Welfare? Food Bank ,Stigma ,   Why I went there !

Welfare? Food Bank ,Stigma , Why I went there !

you I’m going today and I’m going to take a
look at what it’s like to go to a food pantry I’m gonna go and I’m gonna see
what is it like who comes to the food pantries what is the atmosphere and what
are the myths I’m gonna do some myth-busting today and
I’m gonna open up a world of thinking about the food pantry and how it affects
people’s lives are the people that come to a food pantry do they look really
poor do they look really distraught or are they more middle-class are they are
they happy are they sad what is the atmosphere I’m gonna share with you a
little bit of insights I’m really nervous I’ve never done anything like
this before but I really want to gain knowledge and I want to gain wisdom on a
part of her life that a lot of us don’t understand and a part that many of us do
understand so I’m gonna share with you I cannot film because of the dudes to the
nature of this video I will not doing any filming because it’s a very personal
thing that we are doing today you know my thought and insight on the food
pantry and let you know what I thought about it is it like for tens of millions
of people the first time they go to a food pantry what would be like you know
today our heart race like mine do they feel nervous you know putting
yourself in other people’s shoes it can be a real life-changing it a moment to
realize that all of the feelings that they’re feeling I’m driving for the
first time to this food pantry I’m going to share with you a little bit why I’m
going and the reason for it but I’m feeling the apprehension that I bet
everybody felt when they first go to a food pantry so I’ll show you a little
bit later all of the things I’ve learned from it so the one thing we noticed that all the
vehicles are actually even nicer than mine so they drive nice vehicles and so
that is something that was too surprising to me I thought maybe they
would have order vehicles but they’re actually very nice vehicles that they
have so it was so much fun one Saturday of every month they put all
the food out for the community and what doesn’t get eaten usually will be thrown
away but it’s still really good so I have sausage potatoes all kinds of
rhubarb all kinds of bok choy all kinds of different lettuces and then I’ll show
you what else I got most importantly to me is I got this it’s called steak it’s
chopped up steak but I’m going to fry this and we are going to can it and it’s
going to be like ground beef they said it tastes just like ground
beef so we’re going to go ahead and fry it and then I’m gonna can it I had a
wonderful experience everybody was so kind everybody was so happy and pleasant
I can’t wait to go next month and share with you more about taking food that was
leftover and was going to be thrown away and I can actually really preserve this
food this is one way of thinking outside the box is my thoughts and my
experiences of today I really had fun today
so I’m gonna give you a big backdrop of where I went and what it was
so there are local church has a food pantry
it’s every Wednesday and at the end of the month whatever food is left as far
as fresh food they will go ahead and they’ll have it free for the public for
its community I’ve heard about this a long time and I was really apprehensive
I really wanted to go but that means I had to step outside of my comfort zone
in order to go I didn’t know how people would react or how people would be I
didn’t know what I would feel like what was my feelings what was I feeling and
at first my heart was beating fast it was like me I really had a lot of fun
and what happens is the food that doesn’t get used up today
that day then would be thrown away most likely so it’s a really neat thing that
they do with the leftover food then once a month open up to the public and we can
take what we need and I realized a bunch of things I realized there’s a lot of
food waste in the United States and I realized there’s a lot of food waste
even though there’s a lot of things that are happening to help control that waste
there still is a lot of waste there was still a lot of food that could be used a
lot of the packages of strawberries maybe half of them were rotted and the
other half were good you know a lot of people they turn up their nose when they
see it and think ill this is old you I’m not gonna eat this but when they realize
this just take it apart and pick out the good it is still so much good there and
the stereotype is what this food is not looking good it doesn’t have that look a
freshness that they don’t want to even try it and we’ve come to a point that we
just want everything to be aesthetically perfect the perfect Apple the perfect
banana everything has to be perfect and there’s so much goodness is so much
nutrition in some of this food and it gets wasted it’s changed my perspective
I’m going to go every Saturday at the end of the month I have such a deep
respect for all of the people and what they’re trying to do I’m also going on a
challenge so you hear a lot of challenges you know a challenge to do
this challenge to do that I’m gonna see how long I can live off of my garden my
food that I have prepped and thrown away food your recipes are going to come to
me your recipes are going to come thrown away food recipes recipes of food that
others didn’t want or recipes of foods that were given to me for free can I
stay away from the grocery store now I’ll still need to get milk but how much
do I really need to get that is going to be a challenge you’re going to go along
with me once a month I’m going to go to this place and continue to have so much
fun and fellowship I got to meet people that I haven’t seen
since I was a little girl I got to just share happiness people were actually
very happy it really surprised me people were experice very kind the
people that were giving and the people that were receiving it just was a whole
beautiful place that I was at today I got to see people they cared for one
another everyone was so respectful it just was a
very joyous time we were coming together for fellowship and we were all taking
turns we were being respectful we were all getting what we need and there was
plenty for everyone so how is really fun I just really I’m
so glad I got to go and so many times we are so afraid to move out of our little
box we live in this little box where we’re fraid to try new things to be
amongst the people that are different than us we’re afraid to leap out of
faith and see what it’s like I walked in different shoes today I walked in shoes
of people that maybe didn’t have as much as I do
also there were people that had more than me that were there and but I got to
see what it’s like when I surprised not as many people were there that I thought
and I’ve come to the conclusion now I need to go a bunch more times to really
be able to say this with a hundred percent clarity but it seemed to me like
a lot of people that go to that were used to be on food stamps and food
stamps you can buy whatever you want you can buy you know snacks and ice creams
and cakes and cookies everything there today was scratch cooking everything was
fruits and vegetables and you know there weren’t that many people there there’s a
little bit of meat as well but it just seemed to me like do people not come
because they’re used to getting their food for free and they’re used to be
able to go into the grocery store and getting whatever they want but for me it
was perfect I have a very low income very low income but this is what I was
searching for something like this where I could get some fruits and vegetables
that I can’t grow in my own home and it’s food that was going to be
thrown away how much better is that instead of dumpster diving and finding
food that you could be a little bit iffy because when you dumpster dive you have
to be very careful because you don’t know what was poured in on top of that
food you don’t know how long that food has been lingering in there you don’t
know when they close the lid how all of that rain water will seep into the food
there’s so many things about dumpster diving that are a little iffy but when
you go to something like this the food doesn’t come from the dumpster the food
came actually from the manufacturer that actually came from the produce auction
and it’s things like that and so it’s another way of reusing something that’s
going to get thrown away but it has a little more safety to it because none of
the food was old guys for following along this journey with me today it was
an eye-opener you know I didn’t know what it would be
like and I didn’t know how the people would be I I didn’t know how they looked
or how they dressed but they were just like me I blended in perfect there so is
that because I’m low-income maybe so is that because I’m just an everyday girl
probably more likely everyone and get ready for the recipes coming up because
they’re going to be everyday recipes of food that I have here that I’ve got free
or I have in my pantry no grocery shopping for me let’s see how long it
can last

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  1. I have a very strong opinion on food pantry's. My husband and I have always worked hard, but we have always been considered by our income under the poverty line. We have applied for foodstamps but we do not qualify. So we are a lot like our neighbors can't get help but need it. A lot of our neighbors are either on social security or like us under the poverty line, but don't qualify for help. We have a food bank in our area that everything is donated to them its called Manna, you don't qualify for foodstamps but you can get help. We go once a week to get produce and bread every week its different depending on what is donated and sometimes it does include pies, cakes ect, then the 3rd Thursday of every month we have pantry day, we get the produce, breads, plus two boxes of food. Its always different depending on the donated items. I have been going now for years and I thank the Lord he has provided this for us, cause without it we would do without. Just because someone is dressed nice or has a better vehicle doesn't mean they are not in need. Most of the people I see are on fixed income or like us under the poverty line. I love the people and our food bank and I never take what I don't need either, like I have neighbors who gives me eggs, so I don't need the eggs my bank offers me. I am blessed to have a place I can go. 🙋👍💖😃

  2. if you really want to know the atmosphere of a food bank or pantry volunteer your time, that's how they stay in operation with volunteerism and donation. I worked for 3 years in our local food bank on the days off from my 9 to 5 , everyone's situation is unique. Going one time to observe is just people watching. Pitch in and help, that's what makes a difference answering the call of your community.

  3. Hi Tessie, I enjoyed this video. I too go to a food pantry because i have been unemployed in the past or between jobs as well as being low income. I appreciate what I get from the food pantry and it really helps me alot. Thank you for doing this video and showing that there is nothing wrong with going to a food pantry when times are tough and not be ashamed of it. I too drive an old car because that's what I can only afford at the moment but I'm grateful I have my car, a roof over my head, and food to eat that would be otherwise thrown away. God is good and He provides. God Bless you and everyone.

  4. This is great. There is so much wasted in this country so much it is so sad to hear some people go hungry when there is so much wasted. God bless much love.

  5. Hi Tessie friend!I am so excited to see what you come up with for recipes for this new food. Gunna be fun.You have such a fun channel. Thanks for all you put into these videos. Love ya

  6. My husband and I go to the Food Pantry where we live every other week. We both worked all our early adult lives and I am now 65 and my husband is 77. We give back to the community in different ways and gratefully partake of the pantry. If anyone ever tries to live on Social Security, they will find that you can't do it. You only have to live in the county we live in to go to the pantry, and many different businesses give to the pantry. We are thankful for this blessing and for those who are willing to give. Darnell Davis

  7. I am so glad to know that people have access to this. Oh, if it could be done so much more. There is so much thrown away. A wonderful video and experiment Tessie. Thanks you for doing this.

  8. So glad you are talking about this. I also go once in awhile I give more them I take but once in awhile they're is just so much there and people just walk pass it. I'll bring it home and cook or can it and hand it out to family and friends I also bring some to the workers at the pantry I am single and really can't eat it all. It's a win win of you ask me… Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  9. On a daily basis Walmart, Safeway, and many other major grocery store chains donate thousands in food, and non food items tomSt Vincent DePaul, local church food banks etc. in our local area. One Saturday a month I can go get 60 lbs of produce of $12. We are blessed to have this

  10. I've been watching your videos for a while now and generally enjoy them. This video however sort of offended me. Not personally, but the general attitude conveyed. Why in the name of the Good Lord would anyone be nervous or frightened or concerned about going to a food pantry? I've worked food pantries as part of my ministry before I became disabled and I've used them since then. A lot of people allow pride to step in and keep them from getting help that is available to them and it perpetuates myths and stereotypes of those who use these resources. I understand you didn't mean it to come across the way it did but I don't think I was the only one that took it as an off-hand comment. May the Lord bless you and yours.

  11. That’s a great idea. I hate to see food wasted when so many are in need. I have never heard of any of the food pantries around here doing that.
    Praying for your safety tonight as those storms are going through Pennsylvania.

  12. Great video Tessie! I’m glad you went to the food bank and the food was not thrown away. Also that you had a pleasant experience. I’ve not had to visit a food bank but now I’ll be more knowledgeable if the need should arise. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  13. Sorry Tessie I'm really late watching today. I use my local food pantry. I'm not ashamed of it. I have had food stamps in the past, and I'm not ashamed of that either. Never be ashamed of needing help. People who sneer at those needing help those same people may need help someday. Have a blessed evening.

  14. I volunteer at our local food bank and it runs the gamut of people. We're open weekly, but a customer can only come every 3 months. We're considered an emergency food bank and give enough to last a week. I have seen people who act entitled and go through the bags and want to exchange food or want more. Then there are people who come a few times and are grateful, we have grandparents trying to raise grandchildren, elderly needing a little boost because Social Security isn't quite enough. It's really amazing to see the joy and sometimes tears in someone hit by hard times. We've even sat and prayed with a family if they needed it. I've received food and now I help families. Both sides have changed my view of life and people.
    Love you Tessie!
    ♥️ Ellie

  15. Tessie have you given thought of maybe doing a preservation class and maybe be able to give back to this organization. I mean maybe canning what is not taken and then giving it back each month. I am sure the church would provide supplies that you would need.

  16. I have sat still for the better part of an hour and read every comment posted so far. I am so encouraged by the ideas and kindness written here, whether it's caring for elderly family members or young children in the community.
    I volunteer as the donation coordinator for food drives at my church. I have worked with the local food pantry for the better part of 10 years, and have learned SO MUCH.
    Many people in my area are elderly, underemployed, unemployed, or have medical debt that exceeds income on a regular basis.
    It's really easy to make assumptions about others based on appearance. Vehicles may be nice – but paid for. They also may be borrowed or carpooling.
    If you aren't a food pantry client/recipient, I encourage you to donate to your local center. Use the following guidelines:
    – Would I eat this?
    – If no, is this a popular food item that just isn't my preference?
    – Is the food in date?
    – Is this on a request list from the pantry?
    – If I was in need, what would I hope to find in the box/bag?
    – Fun, easy to make foods
    -Cleaning Supplies
    -Personal Care Products, including feminine hygiene items
    – Baking Supplies
    -My personal favorite – ICE POPS

  17. Good for you Tessie, there is nothing wrong with getting food that will just go to waste. Our state wants change so you can’t buy junk food with food stamps.

  18. I think it's so important that every town has a food pantry. I agree with you. Don't waste food that God provides us with.

  19. I worked at a church food pantry……the people I met were very nice….most were young single mothers and also older people. I t was open on tuesday afternoons. I was told how much to give out but the people needed more then I was suppose to give ( not like we didn't have enough ) so I broke the rules and gave more then I should……needless to say I was fired. You are not LOW anything……..you are top shelf…GBY

  20. Good for you Tessie! No one needs to worry about when and how they are going to eat. I would check on food stamps too,if it’s just 15.00 a month.This can buy you milk and juices that nourishing your body.

  21. Food is getting too expensive. The food bank really helps us. We used to donate. And i hope to from my garden this year.

  22. We have a church here that does something similar with produce. There is no qualifying to get any or any questions asked, except would you like one box or two? What they hand out varies from month to month. Its from purchased excess produce that comes up from the border, where most of our produce comes from anyway down here.

  23. I volunteer for our local food pantry twice a month. Food insecurity is a very real problem in this country.

  24. We have fresh food distribution in our community! They do that on week days and they are usually at the end of the work day. They should have more of these on the weekends, but our food bank does this several times a month at different sites. They should have them at senior centers and community centers where families meet!

  25. We have a food pantry in our town and we can go once a week. The workers are really nice and helpful. I take the dented box because I know other people will shy away from it. When they insist you take more peppers or what ever, I will then find a way to use it, or can, freeze or dry it.

  26. “So afraid to move out of our little box…” That’s so true. I’ve seen the stigma associated with the food banks, but I’ve also seen the gratitude in people’s eyes when they are obtaining such base necessities. I appreciate food banks and other programs designed to help those in need. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and learning about this.

  27. Can’t wait for your recipes. So glad you found this place. It is better than dumpster diving especially during the hot temperatures. Looking forward to your next trip there.

  28. When my kids were younger we were on f.s but food is expensive so I still had to go to the f.b. If I stopped going its because we had car issues.

  29. I have volunteered several times at our local food bank. Despite what folks might think people who drive nicer cars than mine get food there but you dont know their circumstances. Someone could have had a great job and got struck down with illness or had an accident. Someone may have had a spouse who was the wage earner and either the wage earner left or died. You learn not to judge because sometimes the stories are heartbreaking. Im always happy to help those who need a hand up.

  30. Hi Tessie glad that you went to the Food Bank . There is no need for food to be tossed out when so many folks would love to have it. We donate the same little items each wk. at church. Two boxes of pastas and tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce. There is usually other bags in the bin there from other people. I was a volunteer at a local pantry for 23 yrs. and saw how many people needed help. Some big families, sometimes just one person. Now there are even more folks in need of help with the cost of meds. and the so high rents. Things are not getting better. On another note I have not been getting notice of your videos in my mailbox for the last few days. I found this on the lists of videos where all the others are. Did I do something wrong. Yours usually show up in the Spam folder but I know to look there and then hit this is not Spam. When I hit the little bell it says stop receiving new videos. I thought that was to be notified of the new videos.

  31. That is a food pantry in your area where you live.  I live in a densely populated city.  The food is free to poverty level citizens.  A big truck pulls up under I-95 which is a parking lot.  You stand in line.  You do notjust get the food by standing in line.  You have to prove, yes have proof, that you can get food from the city's Philabundance food truck.  No food is just giving out willy nilly.  I produced by welfare food stamp card.  Its been awhile since I went to the food truck but the procedure is to be the best of my recollection.  They do not give meat out ever,  its only produce, bread, cake, everything but meat and cheese and of course, paper products.

  32. There is just a little bit more I want to say.  Our supermarkets waste sooo much food, its disgraceful.  I wish more was done to get the CEOs of these supermarket chains to have a real conscience.  It starts from the top of the supervisory chain.  If he or she will order that the food and baked goods (and there are plenty and I do mean plenty of bread and rolls) go to food banks or to the poor and needy in the area, so much more food would be distributed.  I hate WASTE.  Waste not – want not.  This country has to stop wasting food that is good and nutritious.

  33. I've been going to my local food bank once a month for 5 months now, ever since they cut my disability food allotment by $50 a month even when NOTHING CHANGED in my circumstances. Going there fills in the gap nicely. They have things that no one will take that I love. For instance, frozen, sliced carrots, frozen blueberries, frozen peach bits… I put all that stuff in my food dehydrator as soon as I get home and it lasts a good long time. I get the only meat I eat all month that I get from the food bank because I can't afford to buy meat at all anymore. Most of the fruit I get comes from there too. I usually come home with 3 to 5 grocery bags full from the food bank. I often turn much of what I get into a huge pot of soup and then can it in my pressure canner and so nothing goes to waste. (My chickens aren't too happy about that though. heheh) The food bank is a Godsend. I don't know what I would do without them. Praise God!

  34. I go because we all need help i get ebt which food stamps sometime its isnt enough to get me threw the month im not rich i need my disiablty and got turn down but my laywer got me another lawery which i thank i will get it this time.i love watching your video. S make some more

  35. We also have a big church in my town that gives away not only food but clothing also. You can go get food one day and the next day is only for clothes. I have went and gotten food and clothes and when I donate clothes, i always take them there so people can get them free. I don’t take clothes to the thrift stores, I want people to be able to get my clothes free. It always seems like when I donate my clothes there The Lord always gives back to me and God always gives me back way more than I donate and I give God all of the glory. ❤️

  36. in oct 2018 i had retrieved my 2 nieces and nephew from the CPS OFFICE there parents were arrested and hauled off to jail these are my brothers grandkids who passed away 2 months later and when i got these kids there were already my 2 teens and my adult disabled son here so we were tapped out on food already and cps does not come with food and clothing vouchers its like leaving a baby on the doorsteps ringing the bell and running away you have to do all this stuff for them cps family services before they even help so i am grateful for my local food pantry because these kids were starving ! there parents were meth addicts no one was eating !

  37. This is a terrific thing for you to do. You are helping banish a stigma that should never have existed. Taking the time to explore these avenues of aid to people who are in need and showing them to not be embarrassed or fearful of receiving this food is just wonderful. BRAVO! Yes sir.

  38. We had to go to food shelves in our area about 4 years ago. Hubby retired and we had to pay for my health insurance for 850 dollars a month. It was very hard. even with no bad debt, then my yougest daughter and her 2 kids had to move in with us, till she could get back on her feet. The 2 food shelves we went to were differant, the one you payed 20 dollars and got a lot of food. the other one, a church received food from second harvest and gave it out to all those who came, I learned real quick, that I had to change my meal plans to make use of all the food we received so none went to waste. Plus if my family could not use something we could pass a blessing on to someother family. Yes, if you ask I had a garden, and cook good homemade foods. dehydrated, and canned too. Prays, Hugs and Blessing. 😊

  39. I was badly injured in an accident and have ongoing needs fr medical equipment that’s not covered by insurance so YES I go to food pantries. Also eyeglasses are very expensive where I live. Copays and prescriptions and transportation further erode my budget so Free Food makes me PRAISE GOD! Thanks and prayers to ALL of YOU who donate, sharing your kindness to those who suffer. Thanks. I met a lot of disabled people at the medical center so now I bring them with me as they can’t drive to get there. Thanks SO Much!

  40. My friend was in a civil war in her country and came here as a refugee, she had tears of joy just seeing all the food!

  41. Some people also donate over the counter medicines (aspirin, cold medicine, lip balm, Kleenex, artificial tears). I don’t know why our local municipality won’t allow chickens which is so practical because I would use their eggs for food and to trade.

  42. They don’t allow homemade food to be donated at our pantries because they found out someone was making people sick with some kind of poisonous substance in the homemade food. So they don’t accept anything homemade at our pantries, it must all come from stores or the Northern Illinois Food Depository.

  43. I have used a food pantry as majority of the years I have raised my children as a single parent. I know many families that have a dual-income and they still have had to use it. When you made the comment about they had nice cars I want to mention something many many years ago I had a nice car my husband was not living here and it was the only vehicle I had and I was having to go to Food giveaways to make ends meet. I had a friend that was a nurse that would help people at the different free dinners and food giveaways that I went to when my daughter was very young. People made the comment to her how dare I come with a car that wasn't that old it was less than 5 years old. What people didn't realize is if I could have sold it I would have it was in my husband at the time name and I was just grateful to have wheels okay so I think we need to be careful when we look at those food giveaways and free dinners to not come across judging. I'm not saying you are judging Tessie I'm not saying that but I have a send a family member that volunteers at many food giveaways and we have done that so many many times spent countless hours countless days and weeks and several years giving back even though I was running a home by myself with children I still tried to give back. But I want to tell you there was a lady at a giveaway that showed up in a very nice outfit and people were making a comment how dare this woman come to a food giveaway dress like that and the comments were made and of course gossip was happening. But would people didn't realize that person showed up in the nicest outfit they had because they were coming from a job interview. And so the man who ran that particular food giveaway had a big meeting and he said people you need to quit looking at each other just come get the food don't look at if someone has a nicer car don't look at if they are nicer dress because you don't know their story. You don't know if those nice clothes was given to them you don't know that that nice car that's sitting in the parking lot might have been a car that someone borrowed to be able to get to the food giveaway because I know people here do that as when I had a vehicle I gave my car to other people to be used in ways that they couldn't get around. and yes it is sad so much food is wasted there is a man in our state that saw how much food was being thrown and he created was called the Manna Market. You can go there and you get free food the hard part is those Manna Market is if you have a large family or small family you get the same amount and so if you have a large family and you're giving a couple apples I have known people that have to be pretty creative but they are thankful because they came with nothing and whatever they leave with they are blessed. I have heard of people that go to Food giveaways and they count that money as well it's money they don't have to spend on groceries and they put the other money aside and they go traveling. The people who run the food giveaways know this but their comment has it's not their place to judge their place is to bless people with food it's not to look at the person what they're doing as long as they're not reselling their food which has been a problem here in some areas is people are taking the free food and they're turning around and selling it to make money so they've had to be careful and they've talked to those people. I was thankful for the times that I've had to use food giveaways in my life because I didn't have family that could help me I didn't have anybody that sent me anyting I was using the tools that the sent me anyting I was using the tools that the sent me anyting I was using the tools that the sent me anyting I was using the tools that the Lord sent me anyting I was using the resources the Lord had shown me. I had no Pantry at the time the food that we got is what we ate. I know I have married children that are so frustrated that that free food we can't load up in our cars and drive to the homeless. there's laws in areas of how that is done. and yes there are people that might use free food as a hoarding issue and my friend that is a Ministry person with the food giveaways said that's where we have to pray and ask the Lord to give them balance in their life and realize the filling up needs to come from the Lord. I am so thankful that people are waking up and using the extra food to bless others but sadly even at the food giveaways here there are farmers that will come afterwards and they take the food and they feed it to the pigs which if you look at can be a good thing because it's not in a landfill somewhere. here I know much about the giveaway because I have a family member that for the last over 10 years has continually volunteered and at times ran food giveaways just to be that blessing. You know what Tessie this just came to me you might check with that place where they had the food and see if you could volunteer to type up and hand out and teach people what they can make out of the food that was given. because many people wouldn't know how to dehydrate there are a lot of people that do not have computers or smartphone that can watch YouTube. In fact I heard here that there was a place that had someone there giving ideas of how to take different food items to put together to cook . years ago there was even a lady here that knew how to make homemade powdered laundry soap so she would put them in small little baggies and put a little tag on them and so the people that came and got free food were also able to get a small baggie with enough powdered laundry soap to wash two to three loads of laundry. It was way that a lady thought she could give back and she could put it together in the convenience of her own home. maybe there's someone out there that could get a group of people together and do this as a project maybe a group at church or just a group of friends getting together if you each brought a bar of soap in the different items are very buddy maybe a group at church or just a group of friends getting together if you each brought a bar of soap and the different items or $2 or maybe someplace with even donate. I think if we all look even if we don't have money to donate we have two hands and we can all think of ways that we can give back for help places that are blessing others or many times blessing us. Where I live they don't have any kind of food giveaway for my city so I feel bad for the people that need it. but I do know of a lady that lives in a different city and because she volunteers at a food giveaway she is able to get food there which I was so happy to hear because they because they don't have much. thank you for bringing an awareness with your video so hopefully others will see it and be able to get help if they need it or pass the information to someone else they know who needs that's what makes this world go round

  44. I hate food waste almost more than anything. What moral issue. My neighbor threw away a whole turkey with only 1 meal eaten from it, leftover spaghetti,and some roast. It made me sick. We have so much food and wealth in this country we can just throw all that food away? Our grandparents generation would have died!

  45. It SI up lifting and you the fellowship. And everyone misses you when your not there. Our church also have apart for free clothes too. Witch helps all of us.

  46. You could send me some of that rhubarb…we don't see that much in Georgia and I LOVE it! I'm liking your channel as well…I think I'll be a new subscriber here. Thanks for stopping by and subbing mine today. Have a blessed day, ya hear?

  47. Thank you for doing this. So many people that could use help dont go to these places because of the stigma related to it. I went to a food bank on yesterday and was blessed with food that others turned down. It was salmon fillets, lemon pepper chicken breasts and turnips in addition to other things. I will use every bit of it. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  48. I used to drive truck for a living and I used to haul produce when I was younger so I knew the produce market really well and I took advantage of that and pick up food from them and took it to our food pantry I had onions carrots ketchup mustard sweet relish pickles potatoes the list goes on even salt I picked up and took to the food pantry God has a funny thing in life it change I had a brain infection and now I can't drive I can't work and I forget a lot of things and I fall down a lot to we are on a fixed income that don't even cover all of our household bills and now I go to the food pantry for help. One thing I have noticed there's a lot of single ma that use it and a lot of middle-class people low income household don't make enough to live on anymore I have seen that with my son and other people who come to me for help I used to give a message at the food pantry a gospel message at the church on that day. if people did not have to come but a lot did come all I can say is that what I am weak he is strong in my weakness God is being glorified he has taken care of all my needs day by day sometimes right to the last hour God is good all the time all the time God is good 🙏😇

  49. Tessie, I hope that you might be able to teach a class for how to best "use" this food. Like canning that meat. Who knew? Not me.

  50. Good video. We have several blessing boxes in my town which help decrease the stigma. It is a little cabinet that is outside and people can use it without talking to someone. It is all dry goods. I really enjoy helping when I can. There is no shame in getting help if you need it.

  51. I am 62 an disabled..i depend on my food bank to make it though the month..i feel blessed that my area has this..but some times i wonder how people in line are holding high dollor phones an drive high dollor cars. I try hard not to think about these things an just be grateful for the food i couldn't afford other wise

  52. Tessie, I think you should write a book, and each chapter should be stories like this……

    I feel like people have under estimated you in life,

    maybe thats why you have such deep understanding of others,

    no matter what position they are in.

    this understanding is integral to humanity

    but most people are with out it. . .

    Good job Tessie.

  53. Why don't you go every Wednesday? Every little bit helps. I go to several a month, I'm going to start canning and freeze more of it.

  54. So happy you went and got food that would otherwise be thrown away. Binge watching your video’s! Love your way of life, hard work, and love you! ❤️❤️

  55. Thank you for this video. I also had to go to the local food bank when my husband was injured.We had a hard time at first but the people were very nice. We also experienced people not taking apples with a few bruises and also bananas.I was appalled. We were taught to make do. Make banana bread, applesauce cut the potatoes and dehydrate them. So much can be done with so little. Hopefully people will listen to you and learn from you. think that is one reason I started to can when we were back on our feet. Thank you again and have a great week.

  56. I have donated to food pantries in the past. I always live by the saying, "There but for the grace of God, go you, go I"…There was a time when my adult son was living with my husband and me that both my son and I lost our jobs. We went to the food pantry and received some very good items that we were extremely thankful for. We did have to prove a need, but we were not made to feel bad or inferior. The ladies were very nice and even had some suggestions for my son regarding medical benefits. We filled out a form showing what we needed and they brought the food out to us all bagged and ready to go. It was a good experience. Good for you Tessie! 💜

  57. You mentioned bananas…my pet peeve is that they throw out perfectly good bananas just when they're ripening or as you say not perfect and unripe. Only one store in my community sells it for 15 cents a lb. Its perfect for muffins and banana bread. It means i can get 5 lbs instead of 1 lb. Im always salvaging food. I hate waste.

  58. Thank you for Sharing Tessie. We have a local church that serves Free lunch every Thursday. I went today! It was a true Blessing! Plus it is my Birthday! I forgot to go to food bank once per month.

  59. I tend to be a fresh food snob! I am learning to not be so picky. one thing I do now is get the fresh produce as needed (I do not can) it prevents me from having food spoil and makes me use what I have even when it is iffy to my snob standards 🙂 my vegetable bin has to be empty (which is every 4 days) before I buy more. (I am not able to have a garden) slowly but surely. having said that…. I think the reason why the people there are happy is that there was purpose in not wasting . I would not hesitate participating in what this church does.

  60. a p.s. this what I get every 3 to 4 days. 6 bananas, (cost like gold but hubby likes them.. 2 avocado)s, 1 pepper, 1 zucchini, 1 onion, 1/2 pound of grapes, 6 count vine tomatoes. and 2 sweet potatoes. it is a chore to do it like this but I don't have food rotting anymore!

  61. one more thing ! Tessie I really appreciate balanced approach I am thankful that your lifestyle changed happened (age wise) earlier than mine. (I have about 12 years on you) but experienced in the same time period. Homesteading was not on my radar so It was not an option for me. but being frugal has! You reaffirm for me that life is fine as it is! Hugs aka Patricia

  62. well I am quite the talker today. I haven't been to a pantry. but I have been on food cards twice in my life. I have never felt uncomfortable about using them… I remember that I payed taxes into the system and it is there for me when needed. ( and called family services when we didn't qualify anymore)

  63. I volunteered for three years at our local free food pantry, and also volunteered to help with one of the government commodity programs. It was really hard work, but I enjoyed it. We saw a lot of people that were actually working, but for low wages, and the elderly poor. I met a lot of great people, both clients and volunteers. A few of the male clients were also volunteers, because they saw that we needed help with the lifting, and carrying groceries to the cars of people who were unable to carry for themselves.

  64. In my area the food banks mostly serve working low income families. We are overrun with deer. Specially licensed hunters are allowed to hunt from October thru March/April. They don’t keep the deer meat, the meat goes to the local food banks for distribution. Win-win, thin the herd, provide food for the residents and allow hunters to enjoy hunting (and helping our community).

  65. For those with more time than money, please know that most food banks are run by volunteers and would love your help or the help of your kids/grandkids. My mom volunteered my son frequently for heavy lifting or taking bags to cars of food bank clients.

  66. I've discovered that there is a different organization giving away food every day of the week in this city. One ministry has twice monthly USDA food giveaways and all you have to do is have an ID showing you live in the country. They give you a TON of food! Plus, you can go there once a month and get 3 days worth of food is your money doesn't hold out to the end of the month. One place gives out bread and one gives out canned goods and meat. Once I get my car, I'm going to do what my neighbor used to do; I'm going to volunteer at one of them that just tosses out whatever is left and bring as much as I can home and give it to my neighbors.

    I'm on SNAP, and I've gotten pretty good at stretching that money, but I like to stockpile for lean times. Last month, my SNAP card stopped working, and even though I had $72 on it, I couldn't buy groceries for two weeks until they got me another card. Thankfully, I had enough chicken rice, beans and canned & frozen veggies stockpiled that I only had to buy milk and eggs for those two weeks.

  67. My son got injured. He had surgery and came to stay with me. I only have my social security and I went to find help. Each household gets a bag once a month. Life gets rough at times. It is very humbling to ask. God bless you and your family. 🙏✝️🙋🏼

  68. It is very embarrassing the first time to go to a food pantry, in my area ones you can go once every 3 months, others every month we usually do not get meat. I worked two jobs and still had to go to a pantry because we received no assistance. I would have loved to garden but I live on a second floor apt.

  69. Wow your food bank is sure different in what they give out here. There is no fresh food, no fruit, no veggies no meat. There is day old bread or frozen months old bread, chips, candy, damaged food like pies, cakes and donuts also expired, canned veggies expired sometimes as far back as 2014, rice, beans, expired juice. It is still a blessing when you have nothing else.

  70. Here in France the foodpantries organize collections in the supermarkets, to motivate everybody to help and put stuff in their special caddy. Still, you can only get something in a foodpantry if you have a kind of paper telling you are truly in need, so, quite stigmatizing. I always give what I can, who knows, tomorrow it might be me… and one should help as long as he cans.

  71. Am going to love watching you do this challenge. I live on a very limited budget which is going to be halfed again due to the price of living. Ie bills. So am excited to see what you will make.
    Great vlogs… 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧🇬🇧

  72. I volunteer at a soup kitchen every Wednesday. I get to help others, get a free hot lunch, and sometimes I bring home some food that will be thrown out. Maybe people who need a meal could volunteer at the soup kitchen or food pantry. You seem so kind and I appreciate your videos.

  73. I worked at my church's food pantry for awhile. All I saw were people there who dressed better than me, had their hair done/weaves, fake nails, iphones, and attitudes. I quickly left.

  74. People are so spilled to the "perfect " food, it's made a lot lazy. Bet your chickens are glad when you go pantry gathering! Waste not want not.

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