Vidya – 15th October 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

Vidya – 15th October 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

Hello, Nanku’s henchman! I will give you
another opportunity. Tell me the truth.
Where is Vidya Singh? Otherwise I will receive
your phone details… …in a short time. Where is she? Hello. – Sir, Jagat Singh and Nanku
Singh’s phones have been traced. Ranjana. Please bring
the cups from there. ‘Listen, Ranjana.’ ‘You’re mistaken about me.’ ‘I am unique.’ Ranjana, give me some ginger. Ranjana. Ranjana.
What are you thinking about? Why are you so tense? I don’t know how to tell you. I hope you know that you can
share everything with me. What is your problem? Actually… …the DM who just arrived… Vivek Vardhan… …is Prem Pratap. What are you saying? Is he that… …drama troupe artist?
– Yes. I don’t understand… …how did he enter the house
out of the blue, today? Why is he meeting Nanku
in private? If he wanted to talk
to him, then he… …could’ve done it
before everyone. I am feeling very afraid. Don’t be scared. I’ll listen to their conversation. But what about mom? We must tell mom. Should I go and tell mom? No! We can’t tell mom anything
right now. She will get worried. Why are you escalating the issue? Let’s find out what he
is talking about, first. Okay? Now, you listen to me. Don’t go near them. Go to your room. Okay? Go. ‘What has started
happening in this family?’ ‘DM came here all of a sudden.’ ‘He is so worried
since yesterday.’ ‘What’s the matter?’ But they didn’t leave
from their house… …since they left that
warehouse last night. Their henchmen who
execute the crimes… …are being held
in the lock-up, too. What happened? Do you think you are over smart? I won’t spare you so easily.
Got it? Okay. Don’t spare me. Keep hounding me. But trace Vidya Singh first. The administration is yours. It’s your government.
It’s your police department. If you say so… …I will help you
to search for her. Jagat, send our men
to help them. How could we help him, Nanku? All our men are
locked in the DM’s jail. Yes.
– You are lucky. You manage to escape every time. But how long will that last? How long will your
fate support you? If I learn… …that you’ve done
anything wrong to Vidya… …your countdown to doom
begins from that very moment. I’ll ruin… …your life. Get it? I don’t quite
understand something. Listen. Everything is clear
between me and Vidya. I respect her. What’s your equation with her? Oh, boy! Are you competing with me? Great! But remember this. You’ll be her lover number two. If I were Prem Pratap
right now… …I would’ve bashed you up… …and explained
the reason… …why I’m searching for Vidya
to you. But I am helpless. We are answerable
to the government. Your intentions… …aren’t surprising to me. A lousy person like you… …can only imagine
something that lousy. If people like you understand… …the relationship
between Vidya and me… …then it’ll be an insult
to our relationship. Kalindi, why are you standing
here holding the tea tray? Come inside. I can’t drink tea. I am on the beat.
I have to meet many people. Okay. Eat some of
the offering to God. Ma’am, just bless me… …so that I can fulfill
the objective… …I came here for. You have my blessings, my son. May you get all you wish for. May you win in every battle. But where did Vidya go? I’ve searched everywhere
in the village. I’m totally confused. That’s what I’m telling you! She wasn’t talking much when
she came home last night. How would I know… …what’s going on
in her mind, then? Something definitely
happened last night. Only Vivek and Vidya know… …about it and no one else. Here he comes again. Hello. I am Avtaar Singh,
the MLA of this village. Vivek Vardhan Singh. DM Azamgarh. Vivek, do you have
any news about Vidya? No, not yet. But I will find out about her
soon enough. The police are
investigating the case. I have come back here
to ask you if… …you have any leads. Listen, just tell us
what has happened. These people were telling
me that you were… …with Vidya till
late in the night. You should be telling us then. They don’t know anything. Avtaar… …Vidya is not here. I don’t know if I should
tell you this or not… …because if Vidya was here… …I’m not sure, if she
would have told you this. Vivek, tell us about everything. Even if she’s the widow of
my martyred friend Ram Singh… …I consider her my sister. You can talk to me. Maybe what happened yesterday… …might help us find out
about Vidya’s whereabouts. We may find a connection. I believe that… …Nanku Singh is
doing all this. What? Tell me what happened at once! ‘Vidya, hit him so hard… …so that it will turn
into a legend.’ ‘She wouldn’t dare do it.’ Vidya did slap Nanku. But Nanku Singh is not
someone to hold back. I know that he won’t hold back. But I am really proud
of Vidya today. She is someone who couldn’t
speak up properly. She was right to slap that
disgusting and pathetic man. This is like… …her was granted
Goddess Durga’s strength. Listen… …I don’t have any evidence
against Nanku Singh. I have to keep an eye on him. We also have to find
out where Vidya is. What happened? The police found… …the body of a woman… Yes? …on a railway track
outside Deogarh. They found some stuff that… But, what… …looked like… …it belonged to Vidya. We’ll have to go
to the hospital… …to identify the body. ‘The face is so disfigured
that it can’t be identified.’ No, this… This can’t be Vidya. It doesn’t look like her. But we can’t confirm that. Sir, we found this bag
beside the girl. This bag belongs to Vidya. Vidya! What did you do? How did this happen? We’ll have to tell aunt. Go home. I’ll handle the formalities
here and come home. Until then, you can arrange
for everything else. Go on now. Okay, sir. ‘I’ve heard the Gita
being recited.’ ‘It says, knowledge
is victorious over everything.’ ‘Knowledge removes
all impediments.’ ‘Knowledge is
the motherland.’ ‘Knowledge
is the hinterland.’ ‘Knowledge brings prosperity.’ ‘Knowledge brings
proficiency.’ ‘Nothing like this
was written in it.’ ‘This was about to
fall on your head.’ ‘While you saved me from it!’ ‘I have no reason
not to trust you.’ ‘I’ve started believing in myself
thanks to you.’ ‘Vidya, with Goddess Durga
as my witness, I promise you… …that as long as
I am beside you… …neither Nanku Singh nor
anyone in Azamgarh… …will be able to
hurt you in any way.’ Vidya… …the one who did this to you… …will pay for their crimes. First arrange for something that
will give peace to Vidya’s soul. Dad, I have heard that… …those who give up their life… …turn into wandering souls. Their souls never
attain peace, dad. I’ll hit you so hard… …that you’ll spin
all around this room. You know that I’m
scared of ghosts! That’s why you’re
talking about this… …on purpose in front of me. Even I’m scared of them, dad.
That’s why I’m saying this. Arrange for something to grant
peace to her soul. – Shut up! Don’t talk about souls
and ghosts, son! It’s a ghost! Bablu, it’s a ghost! Run!
– Oh, no! Let’s run!
– Let go of me! I didn’t do anything! Wait! Let’s run!
– Let’s run! I have not done anything!
I swear on my mother! I said so, but dad
didn’t believe me. Keep quiet! Why are you
dragging me into it? Why don’t you drag
Parbatiya into it? Hey, I didn’t do anything! Parbatiya used
to incite me against you! It is all her fault!
I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything! Go away from me! Father, what are you talking about? Dad!
– I’m not a ghost. I’m not dead. I’m alive. Dad. It sounds like Vidya’s voice. You scared us! Vidya, where have
you been since morning? Vidya, where is your bag? I… I couldn’t sleep after all that
happened that night. We heard about it. I thought… …I would tell the truth to Vivek. I was worried the whole night. I couldn’t sleep.
I left early in the morning. I didn’t realize what the time was. I reached the school even before
it had opened. Since I had some time,
I sat by the river bank. I met a woman over there. While I was talking to her,
she snatched my bag and ran away. I ran after her. When I reached the train tracks… …I slipped and fell on my head… …and then I passed out. I don’t know where… …the woman went
after stealing my bag. When I regained consciousness,
I was at home. The Grim Reaper took her away. She must be at the gates
of Heaven by now. What do you mean, father? That woman got
crushed under a train. Vidya, I hope you won’t tell
Vivek the truth now. I will tell Vivek the truth
about me being illiterate. But, don’t worry. I won’t put either you or
Avtaar in harm’s way. I will take the blame
for everything. I will tell him that I was
responsible for everything. I’m going to tell Vivek the truth. He has gone to Azamgarh. Yes. He’s not here. Okay. I’ll meet him tomorrow
in the morning. Yes. Okay. Vidya, go and get
some rest. You must be tired. Father!
– Yes. He’s back. Dad, we will have to stop
Vivek from entering the house. If Vidya tells him the truth… Let’s go! The hospital formalities
have been completed. Vidya…
– Avtaar! That wasn’t Vidya! Yes. How is she?
– She’s fine. We should meet her. Avtaar!
Let her rest! Why didn’t you stop them?
– How could I have done that? Dad, if they go inside Vidya will
tell them the truth and we will… Get ready to go to jail because
they are already inside. Come on!
– Let’s go! Avtaar. It’s enough for us… …that Vidya is okay. We should let her rest. I’ll meet her tomorrow. Dad, we need to do something. Before she can
tell Vivek the truth… …we need to stop
her. Do something. Who is this? How are you, DM? Did you find Vidya?

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