UWM Honors College transforms students’ experiences

Honors makes you want to be a go-getter,
it makes you want to achieve things it makes you just want to be an all-star. It kind of gave me the opportunity to have a small school feel within a big
University. You had to fight for your chance to get in there and say your
opinions, it’s so exciting to be part of such a vivid learning environment. it just has been a very fantastic experience of making skills, developing
my communication and critical thinking skills. Being able to discuss with your
fellow students and your professors it gave me sort of a personal touch.
It has been amazing! It’s the Honors College students that go on to become
the best doctors, that go on and become the best engineers, the the best
historians. It’s the whole community they have created a community of successful
students. I love the Honors College it’s given me a great opportunity to get to
know faculty members. I would not be who I am today I wouldn’t be the brother, I
wouldn’t be the friend, I wouldn’t be the scientist, the thinker, I wouldn’t be
Mike Sportiello, if I never had this opportunity.

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