Welcome to Varanasi welfare foundation My name is Linda Cooper and I’m a director here at the NGO now you might wonder why I a citizen of UK What I am doing here in Varanasi Well, I came here on holiday about nine years ago now and I was looking for a new life something different to do and I saw the level of need here and The poverty that existed around me and I felt this was somewhere where I could perhaps help make a difference And I hope after watching this Short film you too will feel that you can help us to make a difference We believe that education is the key to a better life and so for the last six years Varanasi welfare foundation has been very pleased to be right in schooling for children from the slums and the streets and skill development for young women Many of the children that come to the NGO Live on the streets around the area where the center is Some of them have family some of them don’t but for many of them the only life they have known is begging and We have children that come to us and say I could not come to school today because I had to beg for money I could not come to school today because My mum needed me to get money for her These are some very very sad stories that we hear from the children But we encourage them to come whenever they can we provide health care medicines and Other help that they may need to maintain their lives But most importantly I think we can provide them with a space to play a space to be a child just For a few hours and forget about the worries that per set their poor little lives In addition to the school for the slum children. We provide skills for young women Here they can learn English computing art Sewing beautician therapy knitting crochet and many other activities since we opened more than 1500 young women have benefited from the support at Varanasi welfare foundation Some have gone on to gain employment Some have set up small businesses for themselves but for others The most important thing that they gain from their time with us was a greater confidence in their own abilities At the start when we were thinking about how we would develop Varanasi welfare foundation the other directors and I agreed that It was important that the children that came here from the streets from slums and the young women We helped them to become good citizens of India so that they too might be able to contribute towards Their own community and to the development of the country We are not interested in whether they come as Hindus as Muslims or as Christians All children are welcome here The only criteria is that they want to learn and that they may not be able to afford to go to any other school So that’s what we are. We celebrate all the religious festivals throughout the year So the children get a very good understanding Of what their neighbors and what their other families that live in their streets what is important to them? So they can make a choice I didn’t know any alphabet…I used not to understand a word before. I didn’t know that how to read or write ….I used to look others before and I used to think that I wish I could learn reading or writing. My name is Rocky and I study in class 4th.. My name is Ritu Yadav. I study in class 7th My name is Prince.. i study in class 4th i want to be a Doctor i want to be a Soldier i want to be a Police officer My life has changed now here. I am very happy now and i thank to ”God.” We get here books and copies,coods,clothes,bags we go for picnic too…and we get many thing get here we get uniform and shoes….and we get lunch daily here… ma’am take us for outing also….we daily get somethings to eat…i like to be here.. People used to taunt on me as i was illiterate…now no one can taunt on me Because i am literate now… So now after watching this film, are you ready to help us make a difference? Are you ready to help us help the children and young women of I hope so Because we really do need your help You


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