What If Humans Were Immortal?

What If Humans Were Immortal?

Imagine the possibilities that
would come with living forever! You could spend more
time with loved ones, master a variety of careers, and travel the entire world! If everyone on Earth were immortal, we’d all have a chance
to recover from our mistakes, and our society could save a
ton of money on healthcare. This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would
happen if humans were immortal. First things first, achieving immortality the way
it’s portrayed in the movies, where you can jump off a building and
live to tell the tale, is highly unlikely. However, immortality where
people don’t “die of old age” could be right around the corner. Would our planet be able
to handle a population of people with ever-expanding lifespans? In Silicon Valley, there’s a movement of
billionaires and biotech companies that are developing drugs to eliminate aging and extend healthy lifespans indefinitely. In their opinion, playing around with
genetics, and reducing caloric intakes have already proven
to extend the lifespans of flies, worms, and mice, so why
couldn’t it work for humans? Regardless of whether these efforts
are successful, the real question is: are we ready for longer lifespans? There are almost 8 billion of us on this
planet, and if we all start living for centuries on end,
life is going to look a lot different. Just think of the social implications
that would come along with that. For starters, the idea of being married
to someone your whole life might become a thing of the past. With a lifelong union potentially comprising
upwards of 1,000 years together, we might start looking at marriages as a bunch of long-term commitments
we make throughout our lives. Living longer would also mean
we’d all be working a lot more. No pension plan in the world
would be able to support you if you stopped working
at 65 and then lived till 500. Longer careers would be
a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, with so many skilled
workers staying in the workforce, our economy would be
more productive than ever. But on the other hand, if people stayed in
their positions for hundreds of years, then there’d be no room for young
people to find jobs and move up. This sort of stagnation would
become a problem in other areas, like social progression. If the same, old-thinking leaders from the
18th century never died or retired from power, who’s to say we’d ever be able to progress
past problems like racial segregation? Even if our society found
a way to regulate itself, what would the whole immortality
experience be like for you as an individual? If we had virtually endless days ahead of us, wouldn’t that take away a big
part of what makes life special? There would be less incentive
to make every day count, and as a result, we might end up with a
bunch of unhappy people on our planet. Oh and by the way, that planet’s
not getting any bigger, it’s just going to keep getting more crowded. Earth already has an overpopulation problem,
and if the death rate slows to a halt, then our resources are
going to start running out quickly. Suddenly the idea of immortality
doesn’t seem so great after all. Eventually, we wouldn’t have any
room for new generations; maybe we’d have to start shipping
people out to settle on other planets, but that’s a topic for another WHAT IF.

100 thoughts on “What If Humans Were Immortal?

  1. What if you do dumb stuff and lose arms and stuff and you have to live forever like that and what if the earth gets destroyed and everyone just floats in space forever lol

  2. What an offensive, childish and stupid video. Dude brings up big stuff like "immortality" and writes a text about it without actually reflecting on it for five minutes. More time with loved ones? Healthcare savings? Who wrote this? Justin Bieber as a child? If it was only for you, immortality would mean to see your loved ones dying over and over. And all the changes in style and thought and societies as being the same. For a whole society, like the immortality you're talking about, brought by science, it would mean knowing everything there is to know about everybody else and everywhere and just being bored out of sanity. People would still have kids, right? Can you imagine such a nightmare? I'm glad the people talking about it are as dumb as the guys behind this video are. They won't be doing any progress before I, myself, can get comfortably dead.

  3. Hmm what happened if we reduced the fertility rate by 0.001%
    And combine it with immortality would that fix our over population problems

  4. > Spread diseases through third-world countries
    > Stop giving aid to third-world countries
    > Population will decrease significantly
    > Maintain a population size under 200,000,000 worldwide

  5. No point to it….pain for eternity….eventually earth will fall into the sun and youll be stuck burning for eternity until the sun dies or a black hole comes by and crushes you for eternity and even after that youd be in even more pain for eternity…… You think you wanna be immortal…be my guest….

  6. I think I know what the future will be
    You can put a USBcord in your head then suck out all your memories and then put it in a robot body.

  7. If we humans were immortal it would be depressing because the earth will die and we'll float in space and still living while the universe is dying and knowing we will still live while other things will die and we will want to decide to die eventually we will be all alone in the darkness

  8. Imagine this :

    There are way to much people so there’s a hungergames

    And you have to fight against a 216 year old who feels like your age

  9. Well for one we’d have a chance to meet all of the past historical figures and any questions we have for them we can ask

  10. Judge: I sentence you to life in prison
    Me: Appeals
    Judge: On what grounds are you appealing your sentence?

    Me: Your honor, can I please get the death penalty?

  11. humanity is immortal because life first and life gives the present time saying that earth overpopulation makes me think that you are a murderer from the gift of life. overpopulation sounds like that eating the whole meal will make fat and die on the contrary eating makes you fit not fat unless you tide your system circulation you will become fat and sick but everybody stops eating for some time to let the system create energy for the living the good life.

  12. This was the least convincing effeort you made about how bad immortality would be

    No, the planet wouldn't become overpopulated due to people dying from causes other than old age

    Yes, you'd still be able to have children, however it will need to be mandated to 2, maybe 3 kids limited, as to stabilize, and even reduce the population a little.

  13. If we were immortal we would only die from war illness hunger thirst murder suicide natural cause like a random heart attack stroke cardiac arrest or a plague and plus if we made something to make us immortal the rich would get it cause there more poor so the planet won’t be overpopulated

  14. The bigger question is, if we did find a way to live forever, how would we implement it? Who would have the right to live forever. Would it just be Rich vs. Poor. Could that right be taken away?

  15. I had that question in mind, too. Would it be worth it? Long ago I told to a few of my clasmates "If I am to follow the thing that I want to do maybe I need 300". If you are a person full if dreams then some how that is an advatage. But WHAT IF immortality comes when you are old like 65, 75 or 80? I guess you rather say goodbye. You answer the "Why?"

  16. You have made a video on what if humans were interstellar species please make a video also on what if humans were intergalactic species

  17. This is not true every soul will taste the death you me that nigga who is claiming to be immortal the melaikah-angels the jinns-devils everyone except Allah


  19. at a point after my great great great great great great great grand kids ill start getting sad depressed and try to kill my self more poeple giving birth animals dying all earth resources gone atmophere destroyed and ill try to kill my self every day getting drunk doing drunks and stuff no need for money

  20. Can they do that?why not ?🤔there is hard thinking through with this one.Unique creatures will no longer exist if we become immortal there is just so many issues arising from that apparently new generation mean more evolve for the next transformation of earth.there should be a choice if a person wanted to be immortal🤔😀

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