‘We Are The Society’ | Joker Movie Powerful Message [Explained]

I’ll tell you what you will get. You get what you f***ing deserve! [Joker kills Murray Franklin] Joker. What a Masterpiece. This movie showed us the other side of the character Arthur Fleck. This movie helped us understand about depression, about his problems with mental health, loneliness and anxiety. This movie might have also made you perceive yourself as THE JOKER in YOUR REALITY. But the movie Joker was also made to send out a beautiful message. We Are The Society. I’m sure you hate it when people do not respond to you the way you want them to. Even it has happened to me. People do not react to me the way I want them to, even on personal and professional level. But rather than complaining about the people around us, what if we PAUSE for a moment And realize who we truly are and who we truly, actually have been all this time. When was the last time you were kind to a food delivery boy who had difficulties finding your doorstep. When was the last time you corrected someone in private rather than correcting him in public Or when was the last time you gave up correcting some because you understood the person’s character, about the person’s behaviour behind his activity. or when was the last time you tried this crazy method called “ASKING” rather than ASSUMING before you made serious judgements. Speaking of judgements, I’m sure you do not like judging people around you. even I do not want to be among those people. but it’s in the human nature, even in me that we cannot control this habit of judging people 100% of the time. which is why I’m sharing this video with you. Let’s not be like the character Randall, who in the first place, gave the gun to Arthur and later told his boss about him which Arthur lead to lose his job. Let’s not be like the character Thomas Wayne, who was of a higher social status and who was of a good hearted person, but shared a few mean words because of which Arthur had to become anguished. Let’s not be like the character Murray who was a comedian, who played Arthur’s video on TV and embarrassed him in front of the public. If we have been toxic people like the characters in the movie Joker, then uderstand that we might have ignored the little elements of sensibilities in ourselves. If we PAUSE for moment and realize who we truly are and who truly have been all this time maybe we could have done wonders with this quality. With the elements of sensibility, maybe we could have helped a person overcome his mental anxiety. With the elements of sensibility, maybe we could have portrayed ourselves as better people so that we appear as warm and welcoming. Maybe with the elements of sensibility, we could have a much better society where EVERYONE fits in. Because with this quality we could make wonders. Let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge the little elements of sensibility in ourselves that can do wonders.

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