What Are Vitamins – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

What Are Vitamins – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter microbes in human welfare in that we are studying about Vitamins now when I say about Vitamins all of us in a childhood would have eaten vitamins tablets yes I am talking about Vitamines A ,B,D,K all those vitamin tablets which doctor gives you when you’re ill so this vitamin tablets must be made in certain process today we will be studying how this with vitamin tablets are basically made in industries. Hello students we are studying chapter microbes in human welfare in that we are studying vitamins when I say about vitamins we all must be thinking about all the vitamin tablets which we eat in our childhood when we were ill doctor gave us vitamin tablets yes vitamin A d E K all those vitamin tablet given different supplements like bournvita all the supplements have bitumen tablets today we will be studying how this rudimental its orbit diamonds are made so basically all these vitamin tablets are made with help of micro organisms or some could be made with the help of plants except with a mean D or Calcifer on that is made by the help of animal source all the sweet amiga tablets are made by using microorganisms into a fermenter now when I say fermenter it is nothing but a steel chamber which has various Inlet devices and oxygen chamber a processing unit as well as a stirrer in the production of bitumen the fermenter which is used is nothing but start and for meta whereas a stirred tank fermenter it means a fermenter which you can add the raw materials and you can continuously stir it when you stir in the fermenter the raw materials are mixed precisely very carefully as well as the mixing of oxygen and all the organisms are in proper and proportionate manner so for the production of vitamins the three major things okay let us talk about how item in b12 is synthesized for the production of vitamin b12 then three things which are important is one fermenter second microorganism and third the raw material the fermenter which is used is stirred tank fermenter the organism that is used is Pseudomonas mutagens so no material that is used is various microbial source so let us see studying about vitamins vitamins yes the medicines or the tablets which we all have eaten vitamins and synthesized by microbes and green photosynthetic plants except vitamin D which is synthesized by animal source so all the vitamins whether it is becoming a B etk all of them are synthesized by microbes or plant source but by Diamond D is synthesized with the end of an animal source second thing first metalman produced by fermenters which was starting for metal was vitamin C yes the vitamin that is found in lemon and oranges the citrus determine the vitamin which is water solvent was developed by alexander van let us see how vitamins are made and what are the materials that are required to make vitamins for the production of beta means the materials that are required are fermenters the four beta that is used is stir tank for winter install tank four meters you can continuously shake or agitate the raw material oxygen as well as microbes which enhance the mixing second the microbes that are widely used are microorganisms like Pseudomonas step devices always are widely used for bitumen productions whether it is fat soluble or water soluble vitamins are of two types that is fat soluble when I say fat soluble you need to eat it and body in in body it gets stored fat soluble vitamins are not released continuously your body stores that examples are becoming a d e and k so we were talking about fat soluble vitamins how body stores fat soybean vitamins and utilize them later so it is not as say to take all the facts all to demonstrate for example vitamin E can be taken in certain amount of time or certain amount of period next up becomings which are water-soluble like be complex and become and see now this water soluble vitamins are removed out of body and they need not be taken regularly it means you have to take them regularly vitamin B complex and vitamin C vitamin C in lemons as well be damning be complex in fruits and vegetables a continuously removed on the body so you have to take them regularly I hope that we have gone through all the vitamins how they are made what is their function and we have understood each and everything thank you

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