What About Welfare For The Rich?

What About Welfare For The Rich?

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know you go for quickly here john arm you know people that talk about welfare
and the poor you noticed that you know what they are
there could be report and i’ll tell you why if you want to talk about welfare what
about the welfare that we get to the rich what about the welfare we get bankers
what about welfare we have in this crony capitalist in society where it’s not
capitalism difficult capitalism we have gold in our pockets and i pieces of
paper we get more money susie or oil companies in the end and it states in the form of corporate
welfare in the form of actual cash dollars which extend beyond the rights
to them than we do to all the kids american food
stamps analogy still is typing it picking clinton i mean there’s been
that even but by the colour leary with fellow you
know i have uh… you know i didn’t i think that the crime so therefore people
can get racism is gone and i’ve got a few months before i show you number people should worry about the scramble
for africa which is still going on or the fact that we have our will
scholarship which bill clinton was a rhodes scholar class i will put on
monster who is killing people because the british empire privatized
colonialism and now i don’t know how downtown allentown dynamite to i mean i
did that discuss you take their money doesn’t
mean your interest in the monster whether you talk about the program lackey whether it’s a similar to what it
was whether us all donna valentina you know it’s inhibited noted at that point
how quickly the event dynamite buffalo killing black people over the reported
that the f_b_i_ i grant you that i think religion there is a qualitative
difference but i don’t think that mister clinton monster on john thanks a lot

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  1. Wall street cost the us economy 50 trillion dollars in 08 nobody when to jail stead the government gave then another 1.2 trillion dollars bail out those same people complain why poor people shouldn't get free healthcare or money to buy food for their kids these people have no morals

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