Views On Society | Big Questions | Backpacker Series

Views On Society | Big Questions | Backpacker Series

Yeah, I think we need a doctor for our society
that’s it. OK, now we look at the card. What do… What do you think about society?
What do I think about society… It’s a trap house man! The society that you’re going to join
is pretty much defined from birth. A lot of people I think, wouldn’t actually
take the time to look at themselves and look at their life and think ‘is this
actually where I want to be’, and then take actions to change that. Travelling a lot, I’ve been experiencing different
kinds of societies. I’ve been watching, feeling a
lot of different cultures and what I can tell is
that, yes there are a lot of good people around. While travelling you can meet actually a lot
of amazing people, but how mass in general society goes,
I think it’s pretty sick and ill. The way we treat our animals
all around the world. How we try to achieve power and money instead
of health, happiness and smiles around. I think society is sick, definitely. I think we’re not going down the right path
and I recon that there are a lot of people who’re awakening,
becoming aware and more conscious which is good. But, I think that
we should make bigger changes, like global changes and be aware
that we need to be together and respect all differences, all needs. Because we’re all different, so we all different
needs and we all react to stuff in different ways and we
need to accept that and be more specific when we deal with other people. Yeah, I think we need a doctor for our society,
that’s it. What do you think about society. I think it’s quite sad what’s happening in
the world. Travelling opens your mind to different cultures,
different countries and different view on politics too. I really hope that it’s going to change in
our developed countries the government etc. Today there is a lack of confidence towards
the government. We feel like we were manipulated. I really hope it’s gonna change
but it is only possible if we fight for our right and general awareness. Well, the first things that comes to mind
is this great quote from a Roman historian, Livy. He talks about Rome circa 30 BC or something
like that and he says that Rome is so sick that it’s no
longer able to bear it’s vices and it’s passed curing. It can’t go on doing what it’s doing and it
also can’t be cured. So, what can you do. I don’t know, I feel like society right now
is kinda deluded. In a lot of, like post-modern extremists. You like that one…quoted. And there’s a lot of like political bouts
from people who don’t really know what they’re doing. Like internet has really changed things around
as well. Yeah, it’s like everyone is going into their
private echo chambers and the volume is being turned up
everywhere. You can’t think, you can’t hear yourself think
anymore. Yeah, that’s true. Just this morning I was sitting here trying
to read and I noticed that the new restaurant down the street
have their music cranked up in the mornings, so
now I’m no longer safe from the noise. I think that’s maybe what society is, the
noise you can’t get away from. On a personal level, that’s a lot of responsibilities
that I didn’t want at the time. Getting thrusted into
something like a full-time relationship and a
full-time career with many advancements I could go on. It just kinda seemed to me like I was sealing
a deal on life and I would rather push forward to something
else. So I sold all assets and left all this behind
and came to Asia, it’s been the best thing ever. I find that this society
in Asia, is far more superior that what we have back in any
kind of Western society for instance. But do you think that it’s heading in that
direction of the west? Oh yeah, oh yeah…there’s that annexation
everywhere I mean there’s f****ng KFC here in Da Nang,
as well as everywhere else. But no McDonalds No McDonalds, but that’s slow and coming,
and the Walmarts and all the other s***. I really think that in the next 20 years,
this society will be a lot different as well. But I don’t know, I guess you can think about
a lot about society, there’s a lot to it, it’s such
a broad question. It’s a very vague concept. Yeah it’s a very open ended question but
like a society is a university, it’s a group of
people that come together and work together for a positive effect. We not always a positive effect
but yeah. That’s what I’d see a society as. That’s fair enough. I mean a society quite usually have a lot
of guidelines and rules that people are expected to follow. Yeah and each society does their
own things and feels their own things, and then you choose your own society
from what you want as an individual. That’s actually pretty true. Each person is usually part of more than
one society I’d say. I think it’s actually good to have some guidelines. Yeah, we all need guidelines. And, you know society provides support for
people. Yeah, but it doesn’t always bring about positive
things. In what way? Like social norms. Talk to me about that Hendrix. Like it becomes the norm for people to not
care about sanitation or you’ve seen the way we’ve gone around this country and seen places
that have just been treated awfully because that’s
the social norm and the society doesn’t care about
it because nobody cares about it. As soon as some people start doing things
in a particular way that’s what… Yeah, exactly, but it’s a very big question
we’re talking about here. It is. So, we’re saying society is good, but there
are some bad things about it. Is there any way we can fix those things Hendrix,
me and you today? Social responsibility Oh yeah Taking responsibility for your actions and
what you to do everyone around you. This is the thing you know, if you’re part
of a society, then the society as a whole has a responsibility
and that creates individuation, where you don’t feel your own
responsibility you feel responsibility for everybody and
if someone else does a particular thing, then you’re like
ahh, that’s not on me. Yeah, it’s investment within your community,
which is your society and the actual attitude to do something about it. Yeah, society is people taking responsibilities
for their own actions and consequences of those actions. That’s what I’d say and that’s what I like
about society and that’s why I like it. I like society too. It’s not going to be easy. Maybe that’s quite a nice conclusion. Take the time to look at yourself and the
society that you’re in and see What you can do to make it better Yeah, what you can do to make your society
and therefore yourself better. I think that in the society we live in now,
there is a lot of expectations and I feel like when I was young,
I felt like everybody did the same thing in their lives. Just that,
you would get a married and have children, have a job from 9 to 5 and now I found out
that there are so many other ways to live your life. And also, what you’ve been told when you were
young, is not always better than what people do in
other societies. For example, when I went to South America,
I saw that there education wasn’t that good as what I
was used to in Europe, and I felt like we have to improve
that. After being there a few months, I started
to realise that they didn’t have a really good education but
they did have more time to spend with family and friends,
and I felt like they had really good values. So that really
made me change my mind about that, that it’s not all about
getting a really good paid job and doing all these things
that society expects you to do. And now that a lot during travelling, that
there are so many ways to live your life. I feel like society, because education is
lacking, doesn’t have this regulatory mechanism, which is self
criticism. So what we need for that is a generation of
scholars Maybe Cuecard, yes. They need Cuecard in their life. Cuecard’s. Yes. Silence everyone, the new Cuecard is coming
out. It will tell us what to do, it will give us
the Cues. I’d like that.

3 thoughts on “Views On Society | Big Questions | Backpacker Series

  1. I was blown away at how different society is in Southeast Asia from that in America. I've been raised to think I gotta keep moving to be productive and move forward, otherwise I'm not getting anywhere. Seeing people in SE Asia stay so relaxed about life gave me a different perspective

  2. Society has changed tremendiously in the States. Traveling in Southeast Asia has shown me that pure kindest, compassion, etc…still exist in this world. Keep up the good work.

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