Valley’s welfare recipients worry about possible food stamp cuts

Valley’s welfare recipients worry about possible food stamp cuts

Programs designed to help people in need face massive cuts in Washington. Food stamps are expected to be on President Trump’s 2018 budget chopping block. 27 First News Reporter Dan Marcel tells us how deep the proposed cuts are and went to talk to the people who use them today. He joins us live in the studio. [E8]20170522 FOOD STAMPS NT-STUDIO Dave and Mandy, I spent the day at Mahoning County Job and Family Services. They are the group that administers the food stamp program to families in the Valley. Across the country about 43 million people get help buying food that number is the lowest it’s been in 6 years. And with cuts to the program on the table, some Valley residents are worried about how they’ll feed their families. [E9]20170522 FOOD STAMPS NT-PK Andrew Herrmann, Youngstown Resident: REALLY… MY FAMILY KIND OF DEPENDS ON WELFARE AT THIS POINT AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT. Dan Marcel WKBN 27 First News: Andrew Hermann is in line at the Mahoning County Department of Jobs and Family Services. The 26 year old has been waiting here for over an hour. Trying to speak to someone about his welfare situation. Andrew: DON’T LIKE FEELING DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT. Dan: He, his wife and daughter use food stamps. But President Trump’s budget blueprints are expected to cut 193 million dollars over the next 10 years that’s 25-PERCENT of the program. The cuts are to help pay for tax cuts which President Trump is hoping will jump start the economy. Andrew: I DON’T KNOW HOW WE’D BE ABLE TO BUY FOOD. Dan: Andrew tells me this could lead to difficult choices ahead, pay the rent or buy food for his family. Others I spoke with didn’t want to go on camera. One man told me the stigma around actually having food stamps makes it uncomfortable to talk about. Bob Bush, Director: YOU GO DOWN TO OUR LOBBY, VERY FEW PEOPLE WANT TO BE THERE Dan: Director Bob Bush says the Department gave out $5.4 million dollars locally in food stamps in March. They have about 60 thousand active cases. Many with more than one person in the household. Bob: OUR UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS STABALIZED BUT WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE TYPE OF JOBS OUT THERE IT’S NOT LIKE THE OLD STEEL MILL DAYS Dan: In the end it will be up to the Republican led House and Senate to decide on these proposed cuts. Trump’s budget would also promise to balance the federal ledger by the end of those 10 years. In the studio, Dan Marcel WKBN 27 First

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  1. too many stamps going to illegal aliens .and lot of them on west coast. thank your liberal government. west coast is turning third world. wait till federal funding gets cut for sanctuary city/state.


  3. there's no guarantee just because you're alive and a human being and in the United States that the government should give you food you get your butt out there and find something to do work for it telemarket deliver papers push carts anything you got to do quit being a scammer living off the system

  4. A lot of you are uninformed you do not have to be unemployed to get food stamps. If you are unemployed you will get a substantial amount if you are employed you'll get an amount based on your income. Please stop assuming everyone is leeching and getting thousands and couple hundred in stamps when it's likely 50 dollars especially when they're employed.

  5. What about kids? Doesn't Trump care if these cuts hurt kids? My god! His weekend golf trips to his mansion in Florida cost the taxpayers millions.

  6. Taking food from those who need it and giving that money to the wealthy who don't need it makes no sense. Seems immoral to me. Besides that's money pulled out of the economy and put into the bank accounts of the rich. Just digging a hole here.

  7. Ole boy in the hat and glasses has the nerve to say he can't make it without welfare, then lights up a smoke at the very end.

  8. Every free handout President Trump takes away will be offset by lower taxes. Of course this won't be too good for people who won't get a job. And, by shredding bullshit regulations and red tape the cost of everything will stop going up every week.

  9. Trump is not the problem,,,he is the solution,,,it's the parents of the kids,,they had them now they need to do whatever it takes to help there own kids ,,if trump doesn't do something now,,there won't be a tomorrow for any of us,,our country will dwindle down to nothing and it will hurt everyone!, Thank goodness Trump is the first president in our lifetime who is saying " get up, put your video games away get out and get to work!!! or starve

  10. I'm a seriously disabled USAF Veteran. Sure hope Trumps Food Stamp cuts don't hit me too hard.


  11. If you rely on food stamps, then your purchasing power of food stamps are reduced by at least 25%.  That is unfortunate for you because of a Republican  who is our President.  If you voted for Trump, the you got what you asked for.  If you did not even voted for any one, then you should have voted Dem.  As a result,  you would have not be in the position of worrying about food stamp cuts today.

  12. This is awesome, now more illegals will leave America the free ride is over ! If you can't speak English and get a job your ass will starve !

  13. haha chop that shit! all you whites living off the government trying to only blame blacks haha you have to work just like the rest of us!! fuck you and your kids!

  14. Hopefully those most targeted will be able bodied frauds and illegals and most of all…WOMEN WHO PUMP OUT BABIES as a career. Just weeding out those people should amount to billions. Keep it for disabled and those in need who worked most of their lives. Those who truly need it are scared to death. And those who truly need it are often rejected because of generations of welfare career families. Train the ones who have little skill or earning capacity. Offer more jobs and don't put the tax savings into the pockets of politicians….spread it to lower the cost of healthcare that we working people pay so much into.

  15. people who are yelling get a job don't understand that stores depend on the ebt without that they will close and more people will get laid off,there are almost 100 million out of the work force when they are forced to get a job companies will get rid of all full time jobs and everyone will be part time and the unemployment rate will be 25-30% where's the 100 million jobs coming from think before you flip your gums about getting off your lazy ass

  16. whats the cool dude doing with a wife and kids he can't afford?get high all day?rough times ahead.good times don't last forever.

  17. bebop, i was a multi-millionaire in the real estate market crash I lost 17.5 million dollars in Florida and California now I live in a camper trailer on a free piece of property with solar, and don't have any bills I'm actually happier now than when I have the 17 million believe it or not cuz I can do whatever I want to do morning noon and night I think a lot of people are going to have to start cutting back changing their spending habits and just trying to get through thank you for your comment good luck to you I think we're all going to have to try to make changes and we'll see what happens in the next 10 years God Bless America and go Trump go

  18. He can't afford food bur I saw him light up a cigarette. He needs to make better decisions about what he really needs to buy. Food or cigarettes.

  19. 1:48
    the guy complaining about he don't know how he's going to buy food without stamps..
    lighting a cigarette

  20. Look at that guy, shave shower and put on a nice pair of jeans and adress shirt and go get a job lazy!

  21. Andrew your 26 with a wife and kid. Cut your fuckn hair and look like man not an old little kid. Get a job. Your white too man like fuck what more do u want.

  22. If people can't afford to live in an expensive area a bus should take them to a more affordable state depending on their mentality. IF they wanna keep living in an expensive place like CA, then go homeless.

  23. I don't care! I'm not on food stamps never was. I go to college and I'm a minority. My bf is white and I am living with him and his dad lol so I'm perfectly healthy, supported and not starving.

  24. I doubt I could find a violin small enough to make clear how little of a shit I give get a job there’s jobs everywhere people just don’t wanna move or travel if you look and willing to put in the effort and make life changes that may be required there is work for the willing

  25. we're all being sucked dry by the soaring prices. you can't attack the poorest people.if you're educated you already know whose profiting from your increasing hard life.. The poor are not profiting from your hardship.Remember we all pay taxes taxes and fees higher cost.It affects us all. Don't blame the poor.Don't think you can make everyone blame poor citizens by your hate speaches.

  26. If you weigh over 340lbs or you and your wife over 560, you get double food stamps out here. The only problem is it has your picture with you getting weighed hanging off a meat hook.

  27. Get a job!!! You are not entitled to free government money just because you popped out 10 babies with 10 different father's….and you refuse to work or get a job and demand everyone else pay….like me…

  28. If food stamps can buy good, then nobody will go to work. cut food stamp on those lazy and illegal immigrants in this country. not the old citizen they are so difficult to survive. who really needed to give them a box of food.

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