What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

The word socialism is a bit of a taboo here
in America, where capitalism reigns supreme. We want our businesses and economic markets
to be freer than a bald eagle flying through the sky eating a big mac. But clearly the stigma of socialism is lifting
as one of our presidential contenders Bernie “feel the Bern” Sanders, has brought socialism,
and in particular democratic socialism, to the forefront of the national conversation. Socialism, at its root, stands for the
belief that a group of people can work together for the betterment of all the members of that
population, not just for the benefit of the few Not to be confused with its more extreme totalitarian
form – communism socialism isn’t about how much the government
controls, but that its people control and share its resources. Democratic socialism is the enactment of socialist
principles through the means of the democratic process Democratic socialists believe that the government
and the economy should be run by the people it is representing rather than a small handful
of people working against the interests of the majority. So it makes sense that socialism is making
a sort of come-back here in America, right? Thanks to unfettered capitalism, the top one-tenth
of the 1% wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. CEOs are making 300 times what their workers
make – and some aren’t even giving their workers liveable wages or benefits. Now you may be looking at me right now and
saying “well he’s just a communist” but I assure you I am not a communist, I’m just
a millennial. And we love socialism. And what a lot of people may not realize is
that America is kind of already a socialist country Think about it Medicare, free k-12 education, the Postal
Service, even the Army are all socialist programs. Hell, if you drive on a road or highway, you’re
utilizing socialism. It still remains to be seen if socialism will
catch on with Americans enough to elect a boisterous democratic socialist to the executive
office. Jaded from the Cold War, and weary of bigger
and more costly government programs it seems like democratic socialists have more
work to do to move past the stigma created against socialism in this country. And Americans only need to look to other countries
to see that Socialist parties can thrive and work in conjunction with capitalists to have
a free market that works for everyone. The important thing to remember is that there
are good things and bad things about both socialism and capitalism, and that we only
need to strike the right balance to make them both work And you know what really doesn’t work? Facism.

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  1. Capitalism in America has never been unfettered – lol. we have social programs we are not socialist those are different things.

  2. Define fascism – you flash a picture of trump to imply he is a fascist but the closest thing we have had to fascism has been Obama. He restricted the press, prosecuted whistleblowers and asserted executive privilege to prevent the investigations into his “scandal free” presidency-

  3. This doesn't explain anything. Before I retired, I asked my students at university how this works. Nobody could explain it without resorting to using excessive force to crush anyone who disagrees.

  4. Why does this video confuse government programs/welfare with socialism?

    Also, isn’t Fascism just another form of socialism?

  5. I'm gen z and I think this guy is an idiot. Most people who support Socialism usually don't know too much about socialism. Socialism even Democratic socialism leads to a larger government, more benefits for those who work and those who are lazy, payed by those who work. Larger govt also means less freedom to live your life as you want. But the biggest problem about socialism is the possibility of corruption. If you think we have problems from the corrupt govt now imagine how much more problems we will have if the govt had more control over us.

  6. Extend that 1% to the rest of the world and most people in the US are in the worlds 1% which seems to imply that while it's still rough to live in a capitalist society, it's still better than most other places in the world.

  7. You make a video trying to explain socialism, you don't actually explain how or what kind of new policies would be implemented that might share the same explanation provided and you end by assert Trump as a fascist. If you can't even get your definitions of fascism right nor explain precisely what is meant by democratic socialism, then what was the point in this video?

  8. Lol people act like in socialism there isn't a elite 1%, it's base belief is literally a have and have not system, and socialist countries are all about the military industrial complex also

  9. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate. He will make it easier to get a job and more income. He will give a lower cost healthcare aswell

  10. Let me tell you something buddy! I come from the future of socialism. I lived in Venezuela for more than 20 years and I have heard exactly the same propaganda when socialism is being sold to you. My suggestion to everyone is to RUN AWAY FROM IT AS FAR AS YOU CAN!!!! It will bring nothing but misery and decay to the people. I HAVE SEEN It. Don’t buy into it. People may tell you it is different look at all the free stuff you’ll get in your life! Are you ready for plain truth? Here it is: IT’S NOT FREE and the wealthiest won’t pay for it…. the notion that you are encouraged that you’ll start getting free stuff is already wrong. You will be controlled by the one handing you the freebies and I can assure you that those give always won’t be nothing in quality or quantity as what you can get through your sweat… The principle of working for your possessions should be maintained and protected. Do not let socialism get to you…. it is a horrible deseas that eats from the inside out everything that it touches.

  11. You honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. I also believe you have no idea what facism really is, obviously Trump isn’t a fascist when he is not beating you over the head to believe what he believes, sounds like ANTIFA to me

  12. We want to achieve a new and better order of society: in this new and better society there must be neither rich nor poor; all will have to work. Not a handful of rich people, but all the working people must enjoy the fruits of their common labour. Machines and other improvements must serve to ease the work of all and not to enable a few to grow rich at the expense of millions and tens of millions of people. This new and better society is called socialist society. The teachings about this society are called 'socialism'.
    —Vladimir Lenin, 1903

  13. Democratic Socialism = A large group of envious unemployed / under employed non productive slackers voting to take your money and property by legislative force. Socialism = A revolutionary group that overthrows a government that takes your property by force at the end of a gun. End results are the same.

  14. These hypocritical idiots like this fool say they hate fascism until they find it useful to silence their critics and dissenters – then they love it!

  15. What a poinltess video. I heard nothing to the fact why one or the other is worse or better just your biased opinion that you like socialism. Well, bully for you.

  16. Pfffff what a junk video. This is why millennials are getting dumber by the second because of garbage like this…. socialism and democratic socialism is the SAME THING!!! governments control of the means of production…

  17. Yeah but you left out that those rich people will just leave with their jobs and the rest of us will be unemployed rooting through dumps for food…

  18. democratic socialism will never work because you need that top 0.1% to make jobs and run huge businesses. if it wasn’t for them then there would be no jobs. it’s simple.

  19. This is one of the most uneducated misinformed and ignorant posts I have ever seen. Pick up a history book or just look around the world.

  20. This guy seems reasonably intelligent. .. to bad he did realize that he just told us that a combination of Socialism and Capitalism could work well together. ..so.. it would not be Socialism would it…? The historical evidence is quite clear.. it doesn't work.

  21. If we are a socialist country it is because our government has failed to provide proper education as to the true evils of what socialism is and what capitalism really means. Capitalism, not socialism, is what gives people the freedom to work towards their dreams and goals in life but socialism is TOO MUCH government interference in the lives of private citizens. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON SOCIALISM NEVER WORKS!! IF YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM AT ALL, YOU REALLY NEED TO PICK UP A HISTORY BOOK. THIS IS COMING FROM ANOTHER MILLINNIAL JUST LIKE YOU.

  22. So we just need to add health and medical care and higher education to our socialist economy. We can't work if we are sick and can't afford to get a degree.

  23. You lost what very little credibility you had at 2:22. I guess your definition of fascism produces a thriving economy then.

  24. This video is a case study in propaganda. First, you describe representative democracy and then just call it socialism. Then the class envy. Then gaslighting "we millennials love socialism…so what's wrong with YOU?"

  25. Socialist programs in the United states.
    Medicaid. Medicare. Food stamps. All cost Americans billions in fraudulent claims yearly.
    VA. While better than it has been it is still by medical standards a failure. 2 – 3 months to schedule appointments. 6 months to a year to see a specialist. This is a socialized system of medical care on an extremely small scale and still it fails to provide quality medical care in a timely manner.
    State DOTs, mismanagement of funds leaving most states with severely inadequate roads.
    Public schools, we rank around 14th in the world on education. Unacceptable.
    Law enforcement is deemed evil by Democrats and are seen as racist bullies who harass minorities; yet they would disarm Americans and have our only means of protection to be law enforcement who they themselves distrust.
    And remember the US military's mission objectives have been seen as cruel and murderous by socialist Democrats.
    The socialized programs we do have in this country are some of the biggest failures. Instead of fixing the problems we have with the current system some politicians would simply implement even more socialist policies that would raise taxes on everyone across the board to staggering highs

  26. No… socialism is that workers own some or all of productivity. Capitalism is where the capitalist owns productivity. What is happening is not capitalism, it’s morphed into economic rent. A rentier economy, where corporations and the wealthy, extract wealth.

  27. Its strange how Americans can look at other countries that practice socialism successfully (and that are clearly not communistic countries), but are actually some of the safest and healthiest places to live, and then look at America where the top 1% or so are ludicrously wealthy and the remaining percentage are struggling mightily just to get by, and they can actually think that the latter is superior to the former. Its just ignorance about what democratic socialism really is. One day people will warm up to it, once they get tired of being exploited.

  28. The people that do not know the history of socialism, need to understand that "the people" do not succeed in the formation of policies, government nor the sustenance of economy without appointed officials that protect private property and fund the economy in a way that the people most likely deserve. The opportunity or the American dream would be lost because no longer will people have the chance to become millionaires or billionaires in a socialistic country. In that case Socialism is a system that leads to corruption, because once it is established the re-distribution of peoples income comes to effect by the government. This is theft. People as doctors, lawyers and the collective would not receive the same amount of money they used to, because private businesses would no longer control their employees salaries, but the government. The worst thing that socialism offers is the re-distribution of wealth and the lost of private ownership.

  29. I'm guessing that according to your definition, we all get A's in school. Everyone gets their own house, because workers control the means of production. Janitors and doctors get the same salary. If I invest 5 million bucks to start a business, employe 500 people, provide nice jobs with beneftis, I can't make whatever I want, how much I earn will be regulated by my employees, because it will have to be a coop, and they'll be part owners. Good thing I had 5 million! No wonder many of us liberals would rather vote Trump than Sanders.

  30. This is BS. And claiming that because you're a millennial implies that you must like socialism is a logical fallacy. This is great propaganda though.

  31. 'Democratic socialism' is a chimera, an oxymoron. A state requires some balance between individual rights and the state powers. Socialism, as its name implies and as was proved in every socialist state so far, flatly denies individual rights.

  32. This video is on par with every essay every high schooler wrote at the last minute during the break before the class when the essay was due.

  33. "I assure you, I am not a communist. I'm just a millennial, and we love socialism."

    Most millennials don't even know what socialism is.

  34. This whole video is a lie. Socialism, is state controlled. You are wrong. Did you miss the film, The Rise, and Fall of The Third Reich? You must have missed that Socialism helped to kill over 150 million in the 20th Century.

  35. Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, but he'll become a Democratic Communist just like John Lennon and Joseph Stalin did in Russia nearly 100 years ago. Socialism always becomes Communism once they run out of people to tax. It's the same playbook over and over and it sucks that our own department of Education won't teach our kids anything about the dangers of socialism and communism. If it worked, Russia would have been economic powerhouse of the world instead of the US.

  36. This dumbass didnt really explain what democratic socialism is….

    These asshats think that by adding the word "democratic" that it changes anything.

    Basically hes saying democratic socialism is mob rule

  37. @1:34 all of the government programs you call out are TERRIBLE. Private health > Medicare, Private schools > public schools, UPS > USPS. The government sucks at delivering on services.

  38. America should really look at those countries the :2:04. The South African flag. There is not one State-owned enterprise still functioning in this country. And so it goes for many more of those countries. I think this oke might be sarcastic. He can not be intentionally this wrong by disproving his own points.

  39. OK,… would like you to explain who might be paying for all those extra/extreme social programs like healthcare-for-all, student loan forgiveness, perpetual breast-feeding, etc. BTW, did I, as a taxpayer, help you get through college?

  40. "Democratic socialism" would be the seed planted to grow into the tree of totalitarianism and destruction. It has been everywhere it's ever been tried. Right now, there are many people who simply don't pull their own weight; let's just admit it. These people would fair no better in a system where the government dishes out "equality" because noone is equal. You'd have people who work hard in a free market system not working hard in a socialist system because they'd have no incentive to. People who don't want to pull their own weight end up poor. The poor are poor by their own doing just as the rich are by theirs, as are the middle class, etc.
    America would start down the path of destruction and misery (look at California) because of bunch of ignorant, spoiled brats don't want to pay off their student loans. This video is CLEARLY misleading… do more research before putting out a video like this.

  41. Bernie sanders is better than trump at the same time as the people of the year is a good place to be there at the moment where he is going to be a good guy

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