We’re not sorry.

We’re not sorry.

[Footsteps] I don’t know why I just got nervous! Women are taught from a young age to be polite. To please others. To not be too loud too bossy or too obtrusive. “Sorry, can I ask you a dumb question?” “Sorry, do you have a sec?” “Sorry, let me scoot over.” “Sorry to bother you again.” “Sorry, you go ahead.” But every time we say “Sorry” when we have
nothing to actually be sorry for, nothing to actually be sorry for, we undermine our worth. It makes our ideas, our questions and our
opinions— hell, the word itself— less valuable. Sorry robs us of power by giving people permission to dismiss us. Sorry, but that word that word but that word has got to go. From now on, I’m not sorry for speaking up. I’m not sorry for having a different opinion. I’m not sorry to ask for what I need. And I’m definitely not sorry definitely not sorry definitely not sorry for taking up space. This International Women’s Day, I pledge I pledge I pledge to stop apologizing for myself. To say what I mean to say what I mean and to help others do the same. Not sorry. Not sorry. Not sorry. Not sorry. [sing song] Not sorry! Not sorry. [Sorry, I burped.] notsorry.com [off screen] …and cut!

4 thoughts on “We’re not sorry.

  1. I agree. Wammynz should not have to apologize for anything. In fact – men should apologize for existing. I mean, the gall of these people…

  2. Can you at least be sorry for this exploded diaper of a video that wasted 47 precious seconds of my life? I came on here thinking I was gonna see Lucy lawlesses legendary tiddies swing left and right but instead I contracted cancer from watching posterfaces of “that chick that holds up a line at Walmart demanding a managers attention over an expired coupon for 2 bucks off cheap hairspray” rant about nonexistent problems for a way to wile a bunch of already pissed off (over irrelevant topics) feminists up. Ima start a video called “I’m not sorry for not giving two craps about the west gate attack being solely caused by Disney porn” and see how many people who even know what that was goes all “hey I’m angry at the public for not actively expressing remorse over this”. I’m pretty sure that if men did something similar everyone here would piss their baggy blue jeans and take their anger out on the plywood section of Home Depot. Basically what I’m getting at is the following: if you’re seriously worried about two bucks, why are you worried about hairspray?! It’s clear you gotta cut corners somewhere and everyone behind you literally wants to saw your head off with a toothbrush! Ban Disney porn before it causes a sequel of the West gate attack. Nobody wants west gate to happen again. With love, randy Newman

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