Use of Microbes in Industrial Production – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Use of Microbes in Industrial Production – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. we are studying today about how microorganisms have helped humankind we are know that microorganisms have had human beings in preparation or in genetic engineering but apart from that microorganisms provide a great supportive human kind while preparing antibiotics health penicillin erythromycin antibiotics are those medicines which are prepared from microorganisms and they help to kill harmful microorganisms second beverages all the alcoholic beverages whether this wine rum etc all the alcoholic bridges are prepared by certain kind of microorganisms and this microorganisms and nothing but sacraments the celibacy or drew assist there is a process for a fermentation by which alcohol is prepared with the help of Bluestest along with making alcoholic drinks and antibiotics microorganisms certain species of gram-positive microorganisms the Penicillium species and the e.coli species help to make enzymes and organic acids when I say enzymes it could be like bases streptokinase –is pectin is’s proteases when I say enzymes or organic acids all these enzymes or organic acid have great application in fermentation industries while preparing fermentation products when I say fermentation products it means certain products which there is a process called as fermentation the release of co2 happens in all the aspects of biotechnology when we talk about biotechnology products all the biotechnology products use this enzymes or organic acids and this incents or organic acids are derive somewhere from microorganisms or microorganisms help to form this products so let us understand how microorganisms help in industrial production we’ve been studying how microbes have helped in industrial production microbes can be used to produce antibiotics beverages alcoholic drinks enzymes and organic acids apart from this micro organisms all-boy also help in genetic engineering what are antibiotics antibiotics are nothing but medicines which are given to people if they have the element increase to a certain level ante means against and biotech means against organisms these are chemical substances produced by microbes that kill harmful microbes or microorganisms that are causing harm to us an example of antibody could be penicillin or erythromycin really starting above antibiotics one of the examples of antibiotics case rifampicin and penicillin now rifampicin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic – a broad-spectrum it means it could be given for various elements which cannot be controlled by normal medicine for example typical assess includes a dosage of rep emphasis leaf and listen the next one is alcoholic beverages like beer wine whiskey now all this alcoholic beverages use delivers is or s cerevisiae which is a gram positive organism it is used to make alcoholic drinks or beverages using large-scale fermenters or landscape now fermenters are nothing but steel tracks the next one is enzymes enzymes used in fermentation process like lipase pectin is acetic acid are produced using microbes all the enzymes where the respecting is protease lipase are used for industrial production and for industrial uses I hope we have understood about various aspects of microbes in industrial production where microorganisms are used and what are their applications thank you

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