which is treated by municipality the wastewater that comes out of your house primary secondary treatment of microbes use aerobic or anaerobic microorganisms when i say arabic it means the organisms which require oxygen and when I say anaerobic it means the organism which do not require oxygen they can live or thighbone carbon dioxide the next is microorganisms in production of biogas or recording in normal language go buy gas methane gas on eco-friendly gas or pol sake over gas is produced using methanogens yes the normal eco-friendly good bacteria that is present in condom which is used to make Gober gas in biomass plants in normal villages which is cheap and easily available the next use of microorganism is use of microbes in bio fertilizers and bio control agent production the example of this would be as a Tabata anabaena now this are the microorganisms that live in symbiotic association when I say symbiotic it means give and take the plant helps this microorganism by giving food and in return this plant is helped by the microorganism this organisms live in symbiotic association with plants and act as a source of manual which is composed which is organic or provide nutrients to the plant which would be nitrogen or phosphorus depending upon the organism I hope we all have understood the topic about how microorganisms has helped mankind in this part thank you

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