What If We Are Not the First Advanced Civilization on Earth?

What If We Are Not the First Advanced Civilization on Earth?

It’s no secret that humans are the
Earth’s most dominant species. And, without proof of life
anywhere else in the universe, we can probably consider ourselves
the most dominant species in space too. We know that complex life has
existed on Earth for 400 million years. But how could we look that far back? Ancient ruins and artefacts only take us
back a few thousand years, geologic records only
about 2 million, So, if we can’t rely on direct evidence, then where else could we find
traces of a potentially extinct civilization? And what can we learn to make
sure we avoid the same fate? Here are some numbers to make
your brain hurt for a second. With all that in mind, it seems like
there was ample opportunity for another advanced civilization to emerge, flourish, and die,
all before we even showed up. But finding any proof of a past
civilized species seems like it could be harder than even
starting the civilization itself. Physical artefacts would
be the most concrete evidence of past intelligent life, but it’s not very
likely that we will ever find any. Over time, even our tallest
buildings will crumble, and our strongest
materials will disintegrate. Our cities cover less than one
percent of the Earth’s surface, so any comparable cities from past civilizations would be
easy for paleontologists to miss. Even if we knew where to look, it’s unlikely that these artefacts would last
any longer than a few million years Sure, there’s always fossilization, but it only
provides a limited record of the past. Due to variables like when they lived and where, an industrial civilization
that lasted 100,000 years -that’s 333 times longer
than we’ve made it so far- might leave no fossil trace at all. So maybe we’re better off
looking for more indirect evidence. The best way to find that would be to look at what traces our own
civilization would leave behind if it collapsed in its current state. One place we’re leaving a clear trail is in the
sediment at the bottom of our bodies of water. One look at this stuff, and you would
immediately see the wacky chemical balances that would imply some
sort of outside influence. For instance, the nitrogen fertilizers
that we use to grow food are running off into our bodies of
water, and producing low oxygen “dead zones” that would
be visible in sedimentary layers. On top of that, we’ll be leaving long-lasting synthetic
molecules from radioactive fallout, steroids, and all the
plastic we dump in the ocean. So yeah, future species are going
to have a great impression of us. In case we’re not embarrassed enough,
our technological advances are rapidly changing the environment, which has brought on widespread extinctions
that would be visible in fossil records. Ironically, perhaps the most promising
marker of an advanced civilization could be one of the very things
that brought on its downfall. When we burn fossil fuels, we are
releasing carbon back into the air. Fossil fuels ultimately derive
from decayed plants and animals, which contain a variety of carbon that has a different atomic mass than
most carbon in our atmosphere. When this kind is released it changes
the molecular make up of the atmosphere, and leaves a clear signal
to future scientists. In a 2018 study, scientists hypothesized that civilizations could
even have fossil fuel driven life cycles. When fossil fuel use leads to climate change,
the oxygen levels decrease in the ocean and help create a breeding ground
for new fuels like oil and coal. In this way, a civilization and its demise might sow the seed for
new civilizations in the future. In our search for intelligent
neighbors from the past, we may never actually find any evidence, but we can learn a lot about ourselves. Analyzing our own long-term ecological
footprint can have practical benefits. It helps us recognize where we can do better,
to achieve a balance with our planet so that we don’t become the
forgotten civilization of tomorrow. While it doesn’t seem likely that
intelligent life was here before us, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any. For all we know, they were so advanced they
were able to clean up their mess as they went. The only verifiable way to check if
someone was here before us may be to rev up a time machine
to go see for yourself.

100 thoughts on “What If We Are Not the First Advanced Civilization on Earth?

  1. 13 billion years old would suggest the earth has traveled around our son 13 billion times. My humility leads me to believe we don’t know anything about how long we’ve had a universe or a planet.

  2. What if. . .the human species is the cancer on the planet?

    . .A theoretical view of population growth as a sign of pathology. . .

    Describing current global population trends as being similar to the development of a cancer in the living body –

    "The human species, through the instrument of culture, has become the dominant force of planetary ecological change. Our adaptations have become maladaptive. Moreover, the human species as a whole now displays all four major characteristics of a malignant process: rapid, uncontrolled growth; invasion and destruction of adjacent normal tissues (ecosystems); metastasis (distant colonization); and dedifferentiation (loss of distinctiveness in individual components). We have become a malignant ecopathologic process. If this diagnosis is true, what is the prognosis? The difference between us and most forms of cancer is that we can think, and we can decide not to be a cancer."

    – Hern, W.M. (1993)

  3. The death of the dinosaurs is evidence that an advanced civilisation ruled over earth. That civilization did to the dinosaurs exactly what we are doing today to animal species today – destroying their habitats, polluting the oceans, seas and rivers, over consumption of meat. This would have been felt much more by huge dinosaurs which need a lot of space and food….this civilization would have drained all food sources and hunted them to extinction. Finally, this advanced civilization would have wiped most of itself out through some kind of nuclear war type event. It would have taken the exact amount of time it has actually taken to get us humans half way back to where we are today. Soon enough, the cycle will continue, we will wipe most of ourselves out and a handful of us will have to start all over again…and again….and again. Till we finally end up like Mars.

  4. We do not know if Aliens are old civilization followed the same path as us. We are using things longer than we should. We have better technology for a lot of things but society/government doesn't allow us to move forward. They may have not had religion control everything or money hungry people who only cared about profit. I know that people want to compare to what they know but you cannot compare. Even in a world with many countries and languages we all do not think the same or to the same steps.

  5. There are things that are being found we can’t explain that so old it not in any history books how do we know if man not wipe out this planet with war they say in 10,000 years most buildings will be gone with no sign they were ever there how do we not know if were following in the same foot steps what would be left after a nuclear war we would have to pick up the pieces and start all over again

  6. Imagine the Noah's ark

    Maybe the lord maked a flood to kill humans cause were so advanced im thinking that god didn't want us to know something his hiding and maybe he will wipe us again

  7. I think we're definetly the first one on Earth and am even ready to say we've never been visited or at least not often BUT I do not believe we are alone or even the first intelligent life-form to evolve in our galaxy. Even less the entire universe.

  8. What if small was big, and big was small, what would medium in this alternate universe be? It's a paradox ☠️☠️

  9. 3:09 advanced means being able to stand , you’re not fallen , implying standing up again , you’re crawling , and i think it’s because you threw away your spine, most likely being fascinated with animal humanoids , trying to resemble them

  10. True story… a childhood friend of mine dug up a time capsule from 1952. Yes there were advanced civilizations here before us

  11. I wonder how our satellites last and how long the equipment left behind on the moon would last, and what about probes we’ve sent?

  12. It’s not a “what if” question. It’s a definite. There have been a few advanced civilizations before us. The evidence is everywhere, ignored and belittled by modern science.

  13. 100 ton stones made in to walls..wait what how did they do that those people were dumb. We as the smartest know we can't even lift them. But we are the first…logic

  14. 0:45 – "Geological records only 2 million" — What ? The Geological records goes back 3.5-4 billion years, dude. Somewhere in that record would be evidence of your "what if" ancient civ. (This is BUNK).

  15. Before Us:Omg We Need More Water It's only 30% of the world Were Drowning I mean Dehydrated

    After us:Omg We Need More Land Its only 30% of the world We need More Were getting filled

  16. Those evolved dinosours that leaved earth beacauase they were smart enough to know about the asteroid that was gonna hit the earth then they lived on a spaceship this is on star trek

  17. Possibilities, the "humans" that were before us knew how to dispose off waste matter and left the earth clean for us. The second probability is that the waste they left behind has sunk and is the one heating up the earth's core. However, both of these are unrealistic.

  18. If u r really that serious to study some advanced civilization than u should go for a research on Saraswati civilization and other civilizations

  19. There's plenty of evidence of past technological civilizations before us. Most of the info is ignored or overlooked and alot if the proof disappears once it enters into the Smithsonian which is a govt controlled treasure trove of the secrets of our past.
    But that's just my opinion.

  20. What do you mean, geological records only take us back 2 million? What kind of absurd comment is that? HTF do you think we know what we know if not for the geological records? Do you think we have found DVDs of security cameras from the past 5 billion years?

  21. One thing that would last to the end of time is precious metals and any advanced people would have been using them. They are also easy to find. So NO, there was no advanced early civilization.

  22. This is just a video with an intriuging title thats nothing more than another climate change propaganda video. Not worth watching.

  23. The earth is not 4.5 Billions year old…the earth aint even 10000 years old…the big bang is just a theory..and evolution is fake

  24. You are not paying attention. There exists ancient monuments we could not build even today. OF COURSE we're not the first!

  25. None of this is real. A species like primates would never evolve because theyd be too miserable for their brain power and sensitivity in a world like this. We are in the holographic brain of the Obsidian Probes

  26. Sorry, but your hypothesis of a fossil fuelled rise and fall is ridiculous because it's pretty much a once-off gift. We're burning oil 200 million years old and some coal deposits are 400 million years. Modern humans are only 200 THOUSAND years old. Complex life has only been around what, 450 million years? Fossil fuels are a one-shot affair in terms of our civilisation anyway. Fortunately, breeder reactors eat nuclear waste and get 90 times the energy out of it, and uranium from seawater in breeders will last a billion years. If we're still around then, maybe some more fossil fuels will have formed! 😉

  27. An advanced civilization should've visited the moon at least, no? If so, there should be at least some evidence up there…

  28. No plastic in existence would last over 1000 years.
    Steel rusts, concrete disintegrates.
    Organics rot.
    Does anyone really think that anything we make by today's standards is going to be around in 30,000 years?
    About the only thing we do know is that there have been nuclear blasts long before we "invented" the first atomic weaopns.
    Xenon levels in our atmosphere, along with levels of other radioactive gasses prove that.

  29. Mermaids last king still lives below the sea before flood people and Kong’s reigned for 20,000 years after only lived to 100

  30. 1:33 "physical artifacts would be the most concrete evidence of past intelligent life but its not very likely that we will ever find it?"

    Wait…how do we not know if the Sphinx or the pyramid of Giza were from an ancient advanced civilization?

  31. Whatever we assume "advanced" is, is based off our knowledge of the technology we currently have. Advanced could also be civilizations that maybe didn't have iphones and skycrapers, but knew how to make uses of other science and technology that we don't even know exists.. Even now with our current technology, cannot explain ancient megalithic structures all over the world, but yet there they are..

  32. We are arrogant if we think we are the only dominant species in the universe if you can call ourselves dominant we are a blip in an ever expanding universe maybe past civilisations just simply moved on and or maybe we are just to arrogant destructive inhumane with power and greed that most people see as the most important thing

  33. What if our ancestors came from mars… and we're just attempting to get back knowing the inevitable end? Just a thought lol

  34. We put ourselves in the middle of the story. We tend to the allusion that the whole story of human progress has been about us. About achieving us. The 21st century technological civilization. They must have been much greater things achieved in the past.

  35. “Without proof of life anywhere else in the universe”!? That’s a completely untrue statement, there is decades of a steady stream of proof that some alien race, or multiple races, are visiting our planet and are at the least flying around in our airspace personally, or flying drones here just like we do accept way more advanced. Even if 90% of all the pictures, civilian and military witnesses, radar tapes/logs, official government documents, and videos are all fake, which I highly doubt that much evidence is faked, that still means 10% of them are indeed completely real events/encounters!! I mean damn, even with the Air Force coming out and verifying the videos etc, taken from their own aircrafts and the actual pilots publicly telling the stories of those and other encounters, some people still pretend they aren’t convinced and there’s no evidence of any kind. They even admitted to letting to the stars academy to study pieces of debree from “unknown craft” of “unknown origin”, at this point anyone who isn’t at least 50/50 on if they are real and here at this point will NEVER believe because they refuse to allow themselves too. Humans are really fucked up and cruel to all other living things, but we aren’t so stupid as to think all of that piled up evidence, not considering the things known and kept completely hidden from the public by governments/militaries, should tell them something otherworldly and beyond our comprehension is clearly traveling around in our skies and through our oceans!!

  36. actually there is mud fossil evidence of giant ships from a advanced civilisation that rival present day in many places in the world. one is in russia. one is in bolivia. one is in turkey and one in another place i don't remember. the one in russia have monitor, advanced showers and rooms with very thin walls. the one in bolivia is till metal under the thin layer of rock and uses two energy reactors. the one in turkey have advanced lifts like elevators and loads of rooms with thin walls. the one in the last place have giant hangar doors above sea level but most of the craft is underground and flooded. in europe there is also somthing that perhaps have been a giant ship where just the superstructure of one of the domes is visible. the rest is underground. the structure is massive. it have many layers of structural integrity at the top of one another. there is also ruins of sky scrapers all over the world that is just like the ones made under the industrial revolution that is in state of fossil. the ruins of of our advanced history are being labeled by science as either cavemen carvings or natural phenomena. its all about defending evolution and disprove our ancient advanced history. the sciences of today, do not wan't to prove our real ancient past as it conflict with their belief that the evolution of man was a straight forward almost autopian progress. the theory of evolution and the progress from meteor impact, destruction of dinosars, and evolution of ape to man is in the way of a prehistoric supercivilisation. the reason for this is that, as a result of ancient ships and buildings is covered in mud and turned to rock, will disprove the narrative that a big meteorite killed the dinosaurs as the strata the remains of the technology and buildings is the same as that of the dinosaurs. any evidence of prehistoric industrial level, civilization is disproven by the mainstream theories of secular science. i know that the prehistoric civilizations had some form of energy reactors and had deployed them in vast amounts of structures. its as if they had entire powerplants of these structures. the repetition of millions of years propaganda by science is really just a atempt at silence the evidence that proves prehistoric industrial level cililizations existed. science is deliberatingly destroying the ruins all over the world, one piece at the time in a atempt at make the evidence for our prehistoric past disappear. its really sad that our true history is being demolished in favior of scientifc consensus and emperical scientific beliefs that is contrary to actual evidence. we can never reveal our true past with rulers of goverment that support current secular scientifc beliefs. science use the pretence of knowking to make you think their version of reality is the only one and anything to the contrary must be false. this doctrine is what really ruins the rediscovery of our real past. i makes me sad to think about how much damage secular philosphy have done to the interpretation of evidence of this earth and how we are for ever lost in vain to repeat the mistakes of the past. we have only a short window here on earth before the next reset of civilization will occur but no scientists will ever realize. warnings of floodings in america causing the ground to disolve by mother nature is ignored by a steady state gaia like idea that the earth will remains static until the sun burns out. earth is not as stable as people believes. earth have undergone many periods of vast destruction. what happend before will happend again. science will for ever continue to propagate the fantasy that earth is a steady planet where destruction is minimal. earth reset result in world mass destruction every 2000 to 3000 years apart. many generations of humans will be born and die before the next reset.

  37. We aren’t the first, I’m sure of it. But in the meantime if it can’t be explained the ancient aliens theory seems to be accepted by the small minded. What happen if the world is reduced to a few hundred survivors and by the time they have billions. They will think they are the first. And aliens are the reason for unexplainable things. Am I right

  38. what if someday earth is not only our business, but thousands of alien species shares intelligence and humans are the admin other than

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