What factors shape a culture of innovation? | Dan Seewald

What factors shape a culture of innovation? | Dan Seewald

The culture of innovation in an organization
is a byproduct. It’s a dependent variable. You have to build other factors in order to
create and shape your culture of innovation. Let me give you a couple of thoughts around
this. First of all if you want to have a meaningful
culture of innovation you have to have a really bold and aspirational innovation purpose. So, as an organization what is their purpose
that goes beyond just we’re going to make more money, we’re going to be the leader,
we’re going to help our customers. That’s all well and good. Those are goals, but your purpose should be
something that’s authentic, that’s bold and that people can personally connect and
relate to. When you have that, that inspires people to
give a little bit more, to take risks. When people are afraid to take risk, when
they are really reluctant to do things differently then you really don’t have a strong innovation
purpose and the culture in your organization will not incubate new and fresh ideas. There are a couple of other things I think
are really important. The idea of building an innovation brand. Now, as a marketer one of the things that
I felt very strongly about when I built an innovation culture at a large organization
was that we often thought about it as a program. But programs live very short lives. On average they live about two to two-and-a-half
years. But brands live on much longer. It’s because they have a promise. They have an identity. Brands are the things that live on when you
put the investment in of building it, of making people kind of relate and connect to it. So if you want to change a game you have to
invest in building an innovation brand, not just an innovation culture or even your innovation
purpose. Something that will stand the test of time,
that people will think about, they’ll connect to emotionally. And at the end of the day it’s something
that they themselves feel that they have a relationship with. When you build a brand that’s when companies,
that’s when the people in the organization will go the extra mile. When people will work on weekends, do things
at night, they’ll stay late at work it’s because they feel that the work they’re
doing is meaningful and purposeful. And when you have a brand that conveys that
people will go that extra mile. Innovation depends on people doing things
different and taking a risk and being willing to go further than they normally would for
just the job. You don’t want people to just come to work. You want people to go the extra mile and to
feel they’re a part of an organization that’s committed to innovation.

15 thoughts on “What factors shape a culture of innovation? | Dan Seewald

  1. Having ones own thoughts is not being paid attention to today .
    Present education is all about borrowed thoughts

  2. Careful you don't offend the snowflakes, the alphabet people, the SJWs… spend your office time hiding in plain sight. Innovation is dead.

  3. Haven't watched video yet, just testing my memory from a college course. Maslow's hierarchy of needs full filled + problem + leisure time. Now, to the video 😀

  4. Very good, ´´Dicsover Card (credit card )really does this very well. They have a dept. called ´´innovation dept.´´ and take information/ideas from the customer and employee alike. Wow! – they go the extra mile!

  5. In summary, if you wan't to pay people the salary you agreed on, just employ them. But if you want the to work for free at night or weekends, you gotta sell them a dream.

  6. This logic to me is an empty shell from previous generation and is bound to crack to reveal to everyone across how sad demeaning unnecessary it is. More benevolent and elegant forms are of now.

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