Vikings in Space – True Tales of Alternate History – CIVILIZATION VI (#1)

Vikings in Space – True Tales of Alternate History – CIVILIZATION VI (#1)

VIKINGS!!! IN!!!! SPACE!!!! A True Tale of Alternate History, presented by Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. We begin our adventure in Nidaros, the captial city of Norway. It is here that the nomadic Nords nestled near the natural wonder of the Galapagos Islands. Golly that’s a lot of science output from those tiles! And how! Norway knew knowledge was the bees knees, and looked for a new way to exchange ideas with Sumeria. Ideas that were not just grunts and gestures. If only we had a way to exchange ideas! EUREKA MY DEAR! Now they could build a Campus for even more science! They sent their ships to survey the seas! Look! Those guys seem smart! We should be their friends. Or Suzerain. Meanwhile: A mystic in a nearby tribal village had a stunning revalation: Steer your ships by Celestial Navigation! With newfound wisdom our heroes set out once more. Much to their dismay, however, they found that what they thought was the worlds vast ocean was merely an inland sea! However, the ingenuity of Norway was not to be underestimated. They founded Bergen and Oslo, cities that serve as canals, and excitedly exited into an expansive ocean! Let’s go fellas, there’s a whole wide world out there just waiting for us! But the villainous Spartans, led by vile Queen Gorgo, viciously attacked without provocation! Our weariless warriors circumnavigated the continents, and flanked the fearsome foe! We vanquished them in the name of science! And so concludes today’s episode. Join us next time for more True Tales of Alternate History, as the greatest minds of the age combine their forces to put the Vikings in Space!

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  1. Part two is coming next week! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you have ideas for other True Tales of Alternate History, please share!

  2. You forgot the moment when you get denounced by every leader for defending yourselves against Sparta and capturing their city, despite not being the one who started the war

  3. this was pretty good, canal cities in this game tho, not the greatest ideas but still entertaining.

    maybe one about religious wars with custom names.

    also glad Vikings in space wasn't a dlc announcement

  4. True Tales of Alternate History: India Nukes the World!

    Summary: India's leader, Gahndi tries to pursue domination around the world no matter how much "cleansing" was required to make his perfect world.

    Make it happen Firaxis. We know you like Indian nukes.

  5. As a Norwegian, I do approve highly! Just ignore that I am the prince of Danmark.. we where the same country once… Shut up

  6. In the old Civilization 6 video ther you play AS Norway and spain to Sow us the religion victory Norway hadde a special promon (loot some privode 50 gold for costal raid)

  7. Do you know the real reason why the vikings needed to go to space?
    – Gandi was in the game and he just completed nuclear fusion….

  8. Should make a contest for people to design their own civs/ maps and the best like 5 of each can get combined into a big free expansion made by the community.

  9. Bergen is settled a tile away from a river
    You could've gotten full housing from that river. You're not Australia damn it.

  10. "it is here that the nomadic nords nestled near the natural wonder of the galapagos islands"
    a five link alliteration is something
    a five link alliteration that you only notice during the second time is quite something.

  11. Vikings meet the Sumerians: "Look! Those guys seem smart, we should be their friends~" That was like the best delivery ever, it totally made my day; along with knowledge being the bee's knees. This alt. history tale instantly became favorite!

  12. Science Vikings! XD
    Observation: I don't like your face!
    Question: Would I like it better with my ax buried in it?
    Hypothesis: I would like your face better with my ax buried in it.
    Experiment: Throws axe at face
    Conclusion: I STILL don't like your face!

  13. I found this series through my dad who had civ rev after that I saved up to get Civ 5: Brave New World which is now my favorite game

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