Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog

Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog

I just bought it for the video. I use to like lobster but I can’t eat it now. I went and I bought a fucking live lobster
with my food stamps. Why are you are you allowed to buy a live
lobster with your food stamps? So I went and picked out the biggest fucking
juiciest one. “Just the lobster” So think of people like
that cashier right? She would have to work at least an hour and
a fucking half to… This is an hour and a half of her time so
I can buy this to make a fucking Youtube video. “Thank You” Her taxes paid for this. These people’s taxes paid for this. It’s like they can barely afford to fucking
feed themselves and their taxes are going to buy fucking lobster with their food stamps. She’s got a fucking flip phone. It probably gets shut off all the time because
she can’t even afford to pay her bill. So this is just my normal phone right? I don’t need another phone. The government gave me a fucking free smart
phone. This is what minimum wage people’s taxes are
going for. These are my coach keychains. These three keychains cost more than those
minimum wage people’s fucking car payments. They cost more than their car payments. Well actually most of them don’t even have
cars (laughs) They are using fucking public transportation. You can just sit on your ass. I am on Social Security for Depression so
if you are to depressed to work full time apply for Social Security. So this is what the minimum wage people paid
for. Is for me to give lobster to my fucking dog
and make a video about it mocking them.

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  1. She sort of symbolises a perennial problem in humans.. Getting shit handed to you (whether that's money, looks, good genetics or a good upbringing) and then even feeling that you're better than others and looking down on them despite you never having done anything to receive those gifts/benefits…

  2. Honestly, I totally appreciate her honesty here, she is obviously pointing out how the system is fundamentally flawed and how we need to majorly overhaul the welfare system, disability and food stamps. She is also exposing this knowing that all of these benefits MIGHT go away and not be there for her any longer due to exposing how easy it is to game the system. You can look at it as the glass is half empty or the glass is half full, in either case it sends a message which was the point all along! Way to go. I applaud you!

  3. Just so everyone knows . This is unhealthy for the dog to have a portion that large if it has not eaten it before regularly. It could get sick or have a bad reaction. A couple of bits is ok but this much is very risky for the dog.

  4. Welfare should be a hand up not a hand out and nobody should be able to buy lobsters with food stamps or sodas candy bars ice cream potato chips exedra exedra you know what I'm talkin about

  5. She’s so scared to show her name. Must know someone like me would put her in a ditch. If anyone knows I’ll be happy to end her.

  6. They use to have workfare make that flat ass bitch work for her check and food stamps and as far as a lobster hun really you bragging about buying lobster with food stamps you need a whole lot more than some dam lobster how about changing up that busted ass Walmart outfit.

  7. I doubt this was even purchased with SNAP. This is obviously a Trump supporter trying to pose as a public assistance recipient to make them look negative, as if they aren't already demonized enough as it is. If you look at red states, a good portion of them are on SNAP, Medicaid, TANF so the same programs conservatives rail against are the same programs conservatives utilize.

    Either way, when it comes down to it it's her lobster to do with what she wants. Not really anyone else's business.

  8. Oh ya I almost forgot. I notice all the comments about her "rack" but didn't see any comments about her fat gut. Just saying

  9. I can mock you right back because your food stamps and assisted living will be cut. I feel bad for elderly, physically disabled, and people who are in a rough situation who need it, but for you not at all. Depression is not a disability. Sure, it can put stress on the body, but there are plenty of depressed people who still work and are just fine. So, get off your freeloading ass and get a job or starve and be homeless. Either way, your free ride is over.

  10. Ha! What about now!!!! It ends Feb 1st 2019. I hope you are off FS. ITS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHY THE GOVERNMENT
    THANK YOU TRUMP!!! what was suppose to help the those that really need it .like the DISABLED and ELDERLY. it went to MORONS!!! Like you. Disgusting.

  11. Your a piece of shit I hope your dog dies and that you end up living under a fucking bridge you dont deserve anything I would rather see 100 illegal immigrants get part of your bullshit benefits and I really dont like that either. FUCK YOU

  12. BItch I just came from pappadeux and purchased a 180 dollar 10lb lobster and It tasted so good you know why? Because I worked for it. But then again I’ll never pay that much money for a piece of food ever again but I got my first big check as a truck driver so I wanted to celebrate 🎉

  13. First of all most women when they get all their taxes back in the expected to have kids then they get a additional amount back

    Like three to five thousand for kid

  14. Yo does anybody know this bitches name? We need to report her. She's wrecking it for people like me who are for real dirt poor and need that shit.

  15. I guess the integrity or decent human being thing never took hold, eh?

    Ah, what can one expect from the kind of people who are all too virtuous in offering a country they never did anything for (but drained plenty out of) to animals like MS13. They need to cut off ALL these programs for anyone who isn't SEVERLY disabled (and I mean cant walk disabled or something that DOES limit work ability and not "depression").

    Hell most of America is probably depressed knowing that people like this are in the gene pool reproducing….

  16. In the U.K. You would be on universal credit, you have to account for 35 hours of job search every week.
    every job application must be logged, and followed up on, you Must provide evidence for everything you have done including how long it took to apply online, When you sign every fortnight, if they are not satisfied with your evidence, or your 5 minutes late, you will get sanctioned (all your benefits are scrapped rent payments everything, for up to 3 years). You must STILL account for 35 hours of job search.
    It's very easy to loose your house, and not get another because there's a shortage of houses.
    Now you've got to grovel to the same person, to claim a fraction of the money you should have.

    If you have depression, there doctors can and will override your doctor and force you into working.

    See the documentary I Daniel Blake.

    Why would you advertise buying lobster and then give it to the dog what the fuck is wrong with you.
    They are allowed to go through your Facebook, emails, and online presence. Is this what you want to happen to your benefit system.

    Stupid thick ungrateful bitch

    I don't get why your stupidly bragging

  17. I think, your a massive school kid, trying very very hard to Bragg that your Above getting a bus.
    I challenge you to truly acknowledge, how totally, And Purely Arrogant you are. And presuppose your future

  18. Hi, I’m Damage Incorporated.

    Gently, regarding that lobster video,
    In the U.K. You would be on universal credit, it’s a, what the fuck, ultra strict, version of jobseekers.

    I Extremely recommend, I Daniel Blake, film, about jobseekers, (beg borrow, steel, see it). (Absolutely no link included).
    Here’s a trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahWgxw9E_h4

    Your quiet depression Will be instantly be Overridden, by their own multiple doctors.
    You Will now sign up to universal credit. Everything you’re ever, entitled to in one claim.

    Will be Sanctioned, (your claim Totally scrapped). Lets be clear,
    absolute 0 benefits, 0 income, you Will get kicked out of your home,
    with debts.

    You Will Get Sanctioned.
    If you’re ever late for any appointment.
    If, your job coach ———
    If, you have applied for jobs, and got no interviews. Eg ignoring phone, deleting contact traces e.t.c.

    you will have to account for 35 hours of job search every week. |:Every
    Minute, (I will restate that, as an absolute fact, Every Minute), of,
    35 hours of job search, must be accounted for:|

    they can see all
    this on their system. What time you applied, how long it took, did you
    get an interview, there phone number, e.t.c.

    You Must provide evidence for everything you have Claimed you’ve done

    When you sign every week/fortnight, if they are not satisfied with your
    evidence, or your 5 minutes late. (In reality if your one minute late),
    (you Will be stopped by security, and denied access.
    and Will definitely get sanctioned, as easy as that.)

    (you don’t know me but ive seen it happen). A group is upstairs, the session starts at 10.30.
    Were there at 10.15.
    Security will radio downstairs at 10.30 stating gates closed.

    when all your benefits are scrapped, rent payments, child support, everything your entitled to, for up to 3 years).
    now have to grovel to sign up to see if you qualify for a food bank,
    (NOW OVERLOADED AND CLOSING, Because of extreme demand, for shity and
    Very Embarrassing food handouts that you don’t even like.

    It's now VERY easy to loose your house, and not ever get another because there's a shortage of houses.

    you've got to grovel to the same person, to claim a tiny fraction of
    the money you should have. It may pay your rent, if your lucky. And
    that’s it. no other bills.

    This constant stress has made my bird
    commit serious self harm, and still has to account for 35hrs applying
    for jobs, so I’ve had to do my shit and hers.

    Then I see you, with your, Life laid bare, and your lobster?????

    Why do you want this to happen to YOUR benefit system.
    Logic-less girl, I don't get why you’re bragging about wasting money.

    You sound like a — horrible cunt, dump all your Real true, criticisms, on me.
    not that pathetic logic fucking tosh.
    and I may change my choice of name, dedicated to you.

  19. Glad to see the Trump Administration is starting to wake up and start cutting the SNAP & Food Stamp Card programs to stop the food stamp abuse ,waste and fraud.

  20. Think about how easy it was for her to do this. This is a fucking problem. Some ghetto girls have children only to receive free money. It's rediculous for illegal immigrants to have more rights and free handouts. Sure come to our country, fucking welcome, sleep in my bed if you're going to work hard for this life.

  21. Oh honey you're in for a big surprise. They're cutting all that shit off. 🙂 time to get a joby job bby <3

  22. If she was depressed enough to qualify for disability, she would not be able to make youtube videos! Very up-beat for a depressed person.

  23. Feeds her dog lobster why not . . . Taxpayers are paying for it . . . . Lobster and government cheese . . . Mmmmm . !!!! . . . American people are about stupid . !!!!

  24. So you wear a Walmart shirt. Show us cheap possible FAKE coach key chains. Tell us about your government phone your food stamps and government assistance for??? Oh and you waste your money buying lobster for your dog. Hmmm. Are you a special type of stupid honey. I think so. After reading your description YOU ARE A SPECIAL TYPE OF STUPID. THAT CASHIER HAS A JOB U BITCH.

  25. Shes a queen at getting her own way by the looks of her ,,I think she deserves it good on her she’s been getting paid to sit on her ass for a longtime she suffers with depression

  26. I actually saw your video and cracked up laughing. There seriously needs to be a system overhaul. People find it hard to subsist off of a minimal wage job. Meanwhile, the bosses of the bosses find it delightful to be on this planet and seem to enjoy other's suffering for their meager earnings in which they actually need government assistance For in the first place.

    I hope the dog enjoyed his meal, and I hope that humans wake up and start treating all life forms with dignity and respect.

    This was a clear and firm message to the élite to stop being jackasses. Thank you so much for reading and posting This video.

  27. As for the government smart phone: there a lot of places where you need a good phone number to be contacted by potential employers. There are lots of little problems like that that interfere with getting hired for a job.

  28. The worlds downward spiral is increasing in speed.
    Human Trash like this is breeding and bringing more of this into the world. The correct thing to do for the future is to fertilize our fields with this manure.

  29. I'll tell you this she's going to get a check right after this video !!!!! y'all soak up the free game……..

  30. …….dont hate this smart, arrogant young, highly annoying, resourceful, smack-talking woman. Our welfare system is rife with frauds bilking us all. She's a glaring example of self entitled public trickery that should serve as a lesson: tax dollars--hard at work–providing well–for the undeserving at the public tit. Reform tho? Shame on you! You're just biased against the unfortunate! Kick rocks! Mmmmkayyy? Somebody— please locate this smug bitch…and can we please see her in some really plain, inexpensive silver bracelets joined in the midfle--behind her back…soon? Signed– all us working folks foolish enough to work for peanuts.

  31. That bich needs her welfare revoked then maybe she wouldn't mock hard working minimum wage people contributing to society when she does nothing cuz she has depression so she cant work uuugghh motherfucking dumbass Americans who knows maybe she did it to prove a point but you don't have to feed lobster to a dog and mock hard working ppl to make your point ppl like her disgust me

  32. Laugh it up, lady. When and I mean WHEN America Venezuela's itself, people will be coming for you.

  33. Funny how if a criminal billionaire who has done just as much work as someone on welfare were to feed his dog lobster on camera, nobody would care.

  34. Wtf. And I have been rejected three times in ten years for social security because I’ve been sick from a brain injury. But these skanks can get on it for nothing.

  35. Bitch get a job! I have depression and work my ass off. You are mocking people like myself who work for living. Try working for once maybe you will love it

  36. C'mon. Yeah, this dipwit bought lobster. That means she can't buy other food. Minimum-wage people could do the same, if they wanted to blow their food budget.

    The free phones are wonderful, yes–people these days need phones. Landlines are expensive. There are no public phones anymore. But these phones get very limited minutes. If you're using those minutes just to chat with friends, ok. But most of us trying to survive on social services have to call government agencies constantly, which usually means being on hold for 45 minutes or so–this adds up real fast. I pay for unlimited phone service (on a phone a friend gave me), so I often make calls for my friends so they have enough minutes to make it through the month.

    In my state, SSI doesn't pay enough to even rent a crappy room, so a lot of disabled are in shelters. Disabled housing vouchers have a waiting list of 3-5 years.

    Don't listen to this stupid b*tch, she's full of it.

  37. I wish you’d explain to your audience, the step by step details on how you went through the process of getting on social security.

    I know you had to find a doctor and provide the social security office with paperwork, that you’re eligible for welfare.

    Did you go to a shrink or a family doctor.

    It’s actually difficult in my experience, to find a doctor sympathetic enough to cooperate.

    Please give more details on HOW TO DO IT.

    Hell, maybe you can write a small e-book, explaining in detail, teaching people how to get the same welfare treatment you got?


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