Victoria Rowell is Sweet, Civilized, & Starring in a New Series

Victoria Rowell is Sweet, Civilized, & Starring in a New Series

♪ It’s it’s yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ Ooh wah, Ooh wah ♪ Please welcome Victoria Rowell. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Only you. So look, we’ve got a lot to talk about. Yes, we do. – Okay. First of all, shoe cam. Oh yes. No, down there, put those feet… Oh, Oh. No, right there on the tab. Oh, my, oh, my. Then you mod…Wow. Wow. Nice. Oh, wow. Tuxedo pants, I love it, and a simple t-shirt. Yes, pearls. Pearls are very civilized. Fur hat. Yes. Very civilized. You know? I love it. (audience applause) Victoria looks terrific, I know you’ll agree. She’s about to turn 60. Yes. (audience applause) You know. Yes. Who would know? I’m up close on her. There’s no work. I see nothing. There’s no work. Bikram yoga. I live inside out. I drink water. I share. – Let me see your hands? And we have to forgive. Everything, Young. And the arms, you know? – Young. (audience applause)
And you have to forgive. You gotta let go of baggage. Am I right? – In case you’re wondering, did she give birth to children? Yes, she did. Two. Two, naturally. There mine, no surrogate. (audience applause) Yeah, yeah. Well, no that’s a big deal, you know, in a hierarchy of moms. You know, when you look at how your body’s turning out, it’s like. Oh, but look. I gave birth to a lot of kids. But, you know Wendy. I mean, it takes a toll, ladies, but there’s a way to snap it back. Make it tight and right, again. Yeah. Yeah. You used to ballet when you were younger. Yes, American Ballet theatre. – Do you still ballet? You know what Wendy, I danced. I did a little ballet in my room before I came here, I stretched. You know, I can’t do the splits but I can do a few things, still. American Ballet Theatre, Yes. They told me you arrived in sandals, with no socks. (laughs loudly) It’s only like 20 degrees outside. Yes, you know what? I did have my turkish Jesus sandals on, when I got here. (audience laughs) But I have to tell you, Wendy, look at these heels? John Fluevog, I mean, I’m not trying to twist an ankle at my age. I wanna have fun on my birthday. – Tell me about it. Okay, can I get a high five. – Ask my shoulder. Okay. – Ask my shoulder. I’m not trying to do that. It’s not a good look. On the Young and the Restless, you were legendary. (audience applause) Victoria’s one of the first black woman to ever be on daytime tv. Do fans still approach you? ‘Cause I would. You look like you. Wendy, all the time. All the time, right into the bathroom stall, at the airport. I’m saying, “Mam, when I come out Yes, yes. – we can talk.” Because I love my fans. I wouldn’t have a career, If I didn’t have the fans. – Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. (Audience applause) There was some talk about a lot of diversity issues on the Young and the Restless, what’s ultimately got Victoria fired, but her life has survived. (audience applause) You know Wendy, I actually left of my own volition. It was made untenable for me to work there at CBS. Why, ’cause they wouldn’t do your hair. Well, no, it wasn’t just for me. I worked for others as well as myself, so I wanted… I mean, we had 12 black actors, why am I running to Inglewood to get my hair done, and you’re running up on the stage, and getting the Emmy? So I wanted a black hairstylist for 12 black actors. Make-up, writing. I got the first black writer in 45 years, hired on the Young and the Restless. Still, the one and only. Really? The national urban league. (audience applause) But, it shouldn’t be that way. No. You know, behind the camera has to look like, who you see in front of it. So, that’s what I’m about. Yeah. Like your set. Yeah, well. (audience applause) Like Wendy’s set. Yeah, black make-up, black hair, we keep it black, because I’m black. (loud laughter) You know? There was talk last time, when we got together, about you joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yeah. How’d that work out? I got divorced. (audiences laughs) You know, I got divorced and it didn’t work out in Atlanta. I mean, I love Atlanta. I work in Atlanta. – Wait I didn’t want you to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta. No, they wanted to talk to me but here’s what happened, Wendy. I heard that they were coming and they wanted to talk, so I did a nice spread with my china, with my Limoges, and the brie and the crackers. – Limoges? Yes. Okay. Okay, and the crystal and the whole thing. Okay. And they walked in and they thought… Because I thought I can take NeNe Leaks with me to the opera and to the ballet. (audience gasps) I thought I could be a mentoring person and their eyes glazed over, and said, “This isn’t gonna work.” (loud laughter from the audience) So, wait, you were married and then you were divorced. You’ve been divorced twice? Yes, twice but three’s a charm. (audience applause) Who you dating? How you dating? Do you date a lot? I have a friend at my age. You know Wendy, I don’t want to be chased around the table. He’s very handsome. Oh that’s my friend. That’s my friend. That’s at Sam Jackson’s party on Sunday. He turned 70. That’s my friend, Leslie Chang. With the gray hair. – You know what? Jamaican, yeah. Island. I like friends, you know what I’m saying? There’s no more… I don’t want to be chased around the table and what not, I want intellect, I want travel, I want to be treated with respect. Yeah. – Yeah. Would you ever consider getting married again? Boy, he’d have to be really special, Wendy. I don’t know how the long term marriages do it. I don’t know, ’cause I haven’t done the long term, but I have two beautiful children. I have Mya and Jasper. – You know what? And that’s what’s important. You’re not in it alone, you got your two kids and you got such a success in your career. Jacqueline and Jilly, tell us all about it. Okay, so it’s about an affluent Virginian family, we’re busy people. The husband’s a lobbyist, played by, Richard Brooks, Being Mary jane. Nikko Austen Smith, plays our daughter, and she becomes addicted to pain pills. She falls of her horse, she’s an equestrian, we’re busy people. We are not taking noticed that she has developed an abuse, you know, to her pain meds. She gets in a car accident and so, Daphne Maxwell Reed, plays the grandmother. She’s pious, you know the grandmother of the family, and she’s saying, “Not my granddaughter’s not an addict.” Right. We go through denial, we go through the ism, within our own race. We go through a lot of different incarnations of being a black ethnic family. This isn’t just for black families, this is for all families, because addiction does not discriminate. Yeah. (audience applause) Now you have your own addiction stories? My addiction stories are related to my 18 years in foster care. Seeing people struggling with heroin addiction in Roxbury Massachusetts. Yeah. So, Bob Johnson’s company RLJ entertainment, UMCTV, has given us, this platform for me to write, direct, produce a show like Jacqueline and Jilly. That’s good. Six parts. 18 years in foster care. 18 years in foster care. Were you bounced around? You know Wendy, I had a primary black foster mother and a great social worker, Linda Webb. They oversaw where I lived because I got the full scholarship to American Ballet Theater, right? (audience applause) Wow, they looked out for you. That’s a whole other story, living in New York at 17. Yeah, well. You know what I’m saying? Mm hmm.
I was in studio 54, but um. (laughter) But I’m so grateful, you know, to the people that were in my life. UMC TV and wait, Amazon Prime. Of course. You can catch Jacqueline and Jilly on Amazon Prime video. AMC network just acquired. UMC. Good for you. Thank you, Victoria Rowell, everybody. Watch Jacqueline and Jilly, Thursday nights, on Urban Music Channel. Excuse me, Urban Movie Channel. We’ll be right back ♪ It’s , it’s Oh, yeah, yeah. ♪

100 thoughts on “Victoria Rowell is Sweet, Civilized, & Starring in a New Series

  1. Thank you for standing up to the people on Young and the Restless and having the guts to walk away may God bless you that's ridiculous having to go to Brentwood to get your hair done ridiculous

  2. She DOES look 60! She looks great but she absolutely looks her age! Stop the nonsense people!

  3. Love Victoria's look.  I hope she never wears a hideous wig again like she did on that other show.  Now, let's be honest…she's not aging gracefully.  The White in her is cracking her face, but everything else is fire

  4. I would love to see Victoria back on Y & R. However, I appreciate her taking Y&R to task regarding their neglect of artists of colour.

  5. Everyone go to TerrelLism channel to show support. He's being attacked and threatened by Samantha Markle and her boyfriend.

  6. Did anyone else notice or think that Wendy got emotional when Victoria said she didn't know how long term married couples made it work?

  7. Omggg Aunty Victoriaaaaaa!!! I missed you so so much. I remember the days I user rush home from school to watch you on Y & R and your beautiful sister. A family to look up to and be proud of. I so missed the flair and fire in your acting skills. You have taught me so much about acting and what you stood up for is beyond remarkable. I wished you had gotten the gig on housewives, maybe it would have been able to show blk women of class and intelligence. I wish you well and happy that you are in great spirts and looks healthy.

  8. I miss Wendy, my days feel so incomplete without her on my screen.. Praying for speedy recovery… I cant believe that we dont know when she will be back.. Graves and thyroid disease is really a terrible disease, people really need to educate themselves on it… Be strong Wendy… 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗 Hope your family is supporting you..

  9. From Dumb and Dumber to Diagnosis Murder, Victoria’s been one of my favorite actresses for many years! I’m so happy that she’s back on a new show! She deserves a hit series for sure. LOVE her.

  10. Didn't know this woman so I didn't know she is black until wendy said it. I think it's hilarious how black people are offended by others trying to pass as black. Nuff said.
    And that's also her non-aging secret. More so than yoga.

  11. Why is Wendy grazing during this interview? She's acting like they're at her kitchen table, instead of national tv.

  12. I miss Wendy so much but I want her to come back but in her own time. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. 🤗🤗🤗

  13. What other show would have Victoria Rowell on to talk about the need of black TV show staff. All feelings aside, we all need to be praying for Wendy ya'll. 🙏

  14. I am still in love with Victoria Rowell. During one of Houston's super bowels I was hanging out in the streets with thousands of people. When all of a sudden I see the most beautiful pair of legs walking by and it was Victoria. I ran down the street to say hello to her before rejoining my friends. I guess I missed my shot!

  15. Read her book .it's good. Miss her on y&r. It's not the same the winters have disappeared. No lily neil devon appears periodically

  16. I feel the other actresses on Y&R were intimidated and jealous by her popularity on the show and in her real life, which was a shame. I watched as a teen and when I heard those actresses were racist to her, I was so disappointed. She was my all time favorite actress on Y&R. Hope they have changed.

  17. They was talkin about Wendy on the today show – January 21. Talkin about her health hiatus, and how it's unclear when she'll return to the air. 😕
    Was suprised to see the non-black guy wish her well and say he always liked Wendy. Thought he didn't Black Women/People.

    You should've seen the way he died laughing at a Black Woman's mishap at the gym. So disrespectful.

  18. Note to Black actors: Have your agents, managers or lawyers put in your contract you are bringing your own hairstylist and makeup artist on PWC shows. PWC – Predominately White Cast shows. Save yourself some headaches.

  19. She is delightful, I like how she explains things. She is so polished. Shocking she was in foster care for 18yrs

  20. Its so good and familair. I havent watched the show at all. I want to hear wendy. I love her opinion i cant explain it. But some of us are feeling selfish wanting u back get well soon n shake off everything girl dont need them wrinkles. 💜💜💜💜 love Lacy. 💋

  21. As long as they have children to latch onto, who cares if they get a divorce, or are incompetent parents? As long as they popped one out, they get rewarded for that. Stupid narcissistic parents!!!

  22. Ms. Rowell brought her brand of class, and it was contagious because Wendy was on her best behavior. Fantastic interview.

  23. Wait a minute. If she's 60 this year that means she started playing drucilla on the young and the restless at 31!! Wtf! She looked like she just graduated from high school!

  24. This star guest is so humble and positive. So, she deserves to be a class act diva! She deserves to be a queen, really! When, you see all she stands for!

  25. Major shade…She said,I thought I could take Ne Ne to the Opera and be a mentoring person…and I guess the producers realized Victoria had too much class for real,for RHOA!!! 😳😂😂😅

  26. She look like Tony Braxton very beautiful and so kind she talk so beautiful and light I need that she have a beautiful sounds in her voice.

  27. Hi edagdwg love you working for the ppl God at work she is blessed she knows her self she is a free woman Wendy acting like miss O digin for mess Linda j.

  28. Hi edagdwg please don't do the house wife's not for you stay with God Neil said no be yourself and keep enjoying your life Linda j.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Bring her back Y&R! I hate Phyllis for making her fall off that cliff! I remember Shamar Moore was her brother in law on show but they stayed flirting Lawd☕️☕️ The real ones remember her shady yet fly and Beautiful self. Miss me some Druclila

    Thank you for standing up for your rights! CBS should be shamed!

    She has so much grace! I love you Victoria ❤️Love this interview!! Good WENDY!

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