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  1. had to kill MLK, JFK, Bobby K, Thomas Merton…. and many others that preached and reached and teached and lived a good message.

  2. He said in 1940 only 13% of America had children wedlock. Who can tell me is this moral or did gave birth to our economic downfall.

  3. Irish were treated just as if not more poorly than blacks so, obviously you have been dumbed down like the rest! wake up and stop teaching b.s!

  4. Some day, a black person will say that hatred of whites is wrong – and not just because it hurts “the black community”.

    Some day, a black person will say that pouring government-confiscated money into the black community is wrong – but not only because that hurts the black community.

    Some day, a black person will say that collegiate affirmative action is wrong – and not only because it hurts the black students who are placed too highly.

    Some day, a black person will say that electing black officials based on skin color is wrong – not only because it hurts the black community in that town.

    Some day, a black person will say that accusing a good cop of racism even when it’s not there is wrong – but not just because it means less effective policing in black communities.

    Let me know if you ever hear candace owens or walter williams or larry elder ever say these things are unfair to anyone who ISN’T black.

  5. Without the welfare state this guy would have starved to death. Would he go back in time and kick his mother out of that apartment? Would he deny his sister food? Sure maybe overall stopping these programs would be good but then he would have been homeless with his mother and sister.

  6. I liked black people from the time that I was born bc I could feel love! I saw a kaleidoscope of colors and didn't buy into superiority BS. I was ALLOWED TO LOVE. I've suffered greatly and I don't follow fashion trends. I'm my own leader bc I choose to follow the Lord Almighty. We are UNITED no matter how they try to divide us! We are children of light fighting that great shadow…. our ego… The deceiver!

  7. cmon man..if ya aint a 1%er ," we all" going down ! with all regard given to "all ethnic backgrounds " , its more than about color now.

  8. Your self is not private property and you do not have the right top sell yourself into slavery for the same reason you don't have the right to commit suicide. See Kant's Metaphysics Of Morals – way better than what stands as truth on the web…Kant is becomming the forgotten philosopher because our masters HATE him so he is no longer being taught. Kant has to come to the forefront of thought if we are to be free from this bankster agenda.

  9. Welfare was created to help the poor white voters first and then non white commoners later were able to to vote freely thanks to progressive strides and not from conservative obstacles that kept the dirt poor non whites helpless and destitute …progressives made it possible for today's hard working poor , white and non whites ,to qualify for food assistance because the haves will not pay liveable wages to keep up with inflation and now the middle class can't afford health care because the conservatives won't allow it …facts not conservative rightwing propaganda BS !

  10. Who cares or should about the color of this great man's skin, his gender, his religious beliefs, his gender, his whatever… He's undoubtedly one of the greatest and most courageous human beings of our past and present time. Dr. Williams should be a household name in America today.

  11. Hoping more people are led to listen to his insight and wisdom. I too have never heard the name Walter Williams…oh until now. Gosh I love FREE thinkers


  13. When did it actually become "fashionable" to like black people? Does this man not realize this is trump's white supremacist America?

  14. Seems like a decent man, but I'm not sure about this video. Not sure at all. I sense something a little offffffffff.

  15. I'm done, the proclamation/Amnesty at end, was toooooo much. Absolutely too much. This video was not good for me, an African man born and living in America, still having to deal with things he dealt with 50 years ago

  16. Wow! Do I ever like what I hear about this man, Walter Williams. I had never heard of him before. Don't know how I missed knowing about him. What an inspiration!

  17. Good video until the declaration of absolution at the end.. that was ridiculous.. Black people, imagine what it would be like if your ancestors were never transported to America.. Watch some YouTube videos of Haiti or any Black African country… It’s scary stuff. Also, 95%, or more of people never owned slaves anyway and slavery has been over for 150 years. There are no slave and no slaveholders alive today, so why should white Americans apologize? Crazy!

  18. Who owns me? who owns my life?

    GOD ALMIGHTY if you think you are a christian nation, America, then you know this is the answer., If you don't think so you are not christian. , you cant have it both ways

  19. so welfare state is separate from a welfare ideology? I am pleased to hear it. therefore the answer is not to abolish the welfare state but if possible to educate those who might need welfare, that it is a temporary solution, not a nest for parasites

  20. Democrats knew the collateral damage of welfare from it's effects on native American reservations from previous decades. They enacted the welfare system to suppress blacks and create voter plantations in the inner cities. The Democrat party is as racist as it ever was. Look at their actions, don't listen to their propaganda. MLK dreamed of a color-blind America, now Democrats call you racist to voice a desire for color-blindness. Trump's greatest accomplishment might be recorded as ending the pro-slavery,pro-KKK, pro-Jim Crow racist Democrat Party.

  21. this man is awesome! im glad he brings attention to the fact that pandering to students and young people as to not "hurt their feelings" is less effective in giving the young people a fighting chance to really make something of themselves in the world.

  22. Dr. Williams is as principled man and not afraid of being a majority one. A strong believer in the free market and that politicians enslave voters to gain and keep their votes for fear of losing governmental support. The essence of his thoughts, I think, "standing on your own two feet is better than using the crutches of government." Lastly, who is government? The government is the people the public elects to office. Are the current occupants of seats in local, state and federal government truly the best we can do as a nation?

  23. I busted out laughing, coffee out my nose when I heard what his Pops said about the ARMY……
    I've always said to people that I wouldn't give up my time in the ARMY for a million dollars……
    But I wouldn't do it over again for 2 million unless it was tax free…..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    But every young man should be required to serve at least 2 years, and now ladies too🇺🇸

  24. I can remember Mr. Williams, some time ago, poking gentle fun at his relationship with his lovely wife. I really enjoyed this video.

  25. The Welfare state is the government's plantation. They have taken the black (or any poor people) fathers out of the home and taken the place of God by playing provider, counselor, disciplinarian, and protector. You CAN trust God, but NOT the government. The black family used to be the biggest property owners and strongest families UNTIL the welfare state. Do NOT let the Democratic party OWN you or your vote.

  26. Absolutely true and a brilliant American mind. A fountain of knowledge he is, who explains everything like it is. This goes into my favorites.

  27. Blacks in this country are slow to understand that a very select few of elite whites and their like minded political stooges have slowly and detrimentally given them a life leading nowhere. You may get a check from the government, and somehow believe their getting nothing in return???? This should cause you to rethink your position.

  28. I would like to know who are the 69 that found objections to this video. This should be an inspiration for everyone.

  29. What an amazing man, I wish he could have been my teacher when I was young, I learned so much from him now this past hour.

  30. Its a joyful thing we are witnessing among all the heinous wickedness and filth. We are witnessing Black folks coming out of the hypnotic state the professional liars have smothered them with.

    All the decades believing that Republicans, Conservatives and Independents were the Racist Bigots who orchestrated slavery, established the Klan, and have been their worst enemy.

    When in reality, the ones whispering in your ear. Your trusted demoncrat friends that love you so much, have your best interest in mind, and work tirelessly making your lives, communities, schools, Jobs, and opportunities better everyday for your wonderful lives you have now!
    Sucks being deceived so.greatly, the ones you trusted have always been your oppressors.

  31. that phil Donahue clip. What an elite liberal thing to say. translation; you may be black but I know what's best for your people. The worst kind of racist, the condescending kind.

  32. I met Walter Williams in San Francisco where he was speaking at a conference taking place in the hotel next to the one I was attending. His characterization of Social Security as a "Ponzi Scheme" much bigger than Madoff's won my heart. He is a true man and worthy of all of our attention in this highly distracted world!

  33. I don't need. ask or care for your forgiveness for something I haven't done or participated in. Take care of your own issues and stop saying it's somebody else's fault.

  34. have you met president trump? i would think he would want you on his team to teach people the truth instead of the lies that are still shoved down our throats. If you haven't met him, i have to hope someone will bring you to his attention. your family sounds wonderful. & strong. take care fr. bc.ca

  35. Thank You all for making this documentary about this amazing man and the true beauty of American society. I hope to emulate him and go beyond that!

  36. One of the problems is we know more of and hold up rappers and entertainers and not men like Mr. Walter Williams.

  37. Welfare is neither good nor bad, personal choices determine how individuals use it. I know many people who were on welfare and got off it. And stayed off. Welfare for them was a wisely used blessing. Others, fashioned a millstone for their own necks. In both examples, individuals choose.

  38. People of all colours genders and ethnicities are equal.
    Claim your equality. And don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  39. Phil Donahue: "So food stamps cause illegitimate babies then?"
    Prof. Walter Williams: "No, no sexual intercourse does".

    Sadly enough (especially in the age of Socialism: you know "they/them" call this farce political correctness which is celebrated by the brain dead aka social justice warriors, etc.) the foolhearty who still believe that food stamps are to blame for illegitimacy & not the ACTIONS of the person who precedes it.

  40. Were America wiser, or liberals less racist, Walter Williams would be recognized as one of the finest economic minds on the planet.

  41. Minimum Wage Cruelty ; https://www.creators.com/read/walter-williams/07/17/minimum-wage-cruelty ; By Walter E.Williams, 12 July 2017 ; Quote: . . . Here's my question to supporters of higher minimum wages: How compassionate is it to create legislation that destroys an earning opportunity?

  42. GOD is sovereign over the lives of all whether you believe he is or not , the what ifs of this story are the dealings of GOD in his life whether he acknowledges it or not . his life and story are an encouragement to all who would believe .

  43. I have a hatred for the mass media parading the dregs of the black community to distract from the Great Black Americans like Walter!. I learned of him back in the early 80's and have never disagreed with any of his talks or writings! Truly one of Americas greatest men for all races!

  44. Pbs had an architectural program that examined each borro of new york. When discussing harlem, they explained that before the war on poverty, harlem had a full top to bottom economic system. There were blacks who were millionaire moguls and street sweepers and everything in between. Crime was no higher yhan the rest of country. The number of damilies below the poverty line was no worse than the rest of the country. After the war on poverty, family life and economics and crime degenerated. Years later i heard an old black man telling his grandson the exact same thing so i knew at that point, it was true. I am not saying things were perfect in harlem but i am saying that the the family and societal structure was there and disintegrated after johnson.

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