Volunteering at the Humane Society | MY FIRST VLOG!

Volunteering at the Humane Society | MY FIRST VLOG!

Oh My gosh, so I’m really excited today because This is going to be my first ever Vlog and I really wanted to get into let me turn this car off so that it doesn’t have all that noise in the background Still learning y’all, so I’m just really excited because this is my first ever look, and I’m just really excited so I actually have a thing that I’m doing today that I’m going to bring you to tag you along with and We’re going to go um do some work at the local humane society here and Take you along all arrived for that and I just wanted to do like a quick outfit of the day Before we get started so if you’re interested in seeing that please stay tuned Aright y’all you’re just gonna have to bear with me This is the lens that I brought with me today So it is the only lens that I have so it’s gonna be the ultra close sort of outfit of the day thing going on alright, so on my head I have a Pinkalicious Frangipani bang buster that I did not declutter in my recent headband decluttering video I also am wearing actually this top is from Macy’s. It’s pretty awesome. It has an open back. Oh my god I’m not gonna be able to show that to you The defining feature of this top will be shown maybe in a photo and I am wearing it with a cool Racerback underneath and What do I got on for pants? I have my pants are the Glyders in like a pink space dye now I forget what it’s called and then of course I am wearing my crazy Vibram toe shoes and a Pair of leg warmers because I live in the eighties y’all. No, I just think they’re really cool So this is kind of what I would wear on a regular normal basis Sort of my go-to outfit if it’s a nice day out, and it’s as you can see it is absolutely Lovely up here, so let’s go get some coffee, and then we’re gonna head over to the Humane Society Hello, I am back! We are appropriately caffeinated I’m like “is that in frame?” I’m gonna have to do that once in a while So I’m not used to this or this lens yet glad that that got in frame So we are properly caffeinated, and we are about to head in to the Humane Society Where I’m going to do some cleaning activities All right You guys nobody told me it was hard to know with like ac offee in your hand and a canon 80D in the other hand So you’re gonna walk in is actually really new building, I think it was like 2013 and It’s a really nice place But they got not a storage area so I have been asked to organize the storage area All right, so I’ll see you again tonight Yes, this is the room that they want me to organize It is a really super crowded with stuff I Really hope I can do a good job and organize all this Okay Shannon you have to take the lens cap off All right, so you guys I am waiting for the manager to come back and talk to me about The things that he needs to be accessible, and I’m just looking around right now And what I’m seeing is that there’s t-shirts behind me, and they’re not really like look at the less than optimal use of that space and then there are also other t-shirts behind my head here and Wouldn’t it be great if they stored all the t-shirts together the other thing. I’m noticing is the water bottles there’s a bunch of water bottles behind me and My feet if they could there we go. There’s a bunch of water bottles beside my feet and They’re not really they don’t stack well, so they could be stored differently and better and the same with the colas that are Behind me there so if you can see the colas behind my shoulder They’re not really stored that great, and they don’t stack well when they’re in that format So I’m gonna try and tackle that first. I really feel like this is gonna Be that more than like a one day job, and I’m probably gonna need some materials like storage bins and We’re gonna see what we can do about that. Hey everyone so I am here with Katie and Vanilla-bean at my local humane society and vanilla bean is just being adorable Oh My god you guys this cat is so cute. This girl is just doing her job cleaning and the cat keeps reaching out and like You this one’s name is sweet potato and he is adorable and then this one other down here Is called charmer and she is so cute. I’m literally dying. Oh my gosh. Ah This one has a lot energy Hey, so I’m back in the car and I’m about to go to Target because I spoke to the manager and He liked all my ideas So I’m gonna go to Target and get some like storage containers so that I can start making things stackable and start organizing a little bit better in there, and hopefully I can free up some space and we’ll do like a before and after I really don’t think I’m gonna get it done today, but Hopefully I can at least make it then did it all right. I’ll see in a bit, you guys I have arrived. We are at the Target, it is behind me. And, let’s go buy some storage solutions, y’all! Okay, so this is what I got at Target. Yeah I got a bunch of different storage solutions So like I said, I was gonna get I hope that we can make good use of them And let’s head back to the Humane society. I am sweating! Wow um side note my foundation is not holding up very well today Yeah, but um Basically, I think I’m at a stopping point where I’m gonna stop for today I am nowhere near done you guys I bought these three orange ones that you see behind me And I filled them with bottles of water, then we’re just like on like the floor in their own Packaging but not really Not really stacked very well You know how that stuff is kind of flimsy doesn’t stack well now mind you these Evian ones sack amazing right because they’re in those Boxes, but the other ones over here see how those are like kind of slanty and not really stacking very well That’s how they were before and so I just kind of put them into Those bins and then I took a bunch of the colas that were behind me on on This shelf here, can we see that there were some colas back there that were just kind of loose And I put them in this um This bin here And then a bunch of t-shirts like there was a ton of t-shirts on this shelving unit and I put them into Bins like that and then there was some craft supplies, and I just put those away, and that’s um These t-shirts here. I really want to get those cleaned up, and I would really like to UM Get a bunch of these bins here. These tiny ones and get like a bunch of them, and then just kind of have two per shelf because two of these will fit into one of these spaces and Then I can have two per shelf and so we could have two different sizes per shelf that will effectively make half of the space available in this Area so I’m really looking forward to that and then the other thing I want to do is like I don’t know if you can see them, but way down there. There’s a bunch of like poles and stuff that you might use for I don’t know, events things like that and I really want to put those into it like Standing up bin and I kind of have an idea of the type like you know those ones that you put wrapping paper in I kind of wanna see it’ll fit in there so um I’m gonna get a new, bin. I’m gonna buy a bunch more of And I buy a bunch more of these ones here to these a little the teeny ones and I’m gonna come back later and Yeah, I’m gonna try and get this place organized okay, so it’s now been like a month or a month and a half, maybe and I come back every couple weeks and I just spend a little bit of time cleaning up and I didn’t want to show you guys Every single little bit of it because it was like mostly just follow me around target as I purchase various sized bins So I didn’t think that’d be particularly interesting the sixth or seventh time around so Yeah, I’ve been working on cleaning this place up It’s actually been so long since I started that I don’t even remember every single thing that I did but Let’s just I’m sure that the photos will speak for themselves So let’s just take a little tour All right now, let’s take a slower tour All right, so I’m gonna turn you around as You can see We’ve got a good set of bins that house all of the shirts and of course the colas and the waters are in their own little spaces and then we have more bins and more bins, and then the popcorn machine is still over here and let’s see what else we got here and then back here I Don’t know if you’ll remember or well. I guess you will remember because it’s literally five seconds ago for you guys but we’ve moved all the signs are now in this bin over here all the vinyl signs and all the food stuff is now over here, it’s a lot more organized than it used to be and Then again down there. You’ll see even more disposable cups and things like that these are craft supplies and under there There’s a bin full of tablecloths that I was able to launder and then we have a bunch of signage and more bins That box has a bunch of t-shirts in it for the upcoming event there’s a race coming up and Then a bunch of leashes More bins The one on the side back. There is empty I bought an extra one and Then over here It’s just a bunch of random mostly like craft supplies and water is Over here, and then more craft supplies. They have a children’s program in the summer so that’s why they have so much craft supplies and Then more t-shirts so that’s sort of what I was able to accomplish in this room it’s gonna take some work to keep it neat and tidy but Hopefully I can make it back and clean it up again if I need to I am going to be taking their dog walking course, so I’ll hopefully be starting to walk some dogs Sometime soon, and maybe I’ll do a little vlogging with that. I’m not sure yet if you like this vlog Please hit like on the video And I will see you guys in the next one so one of the other things that I did Oh my goodness how am I gonna do this? Ah? so You guys, I’m trying to focus on things and it’s not working, maybe I can do it oh no wider, wider, wider wider, YAY! wider!

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  1. Shannon you sparkle thanks for taking us to the humane society and helping the animals and the people who love them.

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