3 thoughts on “Visiting Lake Humane Society ADOPT, DON’T SHOP

  1. Correction: The cats were NOT stolen. They were taken by a Humane Agent with a warrant after several complaints. All of the cats that were taken had medical problems that were NOT being taken care of. The cats that were relatively healthy were allowed to stay. At Lake Humane Society, they have received good medical care, and some of them are healthy enough to be adopted out now. In the previous "sanctuary" where they were, the sick and healthy were allowed to intermix with each other. They would never be adopted out and would remain there until they died.
    As can be seen from the video taken by random visitors, all the animals are being well cared for in clean conditions. Eventually they will all find a "forever" home and not left in a "loving shelter" until death.

  2. We do not know where all the animals come from. All we know is that they need homes and we want to encourage people to adopt them and give them a forever home. And yes, the animals seemed taken care of and treated for their health problems.

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