We Meet A Single Mom Who Went From Welfare to CEO

We Meet A Single Mom Who Went From Welfare to CEO

(atmospheric electronic music) – [Cashmere Nicole]
Beauty is just the freedom to express yourself however you see fit. There’s no pressure with it. I think I’m beautiful when
I’m as bare faced as possible. When I put on makeup you can do the no makeup look, or you can do full on glam. All the things that you
can create with makeup makes makeup beautiful. – I love makeup so much. It really gave me confidence, you know, because my mom didn’t, bless her heart, it was a cultural thing, she told me I wasn’t pretty enough and so I used makeup to
kind of make myself bigger, more that she could see me I think. But in the process I really developed a beautiful relationship with it because it was just a gateway for me to develop a practice and a ritual around self love and self care. – I think for me when
I did get into makeup I started going to look to buy products and I couldn’t’ find any concealer or foundation in my skin tone. – [Jess] So this week in San Diego we are going to be meeting Cashmere Nicole from Beauty Bakerie. It is a full makeup collection. – [Rachel] Her business is so inclusive, with different shade offerings. – [Jess] So necessary, it’s so crucial. I mean to see a woman entrepreneur and then as CEO of a
multi-million dollar company is really inspiring. I’m really excited for this. – I am too, I’m intimidated
but excited at the same time. – [Jess] Rach and I are going to be taking Cashmere on a golfing adventure. – Which is business related. It’s considered a business skill. – [Jess] We’re also going to be going to the department store and seeing her beauty line in the flesh. It will be good. – [Rachel] I’m looking forward
to just picking her brain and seeing what its taken
to get to where she is. Being a woman of color, how that’s affected her, how it’s helped her. – I can’t stop looking at myself. – Okay lets go, (laughing) we’ve got work to do. (upbeat electronic music) (woman laughs) – Hello. – Hello hi. – How are you? – Good how are you?
– Rachel. – DeAndre. – Hi DeAndre. – Nice to meet you guys.
– So nice to meet you. – Welcome to the Bakerie. This is Cashmere. – Hello. – Hi so nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, that’s right I’m Rachel. – I’m Jess. – Nice to meet you Jess. – How are you? – [Cashmere] Have you guys tried any Beauty Bakerie products? – [Rachel] No I’m terrified, I need your help. I have to like let it out. I’m like, I know nothing, I’m sorry. – Yeah we’ll make sure you’re good. – Okay awesome. Is that you and your daughter? – That is myself and my daughter
in the picture on the wall. And I yank her into a few
photo shoots and she’s like, that was fun, I want to do it again. Like okay girl, save me some money. (laughing) – [Rachel] Board of nursing! – Yup I started out as a LPN. Started putting money
towards Beauty Bakerie and it actually worked. – [Jess] So from a young age
you were an entrepreneur. – Yup.
– You got it in you, – And into the art. – Oh hi!
– Hi! – Oh, hi! – Hi, I’m Jasmine. – Jasmine nice to meet you. – I recognized you from the photos. You’re famous. – [Cashmere] This is what came
popping out at the age of 16. – [Rachel] Oh wow. – What’s this journey been like? – Its been crazy and in Houston not
having any kitchen space, we have all this stuff. – Orders took over our home. We had a one bedroom apartment and then one day it took off. – [Jess] I need to just talk
about your eyebrows right now. – Uh oh. – [Jess] Amazing! – Fleeky! – [Rachel] Is that Beauty Bakerie? – Yes. – Can we test some products out? – Absolutely. – Okay, I might need a
tutorial or something. – [Cashmere] I got you. (upbeat music) – So we can start with
the most important one I guess here, is Coffee and Cocoa. My daughter was starting to get ready for homecoming and I remember
trying some products on her and they were giving
her like a grayish tint. And you have to be, – I’ve been there.
– [Cashmere] Yeah. – ‘Cause we went into a few
stores looking for something, I think we were looking
for foundation for me and the darkest they had
was like your skin color. – Mhmm. – [Cashmere] So I was like you know what? I’m gonna make a palette for her and girls that are brown like her. – That’s amazing. – [Cashmere] I made that one, I was like this will work for her. – [Jess] Anti Depresso, La Vida Mocha, too cute. – So take a fluffy brush. – Okay. – And for your lid color, just put that all over, gosh look at that. – I think its so nice for you to have that insight
to bring to the table, whereas like, a white male CEO could have
never have thought of that. – There would be times
when I would talk to a firm and it could be older, you know white men and they didn’t see the value. Then it does well, and they’re like can
we get onto a call now? – [Rachel] You’re like no. – I’m busy. – You became pregnant at 15? – Mhmm. There weren’t a bunch of tears because I don’t think I even
understood the gravity of what was coming. And when I saw that it
was just gonna be me, that was where I was like, what did I do? Now you’re here, and I don’t know how I will protect you from the pains of not even
having a present father. The struggles that come along
with being a black woman, so just growing up I would just tell her all the time that she was beautiful. And if people would say, oh she’s a beautiful brown girl, don’t do that, she’s beautiful. Period. – How does it make you feel to know that this was created for you? – I kind of wanted to cry
and I’m not even a big crier, so it was crazy. But when she was talking about how she made it for me and
to include everyone, it was really inspiring. – Yeah. – That’s my mom. – Aw you’re so sweet. – [Cashmere] I had been running
outside with my daughter and we were kicking a soccer ball around and I found this lump like right here, and it felt like a little bitty seed. You could barely feel it. And I thought okay, breast cancer, ha ha you’re silly. And so I went to get it checked out, they said, oh it’s nothing
major to worry about at all, we’re just gonna take that right out. Meanwhile, I’m still
working on Beauty Bakerie. My website’s up, I’m still tweeting. I just remember fast
forwarding that whole year to the next spring, it had grown back. It’s like, I just think it’s best that we take both of your breasts. – Wow. – And I was like are you serious? Thinking like okay, who’s gonna want me? Not only are they not gonna
want to date a girl with a kid, they’re not gonna want to date a girl with no breasts and a kid. And so I just remember
being so down about it. Like just, broken hearted. Like, you have cancer. You were just getting started, you had gotten the plan together, like that is so sad. Oh, girl. – It’s not my first rodeo. (laughing) – I recovered, I put implants in and so this doctor was awesome, he’s like, yeah I’ve got something called gummy bears. I’m like, (laughs) So on brand. He was like what size you want? I’m like, big ones! (laughing) My first trip out of the country, after my brand had taken off, we had a six hour layover in Paris and we were on the Champs D’Elysee, I think that’s how you say it. And I was like, I’m gonna name one of my
products after that day, just cause. From food stamps to Paris. (hip hop music) ♪ Work, uh ♪ ♪ I glow ♪ ♪ Fo sho ♪ ♪ I glow ♪ ♪ Fo sho ♪ ♪ Learn how to keep
lipstick off my teeth ♪ ♪ Wear heels at least for the night B ♪ ♪ Had a waist trainer
but a like to breathe ♪ (upbeat techno music) – Thank you so much for coming, we just wanted to bring you here, just sort of talk to our girls about how you guys feel about beauty and your experience
with beauty growing up. – One of my childhood
favorite commercials, the girls were always like these, really beautiful white girls. And I was like, ugh, I want to be in this commercial. – Publications were heavily all white. That’s when I started to notice, something’s different here. – You know how they had the page where it was beauty tips, and it would be like, how
to get a sleek ponytail. (laughing) I’m like why are these
steps not working for me? – I do remember that when
I would see Asian girls doing stuff, I would get excited. – My self esteem was directly impacted by what I saw on TV or in a magazine. – Remember Iman makeup? – [Woman] That was like the first line – Yes! – [Woman] that like catered
to women of color actually. – [Woman] It was so hard to get. – [Woman] For a long time
they would just tell me to mix two shades. – [Rachel] They still tell me that.
– [Woman] Today? – They still tell me that today.
– [Jess] And they get to get the ratio right everyday. – Yeah. – [Woman] It’s like science. – If you guys could change one thing, what would be the first
thing that you could change in the beauty industry? – There needs to be more people of color behind the scenes, that’s when I think inclusiveness becomes something that’s sustainable. – [Jess] Damn. – [Woman] I was gonna go for more glow. (laughing) – [Woman] But also yes! – [Woman] Always glow. (upbeat techno music) (laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh wow. – It’s my baby. – Oh my god. Cashmere Nicole. She’s so funny. – So much fun. – [Jess] But did you expect
her to be that way as a CEO? – [Rachel] Not at all, I thought she was gonna be more serious. She’s so young. – [Jess] And gone through so much. – Gone through so much. And it’s so interesting because that could have easily derailed her, but it seemed to focus her more. – Yes. – From the day Ulta said yes, we were going into their store, to the day that this was conceptualized. I would say it was like 45 days. – Wow.
– Oh wow. – Yeah, we had to move pretty quickly. – [Rachel] Yeah. – and being able to, I’m about to cry. Being able to do what you do. So, I look up to you so much. You have no idea. Oh my gosh, my heart. Thank you so much. – [Rachel] I’m crying. – I know right? Like you have no idea when you’re doing anything anywhere how you’re impacting people. – Girl you a big deal, I’m with a celebrity. – Oh my god, whatever Rachel. (laughing) (upbeat music) (jet engine roaring) (birds chirping) (ball smacking) ♪ Skippin on lines like a pilot ♪ ♪ You know I’m lyin,
confidence try to line it ♪ ♪ I’m defiant, still got
them days when I can’t grip ♪ ♪ In my jams and I’m like me ♪ ♪ Lose 40 pounds and my ex like see ♪ – Beautiful day for the golf course, with my girl Jenny. – Who’d have thought these
two young, black, hot babes would have been on the golf course this early in the morning? (beeps) em. – So we’re like beginner beginner, like we have mini putt only. So we might need some practice swings. – Yes. – Okay. – You are good, look you natural, yeah. – Hear that guys? Everyone hear that? You got that? – [Cashmere] Say it a little
louder for everyone Jenny. – Hold your grip, stay on the ball, just swing the club. And keep your eye on the ball, now you finish and let it go. – You a CEO girl. (cheering) – You hit it girl! – You hit it. – You hit it. – I didn’t think I was
even gonna hit the ball. – [Rachel] Do you fee like
as a CEO woman of color, a black woman that there are any struggles that you’ve
had to come up against? – [Cashmere] Oh yeah
– [Rachel] Because you’re a black woman – The other CEO’s in the makeup space are mostly white people, I don’t think it’s always on purpose, but you just don’t fit in. So now you’re isolated. It can be lonely too. – [Rachel] Yeah. – [Cashmere] You can’t
really sit and laugh with your friends about how you stole time and took Post-its home, you know? ‘Cause now you’re like, please don’t steal my Post-its. – Yeah, exactly. – [Rachel] On the flip side of that, what are the advantages
as a woman of color? – Yeah, I guess the
only advantage right now is trying to be one of the
pioneers in this space, leading the charge. I have met a few other women of color CEOs and we cheer each other on, we’re putting our heads together trying to figure out how
we can work together. A lot of people are
fearful of women of color like invading or taking over. ♪ On the grill ♪ ♪ He was tryin’ beg I
don’t even know the deal ♪ ♪ Imma keep a trill ♪ ♪ Imma keep a trill on the glo up ♪ ♪ Glo up ♪ ♪ I glo ♪ ♪ Fo sho ♪ – Oh, money green! – [Cashmere] Get in there. – Three’s a charm. Breathe! (cheering) – [Cashmere] Money! – I don’t play golf but I look like I do. Hey! – Girl, girl, girl Do your thang. (upbeat music) – So colorism is a huge thing. How do we even talk about that? – Being one, a woman being two, a black woman and then a dark skinned black woman I was constantly told that essentially I’m at the
bottom of the barrel. – [Woman] Throughout every culture ultimately shadeism is
rooted in anti-blackness. That’s the beginning of the conversation. – As much as we’re like,
okay cool I’m raised right, I have had these conversations, I’m very aware, I’m educated. – [Jess] Yeah, you can’t, – This is something that I can’t escape. – Precisely, it’s still so integrated into society and dumb beauty standards so it’s definitely
something that I’ve faced and I’m still working through that, I would say. – I think that’s something
that we have all been on that kind of journey, realizing that it’s not about aspiring to what’s shown to us. You know I look to my friends and I look to what’s around me and like how you’re reflected back at me and that feels beautiful. – Aw Steph. – So beautiful. (laughing) (soft music) – I feel like a mad scientist here. – Are you using water
or apple cider vinegar? – Um, water. – I think my great grandmother used like egg yolk or something. – [Jess] Oh, also so good for anti-aging, egg yolk. This is a deep pore cleansing, and then afterwards
you do a hydrating mask because we deserve it. – I don’t do enough self care. I know on a recent trip I had to go to Dubai for work and the team like extended
the trip a few extra days, thinking I would get some down time. My daughter got the flu. So all I’m now worried, like do I need to get back home? It’s the smaller things that
I’m having trouble doing. Like, don’t eat lunch in your office. Get up, go to the beach. Or get up and go to a bookstore. Or go catch a movie at one p.m., even though I feel calm
and at peace inside I’m starting to feel some angst about not having something consistent
that I’m doing for myself. – [Jess] A ritual. – I don’t do anything for myself. And my daughter’s gonna be
leaving for college soon. – Exactly. – And it’s like whoo, what is this gonna be like? – I guess cause now you
have to face yourself, as just Cashmere the woman. – Just an independent being. – Can I finish your
facial thing at the top? Don’t worry I won’t get it into your hair. – To give yourself that space and that time and just
feel your own energy and it’s necessary. – Yeah it’s like that caterpillar and you’re shedding
another layer of yourself. I feel it, it’s like a new awakening. Just going through another phase. – We’re gonna shed this right now, we’re gonna go wash this off. I can’t talk, and then we’re gonna inject some moisture into our lives. Like hydrating masks. ♪ I got my life ♪ ♪ I got my heart ♪ ♪ I got my soul I got my life ♪ ♪ So naturally ♪ ♪ I got my life ♪ ♪ I got my heart ♪ ♪ I got my soul I got my life ♪ – [Rachel] On your first
business cards that you made way back at the beginning, the first step you did, did it say CEO? – Yup. – [Rachel] Ayyy. – It always said CEO. – Projecting yes.
– Manifest. – [Rachel] Manifest. – I’m into it.
– Yeah. (chill music) – [Rachel] What does
black beauty mean to you? – Mmm, black joy. Happiness. You have to choose
happiness because it’s like well aren’t you mad that this brand only launched 14 shades of white? I’m not mad. That’s their journey, that’s for them to carry. We’ve been angry, that’s all we are. Ooh that wasn’t even a group hug, sorry I got all the love. (laughing) Black joy is a form of resistance it’s a beautiful thing
to be black and happy. (soft music) – Thanks for watching Beauty Mark. – If you like what you saw, subscribe for more. (laughs) – I said it. – You did it. Okay, don’t leave me. – Oh, sorry I got really excited.

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