What Causes Cancer? – Bob Wright (AACI)

What Causes Cancer? – Bob Wright (AACI)

Ty Bollinger: And so you mentioned we got to go backwards and almost reverse engineer the disease
and then we can treat it if we know the causes. So what are the causes?
Bob Wright: Well, I say walk it backwards. And I actually wrote a big article in my newsletter
about that a short time ago. But when your oncologist doesn’t
know, and he talks about genes and genomes, and we know
that the big genome study that Bill Clinton said would be the answer to cancer and every
sick and disease known to man is largely a fraud. And you’re
not going to find the answers there. But we still need to
understand why we have this sickness or disease. A lot of people don’t even call it a disease
because it’s just a series of symptoms that your body is telling
you that something is wrong that needs to be dealt with.
Actually, in the final analysis it’s your body’s last gasp to try and save itself
is what it truly is. So I say if you— here’s the deal. Cancer is caused by chemicals
and radiation. You can explode that out to many different
types of chemicals whether it’s what you put in your body, what you breath, what you eat,
radiation from all sources, women from mammograms, from CT scans,
from your cell phones, your cell towers, your Wi-Fi. Cancer is causes by chemicals and radiation, period. Don’t we find it odd then that we
treat a disease that’s caused by chemicals and radiation with chemicals
and radiation? It’s a fraud. And there’s not other way to put
it. It’s just a fraud. So we walk it backwards, okay, chemicals and
radiation. Alright. Let’s get the chemicals and radiation out is
the first thing you got to do. So in my book I tell people not only what to do but what
to stop doing. And it’s critical. We need to detox the body. We need
to drink the right fluids and eat the right foods, and take the right
supplements. And I’ll talk about this more tomorrow at the convention here. But we need
to do the things that actually build the human immune system, which
is essentially, as you know the only thing that heals cancer or
anything else. We see people talking all the time. You and I probably know four hundred
different cures for cancer that people say has cured their cancer.
We hear new ones all the time. And it may well have worked
for that person. But you know what? If you don’t break it down to the fundamentals,
that walking it backwards, and break it down to the fundamentals, your
chances of healing go down exponentially. You have to do that.
So walking it backwards is just a way of saying that, folks, we need to know that what prevents
cancer also brings about the curing of cancer. And what
brings about the curing of cancer or, again, we say the human
immune system, the healing of human immune system, also prevents cancer. So it’s not
that complicated. As a matter of fact, it’s so simple that way
too many people miss it. They want the pill. We’re Americans. We live
our lives the way we want, don’t get in my way whatever you do. And when we get to
be 50 or 60, sometimes much less now, and we have cancer we think
that the doctor who is just revered slightly below God in our
society today is going to be able to give us the pill to heal us. We just don’t understand
that that’s not the case. There is no pill folks, but say for the
fundamentals, which will heal cancer almost every single time if you know what to do. Ty Bollinger: The pill for every ill is what we have today, isn’t it?
Bob Wright: Yeah, it is.

8 thoughts on “What Causes Cancer? – Bob Wright (AACI)

  1. I love you so much guys! You have changed my life – I am so much healthier and feel so much better… Your documentaries and interviews have opened my eyes! I feel like a brand new person. Thank you!

  2. I have enjoyed watching this video. This doctor is right that doctors making cancer patients use radiation therapy and chemotherapy is a fraud, because those conventional therapies just cause more cancer.

  3. what about Thomas seyfried says cancer is metabolic fermentation which creates lactic acidosis and cancers 2 fuels are glucose and glutamine. cancer cells ferment sugar only making 2 ATP! says only ketogenic diet cures all cancer

    cancertutor says cancer is microbes and parasites

    book Epstein Barr forgotten virus causes cancer

    some says it mitochondrial dysfunction

    Rudolph breuss said all cancer is protein so starve protein cure all cancers his juice is 50% beets 25% carrots

    aj Langford tells ty Bollinger in video majority of our immune system can't see cancer. and beta 1-3D glucan supercharges immune system. he says perfectly healthy persons immune system only has 30% response when faced with any sickness

    buttar tells ty Bollinger AFP test for pregnant women and alpha feta protein cancer mimics fetus so immune system will not kill it so we must train immune system to kill it

    another doctor simoneli wrote Candida fungus causes cancer

    if it's caused by chemicals and radiation period.

    why are there so many other theories

  4. I think if it's chemicals and radiation that cause cancer period that's great. it's takes the mystery out of cancer and all these complex ways we have to follow to cure cancer according to all these so called other theories

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