Welcome to the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum 2010

Welcome to the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum 2010

“Out of many, we are One” “Out of many, we are One” – Barack Obama Since 2005, the Alliance has worked to bridge cultural divides around the World. This year, we are building new partnerships for a sustainable global peace. Alliance of Civilizations Alliance of Civilizations – Rio Forum – May 27-29 2010 Luis Iniacio Lula Da Silva – President of Brazil: I chose Rio de Janeiro to host the Forum because I believe that in Rio, as in the rest of Brazil, people turn their cultural differences into a factor of enrichment. President Jorge Sampaio – Alliance of Civilizations It’s the perfect place to illustrate what we are looking for. People work together and this feature of carnival is a fantastic demonstration how all these origins can mix together. Darua Shaikh – OneVoice Movement My hope for the forum is that it will be a place where things start, and not where things end. There is a responsibility that formal education has to create objective and international and humanistic curriculum. Daniel Lubetsky – PeaceWorks In a World as interlinked as the one we live in, nevertheless there is no common heritage. It would be so powerful if we as a society could achieve shared values curriculum, that all governments would help every kid across the World to learn about values of respect, of dignity and what brings us all together, what makes us all the same. It’s about that critical mass, that sort of sweet spot of 18 to 35 People can really be change agents. They are doing it not for each other but they are doing it with each other, but for themselves. Business has a very important role to play in bridging relationships between people. When you use business and market forces to bring neighbors together, to manufacture products together, as they are working with one another, they are shattering cultural stereotypes, they are discovering one another, and then the businesses gain a vested interest in preserving and maintaining and growing those relationships. Ban Ki-moon – UN Secretary-General The Rio Forum offers a chance to build new tools for tolerance. Trust in change. It will be a dynamic constructive environment. It opens up a new phase of expansion in the work of the Alliance. We want to encourage people to overcome their fear of the unknown. and to see the World in new ways. Many cultures. One humanity.

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  1. @timstoys02 Do not worry, they're just being hypocrites. A serious global organization has ever been possible and never will be.

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