Welfare Fraud in Maine? Investigation by Gov. Paul LePage (R)

Welfare Fraud in Maine? Investigation by Gov. Paul LePage (R)

welfare fraud goes beyond just louie
Gohmert and his idea that women are purposefully having children to get bigger checks %uh
the governor of Maine is a Wayne a sorry paul LePage he’s a
really despicable Kyle show you some examples why in just a minute but first he decided to do a big investigation and
welfare fraud in Maine and it actually turned
something up between January 1st 2011 in November 15th 2013 he found that there were three thousand
transactions that bars sports bars and strip clubs made with
DDT cars loaded with tan and food stamp benefits how 3 thousand transaction thousands of
times that people that are on welfare are
going in strip clubs and bars and places like that and wasting taxpayer money
that seems that seems so significant I mean granted
it without contacts perhaps if we offered up some context it would seem
less significant how many total transactions were there during that time main well turns out that their 1.8
million total transactions 50,000 per month over that time and get
out of that one point eight million three thousand of them were fraudulent
in his view by being from strip clubs and bars that amounts to just two-tenths of one
percent to the total purchases and ATM withdrawals and this is the result of his big
investigation on welfare fraud in Maine they should be ashamed of himself for at
least embarrassed but his inability to turn up some significant fraud but no he’s not he says this information
as I opening indicate the larger problem than initially thought these benefits are supposed to help
families children and our most vulnerable mainers instead we discover welfare benefits are
paying for alcohol cigarettes and other things the hard working
taxpayers should not be footing the bill for now look no politician has ever gone
broke in America or lost office because they denigrated the poor in america we seem to love that stuff
especially on the right wing ended up and we elected into office many decades
in a row but I think that he’s gone too far here because this isn’t the only
time that he specifically singled out and attacked the poor the unemployed basically though
is that that are hurting the most in maine the state that he supposedly
love so much he ran for governor for know it’s happened before I earlier out
last year he claimed that 47 percent of those in
Maine don’t work they just choose not to work
echoing in that way what Mitt Romney said during the last presidential
election well %uh he made a mistake there because
he forgot that math existence statistics and people investigate the sort of thing and it turns out that no 65 percent
people in maine are actively working or seeking a job and the remaining percentage is made up
mainly of the disabled retirees students and homemakers so it
turned out that he was that not correct there which is
wonderful that’s good for main but look at what happened undergird that belief in his own state
that he thinks that nearly one out of two people in maine are so god damn lazy that they’re just
sponging off the state just taking up his tent that benefits and going to a bar in buying a drink he
despises at least half of his state now also he said that people who are on
wouldn’t have a job to get off the couch get themselves a job back in 2012 despite the fact that in his stay in
particular they were relatively flat few job openings they’re not understanding or not
appreciating empathizing with those have a problem finding work he also pushed for a five-year cap on
welfare benefits taking out benefits for fifteen hundred
families including 27 100 children so look at this guy who has been quietly working behind the
scenes to become perhaps the craziest republican governor in the country now the deep south that
even in the southwest or anything like that this guy up in maine I don’t think that the people may not
gonna stand for this for another a term as hell actively thinks the poor he aids
those who are having the hardest time in his state and he expects that those people in
enthusiastically vote him back in office I hope that’s not the case there is as i
said sum up precedent for people accepting the stuff because
especially when economic times are hard people want to believe that there are
some villain to put their harsh feelings are there bad feelings onto it’s very easy to say look these lazy
poor people are taking your hard-earned money people do it that up but he’s talking
about their neighbors he’s talking about their relatives he’s talking about in
some cases their children are the grandparents going to lay the in
thing that they refuse to work hopefully that will penetrate the the
conscious about conscience UHV the average Mainer but maybe I’m asking
for too much

100 thoughts on “Welfare Fraud in Maine? Investigation by Gov. Paul LePage (R)

  1. welfare recipients go to strip clubs that's funny. I guess they stripe their food stamps card in between the girls butt cheeks.

  2. Keep in mind that the VENDOR has to be complicit in allowing the purchases of non-TANF products with a food stamp card. For instance, certain grocery items such as rotisserie chicken canNOT be purchased because they are 'hot' ready to eat food – – and the register knows the difference upon checkout. Same with paper towels, pet food etc. Just because a food stamp recipient lays those items on the checkout counter doesn't mean the cost will be automatically deducted from the food stamp card. Those will be separated out unless manually ( illegally ) over ridden.

  3. Bailouts are also HANDOUTS – they just call it something else BAILouts
    Cut all Bailouts and Subsidies that all the MEGA CORP's get for FREE
    This will ALL stop, when we ALL unite – say NO MORE!

  4. I still want to know what happened to his other wife and kids in Canada when he left them to go back to Maine, once the draft ended, and he was in no danger of being sent to Vietnam. Did he just desert them or what?

  5. Please research the politics of Maine! The 61% movement is exactly what resulted from this asshole getting into the blaine house. 61% did not vote for him, as the result of a four way split among liberal candidates. My guess is that a lot more people actively hate this guy now, and he will become a one-term wonder. It's also worth a look at the demographics and political makeup of the two districts.

  6. He is trying to fuck over the methadone clinic. Lets put those people back on the street and go to the hospitals and rack up other bills and fill the jails….

  7. Seriously Maine what the fuck is wrong with you?

    This fat cunt governor is the best you can vote for?

    Have a word with yourselves.

  8. I personally am more worried about the corporate welfare that this corrupt government has allowed to become the new norm… but to outright play dumb and act as if welfare fraud doesn't happen on a substantial scale, well John is either being incredibly naive or just disingenuous.  Take your pick.

    Perhaps he's lived a sheltered life and has never actually seen girls with 5 kids from 4 different baby-daddies, sometimes frighteningly well-timed pregnancies to keep the checks coming and to continue getting free stuff on the government dole while so many of them have little to no incentive to work.

    John is going with the popular stance… but he needs a reality check. Lambasting anyone with the courage to try to bring the issue of welfare abuse to the forefront, marginalizing them and pretending the welfare abuse does not happen will NEVER get the problem fixed.

    That said, i am more worried about government doing things like ahem guaranteeing high-risk loans with MY taxpayer dollars, taxes which are used to bail-out millionaires/billionaire finance entities who made bad gambles with other people's money… only to still receive their bonuses after they drive a company into the ground.

    THAT should be a bigger topic.  But still, John coming with the "let's pretend almost nobody takes advantage of welfare programs so they can get paid to not work" will not get welfare fraud fixed.  In aggregate, we are talking about a lot of money here… money just given away and providing disincentives for people to live productive lives.

    When Gohmert suggested giving "welfare queens" free daycare and help with education so they could BETTER THEMSELVES and not stay on welfare… i really didn't see what was so bad about the suggestion.

    John is incredibly naive if he thinks people aren't out there milking the system for everything it is worth… in pretty big numbers.  I have seen it first hand, but that is anecdotal so whatever.  But it is human nature… some people are not exactly inclined to work when they can still afford iPads and iPhones, and/or nice TV's while also given EBT/SNAP benefits.

    People need to be held more accountable on both ends of the spectrum.  Corporate welfare must stop, and single mothers also have to be given incentive to use BIRTH CONTROL.  Anything over THREE children from different fathers, while living off taxpayer dollars, is unacceptable IMO.


  10. I sort of agree with him, as at my own job, I constantly see people on welfare who are just lazy and sincerely good for nothing. I honestly believe that if we were to audit each person on welfare, something like 80% of them (at least) are healthy [enough] adults who are perfectly capable of getting jobs and supporting themselves. They just don't want to.
    I'm pretty far to the left politically, and I still think this is a rational opinion.

  11. trust me, the blame the poor demagogy work outside the u.s., people are asshole and cowards, the defenseless is scapegoated everywhere

  12. I can't wait until LePage is gone.  I am from Maine and am very hopeful Mike Michaud will defeat this cruel Governor. The good people of Maine must pay attention to the issues and vote the right man in, which is Michaud. VOTE!!

  13. I am progressive and hate to do this but a neighbor  couple who work fast food got a 6 grand tax refund for having one child I have had to pay always as a single person

  14. Once we bring to justice those who instigated gross misuse of government bailout funds during the 2008 financial crash, which was caused by those very people who received the funds, for their crimes and their burdening of American taxpayers, then we can talk about eliminating welfare fraud.

  15. This is just Gohmert projecting, Jon. He doesn't do a goddamned think for the $170k he gets above board and the shit he does behind the scenes for the real money is as Ayn Randian as a piece of shit can get.

  16. Gee, you'd think he'd remember that slaves built most of the civilized world in the last 4000 thousand years. They were largely kept docile and hardworking with bread and beer. Lots and lots of beer…Sometimes a drink (or ten) can let that one miserable life a tad more tolerable. Of course, some do not use moderation, but then, I've never seen a wealthy person even understand what the word moderation means.

  17. Welfare programs like these have low fraud rates. They have low rates of drug abuse They also boost the economy, sometimes two dollars for everyone spent. Most welfare houses have children in them, or elderly people. A fair amount are veterans. 

    But we should just cut these programs. They don't work and they don't work because rich people who are receiving welfare and not paying taxes don't want it to work. So they take some of that tax free cash and give it to leaders like LePage. 

  18. Paul LePage is truly Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin PWNS this RINO ass-clown in every single way! Palin will EXPOSE his PUSSY for the whole world to see for screwing over the people! President Palin will protect the people and prevent all forms of fraud from every happening!

  19. Its the kids who are ultimately suffering, not the taxpayers. I hate seeing benefits go to the wrong hands. You gotta also think that everyone needs a lap dance, even the poor.

  20. Its the kids who are ultimately suffering, not the taxpayers. I hate seeing benefits go to the wrong hands. You gotta also think that everyone needs a lap dance, even the poor.

  21. I live in Maine and I can tell you this guy is a vile piece of shit douche. This video doesn't
    begin to describe the depth of his douche baggery.
    I wish for him to die a slow, painful, smelly death.

  22. Of course they pick on the poor and vulnerable, bullies always pick on those with the least ability to push back and it's not in his interest to be critical of the wealthy, they're the ones who fund him.

  23. Yeeeeaah cuz welfare fraud is a big problem. 52bill on unemploymemt fraud last year. 30trillion given to banks in 8years. Top banksters recieved 92billion in bonuses, and recieved 82billion in subsidies. Double welfare fraud.
    So keep thinking those lazy poor ppl r the problem. The rich pit the working class against the impoverished, just so we wont look up and see we r being robbed blind. We r slaves. Money equals debt. Debt equals slavery.

  24. So poor people who get benefits aren't allowed to have any form of enjoyment?  
    They are just meant to eat gruel, drink water and walk about with their heads hung low at all times?
    I am sure people who receive these benefits honestly don't want to rely on it, but they won't survive without it.   They don't want to be the laughing point of rich, snooty people who think that they have some sort of hold over them because of their wealth.

    These GOP idiots really don't have a clue.  Also what would they bitch about if they actually found a solution to societies problems they always complain about (but the problems are never their fault).

  25. You can't buy hot food, alcohol, or cigarettes with food stamps. These idiots don't even know how government assistance works. If any of these people bought something a bar or strip club, it was most likely junk food, or premade cold food like shitty processed sandwiches.

  26. i simplified the statistics that were presented 1 in 600 transactions think about that that means 1/6th of one percent (.15555555555555555%) thats all hell i wish my government only  had that much corruption 

  27. Hundreds to thousands of people are using EBT to go to strip clubs and bars, and your argument is "That's not that bad" because you put it in a percentage? I especially like how you used the number of transactions instead of dollar values because you know if you say it a different way it's nigh indefensible.
    Alright, let's look at money spent lobbying congressmen and put that in context of the national budget. Hey, less than a percent! That's nothing, that's not so bad, right?
    Hell I thought this would have been a worthwhile story, like the Somali woman arguing for less welfare benefits for immigrants in Maine because they're seeing a massive crime spike perpetuated by you-know-who.

  28. Nope, I think people will rationalize this and say that their son, daughter, relative.. Whatever, the jobless person they know, that That individual is the exception, but all the rest of them are lazy farts. Either that or they simply wont know that the mayor has these opinions.

  29. you can tell Augusta that I called to say the following fuck Paul lepage there's no way he can be from where we've all been raised he needs to shut his fat face and lick the balls for days while im robbin every martins till we all get paid if that clown isn't hauled away bound and drowned up in the Maine mall and Holland days for tryin to turn Maine into the bulking states. Im governor spose I deliver the news but not like Susan Collins with a quivering mouth .."spose – 16 counties" u should listen to it lol

  30. Although fraud is not the major issue that some claim, the logical solution would be to restrict the establishments that accept EBT, not lessen financial aid to those who truly need welfare to survive.  I'd even go so far as prohibiting the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and other luxuries if it meant more money would go to families in need.  But no…  We'll just punish the poor instead…

  31. maine is a strange state indeed – i live in a small fishing village along the coast of maine – lepage won by only 39% of the vote the other 61% percent of us unfortunately got caught up with a ridiculous democrat and an independent we canceled each other out -anyway -i have 2 friends who LOVE Lepage – they voted for him and will vote for him again -1 friend has a wife and daughter and daughter's family on public assistance -the other friend has 5 grown kids -each and everyone of them are on public assistance everyone of her kids except for 1 has a boatload of illegitimate kids – her oldest son has 4 kids that he does not provide for in any way-emotionally,financially,nothing yet they vote for republcans each and every time -they have no clue – no clue whatsoever – it is all about abortion and gay rights -beyond that they don't even care – in church every sunday as their daughter balls the local druggie down the road apiece

  32. Sir, you honestly sound like an Obama shill,  I found your report to really biased just as this country seems to promote the class system and keeping the poor, poor.  You can pick and choose which numbers you chose to report but the system was never meant to buy non-necessities, such as cigarettes and alcohol.

  33. baby, how many food stamps does a lap dance cost?

    Anyway, rejoice! This shows that welfare fraud is so small comparatively that we can move on to more important things like actually getting people jobs something Republicans seem reluctant to do.

  34. The left one of the two governeurs in th beginning Looks really like a Charles Murray clone (though less heavy but the say the same stuff)

  35. I will say it again…I love the fact that conservatives CAN'T do math!  They only show you raw numbers because they look huge.  But if they talk percentages, they have to move to the far left….. the decimal point that is!  They can't bring themselves to move left, even though it is legitimate, with regards to math…

  36. Lepage is a little too Romney on these subjects, and I agree that the 3000 is trivial. What it doesn't tell is the number of times I have seen someone try to buy cigarettes and booze with their groceries, just to find out that their groceries are a little over the limit of their EBT, so they put the orange juice or the cereal back, instead of helping pay for their groceries or even diapers with their precious booze money. That is another way that people are using EBT to be able to afford their bullshit.
    I've lived on the line of welfare and not welfare. I've seen both sides of it. I can also name two low income towns I've lived in where people will brag openly about how they managed to bring in more disability, or they got the employed father/uncle or whoever to "live" somewhere else to keep the EBT high for the household.
    Also, I've seen landlords accept section 8 (housing aid) then split the money with the tenants. If they're going to attack the lower class they need to eliminate those types of behavior, not the aid itself.  
    Aside from the political damage the guy has/may do in his term, my personal views on him are that he is good for the whole system. He started from the very bottom (supposedly a homeless child at some point), and he speaks like a normal American citizen. He doesn't usually go into that bullshit ancient politician dialect. Those two things have younger people in Maine starting to pay a little more attention instead of just tuning him out. In the long run, he's attracting younger people who aren't already poisoned and clone-like, which could do more good than he can do bad.
    Another trend in Maine, that I don't have stats or anything on, but I see a lot of is that older people with money move south. Once they start getting arthritic the winters are too much and if they can afford it, they leave. So when you look at our numbers, I bet the amount of old people with some sort of aid will be higher than say… anywhere south of us.

  37. LePage is right!  It's not the amount.  It's the principle!  Those welfare slackers are robbing the state of tens of dollars!  OK, it's less than the governor spends on a big dinner with his lobbyist buddies, but it's the p-p-p-p- PRINCIPAL! of the thing.

  38. Actually… this was not a study of all transactions made. This was a small pool of transactions that were studied not ALL transactions were looked into.

  39. I wonder what statistical insignificant numbers could be found regarding issues they have don't have an issue with that can be made to look like a big issue and be used as an excuse to get rid of it.

  40. So, where are the statistics stating how many of those people are working poor and actually happen to work at those bars? Say, for instance, someone working as a dishwasher at one of these places needs to go to the ATM machine there to get money for gas to get to and from work for the rest of the week. Wrong you still consider that welfare fraud?

  41. Oh please even if they spend it at a strip club or a bar who cares. That money is going right back into the economy anyway.
     That being said I do believe if you don't work you shouldn't eat except out of extreme cases.

  42. Did anyone look to see if these transactions were by the people who WORK at these establishments?
    ex. A stripper buys a bottle of water with her SNAP benefits?

  43. Doesn't people living of with welfare can't have a drink or if choices are to enjoy female beauty? Does unemployment mean that you can't have any life? And should just stay at home and eat beans? And get depressed and lower their ability to work? How it's anyones else business how they use their welfare money? Pretty fuckd up system you got there…

  44. That's 3,000 examples of fraud too much!!

    That's 3,000 worth of benefits that can be used for people that need them!!

    Go Gov. Paul LePage (R)!!

  45. So… 99.98% of other transactions were not considered fraudulent…? This is repugnant! How will Maine's strippers survive?!?

  46. John, I love you man, but you're an idiot.
    You're underestimating the stupidity of conservatives. My neighbor keeps watching fox news and she's been spewing the Mitt Romney 47% of people in the United States pays no taxes. When I asked her how much in taxes she paid last year, she said she's on social security and doesn't have to pay taxes. When I pointed out that she's part of the 47%, she just dismissed it and said it doesn't include her.

  47. It should not matter if it is 10,000 or 1 they are abusing the system. I spent a few years on welfare as a child .  My father lost his job right after my parents brought their first house  and kept that house on welfare making their payments all on time . I get piss when  at wawa and people are in front of me and paying with their access card at double the price of a supermarket which there is one 1 block away. It gets me more piss is when the guy pulls out a roll bill and they are not  $1.00s  to pay for part of the order.

  48. FYI: I live in Maine. 
    This crack pot was elected because the voters were split between the democrats and independents. Governor Flintstone won with 38.1%, the rest split between 2 democrats and 2 independents who were running.

  49. I live in Maine. I reliably work 40 hours per week, and take home approximately -$10 a week after bills. I'm in the red because I don't qualify for welfare, mainly because I don't have a child living with me (although I do pay for child support). I'm the typical case that Republicans will bring up when suggesting people who deserve welfare, and yet there isn't enough in the budget for people like me.

    Seriously, what's the big benefit to having a job in Maine? I can empathize with my peers who don't want to work, the few that there are.

  50. And where did he get all his campaign funds? What did he promise for them? Oh that's right HIS corruption is untouchable. There ought to be a season for hunting politicians they have numbers are dangerously high and they spread hate and discontent where ever they go. Also they are bad for the environment.

  51. You don't think Main will take it again because their Northerners?? LMAO… they are above all Americans! so YES they probably will vote him back in! today it does not matter if your Northern Southern Western or Mid-Western your very likely brainwashed cattle for the government… 

  52. If the Mitt Romney 47% comment proved anything is that this type of poor bashing doesn't affect conservative voters.  What we saw in the wake of the hidden video was the mentality "it's not me it's them.".  Despite it, you know, factually BEING them.

  53. Now what was the total value of those 3,000 transactions as compared to the cost of his study?

    Then you have to prove to me that the $ was also used for nefarious things. You know you can get your TANF $ at the ATM, and most bars and what not have ATM's. Also if you live in many parts of Maine, the distance from one ARM to another can be significant.

  54. The fact that is a ridiculous percentage is not what really bothers me, what really bothers me is that instead of saying that the people are committing fraud by buying alcohol and cigarettes how come is not the companies that take the SNAP cards for payments of their non essential goods that are committing fraud?
    Aren't corporations people too?

  55. So because the fraud that is apparent doesn't meet your classification of significant it's a waste of time? I'd give a shit with what you faux reporters talked about if you EVER played the middle of the field, your just "the right" bashers and determine blatant fraud as an attack. How about you don't have your laptop beeping while your talking douche.

  56. Hopefully people in Maine remember how much this guy disrespects them the next time he's up for reelection.

  57. If LePage was so worried about fraud , why did he just veto a bill to prosecute abusers ? Because if you are lying about the amount of fraud to brainwash people into doing away with all types of aid to the poor and elderly , the last thing you need is any REAL attempt at finding out just who is abusing the system , and how many of them there REALLY are . Which is NOT everyone which is what he is trying to sell .He is a liar and a coward . Back up your claims with facts LePage you douchebag . Don't hide behind your veto power like a little bitch . You are not worthy of the seat you cheesed your way into . You would have lost in a landslide to either of the other 2 candidates you faced one on one  

  58. Transactions = like withdrawals?  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WITHDRAW THE MONEY.  It doesn't mean anyone spends the money at those strip clubs and bars.

  59. NO amount of fraud is ok. What paul lepage is doing is great for maine. I personally know of ten people who absolutly RAPE the system out of money and im glad paul is doing something about it!!!

  60. Does this guy even live in Maine? He needs to research his facts a bit more. He is a "low information voter", i.e. voted for Ohitler.

  61. The problem ive seen with welfare in Maine is generational recipients 3 or more generations receiving help
    one generation teaching the next how to get the most out of the system happy when their children become pregnant at 15-16 either not working or working under the table so they dont have to report it trust me this isnt a rare occurrence . its one thing if someone is truly disabled however what is wrong with making those who are capable of working to look for work or participate in training programs.  Also if you are truly disabled and honest you get the shaft try to work a few hours to fight boredom risk loosing healthcare or food assistance get married and report it even if marrying someone who is also disabled and loose 1/4 of your combined disability assistance and up to a third of your food assistance this makes no sense to me.

  62. I understand the commentator believes helping the poor means considering using the poor workers tax money to go to strip clubs and watch some asses "only" THREE THOUSAND TIMES something insignificant. The politician who fights against the abuse of the hard working people's money is crazy! With liberals like this one on their side, poor people don't need enemies. You were wrong, parasite, he was reelected by people in Maine! No more freebies here! Move your lazy ass out to California!

  63. I agree no one on financial aid should be able to spend their money on booze or any unnecessary items with that being said 99.9 percent of welfare recipients do the right thing with their welfare money and food stamps you can't blame everyone on welfare for the actions of a few irresponsible people! Lepage Hate President Obama so much he won't even meet with him to discuss ways to help Maine ! Lepage turns down fedral money just to try to prove he is right !!  as well lepage take 10s of thousands of Healthcare and then trie to get Maine Tax dollars to fight President Obama's plan to insure Mainers with affordable Health care WTF and still Mainers vote for him !! Hard to fucking believe Lepage is serving a second term !!  way to go Maine it's no wonder your number 50 in worst States to live in

  64. I really wish you were right. People up here really are eating this up. poor is the new taboo. he's cutting heap, a program that helps thousands of mainers get heat in the winter, people are fighting him on it, but now he would like to pass a bill giving him alone the power to hire legislature, if they step down or quit. he has spent over 57 million on a new multi functional courthouse, which by the way did not increase jobs or helped in any way but was to "upgrade" the judicial brand and bring attention to the downtown area of Augusta. a street of abandoned and closed up businesses oh, katz's law practice is down there, the mayor. strangely, the "poor" side of town has been suffering MANY fires in the past 7 months or so. another one just the other night on state street. the same road where the governor's mansion (the blaine house) where LeDouche lives full time on the tax payer's dime, the new court house, the jail and some of the business district. you see where I'm going with this right? I could seriously go on and on about this guy and his fucked up administration and how his plan to get rid of taxes is creating a world that I DO NOT want to be apart of. after cutting alot of programs that helped mainers and addicts, rehabs etc, he now says there is a need for a task force that will cost millions to "round up" the addicts and drugs. however, maine sherrif's department has asked departments to limit and prioritize their arrest due to the over crowding, low funding problem. yup, right behind the jail that has little to no funding, lack of staff, overcrowding cells is the new state of the art courthouse and his regime. I see badness in the next few years. 

  65. How could the people of Maine vote for this guy they went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 by large numbers I think we need to get rid of midterm elections and only have elections in presidential years two professors from Duke University wrote an article for the New York Times about it and I agree with those professors 1000%

  66. Now Lepage is blackmailing schools and finally facing impeachment. That man is coocoo for coco puffs all the way. I can't wait to have him out of office.

  67. As usual TYT doesn't look at the big picture but simply pulls one portion of the report out and lambaste it as wasteful. See the attached article from a Maine news station that identifies the heart of the problem, people using EBT and TANF to purchase items not vital to their livelihood, such as beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, cigars, and cash withdrawals from ATM's.


    Maine investigators have conservatively put the misuse of funds by welfare recipients at $3M+. No one is arguing that these programs are vital as a lifeline to thousands of families in dire need of assistance, but this country and these programs are being taken advantage of because of relaxed restrictions which come from the Federal government. As we've seen over the last 7 years, the US Discretionary budget is constantly being eaten up my assistance programs. The following article identifies that National Debt Interest and Entitlements account for 85% of Spending Growth as of last year, which is absolutely ridiculous if this administration is touting a 5% unemployment rate. Why would entitlements continue to rise so sharply if people are working? Review the material and determine your own opinion.


    This lazy journalism from TYT just reminds me how in the bubble they want to keep people.

  68. Stupid TYT and this moron anchor. Not even one fraud case should happen with EBT and TANF. Yet the governor found 3000 case. He was reelected.

  69. u idiot 3000 is not the point they done it and the welfare is for there kids not for them to party it don,t make a damn if it was just 1 they are letting there kids go hungry heres a thought during school months cut there welfare some because these kids get free breakfast and lunch at school school out go back up

  70. Go to the welfare office in Maine any day of the week.  You will see migrants with brand new phones and brand new cars.  Go ahead and do your own research.  Go to a food pantry and you will see older folks mostly white.   The young turks dont know shit and never will because they have never been to maine.

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