What Happened Before History? Human Origins

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

The world we live in feels normal, ordinary. It feels like this is just how humans exist and always existed. But, it’s not. Never before have we humans lived in a world as sophisticated and engineered to our needs as today. Giving us the luxury to forget about ourselves and not worry about survival. Food, shelter, security – all of this is, more or less, taken for granted. But we’re a special few; for more than 99.99% of human history, life was completely different. And there’s no such thing as just one human history. Our story begins 6 million years ago, when the tribe of hominini split and our relationship with the apes ended. 2.8 million years ago, the genus of homo, the first humans, emerged. We like to think about ourselves as the only humans, but this is far from the truth. When we, homo sapiens sapiens, came into existence 200,000 years ago, there were at least six other human species around. Cousins of comparable intelligence and ability, which must have been incredibly scary, kind of like living with aliens. Some of them were very successful. Homo erectus, for example, survived for 2 million years. Ten times longer than modern humans have existed. The last of the other humans disappeared around 10,000 years ago. We don’t know what caused them to die out. Modern humans have at least a few percent of neanderthal and other human DNA, so there was some mixing, but certainly not enough to be a merger between species. So we don’t know if our cousins went away because they lost the battle over resources, or because of a series of minor genocides. Either way, only we remain. Back to the beginnings of humanity. 2.8 million years ago, early humans used tools, but did not make a lot of progress for nearly 2 million years. Until they learned to control fire. Fire meant cooking, which made food more nutritious, which contributed to the development of our brain. It also produced light and warmth, which made days longer and winters less gruesome. On top of that, it not only scared predators away, it could also be used for hunting. A torched wood or grassland provided small animals, nuts and tubers that were pre-roasted. From 300,000 years ago, most of the different human species lived in small hunter-gatherer societies. They had fire, wood and stone tools, planned for the future, buried their dead, and had cultures of their own. But most importantly, they spoke to each other. Probably in a kind of proto-language, less complex than ours. If we had a time machine, how far would we be able to go back, steal a few babies and raise them today without anyone noticing that they’re a bit different? There is much debate. Anatomically, modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago, but probably 70,000 years is as far as we could travel back and still snatch a behaviourally modern human. Before that, the babies would probably lack a few crucial gene mutations Necessary to build a brain with modern language and abstract thinking abilities. At some point, around 50,000 years ago, there was an explosion in innovation. Tools and weapons became more sophisticated and culture became more complex, because at this point, humans had a multi-purpose brain, and a more advanced language to communicate information with each other effectively, and down to the last detail. This allowed much closer cooperation, and is what really makes us different from any other creature on Earth. Not our comparatively weak bodies and inferior senses, but the ability to cooperate flexibly in large groups, unlike, for example, rigid beehives or intimate, but tiny wolf packs. As our brain evolved, we became able to do something, life had been unable to do up to this point. One – expand knowledge quickly. Two – preserve the knowledge gained over generations. Three – build on past knowledge, to gain even deeper insight. This seems daft, but until then, information had to be passed on from generation to generation, mostly through genetics, which is not efficient. Still, for the next 40,000 years, human life remained more or less the same. There was little to build upon. Our ancestors were only one animal among many. Building a skyscraper without knowing what a house is… is hard. But while it is easy to be arrogant in our attitude to our ancestors, this would be ignorant. Humans 50,000 years ago were survival specialists. They had a detailed mental map of their territory, their senses were fine-tuned to the environment, they knew and memorized a great amount of information about plants and animals. They could make complicated tools that required years of careful training and very fine motor skills Their bodies compared to our athletes today just because of their daily routines, and they lived a rich social life within their tribe Survival required so many skills that the average brain volume of early modern humans might even have been bigger than it is today As a group we know more today, but as individuals our ancestors were superior to us But then around 12,000 years ago, in multiple locations, humans developed agriculture. Everything changed very quickly. Before, survival as a hunter and forager required superb physical and mental abilities in all fields from everybody With the rise of the agricultural age, individuals could increasingly rely on the skills of others for survival. This meant that some of them could specialize. Maybe they worked on better tools, maybe they took time to breed more resistant crops or better livestock, Maybe they started inventing things. As farming got more and more efficient, what we call civilization began Agriculture gave us a reliable and predictable food source, which allowed humans to hoard food on a large scale for the first time, which is much easier to do with grains than meat, The food stock required protection, which led to communities living together in tighter spaces First, early defense structures were built, the need for organization grew The more organized we got, the faster things became efficient Villages became cities, cities became kingdoms, kingdoms became empires Connections between humans exploded which led to opportunities to exchange knowledge Progress became exponential About 500 years ago the Scientific Revolution began Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Chemistry transformed everything we thought we knew The Industrial Revolution followed soon after laying the foundation for the modern world As our overall efficiency grew exponentially, more people could spend their lifetime contributing to the progress of humanity Revolutions kept happening. The invention of the computer, its evolution into a medium we all use on a daily basis, and the rise of the Internet shaped our world It’s hard to grasp how fast all of that happened It’s been about 125,000 generations since the emergence of the first human species About 7,500 generations since the physiologically modern humans saw the light of day 500 generations ago, what we call civilization began 20 generations ago, we learned how to do science And the Internet became available to most people only one generation ago Today we live in the most prosperous age humanity has ever experienced We have transformed this planet, from the composition of its atmosphere to large-scale changes in its landscape and also in terms of the other animals in existence. We light up the night with artificial stars and put people in a metal box in the sky Some have even walked on our Moon We put robots on other planets We’ve looked deep into the past of the universe with mechanical eyes Our knowledge and our way of acquiring and storing more of it has exploded The average high school student today knows more about the universe than a scholar a few centuries ago Humans dominate this planet, even if our rule is very fragile We are still not that different from our ancestors 70,000 years ago But your lifestyle has existed for less than 0.001% of human history From here on, there’s no saying what the future holds for us We’re building a skyscraper, but we’re not sure if it’s standing on a solid foundation or if we’re building it on quicksand Let’s leave it with that for now The next time you miss your train, your burger is not hot enough, or someone cuts in line Remember how special this made-up human world is Maybe it’s not worth being upset about all those little things. This video was supported by audible.com/nutshell In the making of it, we used the book “Sapiens: a brief history of humankind” as one of the major sources. If you want to get to it, or any other for free and support us, go to audible.com/nutshell and get a free 30-day trial It’s so hard to read books when you have the internet, so we can at least listen to them In general, we listen to a lot of audiobooks while designing our videos, so we can highly recommend audible OK, so this was our first take on making a history-related video we’d love to make much more of them, but they take even more time than our average video. So we might do 3 or 4 a year. Your feedback’s very welcome here Thank you so much for watching,
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  1. I do love how you put “sailor moon stick” on the moon in this clip, by the way, your vdo is just easy to understand. Thank you for sharing very nice knowledge.

  2. Seems to me the inspiration for this storytelling style and the channel as a whole was the universal encyclopedia in the Hitchhikers Galaxy. AmIright ?

  3. Great video made me think of our near future(before the year 2100). Will we survive as a species? With all the technology that is wonderful but yet dangerous in the wrong hands, can we as individuals disagree with each other, yet live in harmony and be civil with each other. Can we use our collective instinct to want to live, make us figure out how to help the other 25 1/2 million species survive as we (Homo Sapiens) continue to exponentially grow and encroach on every species that inhabit and share our amazing planet.

  4. Only a select few of us are smart enough to realize this I’m not trying to be mean here folks very few of us live up to our species Latin name Wiseman

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  7. For 2000 years( not including prehistoric as were still learning) we were busy conquering each other we didn't knew there was a whole universe out there.

  8. The other specimens was not killed, they had mixed with sapiens and are living now with us, but it is not politically correct to say that because the aboriginals and the asians certain are the same specimens.

  9. I wonder sometimes if what we think we know is actually a tiny fragment of our true past. Perhaps our true history is radically different. Are we only 200,000 years old… or several million?

  10. 0:13 I like when you say the word ''sophisticated'' and a ''smart''phone appears along with medicine and satellites…great parallels you made, consuming garbage with fundamental science, you don't seem much sophisticated
    EDIT: 0:23 then says the word ''food''… shows a dirty slice of pizza… the picture that all great lexicons have by the word ''food'' … this is so naive i can't keep up xD

  11. I wish there was a way to simulate what it would be like to exist as another kind of animal. One could spend a day feeling out what it's like to be a dog, a fish, a cat, or a horse…maybe then we'd appreciate all that being human gives us. We are a breed apart, and it is rather alarming to consider how different we are from the rest….I can't stop wondering why that is…

  12. If it's worth it, I'm not upset about the lion eating my great great great great great great great grand cousin in the savanna anymore.

  13. And if you believe we came from monkeys, who have two more chromosomes than us, then please do not let me stop your indoctrination to this bs narrative.
    Those that want to know more about our origins need to dig deep. Spoiler alert, it does not involve Darwin and his ridiculous theories
    LLOYD PYE had an interesting hypothesis

  14. my money us on 3 things. weather, food and disease. mankind got lucky. got REALLY lucky. and thats why we're still around.

  15. Waow. No. This thing about fire+cookedfood+bigger brain is just false, it's an urban legend. Anthropologist say are trying on and on to repeat this!

  16. I sometimes think about humans and it makes me feel so curious. Why are we so different from other creatures, and why are we here. I also have very selfish thoughts about how I am a character in some sort of game, and I am the main character, and everyone else is just there for me to meet. Another thing I can’t grasp is what happens after death, I used to think is that when you die your just in a place, nothing at all, the one I’m really caught on is that after you die your reborn to who you were, but different. I know it’s silly but I really get caught on this stuff

    Answer is in the prophet noah story when he built a ship when his people made fun of him and who believed in him went with him then god made earth rain so hard and water came out of ground to witch made everyone 🙂 if you have something to say search for noah story

  18. You miught have mentioned that we have no true history 10,000 years ago and its our best guess. We easily could have been this tech hungry before, and just got taken down by that Flood, that we do know happened, and not by writtings, but geologial findings.

    All the best, DC

  19. This video (and channel) has helped me so much when I've been depressed/anxious…it reminds me of how things are not that bad and that tomorrow is another chance to try again.

    Danke Kurzgesagt Ich liebe dine arbeit! (bad german I know).

  20. You never mentioned in this video how our ancestors would hike the prices up on materials or food and medicines just to keep people in their financial places. or how the leaders of the different tribes would lie and deceive the villages to maintain power. Oh wait, that's us the advanced people in our time. Read your Bible GOD'S word explains how the world came to be…

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  23. Dear Miss Moulton-Howe. You don't seem to understand what happened on Mars because you assume that there were no survivors from the thermonuclear war which was very brief. You are wrong about that. In fact the descendants of the survivors have a thriving undergound civilization on Mars today but of course this is classified. You want proof? May I suggest you begin with the 27th August 1911 The New York Times article about Martians building cannals titled, "Martians build two immense canals in two years" and The New York tribune's article titled, "Scientists, Agreeing Martians are Super-Race, Believe That Planet May Be Signaling to US". In The New York Times of the 6th December 1906, reporter Lilian Whiting cites Professor Percival Lowell of the Lowell Observatory who reportedly stated "there can be no doubt that living beings inhabit our neighbor world." In the New York Times of the 16th January 1901 titled "THE LIGHT FLASH FROM MARS" states: "Professor Pickering Makes a Statement in regard to alleged signals". "Early in December we received from the Lowell Observatory in Arizona a telegram that a shaft of light had been seen to project from Mars lasting seventy minutes". Then there is convincing testimony which has unfortunately been recently censored. Major General Albert Stubblebine III born in 1930 served in the U.S. Army between 1952-1984. From 1981-1984 he was commanding general of the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM). This is a quote from him about Mars: "There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars that you can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them." Finally, at a MUFON conference in Los Angeles some 8-10 years ago (I cannot remember the date) a scientist was speaking at the podium and recalled a conversation he once had with a colonel in the secret space program that went something like this: colonel. "we have been to Mars". scientist astonished. "Really what was it like? Is there any life on the planet? colonel bluntly. "Yes…..they're humans…and they dress like the ancient Egyptians." The YouTube video of this MUFON conference was deleted almost as soon as it was put up on the web but I saw it and remember it clear as day.

    I have since done my homework and research over the last 10 years and I have good reason to believe that several human civilizations developed highly advanced technologies in the past 350,000 years. I have proof, for example from pre-1940 and uncensored U.S. newspaper articles from the 1930's that report the discovery of underground caves in Nevada where miners discovered the skeletons of giant native American tribes who possessed modern technology like quote: "an oven that cooked by radio waves". "The miner said I know that you won't believe that." Furthermore there are newspaper articles that have reported finding the barrel of a flintlock rifle weighing more than 3 times the average weight of rifles laying beside a giant native American Indian skeleton measuring at least 9 feet dated to at least 75,000 years old. We also have proof that bullet holes have been found in an extinct (1627) species of bison called an Auroc that lived up to 200,000 years ago but also in the skull of Homo Heidelbergensis which lived between 300,000 – 700,000 years ago. Forensic scientists concluded that spears, arrows and other such instruments could not have caused the high velocity radial marks on the inside of both skulls which are identical to the impact of high velocity bullets fired from modern rifles. We have also found a native American Indian Astronaut perfectly preserved in a gigantic spacecraft which crashed on the back side of the moon some 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. There are official NASA catalogued photos of this spacecraft. It should be easy to find since this craft seems to be made out of stone!! Yes remarkable. We have also found machine-tooled Aluminium parts that are used in modern microscopes for example embedded in hard black coal carbon-dated to 300 million years in remote parts of Russia. The problem is that Aluminium does not exist as a metal in nature, it must be refined from Bauxite which requires a lot of electricity. This date is particularly revealing because the first reptilian species evolved around this time between 295-305 million years ago in the Carboniferous period long before the first dinosaurs.

    Also in 1969 near a mining village called Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region of Russia, a remarkable sarcophagus made of marble which was highly sophisticated and elaborately decorated was discovered by a local miner Mr. Karnaukov deep inside a coal seam some 70 feet below the surface which contained a perfectly preserved Caucasian woman of about 30 years old with bright blue eyes which were surprisingly wide open. So astonishingly well preserved was her body that she seemed to be sleeping like Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty rather than dead. She wore a white lace dress decorated with colourful flowers and nothing else. No under garments. She was also immersed in a strange pink and blue-coloured type of gel or liquid. Above her head was a rectangular black metal box the size of a mobile phone who's function was a mystery. The local villagers called her the “Tisulsky Princess”. When Russian authorities arrived they tried to lift the heavy sarcophagus with a helicopter which proved to be too taxing so they started to empty the pink and blue liquid. When they began doing so, the woman's body began to deteriorate and her corpse blackened at an astonishing rate so they stopped immediately and put the liquid back whereupon her body returned to a normal life-like appearance. The village witnesses and miners were threatened with charges of sedition by Russian intelligence and ordered never to speak about the discovery. A Professor from Novobirisk was summoned to examine the body after which he concluded that the discovery would revolutionize our understanding of Earth’s history. He said the discovery was so shocking, it was unbelievable and would disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution. He claimed, “Today we are the same as our ancestors 800 million years ago! No evolution!” Researchers who analysed the lace fabric used to make the dress were baffled because they could not determine its nature nor its age. They concluded that the technology used to manufacture the fabric is unknown today and much more advanced than present day technologies. Scientists were also unable to identify the pink and blue fluid used to embalm and preserve the body despite several attempts by top Russian laboratories. However they did manage to identify two chemical compounds found in onions and garlic.

    The whole affair was classified and virtually all the village witnesses died mysteriously one by one over the years until the last old woman told her story in Russian for a documentary. She was not lying at all but censorship has turned this story into an international farce but it is not a farce.

    The coal seam which contained the sarcophagus has been carbon-dated to at least 800 million years old. Finally, an artefact containing hundreds of serrated metal cogs or wheels which was part of a mechanical machine was discovered 150 miles from Tigil in the remote region of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia embedded in volcanic granite by University of St. Petersburg archaeologists and certified by Archaeologist Yuri Gobulev which was dated to approximately 400 million years.


    1) Homo sapiens possibly originated on Earth as far back as 800 million years ago and that extraterrestrial humans such as Pleiadeans, Procyonians, Syrians, Ummites and Lyrans possibly all originated on Earth. Circumstantial evidence to back up this theory comes from the Secret Space program, (IDARF-Interplanetary Defence and Reaction forces) fleet whistleblower, Army Engineer Officer Jason Rice, an intuitive empath, who claimed that humans are found everywhere in our galaxy and it is a mystery how they got there.

    2) At least one species of sentient reptilians evolved on Earth some 300 million years ago. Several credible witnesses from the United States and Austria have recently witnessed upright humanoid lizards in remote caves in both these countries some of who are university educated and at least one who was a police officer.

    3) A sentient species of dinosaur could possibly have evolved from Velociraptor between 71-75 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.

    4) Several native North and South American civilizations and at least one Indian civilization possibly developed technology, including space faring technologies somewhere between 80,000 and 350,000 years ago.

    5) At least one pre-Sumerian civilization developed space faring technology originating from the region between Egypt and Iraq somewhere between 35,000 and 80,000 years ago. This civilization migrated to Mars where it eventually experienced a nuclear war. Their descendants still live on Mars in highly sophisticated and advanced underground cities. This is one of the greatest secrets on Earth. Was this war the result of infighting between different factions or was it the result of an inter-species war. I vote for the former. The Annunaki would not need to resort to violence to achieve their objectives. They are much too cunning and advanced for that. Look at Earth. It is a conquered planet and not a single shot was ever fired. Even more astonishing, humans do not even know that they were conquered long ago!

  24. I spotted that mushroom 🍄. Loved how you spun the discovery of agriculture and it’s link to walled cities and expansion through conquer into a positive one though. The masses are pleased, but there is more to this story. Good channel regardless. I’ve always wanted to read Sapiens so I’m glad I could get it in bite sized form.

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