Ok, I give up! What do you mean? Isn’t this
whay you wanted? No! I wanted to rob a bank! The part about becoming a cosplay of Cher
was you idea! I am sorry I made some calls to get us into a real supervillain group. Can’t we just wear black? This is not halloween. It’s not “costume optional” they’re call it the fraternity of the ophidians, and they obviously take this very seriously, so there
is no way outta this! And there’s a theme…what the FUCK is an ophidian?! It’s a snake Then why don’t they just say snake?? Because it’s not as cool! DO you see anything cool here? You chose it. I have to look like a fucking snake to be in this stupid supervillain group, and I’m clearly only wearing my cousin’s bandage dress. But it was either this or that long
train wedding dress that you are wearing! What?? This is a snake’s tail! It’s an accessory
in my supervillain suit. Yeah, sure, to you that’s a snake. To me is an ophidian bride’s
dress tail. Can you move less? You’re ripping your supervillain ophidian suit in the breast
area. What? Really?This was borrowed! My cousin didn’t get her teeth fixed so she could buy this. I can’t pay for it! This is why you’re robbing a bank! No, I was going to
rob a bank to buy drugs, cars, gold chains, not to pay for my cousin’s bandage dress that
I’ve ruined. How am I going to explain this to her? How am I going to explain this to
anyone? I told my sister I was going to do a prank video for youtube. Why couldn’t you
find us a biker gang? Why a supervillain ophidian group? Couldn’t it at least be a group that
wears jeans and sweatshirt? Can you at least put on the bottom part of your uniform so we can see
how it looks? How it looks? I know how it looks! If I put on the bottom part of my legs I’ll look like a fucking mermaid! What happens when the cops show up? How I am supposed to run?? I can’t rob a bank and escape dressed like a mermaid No fucking way! Well, the
biker gang demanded a harley davidson, do you know how much those cost? If you want
we can buy a harley, but I think we’re gonna need to rob a bank first! Ok, give me this
fucking bottom accessory of the supervillain suit. So, do you want the bottom accessory
for the supervillain suit in little mermaid green, or Daryl Hannahs in the movie splash?

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