What Happens When a Human Gets Rabies?

What Happens When a Human Gets Rabies?

People have been scared of rabies for thousands
of years, many times depicting their fear in drawings and carvings of menacing dogs. But rabies is scary for more reasons than
just a painful bite. Because once the virus is inside us, it not
only destroys our body, but damages our mind, and it can happen fast, or lay dormant for
years before fatally attacking. So how exactly do we get from a dog bite to
a complete behavioral change to…death? The virus that causes rabies is spread through
saliva, so the most common way to contract rabies is through an animal bite, most likely from
a dog, bat, raccoon, skunk or fox. There have been a few, rare cases of transmission
through infected organ donors and an even rarer instance of a lab accident, but for
the most part it comes down to a bite from a rabid animal. So even though it’s a virus that can infect
and kill humans, it’s studied considerably in veterinary labs. OK. I am Dr. Susan Moore. I’m the laboratory director of the rabies
laboratory at Kansas State University, part of the veterinary diagnostic lab within the
vet school here. We are the largest rabies serology laboratory
in the world. So the rabies virus is in the family lyssavirus, lyssa means rage really. So that kind of tells you what this group
of viruses are capable of. And what they’re capable of is causing a
very quick and painful death caused by the virus making its way into your brain. It’s a neurotropic virus. So that means it’s preferentially going
to infect neural tissue or neural cells. So when it gets injected into the skin or
the muscle, it’s not going to replicate all that well but all it needs to do is replicate
enough that it can get to that neuromuscular junction where that it can go from the muscle
cells into the central nervous system. Now, at this point you’d think your immune
system would kick in, recognize this dangerous intruder and destroy it. But, your immune system doesn’t see it. This is thought to be because the virus replicates
slowly in the muscle tissue, slow enough not to cause any alarm. This gives it a chance to reach the nervous
system, where it hitches a ride up to the brain and slips through the blood brain barrier. It’s behind this shield where the rabies
virus can flourish while still being able to hide from our immune system, because the
blood brain barrier evolved to keep dangerous or harmful things out. But sometimes that includes immune cells. In fact, if T cells do get past the blood
brain barrier, the rabies virus has evasion techniques where it actually kills the T cells
that are coming in. As the virus replicates in the brain, it starts
to mess with the brain’s cellular proteins, causing neural dysfunction. This is where certain symptoms of rabies start
and how you can tell the infection has fully set in. Once the infection has fully set in, it will
start traveling back out through the nerves into innervated organs, hair follicles. But again, particularly through to the salivary
glands. So that it could be transmitted out. These neurological symptoms also help the
virus transfer to a new host. Hypersalivation ensures there is enough rabies-infected saliva in the optimal transmission location, your mouth. And hydrophobia, or
trouble swallowing, ensures that it stays there. In animals, the aggression can result in an
attack on another animal or a human. Put all three of those together and you have
a very effective way to ensure the rabies virus is passed on. Saliva is the way that rabies is transmitted. The way the virus is adapted, it is not in
blood. It’s not in body fluids. So it has to find a way to be transmitted
effectively, right, to perpetuate its existence. Now, this neurological damage caused by the
infection is the thing that finally tips off the immune system. However, at this point it’s too late. Even though your immune system is finally
going after the virus, it has already spread throughout the body. After that you have to remember this period
is pretty short. There’s just a couple days because then it’ll
progress into a coma and then death which is usually due to some kind of organ failure. But a bite from a rabid animal doesn’t always
mean certain death. People who have been exposed to the rabies
virus can get a series of shots that can boost the immune system and fight off the virus,
you just need to get to it before it reaches the brain. So surviving rabies is all about timing and
the location where you get bit. Where you get bit. It plays a big role. So since the virus has to travel through the
nerve system, the closer, and get to the brain, the closer that bite is to the brain, the
better for the virus. Bats are a danger for that reason
that it’s going to be biting probably around your head or your hands. But also you don’t
notice a bat bite because the teeth are so small and they are so small. Maybe. You have a bat on your shoulder and you don’t
know it. You just looked on your shoulder, didn’t you?

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  1. I was bitten very badly by a big monkey on my left ankle. It's claws took out another chunk of flesh on my right shoulder. That horrific incident took place in a hostel in 2010. My friends took me to a chemist, for they don't know any doctor. The chemist guy applied betadin balm but advised me not to stitch up the wound. When I came back to the hostel, I saw the terrace covered with thick pool of blood. It was hell of a moment in my life. They gave me anti rabies injections 5 times, costing me $$$.
    I'm alive but I still feel the pain on those scars.

  2. And our Pop culture imagined "Zombies" to continue with the old tradition of reminding ourselves how scary this virus is.

  3. Slugs, you need to be more scared of slugs. Trust me, slugs are shitting Rat Lung Worm eggs all over your salad food.

  4. If you could stop the upbeat background music that would be great. This isn't a "top 10 Cory in the House jokes" video

  5. In India alone 20,000 people die due to rabies and global figures are as high as 55,000. I am from India and i already got pre-exposure shots in case as most of the hospitals don’t even have adequate supply of human RIG.
    Rabies is the worst death one could ever imagine and this is my biggest fear.

  6. DumbSkippy most opossums are immune to rabies because their body temperature is too low for it to survive in it.


    1 week ago, a stray dog probably not vaccinated bit me in my hand in Shillong, India. The wound is only about the size of iphone charger pin. As the wound is so small and i cannot afford to get anti-rabies vaccine or whatever the name is, i decided to not consult the physician. But i just look up the symptoms and the danger of rabies and i'm in terribly frustation right now. One of my friend told me that anti-rabies vaccine only works before 24 hours after the bite. What should i do ? What can i do ? Am i just gonna wait for my terrible death ? Help me

  8. You have less than a 1% chance to get rabies from bats. Bats often die shortly after becoming infected making it almost impossible for humans and other animals to get it from them. You have more of a chance to get rabies from your cat or dog or any other animal for that matter.

  9. Guys I think I might actually know how to start a zombie apocalypse okay so here it is so rabies is not airborne right but what if I mixed it with an Airborne virus like the flu measles or even Ebola which then makes rabies airborne the only thing I don't know is how to make the infected person or animal last longer let me know what you guys think

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  11. Rabid animals are literally time bombs that if get too close transmit mini bombs that hatch into us and kills us .

  12. The last rabies death in Bulgaria was in 2001 in a little boy , turned out the boy is the son of a friend of my mom lol . He got bitten by a dog unvaccinated in their village and he later developed headache , fever , delirium , anxiety , vomiting , tingling all over the body , tremors , blurry and double vision , agitation and aerophobia

  13. Why not Travel to Asia or Africa and talk to one of the doctors who have to administer death care to humans with rabies, would have made for a more dramatic video then some researcher in the safety of a lab

  14. I was bitten by a stray dog on hand 4 years ago and I put on one shot of vaccine only because it was too costly what should I do now I am afraid😭😭

  15. Now the leftist wacko save-the-bats campaign will start, & run in congruence with partial birth abortion rallies.
    A .38 ball just below the bird-dog knot will be the kindest remedy to these poor suffering souls.

  16. really please replay if you see my msg , one dog bite my gf hand and she use vaccine and before vaccine period end i kiss her , am i stricken now ? i have to go and use vaccine ? my english is not good sry but really please answer me im really uneasy , i dont want to die cuz of a dog

  17. this is why such a high mortality rate… it attacks neural cells. you can't breathe without muscle function.

  18. U hh mmmm….. dear doctor, I am here to inform you that SALIVA IS A BODY FLUID ! If you don't think so you should return to med school for re-training. 😱

  19. Z.Z Ive had this sickness since age 6… still alive today…. not sure how many meds ive had from 6 till 16… ask someone who took care of me. And please don't be to bloody over protective only makes it more active.

  20. Here's my xp. Next to usual foaming outta my mouth and ref eyes within the first 15 minutes and after reactivation years later… headache, major lose of weight, raised sexual thrive, hyperactivity due to the lack of feeling for the need to sleep, feeling of hunger(the feeling of my stomache digesting itself), tingling sensation in the brain and in my mouth's cheecks, as if the skin is sleeping and at last, the feeling of organs failing.

  21. If one useless human living in this world the rabies are effected their body but a person who has a lot of responsibilities that's include helping other people the rabies can't destroy their body because GOD chosen them to continue living

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  23. Last month I was bit by a dog then I asked more than three medical practitioners, and they all gave me the same answer that I don’t need to get inoculated cuz the dog type rabies has long been eradicated.

    BUT I am still feeling insecure, fearing that the virus(as if it’s there) will someday reach my brain and paralyze me:(((

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