What Is Biofertilizer – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

What Is Biofertilizer – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains an advance videos. Hello students today will be studying chapter Miceobes in human welfare in that will be studying today about biofertilizers when I say biofertilizers bio means organic or naturally available and fertilizers and nothing but manuals which enrich the nutrient nutrition content of a soil or nutritive value of a soil now there are various chemical fertilizers available today we will be studying about fertilizers which are present organic or which are naturally available. Biofertilizers Biofertilizers are easily available that who knows cause any pollution to the soil but what are this bio fertilizers made up of bio fertilizers are basically made up of organisms it could be simple organisms like earth moon which enrich the soil quality when a bone is added into soil it passes to the field and burrows the soil or the field and in this process it mixes all the nutrients of the soil it enriches the soil quantity by the biological activity microorganisms increase the fertility or the effectivity of the soil when you compare with chemical fertilizers biofertilizers do not cause any harm to the soil an example of National bio fertilizers which are available on microbial cases would be sino bacteria one fungi and different kinds of bacteria sino bacteria is nothing but blue green agate now this blue-green alga is naturally present inside rice fields and in rice fields it helps to transport nitrogen while the rice crop is growing we all know that rice crops means a lot of water and nitrogen fixation in rice lands is done by cyanobacteria while adding nutrients this biofertilizers increase other phytonutrients like nitrogen phosphorus in the soil and the crop grows very effectively biofertilizers are the cheap source of nitrogen fixing and well as phosphorus fish fixing ailments available so let us see how by for let’s help [Applause] my offer glazes organisms that help to enrich soil quantity and increase soil fertility by their biological activity it means organisms help the plant to increase in phosphorus nitrogen content naturally without causing any damage to the crop of the field a dundas biofertilizers main source of biofertilizers are bacterium it could be symbiotic or symbolic like a nabina not stock etc fungi as well as cyanobacteria this organisms president biofertilizers causes nutritional content of soil to increase rapidly this could be nitrogen phosphorus and sulfur without causing any damage to the crops or without having any side effects on crop or crop cycle they are cheap source of fertilizer secondly they are much effective than chemical fertilizers like urea which cause a lot of damage to crop cause pollution and even it is expensive in this part of the chapter we have studied how biofertilizers have helped humankind and what are the great aspects of bio fertilizer as compared to chemical fertilizer I hope you all have understood till early about this topic thank you

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  2. Abit hard to follow due to the english.
    but im not from a english speaking country so maybe it's that.

    Great otherwise and im thankfull for your work!

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