“What are your weaknesses?” Job Interview Question / 9 Great Answers!

“What are your weaknesses?” Job Interview Question / 9 Great Answers!

During a job interview, the interviewer might ask you , “What are your weaknesses? What is your biggest weakness?” When he asks you that question, don’t say, “I’m too much of a perfectionist, I work too hard.” But especially don’t say, “I don’t have any weaknesses.” Everybody has weaknesses. And if you pretend you don’t, your interviewer will think that you are not teachable, can’t improve, and would be very hard to work with. You should talk about a weakness that deals with work. Don’t say, “I stink. I only take a shower once a week.” “I’m not a very good basketball player.” “My wife tells me I have bad gas.” “I’m a messy eater.” You can answer this question by following these three steps. First, mention a weakness that you’re overcoming or that you have already overcome. Second, say what action you are taking or that you have already taken to overcome the weakness. Third, say what the results are of your efforts to conquer the weakness. Listen to these nine ways that someone can answer the question, what are your weaknesses, what is your biggest weakness? After you watch the examples, write down how you will answer the question. Practice your answer until you can do it without any problem. What are your weaknesses? What is your biggest weakness? I used to arrive late to work, but now I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than I did before and now I always arrive earlier to work. I used to be a terrible salesman. I usually got very nervous when I introduced myself or tried to talk about the product. To overcome my nervousness I learned everything I could about the product. Eventually I came to believe in it and felt proud to present it to people. I started to focus on helping the customers rather than just selling to them. The more I knew about the product, and the more I focused on helping the customers, the easier it became for me to sell, and soon I became one of the top sellers in the company. I used to be very shy. I had a hard time interacting with customers. It was difficult for me to answer their questions and help them. I spoke to my manager and she gave me some great counsel on how to interact better with people. She told me that if I focused more on helping the customers rather than on my fear, I could better assist them. She also taught me that the more I know about the products and/or company, the more confident I would be when trying to help the customer. I took her advice very seriously. I learned all I could about the products and the company, and I tried to ignore my fear and focus on helping them. Incredibly I am no longer shy with the customer. I am confident when answering questions, and I feel good when I see happy customers. Last month I was even employee of the month because of my good customer service ratings. I used to have a problem getting everything done during my work day. Now every day before work, I make a to- do list with the priorities on top. I am very focused on accomplishing the most important jobs first. As a result, I now usually finish all or most of my responsibilities with time to spare, and I often even have time to help my coworkers to finish their tasks. I don’t speak English very well yet, but I’m taking English classes at The Adult School. I can already understand more and people are telling me that I can speak better than before. I know that my English will continue to improve. I used to be very scared to speak in public. The boss sometimes asked me to give presentations to employees, but I always suggested that another employee present instead. Finally I decided to face my fear. I spent hours preparing for the presentation by researching the topic. And then I wrote my notes in bullet form on flash card instead of word for word. And I practiced in front of my friends and family. When the big day arrived, I was nervous. But once I started to present to my fellow employees, the words came to me and I was confident and presented with ease. My boss and coworkers were quite impressed. Since then I have given other presentations to help my coworkers to succeed, and my skills have continued to improve. I now know that the formula for good public speaking is simply preparation. I used to be very bad at dealing with angry customers. I often got defensive and upset at rude customers. That usually made the situation worse. Once I realized that my defensiveness made things worse, I decided to change my approach and attitude. I started to actively listen to and acknowledge the customer without interrupting. I did my best to resolve the problem and not take their complaints personally. I found that if I do those things, the customer will usually calm down and remain a happy customer. I used to have a problem delegating responsibility to my employees. I was overworked and stressed. I finally decided that I needed help, so I trained a few different employees who worked during my shift. I delegated responsibility to them according to their talents, and let them know that I am giving them these duties because I trust them. Since I have trained those employees, I am no longer overworked and stressed. I’m now able to focus on growing the business rather than just getting by. And the employees feel that they are a part of a team. I used to procrastinate doing important duties until the last moment. Now I make a list of things that I need to take care of with the priorities on the top. Because of that, I’m able to finish the most important tasks sooner and still have time for other less important jobs. It also relieves some stress and has given me more time to help other coworkers who are pressed for time.

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  1. 3:38 That would do, because it is a present weakness. Not the weak-ass examples before (sayin' I HAD that). Everybody's tired of hearing that stuff….

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  3. Weakenessss “what are those ?!!
    Talking on Job interviews probably , I’m much more of a throw me in the lions den and see me come out unscathed. So what are we talking here ? Don’t Waiste my time Scrappy ..
    wander if we can joke around ?

  4. Interviewers know this is a very difficult question to answer which is why they ask it. This usually gives them some insight on how you deal with the question and how you answer it.

  5. Very interesting and important! Something to think about and many have ignored. I shall follow these tips on my job interview tomorrow. Thanks and wish me luck!

  6. Simply cant tolerate being grilled by a moron, especially when it is for a low position that the idiot questioning me is not qualified to do…

  7. this is really great video for pople WHO doesnt know and nerveous about how to answer these kind of questions .. its also great tips for WHO has any weekness and want to overcome

  8. nice video…but I observe one thing in the end of this video…that an old emotionally speaks about his weakness…just like he is crying

  9. Stupid and unreasonable answers ,, how can it be a weakness if i am telling them that i overcome it ( i have no weakness now) ,, poor content..

  10. Most of the responses are stating a weakness that you used to have and you have overcome, that is not what the interviewer is asking. Unless they ask "Tell me about a weakness you used to have, and how you overcame it?" This kind of response is just as bad as saying "I'm a perfectionist".

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  12. The examples given are all great but most of them are about 'past' weaknesses. There is still a need to mention the ones that have yet to be conquered.

  13. If I already overcame the weakness, it is no longer a weakness., therefore I don't use this as an answer….

  14. The question is what IS your weakness not what WAS your weakness. So answering what 'was' doesn't answer the actual question. YaKnow :/

  15. This video advice is gone horrible wrong. This is fairly said idiotically prepared. Fist, I would not hire any of these who answered these questions advised on the video. If you looking behind the answers you see that you actually discovering people who you do not want to hire. Horrible video advice. Just horrible.

  16. i will tell you my weakness that doesnt really matter. im not revealing my true weakness to someone i dont even know. that's foolish. always protect yourself.

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  18. at 1:30 they are NOT asking what your former weaknesses are…….this only shows you don't listen well.

  19. I think can say a weakness that are not directly related to the position you apply, such as applying for a job dealing with checking numbers then you can say not good at checking spelling errors or checking errors in a drawing cos design nature work requires you to check errors in a drawing after doing it.

  20. Instead of watching all these job interview tips videos trying to extract model answers which will probably bore the interviewer since everyone else is replying with the same clone model answers, grab a copy of Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), analyze yourself and where you want to go career wise then build a YOU portfolio and GO get the job you actually do want.

  21. So…… none of these idiots can really answer the question. What is your biggest weakness? NOT What was or how you overcame. Interviewer should have cut them off.

  22. I always say "Chocolate" And once they are off guard I follow up with "I can admit I am not perfect But I always strive to do my best. And based on the work based requirements here and my years of experience and service, I think I should have no trouble quickly getting up to speed and performing well quickly. "

  23. They do not respond the questions directly. They soundike politicians. No one disclosed his current weakness, everyone talked about something he already overcame.

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  25. dont understand why interviewers like to listen the same old boring answers why dont they just accept everyone have weakness like lazy or others

  26. Does it make any difference for the cover letter
    if I have already worked for a few years with the recruiters and the work team already knows a lot about me?

  27. The question meant "what is your biggest CURRENT weakness?" it's in the present tense. The examples shown here were at the past tense. The video is delivering a good idea but I think it is better to answer on how are we currently taking effective action to overcome our weaknesses. That would mean a lot to the interviewer and it shows that you don't neglect your weaknesses and instead trying to make it a strength.

  28. Lots staff are nowadays spy at work the are missing between weakness and Spy I meant talking behind the other staff ridiculous 😣

  29. I’m sorry the video doesn’t make sense to me. Here is why, the question ask is what is your biggest weakness/ weaknesses? But the responses are past tense not current. Except the one where she states she doesn’t speak English well. But is that a weakness no it was her challenge. She wasn’t raised to speak English, therefore she took the initiative to learn English. I consider that be her strength. Now if she didn’t take the initiative to learn English in a job/career where she needs it then I would consider to be a downfall for her.
    So I had an interviewer ask me that question and I clarified with the interviewer are you asking for past weakness or current? He answered current weakness. I said my current weakness is junk food. He looked at me and said everybody has a weakness and I said that is my weakness. He said know I mean work wise I said those weaknesses I have overcome, unless something new arise I wouldn’t call it a weakness but a challenge. I can’t seem to overcome my junk food habit since the age of 15.

  30. The next time somebody ask me what are my weaknesses and I just going to answer it with here are my challenges. The term weaknesses just sounds like an individual answering some online dating questions. Challenges is more life and work relatable terms. The term weakness sounds more intimate, it’s job interview not some dating app interview………Tinder/ Match.com/ or Christian Mingle.

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