29 thoughts on “Welfare fraud conviction

  1. She only get's 6 month's in jail? What a bunch of BS. She should be in at least a year or two. Good luck with her paying the money back. She'll just find another hole in the system and exploit that too.

  2. Should be at least 1 year
    and pay interest
    and be ineligable for government assistance of any kind for at least 5 years after the repayment is finished

  3. On a side note I have a question. I do not care that she is black or female. MY question is, why didn't the court make her turn around to stand before the judge and find her in contempt for flipping off the camera crew IN OPEN COURT? Wow. The judge should have reviewed this video and found her in contempt of court for doing that in open court. VERY disrespectful vulgar actions. 6 months was way too lenient. At least an entire year to let her sit and reflect on her fraud.

  4. I work 2 JOBS, to support theft and laziness. we need more fraud investigators, not more caseworkers. we need to go back to how they operated in 1970s and before. where there was home visits monthly. had to turn in receipts, surprise visits, to make sure you did not have anyone else living in the home. also back then, you could not buy candy or sodapop, junkfood with food stamps etc…  some people desperately need help, some people cheat. back then you could not get away with fraud. they would look in your fridge, cabinets. count how many food stamps you had left, look through whole house etc…

  5. also, they would interview your neighbors. find out who comes and visits, or if anyone else was living there. or if you were gone a lot (like working for cash, and not reporting it)

  6. also,they should not be able to collect tax refunds,they work enough to collect 5 00 bucks and then collect 3500 a piece for the kids,that money needs to go back into the system!!

  7. That happen last year so she's out wonder how she feed her children now and did she get a job i haven't got my money back lol

  8. Yet nobody bats an eye when the banks crashed because they gave out bad loans and the taxpayers had to bail them out. Nobody bats an eye when giant corporations pay nothing in taxes putting that on the back of middle america…

  9. People are so blind about how much fraud goes on. I see people on Facebook ALL the time selling or buying food stamps. I also see people on Facebook asking for "fake profiles" so they can get fake proof of employment and income to rent homes/apartments to inevitably move out after getting evicted. No one cares about felony fraud anymore. They will do it on social media with their first and last name on a public profile.

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