We Love Orangutans – “Animal Welfare Assistant, May Sumarnae”

We Love Orangutans – “Animal Welfare Assistant, May Sumarnae”

Simon!! Peach!! It’s good, isn’t it? So sweet! My name is May Sumarnae. I joined BOSF on 1 April 2002. I am the Animal Welfare Assistant. I also manage food logistics for all the orangutans at Nyaru Menteng. We source all our food from local farmers. We work together with 13 large farm groups and 29 small ones. Mama Yati! How are you? What have you already harvested? BOSF is very grateful for Mama Yati’s farm. It’s located right next to our center and doing very well. If we ever experience a lack of fruit we can easily get some at Mama Yati’s farm. For this afternoon Mama Yat has already prepared fruit which she will bring to BOSF. This is the fruit that we saw at the farm. It’s a Sunkist orange. Even though they are green it doesn’t mean they aren’t ripe. They’re ripe and sweet and orangutans love them. One orangutan eats 5Kg of food per day. These 5Kg may consist of 4 different types of fruit. This man is one of our regular suppliers. He collects different types of fruit from different farmers and also from the market. He supplies fruit 4 times per week. This is what our warehouse technicians do every day, checking the quality of the fruit. This one is still okay. Some orangutans prefer to eat the seeds, but many of them prefer the flesh. Do you want to try some? Today has been quite exhausting. We have received a lot of fruit from our suppliers. We received 1,5 tons of rambutans. We received 1 ton of melons and 2 tons of bananas. All of this fruit will last us 2 or 3 days, then we do the whole thing all over again. This is sugarcane. Orangutans love sweet things. Let’s bring them some. It’s snack time! Have some sugar cane! Here you go, Oneng! Praja!

25 thoughts on “We Love Orangutans – “Animal Welfare Assistant, May Sumarnae”

  1. 祝福你们代代康旺,感谢您的爱心付出。。愿毛孩都过着康乐的日子。。阿弥陀佛

  2. This is very good video the staffs are wonderful the orangutan is very cute Thank God they all very good health and the staffs work very hard to keep them happy and health Bless all of them ,

  3. Itu yg unlike otaknya kemana yah?
    Bukannya prihatin orangutan semakin punah malah beri unlike…

  4. selain menolong juga menggerakan perekonomian petani sekitar! so proud! save orangutan and developt Indonesia economic in the same time 🙂

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