100 thoughts on “Using Child Labour to stop a meteor from destroying civilization in Job Island

  1. This is an accurate representation of capitalism, we have the resources to get something done for the benefit of mankind, but the resources will only be given if you pay them

  2. RT you didn’t even show the ones that sounded like they would be interesting like crane operator or dentist

  3. Some 10 year old walks into a fire station with a uniform on and no one questions it.
    Proceeds to spray down every firefighter in the room

  4. So, determining the actual outcome of the stream, I'm pretty sure that RTGame's Country Roads jokes about disasters have come back to Country Roads him.

  5. Why are the captions of your irish video Russian? Are you secretly collaborating with someone we don't know about?
    Grandpa had all those costumes laying around but no employer checked the resume? This isn't McDonalds. And how they heck does a scary mask repel a meteor back by 3 weeks? As for our IRL situation. Jupiter is our meteor magnet.

    People: buys random shit with the money Timmy made

  7. I think I remember playing this game but forget what it's called I think this game is what I played so thank you for playing this

  8. Why is no-one talking about the fact they literally significantly slowed a meteors velocity by wearing a really scary mask?

  9. who…. approved this game… like who came up with the idea, sat around a table of executives and brought it up, and then got it approved. i want to know what they were on when they thought of this

  10. the only way to save earth is to get a job and make money, the issue is payday is every other week and we have 7 days
    the kids are about to sell drugs

  11. even if this game is way different than majoras mask that meteor countdown is just as horrifying as the moon countdown for me lol

  12. Imagine if the watch they were saving all their money on was like the Ben ten watch where it just makes noises and lights up and shit and doesn’t do anything important

  13. "Sir, the meteor's orbit has it headed straight for Earth!"

    Alright, look, I know this game is satirical and nonsensical by design, but that's not what orbit means

    If it's in orbit, then it absolutely WON'T be heading straight for Earth, like the moon is in orbit of Earth, or Earth is in orbit of the sun, orbit means that you're circling around something, it is NOT a synonym for path.

    No wonder NAZA didn't have the funds to buy the transformowatch.

  14. Somebody should use some of this code, but add a time mechanism and different difficulty levels where, the meteor takes longer/shorter, the watch is more expensive, or you need to buy expensive parts, and where you have to manage your stats (also family, if preferred) and random events.

  15. "Like there's take your child to work day, but then there's like… you know you work as a fireman you don't do that!"
    My dad is a firefighter when I was little he took me to work with him, when there was a fire I'd hop into the firetruck with him and ride there, obviously I'd wait in the car but seeing the firemen in action was actually pretty cool, they scaled a fucking building to put out the fire.

  16. What if the grandpa lied about the meteor so he could make his kids work and get him money? And when the kids didn’t make enough money, he made something up that not only explained why everyone’s not dead, but made the grandpa look good too?

    Some real cult indoctrination shit right here

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