26 thoughts on “Viscounts of the West Kingdom- Solo Playthrough

  1. Looks like a really light game … Even lighter then architects … I love what you did paladins … Heavier game … This is a pass for me

  2. Looks like I’m going to be the Devils Advocate here…I’m really on the fence after this video…was expecting an insta back feeling…but I’m currently unsure. I think I need to see from start to finish as that’s what tends to hook me in…will there be any full play through videos available during the Kickstarter? Thanks

  3. Only designer can cheat this way : oh! that's a misprint, it's should be 4 not 3 😉 Nice game Shem! See you march 3rd

  4. Oh yeah – I'll be backing this!! Planned to as soon as I saw the cover art…
    Mr. Phillips – if you announced you were designing 'Whack A Worm With A Wet Noodle' I would back it at this point… 🙂 You (and Mr. Macdonald) are design geniuses (no – I don't think that's too strong)!! And Mr. Dimitrievski's artwork is becoming iconic – instantly recognizable!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Looks like another sure winner!!
    I'll anxiously wait for the Kickstarter and impatiently bide my time enjoying Paladins and Architects and Raiders… 🙂

  5. Watched this again and I can't believe I looked pass the part where each player board has a different AI approach on the back. That's interesting. Wish there was another AI/scheme deck where you can play 2 AIs solo.

  6. definitely backing this. are the board pieces that make the map double sided? and i imagine they can be interchangeable/mixed up for variety?

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