Weird Punishments Handed Out Instead of Prison

Weird Punishments Handed Out Instead of Prison

If you think judges don’t ever get creative
with punishments they hand out, then listen to this. In 2012 it was reported that a man in Florida
made the mistake no man should ever make, and that was forgetting to wish his wife a
happy birthday. Now, that’s not really a crime and more
a marital no no, but things soon escalated. The unhappy wife and forgetful husband got
into a fight, and at some point the man pushed his wife and raised his hands to her, but
he didn’t actually hit her. It did result, though, in a charge for domestic
violence. The judge, one John “Jay” Hurley, said
this to the man. You’re not going to prison, but what you
have to do after you leave this court is dress smart, buy her some flowers, and take your
wife bowling and then to Red Lobster. That’s strange indeed, but it’s not the
first time a judge has looked at a case and punished a person in a unique way. Shame on you
We might take the case of a 32-year old woman from Cleveland who broke the law in 2012. Her crime was reckless driving, and that involved
mounting the curb in her car to get around a school bus while the kids were disembarking. That could have ended up badly if she’d
hit the kids, but no one was hurt. The woman was arrested though and ended up
in front of Judge Pinkey Carr. She pleaded guilty and had her license suspended
and also had to pay $250 in court costs. That’s not weird in itself, but the judge
ordered another kind of punishment closely related to punishments of the past. That is public shaming. She told the woman that she had to stand on
a junction at rush hour close to where she had committed her crime. She had to stand there for two days during
that rush hour holding up a sign that read, “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk
to avoid a school bus.” Facing the music
Back in 2008 a student at Urbana University in Ohio, USA, named Andrew Vactor thought
it would be cool to sit in his car blasting rap music at a volume that annoyed everyone
nearby. Well, that’s called ‘disrupting the peace’,
and the judge first thought about fining the young man $150. This was a broke student, and it seems the
judge took pity on him and reduced the fine to just $35. There was a catch, though, and that was if
he paid the reduced fine he also had to spend 20 hours listening to classical music, such
as the works of Beethoven, Bach and Chopin. News reports tell us this man couldn’t even
get through more than 15 minutes and instead paid the higher fine. He was watched apparently by a probation officer,
and he just couldn’t take it. “I didn’t have the time to deal with that,”
the man said. “I just decided to pay the fine.” Church, a lot of Church
This was actually a serious situation and involved a 17-year old kid who’d been out
in his car and had a crash. In 2012 the Oklahoma resident hit someone
in his truck and a 16-year old occupant of the other vehicle died. The kid had also had a drink, but he wasn’t
over the limit. The thing was, because he was not old enough
to drink at that time he pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter, even though it seemed
the crash was an accident and no one was at fault. Then the family of the deceased stepped in
and did something courageous. They said it was just an accident and this
kid doesn’t need prison time. The sister of the dead boy told the media,
“We don’t need to see two lives wasted for a mistake.” The judge then thought about what he was going
to do, and came up with a list of punishments that didn’t involve incarceration. Some of them were what you might expect, such
as wearing a drug and alcohol bracelet, having urine tests, having to graduate from school,
but the strangest thing he was told he must do was attend church every weekend for no
less than 10 years. Amen. House arrest
This is house arrest with a difference. So, there was this landlord in Cleveland in
the 2000s who had a bunch of properties, only those properties were what you might call
very rundown. In fact, the landlord was breaking a bunch
of building laws. The people had been living in slums, and this
greedy landlord with scores of properties was put before the judge. The sentence was not so lenient, with the
landlord according to Associated Press being fined $100,000. He also had to give all the rental money towards
fixtures of the houses until they were good to live in. But get this, the judge also said that the
man could no longer live in his fancy house and had to live in one of his own slums for
at least six months. He would be watched, too, to see if he stayed
anywhere else. Like in the last story, the judge also ordered
that the man attend church. An eye for and eye
No one likes a person who mistreats animals, and in 2004 in Houston it was revealed that
a 28-year old former stable worker had adopted two horses she had worked with. Only the woman discovered that when you actually
own horses it’s a lot of hard work and costs a fair bit of money. She decided to just leave them outside her
trailer and didn’t take care of them at all. One horse was so sick it had to be killed
and the other was adopted. She was charged with animal cruelty and did
actually go to prison for 30 days, but we are telling you this because of what the judge
said she had to do there. For her first three days he ordered that she
be mistreated, too, and she was only allowed bread and water for three days. The judge later said, “She’s going to get
more than her horses got.” Sentenced to social media
A Cincinnati judge in 2012 found himself in front of a couple, two people that had once
been man and wife but had split up. The thing is, after the break the man said
some nasty things about his ex on Facebook. This was in contempt of a protective order
and the man was looking at 60 days behind bars. But the judge said that wasn’t necessary
and instead told the man that for 30 days when you leave this court you have to post
something nice about your wife on Facebook. Apparently, though, on the 26th day of saying
nice things the man gave up and said what he had been made to do was in violation of
his free speech. Sweet child of mine
We now head over to the country of Spain. Most kids have left the family home by the
time they are in their early twenties and have found a job, or they at least have a
job and pay something towards the rent. But a 25-year old in Spain didn’t see it
that way. In fact, in 2011 he took his parents to court
in an attempt to sue them for not giving him an allowance. He did this after they had said, look kid,
it’s time to grow up. We are stopping your pocket money. Well, the man was asking for $400 a month
so it was hardly pennies. The man thought he was probably clever because
he had a law degree. You might not be surprised to hear that the
judge didn’t see eye-to-eye with the disgruntled man and instead of demanding the parents start
paying his allowance again he told the man that he had 30 days to get out of the house. See no evil
Apparently there’s a judge in Ohio named Michael A. Cicconetti who is famous for his
unusual sentencing. In fact, he once told the press, “Can’t
stone ’em anymore. If they learn from it, that’s what justice
is all about.” Yes, he’s all about teaching people lessons. Again, the crime happened in Cleveland. The story goes that an 18-year old had taken
it upon himself to steal something from an adult entertainment store. He didn’t get away with it and this judge
said you have two choices. Those were either spend 30 days behind bars
or do what I tell you to do. The kid took the second option and was told
he had to sit outside that store wearing a blindfold and holding up a sign saying, “See
no evil.” While this is public shaming again in Cleveland,
it seems it’s not the same judge as before. Poor Kitties
But to give you more of a feel as to what this judge does, there was another strange
case this time in 2005. This time a young woman had decided she didn’t
want her kittens. She had 35 of them, and instead of looking
after them she just dumped them all in park. She didn’t away with it, although in the
end 9 of those cute furry things went to kitten heaven. Judge Cicconetti wasn’t happy, and again
offered the person choices, but this time three. She could either do jail time, donate to her
Humane Society or spend a night alone in the woods. She took the third option. ABC news reported that this is what the judge
had said to the woman, “How would you like to be dumped off at a metro park late at night,
spend the night listening to the coyotes, listening to the raccoons around you in the
dark night, and sit out there in the cold not knowing where you’re going to get your
next meal, not knowing when you are going to be rescued?” There are many more stories about this judge
but we will move on from him, but will tell you he once ordered a man to wear a chicken
suit in public and on another occasion ordered two young men to walk around Cleveland with
a donkey after they vandalized a nativity scene. In yet another case this judge ordered that
a woman walk 30 miles in 48 hours because she had not paid a cab fare. Extreme public shaming
This happened in Texas in 2010 and involved a rather unethical couple who had stolen $255,000
from a fund that had raised money for victims of crimes. Judge Kevin Fine rightly saw this as abhorrent,
but he didn’t send the couple to jail for long. Instead, they had to pay all the money back,
had to do community service, but they must be humiliated too said the judge. And this was not just a couple of days of
public shaming. This couple had to plant a sign right outside
their house that read, “The occupants of this residence, Daniel and Eloise Mireles,
are convicted thieves.” It had to stay for years. But get this, for a whopping 6 years the couple
had to stand on a busy intersection for 5 hours every weekend holding a sign that read,
“I am a thief.” Now that’s a lot of shaming hours. Rogue cops
If you know anything about Thailand you’ll know that it has its fair share of rogue police,
and that’s an understatement. They’ve been known to take advantage of
tourists and have done much worse. But in 2007 the higher ups had an idea concerning
how to let people know a cop is a bad apple on the tree. The transgressions weren’t bad enough to
be told to hand in their badge, or in Thailand’s case, get moved to another city, but these
bad cops were forced to walk around for weeks wearing massive Hello Kitty armbands on their
uniform. They not only looked very silly, but now everyone
knew this was a rogue cop. Can you add any more to this list? Do you think these people got off easy or
was their punishment worse? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
Most Horrifying Punishments in the History of Mankind! Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “Weird Punishments Handed Out Instead of Prison

  1. The church sentences seem incredibly sketchy and possibly illegal. Religion should not be tied to the justice system; it's not any of the government's business whether someone attends church or not, because of the separation of the church and state. A sentence of 2 hours community service every weekend for 10 years, however, seems far more productive and moral.

  2. Being forced to go to the church? Lol so would a Buddhist be forced to go to the stupa, a Jew to the Synagogue, a Muslim to the Mosque and so on and so on? Or is that some kind of forced conversion? Lol

  3. The Florida one was on the news here. I thought it was utterly ridiculous. A person doesn't owe anyone an acknowledgment on their birthday. Is it rude to forget someone's birthday, especially if you're dating/married? Yeah, quite a bit; but he should have just walked away from the argument and let it cool down. He didn't owe her dinner and he should not have raised his hand to get himself in front of a judge, which, in Florida, 9 out of 10 judges WILL side with the woman. So, don't get married in Florida – or at all in my opinion. Walking away from an argument is the best thing he could have done and didn't. Now, was the dinner better than a charge/record? Oh yeah. 45.00 vs jail – though, if I was the guy that was put through all that, I'd of did what the judge asked and then divorced her. Sounds like a spoiled narcissist and created unneeded drama. I've had my family forget my birthday and honestly, I've forgotten it myself lol. Not a big deal and not worth that kind of stress. To each their own though.

  4. The church punishment was not valid. The judge can not impose his religion on others. Blatant 1st amendment violation. This isn't Iran or Saudi Arabia.

  5. It should be banned or unlawful for judges to give judgements that cause more harm or unnecessary retributive punishments that can have far more worse consequences.

  6. Aren't most of these human rights violations, how are these sentences able to be carried out when they are completely in violation of the 8th amendment (no cruel or unusual punishment)?

  7. The people who were forced to go to church… I hope they were Christian's… because if not that would be wrong on so many levels

  8. lol, attend Church? what?
    what's going to happen if you're Muslim? or Atheists?
    did he also get interrogated about these things?
    i am feeling bad for that kid.

  9. The person with the cats should have had over 4 days with no food and water while also having to do jail time of at least a week.

  10. Lol a few of these are from Ohio and it’s terribly funny that some of them just wanted to go to jail after the first day of punishment

  11. Church, really? I'm an atheist so isn't that a violation on my right to believe whatever I want to believe and also isn't there a separation of church and state.

  12. In Indonesia, the minister of maritime affairs punishes illegal fisherman by stripping out the engines of their boats. Then she sinks them to make coral habitats.

  13. Jail and prison two seperate but close things:

    Jail: run by a county, you are kept there before you go to court or for a misdemeanor offence that the punishment up to a year.

    Prison: you go to prison after you have been convicted of a felony that the punshment is no less then a year and a day. Prisons are run by a state or federal institutions.

  14. Weird punishment is having money and walking out the front door innocent of all crimes. Weird Punishment for victims.

  15. It's funny, as the judge who set the church punishment is committing a crime in itself. Technically the religion, and law should be kept apart. What if that man where to be Muslim? Using authority to push religious beliefs is a crime.

  16. Judge Chick also punished a woman who left her dog in her mess of a house for a week. She could either go 90 days in jail or 8 hours in the dump. She chose the dump.

  17. that last one reminds me of what happens if you steal stuff from the shop in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Every NPC that you talk to will call you THEIF in all caps instead of Link

  18. judge: wear the chicken suit
    me: no, i dont think i will.
    judge: ok jail and hefty fine
    about to slam gavel
    me: WAIIIIIIIITTTT, give me chicken suit pleaseee

  19. There is something deeply wrong with being able to force someone to go to a religious house of worship. Imagine the backlash if someone was forced to attend a mosque.

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