Welfare Queens #Stereotypology

Welfare Queens #Stereotypology

If you had to sum up in two words America’s
racialized prejudice and marginalization of people who rely on government assistance to
get by, welfare queen is about as good and as bad as it gets. August 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of
President Bill Clinton signing out of law old school welfare, aka Aid to Families with
Dependent Children, replacing it with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, aka TANF. And while TANF has succeeded in getting more
single, low-income, mothers to work, it arguably hasn’t altered this controlling image of
the welfare queen who allegedly filches taxpayer dollars, gets pregnant for government paychecks,
drives fancy cars and is solely responsible for perpetuating a so-called “culture of
poverty.” And now it’s time for a super-quick and
hyper-condensed history of women and welfare. Officially, the welfare system began in 1935
with the passage of the Social Security Act and Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Previously, state-funded mothers’ pensions
were given to almost exclusively white widows with children so they could stay home to care
for the kiddos, fulfilling their proper feminine duty of childrearing and domestic care-taking
but of course they didn’t want to give them so much but not so much money that they wouldn’t
still be incentivized to find a husband rather than a job because of course a man’s proper
job is breadwinning. And that’s an important key theme in the
early history of welfare that it was not originally architected to incentivize women to work but
rather to allow white, I repeat white, women to stay home and take care of their kids until
they could find a dude to get married and we still see echoes of this in Temporary Assisted
for Needy Families funds today funding pro-marriage programs. Moreover, AFDC was basically intended as a
short-term fix to initially compensate these white widows for giving birth to future laborers
and pursuing the “family ethic” of settling down with a male breadwinner who then would
be paying into this newly established Social Security so that when he kicks the bucket
later on, the government doesn’t have to pay up, Social Security can take care of the
wife and kids. But it took nearly 30 years and the founding
of the National Welfare Rights Organization for more low-income black women to begin genuinely
benefitting from the AFDC because until then mostly white caseworkers had the power that
they often exercised to deem children of color and children born out of wedlock as “unsuitable”
welfare recipients. On top of that, racist state policies and
cultural expectations that black women should work outside the home as opposed to those
white mothers who really needed to stay home to take care of their kids, only deepened
the problem and prejudice. Because even then, many black mothers essentially
paid to be on welfare receiving welfare in exchange for being intensely scrutinized by
AFDC caseworkers including being subjected to random household raids to make sure that
their weren’t any dudes around and also having aid docked or cut off completely if
signs of extra income or outside financial assistance turned up. So even though regulations at the time prohibited
mothers at the time from getting jobs or even seriously dating guys who might bring over
food or extra cash to help out, they were the ones singled out as being irresponsible
and lazy. And in 1976 then California Governor Ronald
Reagan made ‘welfare queen’ a household term. But now we’ve got to hop back to 1974 because
that’s when the term first appears in the Chicago Tribune in an article about Linda
Taylor, who was a local con artist, possible murderer and definite kidnapper who also used
a ton of fake names and a ton of fake social security numbers to swindle the government
out of a ton of money. Then hopping back to ’76, Ronald Reagan
anonymously references this ‘welfare queen’ in his standard stump speech, repeating again
and again about how all you hardworking white taxpayers are just being swindled out of cash
by all of these lazy, de-incentivized welfare queens who are driving their Cadillacs around
to pickup their government cheese and that my friends is dogwhistle politics 101 because
Reagan never said she was black, everyone just knew when you said ‘welfare queen’
you meant a low-income, single, African-American mother. And seemingly overnight that controlling image
of the welfare queen became our narrative script or presumed common knowledge that welfare
recipients equaled undeserving black woman. And FYI: while today’s recipients of Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families are disproportionately black, it and related programs like SNAP food
stamps still benefit more white Americans. But why even dig through the complicated history
and bureaucracy of public assistance programs when it’s sooooo much easier to just foist
all of the blame on the shoulders of low-income, single black women whose lived experiences,
needs and aspirations are seldom validated, much less elevated, in national conversations? Now who are the lazy ones.

100 thoughts on “Welfare Queens #Stereotypology

  1. Grew up in the 80's heard this term all the time, never understood the context until much later in life. Great job on the researched explanation.

  2. 60% of black children have no father thanks to the welfare state you retarded leftists.

    Welfare is theft and destroys incentive to work hard.

  3. I have been the recipient of SNAP benefits. The system though not scam proof is hard to scam. Cases are reviewed annually and you are treated like a criminal. drug testing recipients is a waste of tax $$s. if republicans cared anything about children they would not try to shove moms to work and infants into daycare often with strangers. there are so many layers here it would take all day.
    Christen, thank you for opening the dialog

  4. I grew up in rural low income southern Illinois. As a kid, I heard the term "welfare queen" to refer to white women all the time. I was surprised to learn of the racial connotation when I went to college.

  5. thank you for making this video, very informative. Still today a lot of white people ignorantly suggest that black people are lazy dependents on welfare sucking the system dry..a lot of them need to see this video!

  6. I recently became homeless with my four year old daughter. I went to Caritas, a shelter for families where they help you obtain low cost and rent free housing. every single woman there was cheating the system. and because i am latina they bullied and threatened me because I "didn't belong there" i had nothing and nowhere to go, and i was not cheating the system, this is an issue, but its ignored for fear of being called racist.

  7. Is it still okay if I intensely dislike people who bring more children into poverty by giving birth over and over again? I know there are limitations to birth control, but in most cases it can be prevented or terminated in the USA. I was born into a poor family and saw how insane it would be for me to repeat the cycle of poverty. I've always worked in low-paying jobs until recently where the majority of my co-workers had 2 or more kids, and not an insignificant amount from different fathers. This practice is loathsome because it is hell being poor and these men and women force it on innocent children.

  8. I used to be a manager of a Great Clips. There were several ladies who refused their annual raises every year to avoid losing their welfare. Several ladies in one shop! Imagine how many people do this all over if there are a so many in just one shop…..

  9. Thomas Sowell writes incredible work on how welfare has destroyed the black family in a way that neither slavery or Jim crow was able to do. I recommend his work for anyone who is critical of the welfare state.

  10. You have become a MORON
    Here in Michigan we have welfare queens who have dozens of kids out of wedlock and their daughters and grand daughters get on the dole as soon as they become sexually mature. It. happens far too often
    These are the people who vote Demoncrap in order to keep the dole going. btw whites, blacks. hispanics ALL are included in this misuse of welfare funds. One such person (happens to be white) was interviewed and said she'd deliberately had twelve kids so she could get more government and that her daughters were now following in her footsteps AND THAT SHE NEVER INTENDED TO GET A JOB. SHE SAID SHE ENJOYED NOT WORKING!

  11. I was called this when I was on assistance mind you I had a full time job and was a full time college student while raising a kid. It made me feel so ashamed but looking back on it I realized that I needed everything that I got. If it wasn't for programs such as WIC and SNAP I would've been able to feed my child. If it weren't for Medicaid my child who has asthma would've have been able to go to the doctor. If it wasn't for affordable childcare I would've been able to graduate from college. As someone who has been there I know the value and benefits of these programs as someone who used to be a case manager I am aware that there is abuse but, the misuse does not outweigh the benefits of these programs.

  12. Welfare Queens come in all colors now. Stop your race baiting and the white guilt. Welfare is destructive to the individual, the family, and the whole society, no matter what color we are.

  13. stupid bitch is so anti family and anti white. the solution to this whole problem is bringing back the family. too bad so many men are losers raised by single moms. you reap what u sow

  14. I know some welfare Queen's, one is white and she has five kids by five different dad's. and she does nothing but sit on her but and collect money and food stamps. and have more kids.

  15. Wow this bitch only talked about the past. She did not want to bring up the present. The whole point of her video was to demonize white people. That white guilt really has a grip on her.

  16. You can always spot a wealthy white person who has never lived around anyone other than other wealthy white people. They treat black people like fragile children who they need to defend because they feel guilty. Back in the real world where the other whites have grew up poor know exactly how it is. A lot of white and blacks use and abuse the system and a lot of whites and blacks use the system as they were intended. Stop acting so self righteous because you've googled some statistics.

  17. Ive got one of these Queens that moved in next door and let me tell you…it's horrible! Non stop men coming in at all hours! She has 3 kids by different fathers and has another one due next month! She's 31, on probation, demands that everyone bows down to her and brags " Im not gonna put up with no man unless he does what I tell him to do or he is out and I will go to the next one on my list! The convict living with her now is on probation does meth,steals,lies, and kills and hauls off kittens(because animals are the work of the Devil!) How would you like that living next door? She's already been in trouble with wefare; but why are those 3 little girls still out there with all that going on???? And She is A WHITE Slut from Hell!

  18. Y'all think we don't make enough money on welfare nowadays way back in the day (1920's-1960's) people on welfare made even less money than we do today I mean back then the amount of money we make today on welfare was a lot of money back then they practically made nothing.

  19. Welfare was started for only WHITE women??? Bullshit!  Please provide a link to any document  where it excluded all other races???

  20. Snapegoat the poor and powerless as the rich and powerful screws you. Companies like Exxon and Boeing are the real welfare queens.

  21. Amazing that people like you think you're "Speaking truth to power".. Everything you believe is the Establishment platform, you are just mouthpieces for the establishment. There's nothing brave, edgy or risky about parroting these narratives/talking points, as a matter of fact it's about the safest thing you could do today. So keep pretending you're the "#Resistance" or whatever people like you are saying these days, the truth is you are "The Man". None of your ideas, theories or beliefs are unique, you just believe what you're told to believe. All of which is sanctioned and promoted by the Establishment (Power). So congratulations on being our generation's incarnation of Mao's Red Guards.

  22. So without welfare, you think all these women would still claim they don't need a man? Welfare has ruined the family. Instead of choosing good fathers for their children, these "empowered" women get knocked up without scrutiny and find they can't afford being a single mother without public assistance. There's nothing wrong with getting married, having kids and being a stay at home mom. Instead of working 40 hours a week and sending your baby to a childcare institution, why didn't you choose a decent employed man so you can actually raise and nurture your child while he provides? Feminism has ultimately made women as a whole unhappy. If they're career women, they wait till the tender age of 35-40 to realize "oh shit, I'm about to lose my chance at having babies", but wait won't you need an oppressive man to give you that opportunity? Great idea, they'll get sperm from anonymous donors! Now they're even more "empowered" and lonely.

  23. I've never understood why Americans (seem) to be against welfare, or even just helping people in general. We pay way more tax over here for our welfare system and even most conservatives are for it.

    It really seems like a good portion of Americans would rather allow their own people to starve than to pay a tiny bit more tax to ensure everyone has food security. I was absolutely shocked when I read America, the richest Country also has the highest child poverty rate in the "developed" world.

    Americans pay 0.5% of their taxes on 'welfare' for their people; "American taxpayer making $50,000 per year paid just $36 towards the food stamps program and about $6 per year for the rest of the social safety net programs." and yet "Corporate welfare, however, costs the average American family a staggering $6,000 a year in subsidies to Republican-friendly big business." So American taxpayers are happier to spend more money, making sure the rich make more profit, than they are helping people in need. And this is a supposed 'christian' Country!

  24. why are people more angry that a couple dollars out of their check can help a family eat but don't say shit about the $40 dollars out of their check going towards the police department? who tf you think is paying for their cars n shit. to only turn around and use the resources we provide to harass us? people are stupid and selfish

  25. "Regan never said black but I'm going to just assume that's what he meant because otherwise I'd have to find an argument beyond just race-baiting"

  26. Being that I have been white all my life, I can tell you white people are big at deception, they are big liers, they get more welfare and freebies than any race and throw rocks and hide there hands at others just bias and pathetic

  27. Reagan was a racist pig, and the irony is that that shanty Irish trash. came from a poverty stricken family in I believe Kansas. I bet he was very familiar about a Welfare Queen which was his mother. Amazing how one forgets his past. He was poor white trash and remained so through death

  28. You need to stop lol. Yes, if you can't afford to take care of yourself, you should be trying your damnedest to get married to someone who can, or hold your baby daddy responsible. Its not my job to take care of you.

  29. Fuck welfare queens as one who grew up in poverty I can tell you it isn't helping American society especially Native American and black communities. Poverty increase as well with gov. control. Black women got welfare in the 1930's she's telling half of the story from a far leftist lens. Reagan was against welfare not b/c he was racist but for rising national debt. Not saying he isn't racist tho. Do your own research take this bitch with a grain of salt. UNDEAD CHRONIC bought me here.

  30. Helping single mothers for their bad acts is wrong and must end, women have to take charge of their lives, not others. If you decide to open your legs to have children alone, take care of them later, alone

  31. Well, since 60-70% of criminals come from single female homes, I'd say they are doing a shitty job. Why am I paying for some girl idiot that got knocked up and living off welfare when they can't even raise kids well? Nope, Guys do not ever marry these self-absorbed entitled western girl princesses anymore, go overseas for way better tradition smart women. These little princesses divorce 80% of the time, live of tax dollars and alimony and never marry again because they want the cash and do not work. If you're dumb enough to marry one MAKE SURE YOU get a PRENUP with a lawyer where you get the kids and you keep your money. They should not mind, we are all equal now right? If she leaves she can get a job, and you can raise kids way better than these girls, the stats prove that.
    And if a girl doesn't get off welfare in a year or if they have another kid on welfare, I'm for taking away the kids. I'd pay for them anyway, Ill raise them, she's just useless drain
    feminism and girl power is just as dumb as meminism but girls don't see that, because girls didn't build hardly anything in the world, men built it all. So next time you can thank this while guy that pays all of the taxes, built the school you learned in creating pretty much all sciences, literature, governments, agriculture, morals religions, etc etc etc, that you obviously didn't learn well, while your moms, moms, moms, did hardly anything for 10,000 years… oh except shot kids out a hole that requires no training…. oh that cant raise them on their own without making 70% of them criminal lol
    with us you girls would have been extinct a long time ago lol

  32. You stupid, feminist, cunt bitch. Welfare has destroyed the black community (LBJ's goal in 1965 when he vastly expanded the welfare state,) and it's a shit show all around. Cockroach illegals and bastard making, thug factory, fat pig cunts, welfare queens get treated better than veterans do. It's true that more white people get welfare than black people do…because there are more white people (keep that in mind you hotep, hate whitey savages, when you talk about race war.) However there are higher percentage of black people (mostly women, and the Pookie, Madden kings that sleep on their couch,) than white people. On top of that we've spent more money on the welfare state since 1965 than we have in all the wars we fought, including the revolutionary war. It can be argued that our huge national debt has been caused by the welfare state. Get your facts straight you stupid, worthless, feminazi, cunt piece of shit leftist.

  33. Hey bitch why don't you move to africa to enjoy the benefits of all those liberated black countries? Just how effing stupid can one person be? I so hope you live long enough to enjoy the benefits of the post white western civilisation you moronic twats seem to want.

  34. Why should I go to work all day, then with the threat of force have the government take some of MY money off me to give to these lazy single mothers and their bastard children. Maybe we should teach women to be more responsible, but then responsibility is a women kryptonyte. And people like claim this is moral lol.

  35. How about people pursue liberty and start taking responsibility for their actions instead of making the tax payer pay for for their awful decisions. Yeah, my mother never told me this garbage because she's not a moron that can think for herself.

  36. Why are you saying "WHITE" so many times? In 1935 the VAST majority of people in USA was WHITE. Even today the majority is WHITE .

  37. Wrong analyst, biased point of view. This isn't charity, not a choice, it's taken away directly from people wallet, the working class. Trying to add racism into the mix only make the point even more incoherent, no one care if black or white in this era, it's about the welfare program validity itself.

  38. Welfare entitlement from cradle to grave and still get a scoial security retirement with big goverment benifits.

  39. Ask business owners what's the turnover rate for blacks and who crying lawsuits and now want disabilty for getting a blister on their hand.

  40. Israel is now the biggest welfare recipient,at 3.5 Billion tax American dollars over ten year's for nothing.any body talking about that.

  41. This women is a dope. Welfare programs are a drain on the tax payer and they won't last forever. Single mothers whose husbands died in the war doesn't equal these hoes running around now taking multiple cock.

  42. Oh look, our stereotypical white women saviour out here talking about racism. Equal rights for all sluts regardless of color right? You sluts have no right to welfare, you self entitled skanks are unbelievable. Western women will be the downfall of civilization.

  43. If you are sooo in love with the idea of welfare for women then its fine by me give us your address we will come for a visit and we will take all of your shit and give it to the single moms out there. I am sure you will feel greate living out on the street while the single moms enjoy the labour of your hard work… Except that will never happen because you want someone ELSE to pay for those single moms don't you?

  44. Now who are the lazy ones? the lazy ones are the ones who can't afford to feed their children and force other people to pay to feed their children the lazy ones are the ones that refuse to work two or three jobs so they could feed their children instead going to welfare office and making men pay to feed their children.Don't pay for single mother sluts and their bastards.

  45. I guess it's easy to give away when you never had to earn it. You are actually making an argument to shovel more money to walking baby factories and future felons?

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