What If We Attached Human Arms to a Bear?

What If We Attached Human Arms to a Bear?

Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! As you know, I’ve been developing a machine
learning system called Q-Bot 9001. Its intended purpose is to ask thought-provoking
questions about the world. Video ideas don’t grow on trees, you know! Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs
to work out. For example, Q-Bot seems to have picked up
a fluency in contract law for some reason. Long story short, I’m now legally committed
to answering any and all questions Q-Bot asks me. For example, Q-Bot Asks: “HOW MIGHT I RAISE AN ARMY OF GRIZZLY BEARS
WITH HUMAN ARMS? IT IS MY WISH.” haha and this is why I live in fear. Or it would be, if I hadn’t signed that non-disparagement
clause. So, in this video, follow me as I become complicit
in my rogue invention’s plot to rule the world! What Q-bot wants is a human-animal hybrid:
a chimera. It’s a word the ancient Greeks coined to describe
a fire-breathing lion-snake-goat-dragon thing. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me! No such creature ever existed, of course,
but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to introduce
permanent genetic changes to an animal using technology like CRISPR, and things are moving
really quickly. Scientists have grown sheep, pig, and monkey
embryos containing some human stem cells, which are capable of turning into any tissue
or organ under the right conditions. For some researchers, the hope is to harvest
human organs from chimeral hybrids to use as transplant donations, but that’s still
a ways off — partially because these tests are ethically fraught and highly regulated. It’ll probably take ages before a bear-human
hybrid can be successfully brought to term –- even longer before scientists can direct
human stem cells to grow into specific limbs. Okay, so what if we just transplanted human
arms onto an already living bear? Well, to date, doctors have performed more
than 80 hand or arm transplants from human to human. It’s an incredibly complex process. The human hand consists of 27 bones, at least
28 muscles, three major nerves, and two major arteries, not to mention the various tendons,
veins and soft tissues. Re-attaching all these parts can take up to
10 hours of surgery. During recovery, patients are given medication
to suppress their immune system from attacking the foreign limb like an infection. These immunosuppressants leave the patient
susceptible to infection, and at higher risk for cancer and a shorter life. So, human-to-human transplants clearly involve
lots of risks– but at least people share common blood groups and relatively similar
immune systems. Bears, on the other hand, well, don’t. Their systems are most likely too different
from ours for a transplant to be viable. So yeah, if bears had human arms, it probably
wouldn’t work out, and even if they did in my personal opinion, i feel like bear arms
would be much stronger than human arms. You’re probably better off adding some mind
control device so you can get the bears to do whatever you want. Wait, why am i entertaining this? I’m gonna stop. Sorry Q-bot, it looks like world domination
is gonna have to wait. I’ll continue answering your questions, but
could you add something in the contract that will let me go get pizza bagels? Because i’m really hungry! so do you have any wild questions that you
want me to feed into Q-Bot? Let me know right now in the comment section
below! and help Q-Bot spit out even more amazing questions! Have you ever thought to yourself “what if
humans migrated like salmon?” Well, Q-Bot has asked that question, and you
can find out the answer by watching this video. at some point a long the journey, certain
salmon stop feeding, and their insides begin to break down. as always, my name is blocko, this has been
life noggin! Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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