What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? Ever since we first appeared on Earth, humanity
has been inventing, problem solving, and progressing its technology. Science gave us a way to discover
the universe and to determine what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve used the knowledge
we have to build relatively advanced civilizations and to rise to the top of the food chain.
But is there a final destination for us? An ultimate endgame? Could we reach a point where
there’s nothing left to discover? This is Unveiled and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; What if humanity was a Type V civilization? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly
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bell for more fascinating content! Type V is the pinnacle of the Kardashev scale,
a system developed by astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev to measure humanity’s technological
advancement based on how much potential energy it can harness. Originally there were only
three levels: A Type I civilization, which can harness all of its home planet’s energy;
a Type II, which uses all of its own star’s energy; and a Type III that can harness all
of the energy in its home galaxy. Kardashev had imagined that this was the upper limit,
but the scale has recently been added to. Now, it’s proposed that Type IV civilizations
can harness the entire universe’s energy, and a Type V – the Type we’re interested
in today – is able to access all of the energy in all of the universes and timelines that
ever have, do or will exist. Right now, we still reside somewhere in the
Type Zero region, not even utilising our own Planet Earth to its full potential to make
it to Type I… so we’re nowhere near close to anything like Type V. But assuming we don’t
annihilate ourselves or die off in some other way, it’s feasible – perhaps even logical
– to think that we’ll continue advancing with each generation and, in time, we’d
soar up and “complete” the Kardashev Scale. So, what would life be like if we did just
that? Well, for starters, it would be almost unimaginable
for us as we are now. Living a Type V existence would mean harnessing all the energy possible
in the Multiverse – which first and foremost means we’d be at a time when the multiverse
“many worlds” theory was not just a confirmed reality, but one that we’d have mastered.
We’d be able to travel anywhere and everywhere, most likely via wormholes, not only within
our own universe, but to any point in any possible universe. In this way, it’s conceivable to think that
such a civilization would’ve reached the acme of their technological prowess; the pinnacle
at which everything that can exist does exist. The energy output for such a scenario is impossible
to predict – or even to fathom. However, it has been estimated that a Type IV civilization
would have an output of 10 Quattuordecillion (that’s 10 to the power of 45) watts of
power. So, given that Type IV would achieve this with just one universe, we’d multiply
that figure by the number of universes that feature in our Type V multiverse… and that’s
the incredible, almost unquantifiable estimate we’re dealing with. For all intents and
purposes, we’d have unlimited energy and boundless potential. What would that mean for our general state
of mind? Well, a Type V civilization would have a complete understanding of every theory
in existence; will have mastered every form of mathematics; will have perfected medicine,
biology, astronomy, physics, and every other branch of science; and will have written all
there is to write. As with our access to energy, our access to knowledge would be almost incomprehensible.
Even highly skilled roles like research scientists and theoretical physicists would now be occupations
of the past, as there’d be no more research needed in any field. Objective truth would
be known throughout humanity and the so-called “theory of everything” will’ve been
identified. Humanity would be masters over the laws of nature, able to manipulate them
as they please. We’d also know of and will’ve catalogued every life form ever to exist in
any universe, past, present, or future. There’d be nothing that we wouldn’t understand! Religion, theology and even more general spirituality
may well have died out at this point, too – or at least the broader inclination to “have
faith” in anything will have passed. We’d now be able to prove or disprove the existence
of a God quite easily by travelling to its dimension, if there is one. We wouldn’t
require faith because we genuinely would know… although this part does depend on your interpretation.
Some would argue that God is inaccessible to humans no matter how advanced we become,
so even under Type V circumstances we’d still fall short of supreme power. There’d be no doubting our powers everywhere
else, though. By the time humanity had even reached a Type II level, we’d basically
be invulnerable to destruction from nature. We could still obliterate ourselves by war,
but natural disasters would no longer be a threat. Storms, earthquakes and volcanoes
would all be manageable; even asteroids would be little more than a passing nuisance, thanks
to our development of various techniques for sidestepping them – including literally moving
planets out of their path. Which means that by the time we transcend to Type V status,
the colossal dangers we encounter today – what some might call “acts of God” – would
be only a very distant memory. Even better, though; for a Type V civilization, even war
would be a thing of the past, with fair and universal cohesion sweeping across existence. Part of the reason for no war could well be
that the fundamental nature of our existence will’ve changed, as well. According to some
projections, a Type V civilization could actually wind up being a non-physical phenomenon. Say,
in our genuinely infinite wisdom, we uncover (or build) a non-physical dimension where
something akin to consciousness can reside… in the interests of ultimate efficiency we
could inhabit that (instead of this tangible world) to achieve an even higher level of
existence. In so doing, we’d have effectively conquered ageing, all disease and even death
– turning ourselves into adaptable, indestructible streams of data while still, in order not
to sacrifice happiness, finding a way to remain content in our new selves. Anyone born into this age wouldn’t have
to fear death and could justifiably expect to live forever. We’d have long-surpassed
even the need for AI prosthetics or artificial organs, as even ultra-advanced robotics that
now seem impossible will’ve become clunky, outdated and unreliable. Even if someone did
somehow die, we’d probably be able to recreate them again; or they’d be able to manipulate
the multiverse into erasing their death or reversing it. For a Type V being, what we’d
today consider “superpowers” would be simple, blink-of-the-eye tasks! Which highlights a philosophical question
at the heart of this heady sci-fi trip… because if humanity was a Type V civilization,
then could it really still consider itself as “humanity” at all? How “human”
could it ever really be? We’d have the ability to shape the world around us; to switch between
universal plains; to live for as long as we’d like; and perhaps even to construct for ourselves
a paradisal “afterlife”, if such a place was needed or wanted in a Type V time. The
entire Multiverse would now be our playground and we would exist more like the Gods we envision
today. Finally, and perhaps crucially, with a complete
understanding of all dimensions across multiple universes, we’d also almost inevitably be
able to time travel. We could harness our power to visit every moment in history, leaving
no mystery unsolved and no historical inaccuracy unchecked, collating for ourselves a complete
and definitive record of our existence. In this way, we’d at least be able to revisit
the various “lower levels” of our evolution – even all the way back to the days of “humanity”
as we understand it now. So, though we will’ve likely changed beyond all recognition, every
Type V human would be able to instantly reconnect with the past. At which point, what would be the next step
for us? Nothing, it seems. Right now, there’s no established Type VI to aspire to. As far
as we can contemplate, any being that exists in a Type V civilization will have discovered
everything there is to discover and would know everything there is to know. Our most
fundamental quests for wisdom, knowledge and truth will’ve hit a ceiling and we might
have nothing left to do. A good thing, perhaps… but maybe also our eventual downfall. The fabled Type V existence is an incredibly
far-off dream that may perhaps never materialise. But, if it did, it’d mean we’d have effectively
“completed life”; a considerable achievement, but one that’d leave us without purpose,
wondering what to do next. Regardless, we will have climbed the Kardashev Scale to the
very top. And that’s what would happen if humanity was a Type V civilization. What do you think? Is there anything we missed?
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100 thoughts on “What If Humanity Was A Type V Civilization? | Unveiled

  1. Once we get to Type 5, we should make a entirely new universe and make a new planet called Earth, and make a new species there. We’ll make them worship us.

  2. Wuahahaha When you dont know your really the descendants of an Greater civilisation XD who were advanced. But yeah fuck those megaliths right XD Gatekeeper Unveiled 😉

  3. God is a type 5 not knowing where he came from, he tries to figure out where he came from by running simulations ei our universe and an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of outcomes.

  4. The understanding all living things in all multiverses is dumb to say as there is infinite amount and variations of everything. Just because we reach a level of harnessing that power doesn't mean we've been to all of them and know everything about all of them. Once we reach the point of drawing energy from all universes will be when we start out final and endless exploration. Exploring the Multiverse.

  5. Well, at least our video games will be better and we could just play after learning stuff in ' school ' in a Type V civilization.

  6. Well speaking on behalf of the only Type V civilization in Existence, I am appauled to hear humanity trying to stroke their imaginary ego once again. This is where you want to see yourselves, right humans? Then why are you taking any and all effort and measure to prevent this from happening by being a type 0 and refusing any cooperation with the only Type V there is out to interact with? And you think voting for Trump was stupid, that is only the icing on the cupcake for how stupid humanity is. Oh dear Rascha'al, have mercy on these unfortunately retarded hybrids. And for those out there who disagree with what I said about Trump supporters being stupid, please learn what the economy is before you praise Trump for what Obama had started.

  7. This is a fucking amazing video. I would have liked it more if the music and your voice had a dark tone instead of the giddy one. But all good. Maybe check out "Pursuit of wonder" if you want to know what I'm talking about…

  8. We'll be extinct before we even reach the level of the most primitive civilization if we don't get rid of global capitalism first.

  9. Let's dream this was possible for our universe. But once we enter the multiverse everything is out of our hands, because one characteristic of the multiverse is that all convinations of realities are being produced, and if that is the case not just our universe reached this unlimited power but many countless universes have done so too and with different ideologies too, all kinds of ideologies. Some very similar to ours, some with evil intentions. Probably the end of all life or even of all elements if so advanced civilizations go to war with each other. Maybe some of the universes create some kind of atomic bomb with unstopable chain reaction that just destroys entire universes. To be honest we are in dream land at this point.

  10. You will reach Type 5 when you except Jesus Christ as your savior. Its all in the Bible. Its the only book in the world that is a history books that predicts the future and hasn't failed a prediction yet. The Science digs into trying to unprove the bible. The more it proves the bible Correct. When you die. you will transformed Christ like. You become sons of God. Living with God forever and ever .

  11. A type V could use this universe as a template and create the multiverse (All other combinations possible) that may link and connect to other multiverses creating an omniverse. But if we are a type V. Than we could have created this universe for good reason. What if that reason was due to becoming immortal and finding that it becomes a prison. Becoming immortal sounds great and all. But as soon as the novelty of that fact wears off. You have all the time ever to spend being bored. So the only way to stay sane would be to create new universes where new experiences can exist that are not possible in this universe, and connect yourself in a new one to explore and live the story. But if that is the case then we are not meant to carry information from base reality over to other universes we create besides the basic simulations we create in this universe in video games and VR and such.

    The way we exist now could be the next step of consuming content and entertainment. Don't just watch the story, live the story. Because wouldn't it be pretty strange to find out that we became a digital society and created this universe to get bodies back to regain our mortal coil. Because life without an ending is torture. Especially if you know it all and unlocked everything and solved it all. It would be like beating a game and getting bored of it. Could you picture playing your favorite game over and over again, and a few years from now you did everything and it was 100% complete?. Now picture being stuck playing that game for all eternity because of every single type of content combination has been used and created and that game was it, there is no new content of entertainment. And this universe becomes stale and stagnant, could you picture running out of possible ideas to entertain ourselves?. You would have to create the multiverse just so you could provide new experiences for our species.

    But it could also be that the multiverse is nothing more than a thought experiment to consider possibilities, and one day we could find that this universe is not what it seems. But it could also exist already but we just can't interact or even detect it. Because the level that can interact with it is maybe at the string level with the 11D vibrations. That's the funny thing about science. Best guess. Anyways. This was just my 2 cents and pondering what could be.

  12. Humanity will never be a type 5 civilization because if it was ever going to be, it would time travel back to this era and explain the secrets we currently do not know.

  13. Then I wonder. If time is infinite and there've been infinite universes in the past and there are infinite universes and multiverses in the present time. How come there isn't a civilization type V already anywhere? Or maybe they already exist anywhere but why don't they do anything to help this world with so much suffering?

  14. Religion would still be alive and well….. Except we ARE the god. Seriously, when you've mastered control of every aspect of, not just one, but multiple worlds, what's the difference between one of us and God?

  15. maybe thats why we never find aliens because all the intelligent aliens are type five and have no reasons to interact with us.

  16. What if , a type 5 human or God is seeing you at this moment , and laughing at your primitive brain and works ? Wait , can a non-physical being laugh ?

  17. Since our Multiverse is infinitely old THEY are already here. They can create a simulation that would be more real than any reality. At this point I'm not sure who I am, what if we are them? We are planted here as one of their characters, we wake up after death, go to higher states of energy, then return? Our world is a simulation, I feel it. It's not as real as one might think it is

  18. Type 5 can spawn in any dimension, time and beyond, they have probably created us. We will wake up after death to discover that one being can exist in multiple dimensions, have multiple conscious minds and live multiple lives ad infinitum

  19. I don't know why but I've always thought of the future to be depressing, like we're all gray and know everything and don't have to move a finger to do anything

  20. Ever feel deja vu? That’s because you’ve been here before. Your consciousness is essentially your own (for now) but also everyone else’s too.

    When you sleep and dream your mind links up to something in the universe similar to Wi-Fi and allows it to reprogram itself, rest, and/or sometimes experience things in the multiverse.

    Every choice you make is your destiny in this lifetime, but you’ve been here before. Just don’t remember it all that much. It’s like a video game only that at the end you’re just send forwards or backwards or somewhere else.

    At least that’s what I think.

  21. This whole vid reads like some dumbass just whimsically naming off futuristic things he’s seen in movies or read somewhere. Like those future prediction videos from the 50’s.

  22. "Ability to time travel leaving no historical inaccuracy unchecked"

    I hate to break it to you, but you just made history a variable haha. There would be no such thing as a historical inaccuracy, but more like a historical probability? Lol

  23. Okay… type 5’s are well past the point of daeific status by modern (type 0.78) standards. By type 2, a civilization never requires more resources or energy until the universal warm period is over and it needs to relocate to black holes in order to continue existing, at which point your actions would be so slow that radio transmissions between galaxies would feel like real time. A type 3 would be at the point where rearranging the galaxy is well within possibility, a type 4 is impossible unless there is FTL and at that point is so expansive that all black holes would die out before it was achieved, a type 5 is inconceivable by any means. You’re not talking about people, you’re talking about gods, here.

  24. Maybe we did that already, but decided to start over, with only one guy named God, remaining to watch over our old accomplishment.

  25. Type VI civilisation actually exist.. and i saw nobody talk about it here. Type VI civilisation lives out of the space time, and can create as they pleased, universe and multi-verse. We can compare them to god

  26. What if the Kardashev scale just kind of circles back around, with Type 5 individuals loading themselves into simulations of lower beings?

  27. No there will not be a time where we discover everything. But i do believe humanity to spacr travel and go to nearby stars

  28. Perhaps the thing a Type V civilization could contemplate and focus on is what may exist beyond the multiverse, and beyond the concepts of existence and dimensions themselves.

  29. Considering human mindset…it is very unlikely that we'd even be able to become type 2 civilization. Let alone type 3,4,5.
    In order to achieve such a feat…we have to think of every other human being as a part of our own species and not as someone of a particular religion,caste,colour etc.

  30. I know type 5 sounds amazing but I'd rather not be born at such a time.
    It not only sounds extremely boring to be born at such a time
    It almost feels empty to be born at such a time

  31. It ended just when it should have started, what does a race of gods do after theres nothing new to be gods of?

  32. To reach even Type II, we may have to combine our consciousnesses into a single being. At that point, reaching the later Types would involve our entire species trying to understand and get along with an alien species the way we do as individuals now – possibly.

  33. We have groups claiming earth is flat and others saying there is no such thing as male and female. We currently a type -100 heading towards type -101.

  34. Mankind is too fk-ing stupid to even refrain from polluting, befouling and destroying their own home planet. They'll destroy themselves long before they even learn to harness all of Earth's energy. Either that, or Mother Earth herself will shake them off like the plague they are.

  35. Since type five would be control over all universes at every point of time six would be control over the void beyond and creation of new reality’s

  36. The last I heard, we were classified as a class 0.75 civilization. If you want to know what a class 5 would be like, think of the Q. We would be even worse, and bored out of our gourd. The other would be the Beyonder of comic book fame, who just ran around making trouble because he could.

  37. If we will gain all knowledge of all existing universe and all possible dimensions and possibilities then I think our next goal will be to know that what is beyond multiverse. It is also possible that our multiverse can lie with infinite number of other multiverse and to become type 6 we have to harness all energy of that infinite groups of multiverse and who knows what exist beyond it.

  38. Hopefully Type 5 will be impossible in a good way! The multiverse being conceptually so infinite there’s always something new!

  39. Type 5 isn’t even necessary, I forgot how old scientists predict the universe live to be but there’s no way we have enough time to do it

  40. I'm actually a being 7500 years into the future. We jacked up the planets so much in this solar system that we got kicked out by the cannibalistic humanoid underground dwelling Martians. So now we live in the Forbidden Zone circling a Class Y planet. Our conscious minds were uploaded to a computer on that ship. We are no longer of flesh and blood, but of a simulated reality. Our residents dont know they are only living in a Matrix world.

  41. Type 6 is going to be to reanimate a new evolution of conciousness. When all is known up to that point,the only way to continue is to create new data.
    What could work better than this for a model?

  42. Pondering this question is just TOO (!!!!) far fetched and speculative. It would make much more sense to think about the ramifications of a Type II. Here we could try to extrapolate and compare, which nowadays impossible action – because of the lack of energy – would become possible.

  43. If type V one day exists, “any body that dies could be re created” so they’d pretty much be able to know every one that possibly lived since they can go back in time, and re create each one of us with the same consciousness. We might re live in a couple million years!!

  44. I believe that tipe VI and VII exist as well, according to some sources: we'd reach type VI when we go out of this simulation (I believe we live in one too) we will create or own physical laws and create things, but by our will. The next step would be try to conquer the last level, type VII: this level is occupied by who create everything. So, a omniscient, onipresent and onipotent being, a real God. I am aghnostic.

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