What If We Contacted An Alien Civilization?

What If We Contacted An Alien Civilization?

According to our best estimates – there
are 100 billion galaxies in our observable universe. One hundred BILLION. Let that sink in for a second. Our sun is just one solar system in one galaxy…
of 100 billion…. That we can see. While we may not have found life yet, I for
one feel like statistically speaking it is out there. So, what would happen if we found an intergalactic
species. What would we have to say? Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions – I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are asking What if we Contacted
an Alien Civilization? Is it time for my aliens song? Perhaps not yet…. Stick around to the end of the video and I’ll
give you a round then ! before we get into this intergalactic fest – I want to ask
you guys what your first words to an alien race would be? Mine would be, hello friends, are you well? Let me know your answers in the comments section
down below and please do leave a thumbs up – thumbs up for aliens! Earth is, so far as we know for certain, the
only planet with observable life. The thing is though, we haven’t really observed
many other planets. The planet we know best aside from ours is
Mars, our literal next-door neighbour, and we have already found that the surface would
likely have been able to house microorganisms billions of years ago. Mars is on the outer edge of the habitable
zone Habitable zones can be identified in all solar
systems, they are often referred to as the Goldilocks Zone – where conditions are JUST
RIGHT to house life. As we know it, anyway. This means temperatures are not too hot or
cold and that there is a likelihood of surface water. The nearest planet that looks to be in a perfect
habitable zone is Gliese 667Cc… 23 lightyears away in the constellation of
Scorpius. The thing is though – even if we travelled
on the space shuttle discovery, it would take us approximately 855 thousand years to reach
them – so…. Unless we had a constantly manned ship capable
of supporting life for nearly a million years, it doesn’t seem like it could happen. The same goes for the other exoplanets like
earth we have found – 16 in the conservative habitable zone and 30 or so in the optimistic
habitable zone. The closest earth like planet to us is 4.22
light years away, Promxima Centauri B – a planet around 1.3 times the size of the earth
with an 11 day long year. It would take us 156 thousand, 240 years to
travel the 25 trillion miles… to make there, and who knows what we would find. So… you are starting to see the issue – while
the universe be massive, we be tiny. The main thing stopping us from making contact
with other civilizations is space, time and technology. While we have made the great feat of leaving
planet earth, we haven’t really gone far in the grand scheme of things. This is where I would like to talk to you
about something called the Great Filter and the Fermi Paradox. To put things into super simple terms – the
theory goes that either earth could be first to the intelligent life party, or last – there
are stars billions of years older than us that could have housed life long before we
did – so there should be civilizations more advanced than ours that should have visited
us already if they were looking for other life, but they haven’t. The theory is pretty intense but it kind of
suggests that civilizations may have a tendency to destroy themselves with things like war
or perhaps even sickness before they are able to develop beyond a certain intelligence. The marker for super intelligence is called
the great filter…. We either pass it or we don’t. It is possible, with world tensions, that
we destroy meaningful life on earth before we are capable of travelling faster than the
speed of light to study the universe. In which case, we will never make contact. Although, perhaps we have already. In 1977, humans made their first attempt of
alien contact when they sent The Voyager Golden Record out into space on the Voyager space
craft. As of yet, haven’t received a reply – although
it is estimated to reach our nearest star neighbor in 40,000 years, so… you know…we
may be waiting a while. So….what did we have to say? What was on the record? Images and misc sounds from earth…. The sounds were things like kids talking – which
to me is always a bit creepy – a message from the Queen of the United Kingdom, the
sound of thunder, whales and birds…which again… if you didn’t know what they were,
could sound super eerie… and maybe threatening! We also included a lot of music from earth
from composers like Mozart and Beethoven…and drawings of a naked woman and man! Hopefully if aliens ever receive the message,
they’ll be hipsters with vinyl players. IT is possible that aliens may have tried
to contact us in the past too… aside from the notorious alien sightings and broadcast
interruption hoaxes, there is one very compelling piece of evidence that alien life may have
contacted us, or at least have been heard in some way. Let me draw your attention to the WOW signal. Received in the same year that humans sent
out the Golden Record, the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University detected something
very strange indeed. An intense radio signal came from the Sagittarius
constellation which is about 5000 light years away. The surprising sound lasted for 72 seconds
and then was never heard of again. Astronomer Jerry R Ehman noted the anomaly
and was so taken aback that he wrote WOW in his notes, which is how it came to be known
as the WOW signal. Many scientists agreed that it sounded like
it could be of extraterrestrial origin. If aliens from another civilization were trying
to contact us, though, it is likely they would be long dead by now as, from the area of space
the signal was coming from, it would have taken thousands of years to reach us. But lets suspend our disbelief for a second…
lets say our Golden Record was picked up by aliens travelling time and space, what if
they then decided to visit earth and meet the whales on the record for themselves, or
demanded an audience with the Queen of England? If that’s the case, let’s hope they come
sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment on their behalf. The thing is though….has anyone seen the
movie Arrival, because I think it kind of portrays the likelihood well – there is
absolutely no way humans and aliens will speak the same language. Speaking with an alien would be mind blowing. They will categorically not be like us. Humans are the product of millions of years
of evolution, and thousands of years of social evolution. We are shaped by our experiences and surroundings
and you bet that those experiences and surroundings will not be shared by alien life. While it would be headline global news on
planet earth, our reaction could go a multitude of ways, and it may not all be good. Speaking with aliens may bring planet earth
together, with countries united by a more important title – humans. We may get along with aliens, they may be
funny, they make crack a few intergalactic jokes… like… how do you know when a moon
has finished its dinner….. its full…. Trolololol… we may even be able to learn
some amazing secrets about the universe, gain new technologies and live better lives…
maybe aliens would drag us from a veritable dark age! But… think on this… what if we didn’t
like what we heard from other civilizations? Remember what happened when humans started
meeting other humans for the first time? As the late great King of all things Stephen
Hawking said: “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America,
which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how
intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” Yikes. What do you guys think would happen if we
contacted an alien civilization? The day first contact is made will be monumental
and historic and will change life as we know it… but I have a feeling, considering the
sheer distance of space time, it will be a long way off. And, like… we all think aliens will be wanting
to chat to humans, but what if they would rather converse with the killer whales or
the ducks? What if they want to speak with dogs or bees? The likelihood of us being able to understand
them is just as likely as aliens holding court with orangutans. Maybe the rhinos have had enough, and they’ll
get aliens onside. Really what I am trying to say is that the
possibilities are mind boggling and endless. Okay, that really is about enough of that. I would love to hear what you think. Do also let me know what you would say to
an alien on first meeting. Before I go I am just going to read some comments
from the video we did called What if The Sun Moved Closer To Earth… We had a comment from the one and only Jedi
MasterYoda who said I would call the Sun Babatunde. The Gaming Geek said they would call the sun
Sharon! LOL. Okay But Said: What. Why am I just realising that the narrator
of this video is the same person as the presenter in
The Most Amazing Top 10?!?!?

100 thoughts on “What If We Contacted An Alien Civilization?

  1. Lol, half of the people on Earth are racist, so much hate due to colour, on top of that all an Alien, that too from out of space.😂😂😂

  2. My first words to aliens would be nothing I would just take them to Taco Bell cuz none of my friends like Taco Bell lol

  3. I have location for three ships of extraterrestrial will be able to pick up human signal *
    One. Combine Spanish and Germany with a heavy Chinese accent
    Then Sent a signal in 6/17/19

    Free trade

    Like us
    Might be abit unaccepting
    Get alliance

    Not merciful

  4. Actually the closest Earth like planet is or was Venus of the past I think at one point life existed on three different planets in our solar systems in my books humans came from Venus we were super advanced our planet had just been dragged off orbit by its now ex moon Mercury which was causing its orbit to slow down so we threatened the people of Earth and Mars driving them off the planet while very few stayed behind a great war was waged ending in a massive meteorite being flung into Earth killing off its life and due to the casualties of the war humans were forced into hypersleep until Earth was habitable again unluckily Mars froze killing any life left but we had a reset by our creator after he witnessed what we'd done recreating the human race

  5. It’s gonna be like in Star Wars to where if a civilization isn’t ready then there will be strict commands to avoid all contact with them until there ready to meet the confederation

  6. this aliens who will visiting us will probably be way intelligent than us.
    unlike us humans who colonize(or kills the natives) of the new places we've found in the history, they probably won't do that, they might make a contact with us, or, we are being surveyed by them and the time they'll make contact with us is when we've attained world peace and ready for the full course space exploration


  8. what if the government found proof and contacted aliens, but realize that some humans wouldn't accept the aliens and would likely attack which would lead to our species extinction, as humans don't even accept each other… ( racism, sexism, and ect) , point being, even if we did find alien life, we should never tell everybody on earth until they have reached the level of intelligence where violence would seem like caveman type stuff, you really have to think about what some members of our own species would do before you can send it onto the news world wide

    edit: I would personally love to meet aliens and talk to them and learn from them, it'd be like i was younger again and back in 3rd grade and i love'd learning science again, and maybe i could teach them some things, mutually beneficial, of course as well both species would first need to take samples of blood from each other and test it to make sure neither have diseases that would harm the other

  9. I’m glad we haven’t found another planet with life on it, because we would probably destroy the life on it, or put them in zoos and museums.


  11. Alien:ooo a big green a blue planet

    Humans: ok we hit China with a nuke

    Alien: ooooo a big orange planet with white on the top let’s go there

    Other aliens: but surrrr

    Alien: I said other planet

    Also Alien:I think we keep ore oil

    Trump: ooooo oil let be a team

    Alien:aaaa a big duck prepare for higher speed

  12. i would say "Hey guys or girls, (gender equality) how y'all been. I me come on, a couple billion light years would have made you guys cranky or something like that, right

  13. Well if aliens are funny, then we can safely assume she is not an alien. Good show though. Keep up the good work Rebecca felgates!

  14. My first thing I’d say to an alien is “lemme lick that intergalactic boot-“

    Gonna leave now

  15. we should be carefull contacting somthing we dont know anything about they could be in danger to us humans at least dont tell which planet we are located, its like telling av stranger where we live and he or she gonna rob you or even kill you

  16. "Hello,friends. Are you well?"

    This is the perfect thing to say
    (Provided the aliens would be able to understand us)
    It portrays no ill will and lets them know we welcome them with open arms.

  17. Recently, we have found proof of alien life then found out the existance of aliens, but very few people know about this(me) because no one really cared but theres a video on it. Im not lying.

  18. Dear God please don’t let aliens reach out during Trump’s Presidency. He would either divert money from our space program to building a wall around the Earth or give Earth away to a foreign alien government just for them helping Trump win his presidency. Yes…the irony of my comments. LOL

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