What Life is Really Like In France | France Culture Shocks | Expat Living in Paris

What Life is Really Like In France | France Culture Shocks | Expat Living in Paris

someone once told me that in France you
can be as rich as you want you can be super wealthy nice watch nice car nice
house it doesn’t mean anything if you’re not cultivated and you don’t have
general knowledge.. Salut Youtube hope you guys are doing well welcome
back to my channel or if it’s your first time here hello my name is Rosie I’m a
New Zealander living in France and I’m here to do another video on some French
culture shocks which are some of my favorite videos to do. At least once a
week I have a thought that’s like oh that’s funny or oh that’s
interesting and I hope it doesn’t stop because it’s kind of part of the fun and
so although I am becoming more and more French and I have done a video on that
there are still things that surprised me so without further ado, I suggest we get
right into it! Something that really shocks me about
France is the concept of internet banking here I don’t believe it exists
and I’m gonna explain why. When I pay for things on Friday Saturday and Sunday the
transactions don’t show up on my account until maybe like Monday Tuesday or
Wednesday. For me, this means that my internet banking has shut down for the
weekend! I have found it really funny that internet banking in France for
example if I want to add someone that I would like to pay with my own money
I have to sometimes wait 24 48 hours for the bank to accept that request so I can
finally pay these people but hey maybe it’s just me maybe it’s just my bank and
my partner’s bank made me were just we are with quite old traditional French
banks now I don’t want to name and shame them because it’s not really fair but if this is not the case for you and you have a banking system that works
perfectly fine and your transactions on your internet banking are live so your
money goes out and your balance updates live please let me know down below and I
will investigate those banks ok guys so this one maybe it’s just my partner and
his family I’m not really sure but I’ve noticed in France that we never sleep
with a top sheet. To me a normal bed set up is mattress mattress protect
bottom fitted sheet and then on top of that you’ve got your top sheet and then
on top of that you’ve got your duvet cover and the things and blankets and
things that keep you warm so you’ve got a protective layer between your body and
the duvet cover it’s more for cleanliness I think then for comfort but
in France I haven’t seen many of these top sheets around and it’s kind of funny
I don’t know where they disappeared to. They do sell them in stores but I just don’t really see them at least in my version of France so can you let me know if
you’re French down below do you have top sheet or no top sheet and then if you
have no top sheet isn’t it annoying having to wash the duvet cover like
every single week? maybe it’s just the same as washing the top sheet I guess
but yeah anyway let me know.As some of you guys know if you’ve been
following me on instagram and if you’ve seen the video that I made on two
perfect days in Paris I had my best friend come visit from New Zealand and
it was amazing but it was so funny seeing France again through her eyes
because she just noticed all these kinds of things that I had kind of forgotten
about and one of the things she picked up on is that there are no customs in
France when you arrive in Paris Charles de Gaulle that’s so so rare to actually
have people checking what’s in your bag so on the other way around in New
Zealand they’re very strict about this so you cannot bring shoes with
any grass or mud on them into the country you could get fined they’ll get
thrown out you cannot bring unopened food you cannot bring so so many things
into New Zealand to protect the environment and the biodiversity and in
France I remember like landing and getting my passport checked and then I
just walked through I thought I had accidentally missed a part of the
airport I was so worried it’s sort of like you get to the border it’s like oh
yeah just bring it in whatever you have in your suitcase it doesn’t matter.Other things she noticed that cracked me up is how much the French hate
scaffolding probably because it doesn’t look very nice agreed but there are
quite a lot of restoration projects that go on in summertime and here in Paris and there’s a lot of scaffolding that’s
needed you know on our monuments or on some random buildings and what they do
is they put this hilarious facade on top of the scaffolding so it’s kind of like
it’s a painting that makes it look like it’s a real building if you thought that
was hilarious that there’s kind of like this big scaffolding cover-up operation
I think it’s fair that the French hate the look of scaffolding but the lengths
at which they go to cover it up as kind of funny.
Okay the next culture shock I want to talk about is this kind of national
education around the harm that waves can do to your body which is I’m sure
absolutely true and absolutely grounded in science but I’ve never met so many
people I mean collectively as a nation that would agree that microwaves are bad
for you and to try and avoid using microwaves as much as possible not to
stand too close to the microwave while it’s on and that kind of thing same for
cellphones a real sort of consciousness around turning your phone completely off
or at least on airplane mode every night while you sleep like because it’s just
really bad to have the waves be next to you while you sleep. I think it’s kind of linked to a wider thing actually around health and consciousness
of these kinds of things like there’s a huge amount of French people that avoid
deodorants for example because of the aluminium there are a lot of homemade
solutions to deodorants and this kind of thing. For us in New Zealand of course we
have people that are concerned about those things but they seem to have a
very particular demographic they’re kind of like the label I guess like the hippy
eco warrior kind of demographic and they’re the ones really starting the
conversations about these kinds of things and in France it’s
probably quite general and the general population although I may be wrong let
me know what you guys think down below. Another culture shock is that coming to
France it’s really hard to get a permanent work contract even if or
especially if maybe you’re a masters graduate,
They make you do like an internship and then you’ll have a fixed term contract
and then you’ll have another fixed term contract I mean that’s very very normal
before they actually offer you a full-time CDI which is a permanent
contract and this is kind of understandable when you realize that
when someone hires you it’s very very difficult to get rid of you so I can
understand I guess from the employer’s perspective but on the flip side in
order to get an apartment in order to get all sorts of very practical things
in France you need to have a permanent contract or it’s very preferable and
it’s kind of like once you land that permanent contract you kind of as a Holy
Grail and you kind of take it with both hands and there’s like I’ll never let
you go kind of thing. I think because in New Zealand the job market is very
healthy and active very low unemployment it seems to be a more dynamic market I
would say whereas here there’s still a lot of belief around oh I should stay
here for a while and should be in this one job for at least three years and
this kind of mentality which kind of surprised me it’s all sort of linked to how difficult it is to get a permanent contract. I think another culture shock
is around French TV and the fact that in France there are so many documentaries
and travel documentaries and rapportage as they call them that it just aimed at
improving the general knowledge of people and I think that’s excellent I
think the television industry in France is very impressive and I couldn’t
believe how many emissions there are in France it’s just
absolutely incredible. Something that’s really funny is that every time I
meet someone and I say that I’m from New Zealand I get oh yeah I’ve seen a
documentary on New Zealand it’s like oh I know New Zealand I’m like I have you
been oh no no I’ve just seen several documentaries and it’s
amazing how many things that people know about New Zealand
they’ve never stepped foot in the country there. So when they asked me for
more facts sometimes I’m like I don’t know I haven’t been watching documentaries on
New Zealand I often get asked questions like how
high is your tallest mountain and these kinds of things. I’m like I don’t know! It’s very facts-based, there’s a huge quest I find for general knowledge and
cultivation here in France. Someone once told me that in France you can be as
rich as you want you can be super wealthy nice watch nice car nice house
and doesn’t mean anything if you’re not cultivated and you don’t have general
knowledge. The next thing is around waiting for the bill in France my gosh
waiting for the bill in France I’ve found that you can wait
easily 20 minutes from the moment you ask the waiter to bring the bill to your
table and actually receiving it I do believe there is an element of the
waiters not wanting to rush you out the door kind of thing but my friend noticed
this and she was like oh you know it’s a bit of a waste of time and I do agree
with her you know she’s like okay we’ve finished we’re ready to go now we’re
ready to move on without evenings we’ve got things on I can definitely empathize
with that I think it’s incredible sometimes how long it takes just to get
your bill like all you want to do is pay and you need to be quite pushy
sometimes and insist like one two three times in order to get it in less than 15 minutes. Another culture shock in France is that they will just like not
hold back in telling you that you look really tired that you look
pale that you look like there’s something wrong with you and they do it
from a place of love I’m sure but they’ll be like “ça va? T’as des petits yeux” are you okay you’ve got small eyes this is the phrase “petits yeux”
cracks me up, small eyes I find it funny because in New Zealand that may be a
little bit offensive like if your colleague kept saying to you look really
tired are you okay are you sick like this kind of thing but I really doing it
from a place of love and you just have to get used to it. Like
actually no I’m I’m feeling absolutely fine I just look like crap today! I hope
you guys like these kinds of videos as much as I enjoy filming them if you’ve
experienced culture shocks yourself no matter where you’re from in the world
please let me know down below I absolutely love hearing about them if
you like my video please give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe so I can see
you next video Wednesday! A bientôt

100 thoughts on “What Life is Really Like In France | France Culture Shocks | Expat Living in Paris

  1. Salut friends! Please tell me about your culture shocks from anywhere in the world down below, I love to read about them! I have been sick recently so unfortunately I haven't done the French subtitles for this video yet – please check back tomorrow at the latest. Bonne journée! Gros bisous!

  2. for the part about banks is not about culture, its cancer and annoying even for french people.

    For customs, they dont check, but if they wanna check youll get absolutely fucked, and they'll find something. In some airports like in Nice, they do it at random.

    I know where you saw the painting scafolding, its near Solferino. And its just only so the rich people dont have to see it, cos this is in a very very VERY fucking rich place in Paris. But no its not common at all. Only in certain rich places I guess… Or for tourists… As a french myself I dont fucking now…

    The part with phones… myeah… Maybe… I dont really do it, I know some that do but whatever.

    For the term contract, well it kinda depends on what domain you are working. But its a necessecity to do shit, is kinda annoying.

    The documentaries, yes its true, but their quality has MASSIVELY dropped in the last few years, all full of shill soy boy bullshit and its not very accurate often, especially when it comes to History (Stephane Bern… putain bouffon va!!)

    Cultivation is kinda true in a way, but not really cos people are getting more and more retarded by the day here.

    The bill part depends on where your going.

    "Ca va" is just empathy. Nothing more. Its weird you find it weird but ay.

  3. J'avoue que je suis encore en apprentissage d'hygiénisme à l'anglo-saxonne. Je ne connais pas la traduction du terme top sheet et par conséquent n'en utilise vraisemblablement pas (en revanche j'utilise deux couches de drap-housse, ça compte ?). J'attends quoi qu'il en soit que ma couette sente bien le fromage pour la livrer alors à mon déodorant (c'est bien à ça que ça sert ?), je dors d'ailleurs toujours avec les chaussettes de l'avant-veille histoire de favoriser la levée rapide d'odeurs. Il m'arrive parfois, par accident, de prendre une douche avant de me coucher, et alors l'idéal pour reprendre du poil de la bête, ce sont les draps vieux non pasteurisés (le top — no sheet – c'est les draps AOC).

    Concernant le temps d'attente au restaurant avant l'addition, disons qu'il doit être proportionnel au temps nécessaire à la banque pour digérer le menu. Voilà une autre raison expliquant la minceur des Françaises : une partie des calories ingérées partent sous forme de taxes spatio-carbonées dans des bureaux où des employés grassement payés et difficiles à virer lors de leur pause déjeuner discutent sans fin sur la régularité de nos dépenses.

    You're welcome.

  4. NZ is an island so customs can check all imported goods to be sure everything is safe. France has so long land borders that even if airport customs check each and every luggage, many things may enter incognito. IMHO that's why controls are lighter

  5. Très intéressant de voir son pays par les yeux de quelqu'un d'autre… Concernant la télévision et les "reportages", j'ai pourtant l'impression que le niveau est assez bas… 😉

  6. I'm not French so I can't speak to the culture there, but I actually really hate top sheets and refuse to put them on my bed.

  7. About the bill, when you know you are in a rush, ask for the bill when asking for coffee. It shows the waiter that you want to go as soon as you finish your coffee. I use that trick a lot. 🙂 Obviously, it only works if you drink coffee after your meal.

  8. Bank wise, my online banking just stops working on sundays but works any other day. I’ve also noticed it’s the only bank that shows incoming money transfers the day that they are made, as opposed to different ones with which you have to wait for several days before anything shows up. I also have the option to transfer money through someone’s phone number if I use my bank’s app. I’m with the banque populaire, account costs 4€ per month 🙂 hope this helps!

  9. French here :
    About online banking and being able to transfer money quickly from your account to a new one : it is quite common, and the only bank (that I know of) that does not take 24/48h to accept a new account is La Société Générale. I've got no idea of why the others take so long though.
    About top sheets : I only use them when it's hot, so I can push the duvet away and still have a kind fabric on me. And mostly, we just wash the sheets that surround the duvet, and it seems just hygienic enough. And when I use a top sheet, I usually wash both the duvet cover and the top sheet.
    About micro-waves, waves & chemicals : more people are getting interested in those topics. There are more interest in the health and environment impact of our day-to-day lives than before. Although, it may be over-represented in Paris in comparison to the rest of France. And, for some of these concerns, quite useless (for example, the cell-phone waves are basically harmless at the level they're at, but that's another conversation).
    About permanent contract : yeap. It's messed up.
    About the bill : I find it mostly true in Paris. Outside of the capital, the waiting time is usually lower (I hardly had to wait more than five to ten minutes on bad days outside Paris, but rarely less in Paris)

    Generally, Paris has a culture that looks a lot like French culture, but still has its perks and differences that you wouldn't see anywhere else, and parisian life can be sooooo different than elsewhere. Personnally, I couldn't live there. I'd rather be in the countryside, near a smaller city like Caen or Nantes.

    Anyhow, enjoy your life in France !

  10. For the bank thing it’s not normal if in your contract you have an instant debit
    But I know that you have to ask for it so check your contract

  11. Thanks for the vid! I’m also living in France. I have an “old” French bank and it’s notoriously slow. Very little can be done online and everything requires an in-bank visit. I do definitely miss efficient banking! Also, the lack of topsheets bothers me as well! My French ex’s family didn’t use topsheets and neither did any of the beds I’ve stayed in at bed and breakfasts throughout France, so I assume it’s not a common thing. Oddly, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t use mattress protectors either and I definitely feel some kind of way when I see how many totally destroyed and horrifically stained mattresses I see on the roadside on garbage collection day! 🙂

  12. Holy cow, I thought I were an old South-Westerner guy with his old "traditions" but the sheets problem – or the wash clothes absence by the way- keep on striking me partners after partners; I just dont get it, mainly because I hate heat especially during the night so all those quilts, duvets and so on are an absolute disgusting no-go for me.
    About the deodorant on the other hand, don't know to be honest. I'm not a big perfume user but I cannot think of not using a proper-chemicals free- deodorant. I've been studying chemical engineering and environment issues since 1995 and I still don't get the trick, same thing for the micro-wave, but you know I could be too attached to a scientific method way of thinking unlike many of my – should I say conspiracy Facebook pseudo "theories" washed ?- siblings. No i shouldn't but I will.
    Hadn't watched one of your video for some time to be honest but I always appreciate your sincerity and kindness, and believe me I could be born of some sort of Gascon/Parisian/South-Italian & German melting polt, I'm still French and I keep on not completely understanding how my compatriots are working or thinking! Andif you ever want to visit the other country of Rugby and surf – aka Aquitaine coasts– please free to ask, would be a great opportunity for my nieces!
    My very best regards. <3

  13. French living in Hong Kong, and Mainland China before. Internet banking works the same in these places as in France.

    No top sheet for me, unless we put a blanket over. That would be old fashioned though. Nowadays we use duvet+duvet cover. Never seen any top sheet in China / Hong Kong either, not even in hotels. Always duvet+cover.

    The scaffolding thing is a requirement in some protected areas (national heritage areas, even if the building itself is not national heritage. We have the issue at my family's place)

    The microwave thing might be a BoBo thing quite frankly. French indeed are concerned about phone waves. And yes, we are concerned about aluminium salts but most of us just chose deodorant without aluminium salt. Again, I can imagine BoBos going for homemade stuff.

    French laws make the market very "still", not very fluid. It explains a lot of the problems you are describing. But it also (over?) protects employed people.

    We LOVE documentaries. Quality ones. Not the American ones which repeat the same thing 10 times in a row for 45 minutes. Kudos to Arte and BBC.

    We do value culture more than assets/net worth. Quite a cultural shock for French to move to China/Hong Kong/USA for this reason.

    20 minutes for the bill must be perceived, or please share the restaurant names so that we can avoid them, haha

    Did you know: the adjective "frank" comes from the fact the Frankish people were known for how straight-forward they were. Guess what is modern English for Franks/Frankish? You guessed it: French. So, when you say "frankly speaking" you are actually saying "speaking like a French". No offence meant, this is just who we are 🙂

  14. Hey Rosie, I love watching your videos on French culture shock. I'm a Canadian living in Poland and so much of what you say is exactly what I've experienced here. Maybe it's a European thing more than just a French thing.
    In regards to top sheets, they don't use them in Poland either and it drives me crazy. I was in hospital once and they gave me a woollen blanket that I'm sure does not get washed between patients and no top sheet in between. I was horrified.

  15. Wtf no sheet on the blanket??
    All the people I know, me too, have a ''housse de couette'', which is way more comfortable than a top sheet, it stays in place better 😀

  16. About the job market. Politics have tried to establish new work contracts, more flexible to supposedly allow employers to hire more people. Our unemployment rate has not fallen and our poverty has risen. And most countries that apply economic liberalism at its fullest (UK, USA) have a very high poverty rate. Because having a job doesn't mean having enough money to live when you live with more flexible work contracts. I'm not saying France is wrong or France is right, it's just that the issue is way more complex than it seems. We have our own issues which seem to be specific to our model and to our society.

  17. 5:05 it is not. There has never been a single study that has been able to show that electromagnetic microwaves emitted by devices had any impact on the body.

    What we have in France is more of a widly spread general defiance against non natural things.
    So it is really not a good thing.

  18. Wow I thought France would be like Quebec Canada which is the one french province, but from what your saying there are a lot of differences.

  19. Mine was moving from an English province to a french one and how their Christmas and easter suppers are much different. I went from turkey dinner to Fondue's.

  20. – Banquing is shit in France. Mine is Banque Populaire, not only I have to wait 24 hours to have the peron I add confirmed, but mine works by region and i discovered that i couldn't make a withdraw at the front desk when i llst my credit card during a music Tour, even though its the SAME bank. I had to ask friends to lend me some money for a week, that was humiliating and I don't like to owe money to friends.
    – For the sheets, it depends on the families. My mom would not let us do without undersheet, but i went to friends house and some don't have those. I noticed that people with undersheets came from richer families that those who don't. It isn't criticism it's just a constatation. Also a lot of my friends that grew up with undersheets don't have it anymore because they became lazy living on their own.
    – The scaffolding is here to cover the ugly and prevents objects to fall on the pedestrians.
    – The microwaves one…i don't know what kind of people you met because the description you gave was very specific about the lenght they woul go to avoid it. I agree it's bad though, but i think it's part of a more general picture. We are trying very hard to eat and consume better, we are conscious that we have to act now to preserved what's left even if our government doesn't follow. You are absolutely right to avoid aluminium in doedorant, I personally switched to a ball deodorant. We are more about what can we do on our own, reachable and affordable for the better for our bodies and our environmment.
    – Jobs are hard to find and hard to keep, absolutely. The thing is, companies ask for degrees AND experience wen it's hard to gain experience while doing a degree but won't give you experience because you lack the degree. Internship isn't always paid and some companies have a tedency to abuse the numbers of interns they can get because they have a diminution of tax when they take on intern. I can say also that workers protective laws are endangered, we did strikes but the government didn't move and placed the laws even further into precarity giving the upper hand to companies when dealing with their employees while crushing small companies with taxes. Companies can send you off like they want but will send off themselves with huge profits. In short.
    – We do have our trashy programs too XD There is a lot of good tv, like documentaries, i love watching live Operas on the channel 5. We also have a certain amount of amrican tv too on some channels, the good old Jersey shore, teen moms and so on.
    – How are you surprised to be asked how you are and how you look in a country where people kiss each other four times on the cheeks just to say hello ? I moved in the south so now it's only two but still, saves so much time !

    Anyway, nice video !

  21. Hi ! I'm french and I'm happy to hear your fellings.
    First of all, Paris is not representative of France. Parisians are a bit paranoid sometimes. 😉
    Otherwise, our country isn't independent 'cause we're in the European Union. For example, we can't chose the legislation concerning our borders (Schengen) and we don't have the control of the currency. Every year our government has to ask to the European Commission if they agree with the budget. If any European law isn't respected, we have to pay a fee (billions of €). That's some of the reasons why English voted for Brexit.
    Finally, there is 15% unemployment or more (yes the official number is lower 'cause they don't count every category). That's the reason why is so difficult to find a permanent job.

    I hope you read me until the end and that my english isn't too bad !

  22. Pro tip : lève toi, va vers le bar, demande à payer ta note. C'est pas des machines à ton service, tu peux aller leur parler.

  23. Hello i have heard from another video that you have gone to Normandy, where are you gone exactly in Normandy? In deauville / trouville and other city closed like I suggested to you? 🙂

  24. The French only start wars that they can not win. Always in the end the USA has to clean up their mess. They have lost control of their own country now. I do not see anything special about them other than the small group of yellow vest followers who are standing up to their government. We could care less about what the French care about other than the very unfrench yellow vest heroes. Think on that!

  25. In Russia we use a duvet cover, it's washed every time with the rest of the bedding and i find it way more comfortable. I always struggle with top sheets at hotels haha. So not used to them.

  26. All french banks sucks ..avoid using french banks ..too expensives too slow ..use mobile banks like n26 revolut etc ….transferts are immediate ..

  27. Yes, at 9:29 that is what we would do. The "ceremony" of dining in France (Paris especially) includes the prolonged process of getting the bill. However, many establishments appear to want to "Out French" the other restaurants – all very silly. Anyway, we would just start to get up and look like we were leaving and PUFF! there was the bill. They will only maintain the French veneer so long as money is not at steak.

    Unfortunately and sometimes luckily, all it takes is money and the French will be less French. I know that sounds harsh and bit crude… but there were times when I just did not feel like putting up with the attitude and would vote with my wallet. After a while my favorite cafe, pastry shop, and market would treat me like a more typical local and not a tourist… it took several months but they eventually came around.

    Ah the French, attitude… but with a purpose!

  28. Well for thé documentaries it depends ^^’ When I was a child (borned in 1994) there was 6 free and national tv channels, and every single evening I was watching « C’est pas sorcier » on France 3 (If you don’t know this tv show run for it, it‘s now free on YouTube, each 550 episodes) ans nowadays I still watch a lot of documentaries on nature/science/politics on France 5/Arte/Lcp (all free national chanels) and YouTube but as far as I Know I’m the only one in my friends and family who enjoy it. À lot of them never watch television or only for movies in the evenings, or worst like sensational « documentaries » on RMC NRJ12 or private channels

  29. Pour la banque : c'est normal, afin d'être sure que ce n'est pas un vol d'argent, la banque doit valider toutes les transactions manuellement. C'est relou mais c'est pour la bonne cause.

  30. Have you ever watched this French comedy called "Les TUCHES"
    Of course this is a comedy with a lot of clichés but I think it explains a lot on how people are seen in society in France, you can't really impress French people with money if anything it will make them think that you are just bragging, however knowledge and culture in general, good manners, politeness is always appreciated.

  31. Pour la douane, je pense qu'ils supposent que si t'es montée dans l'avion c'est que t'as déjà été fouillée. En ce qui concerne la culture générale, si quelqu'un est riche mais bête ça ne fait pas serieux, on se demande comment il va gérer, ça fait un peu personne qui n'a pas travaillé pour devenir riche

  32. As a French, I would say that asking people if they are okay is totally normal and more, it proves you're worried about the person you ask. For example if I see that my friend's face is all red and she looks tired I would be worried and I would probably ask "Are you okay ? Do you have fever ? You look sick…"

  33. Concerning rich people, if a man in a party or wherever else keeps talking about how expensive his car is or that he has a six figure income, most of the people won't take him seriously if he can't talk about any subject seriously, and if someone keeps talking about his wealth but he is with poorer people, those would treat him as an asshole because he knows that people around him only earn like a half or a third of his income

  34. I would say top sheets are a bit old fashioned. When I was young I saw them everywhere but little by little they tend to be replaced with duvets.

  35. I'm from Germany and we also don't use top sheets at all. I've actually never slept with a top sheet anywhere in my life 😀

  36. They believe that air conditioning is bad too and over 18 000 people died during the heatwave of 2003.

    I've been here 42 years and fortunately I have always worked for myself. If I had to work for them I'd be long gone. Salaries are so low here and everything is so disorganized

  37. It’s funny because when a German exchange student came to my home she didn’t know what to do with the top sheet… now they have disappeared from my house too!

  38. Wow, this is facinating. I mean, do french people believe the whole world thinks they are cowards as they always lose wars? Is the anti-semitism that was prevalent in France for years still alive and well. How do native French people react to the mass influx of Muslims who are living in crime areas and set cars aflame? Do the weekly protests against the government mean anything? Why is Paris so terribly filthy? Do French people read at all?, and if they do, what do they read. Is there any reason French have a reputation of being nasty and haughty to visitors?

  39. Is there any reason most 5 star hotels in Paris and all of France don't have any air conditioning? The lousiest bodega in Manhattan has a/c in the sweltering summer months. For that matter, most French apartments don't have any a/c either. What percentage of French kids go to college?

  40. microwaves are not at all dangerous, unless there is literally a hole in a door. I am actually surprised that french are not familiar with the basic physics behind this. there is more controversy about the cell phones, but most scientists agree that they are harmless unless a person does not spend hours every day talking on it.

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  42. In New York City important or historical building cover up their scaffolding with the same type of 'faux' front.

  43. This video isn't helping, don't take it wrong but you're white and can easily be confused as a French person unless you start speaking perhaps. I'm sure life would really be different for a black or hispanic person of color from the western hemisphere, add that with the language barrier.

  44. Rosie, I'm a French living in Canada and I have a cat. She comes with me, who would left a family member behind, right? Same I arrived at CDG and I expected to get her documents checked… Nope, nothing, nada. On the other hand, back in Canada, well, they checked alright but barely, just rabies vaccination and they didn't even tried to match the document with the cat.
    Maybe she is too cute and the Border officer was moved, who knows? 😎😸

  45. I'm an Italian living in France, and I think I have the same bank you had here.
    The problem with this bank is that an employee has to "authorize" both the adressee and the payment you're doing.
    In reality they wait a couple of working days before authorizing your payment to give you the time to realized if you have been scammed in order to stop the payment.
    It's a paternalistic measure to protect the both the very young and the very old clients, but it's applied to everybody and yes, it's very annoying!

  46. About restaurant, I think there are 2 cases. On a working day you have few time then you choose a "brasserie" instead of a restaurant, chose a short menu and tell to the waiter you don't have much time (even if they know). In the other time, we go to restaurant for pleasure, then, we have full of time and we take it to appreciate the moment fully ^_^

  47. The arrogant french are cowards and pathetic losers , I could not care less what Russia does to backstabbing France , what a waste of American lives , liberating socialist France from the Nazis on D day was a mistake , we should bring our dead hero’s back from scumbag ungrateful France and bury them on American soil not in the land of cowards and losers , i would rather have trade and better relations with Russia than the spineless arrogant french , and to think my uncles risked their lives to liberate these scumbags ,

  48. Internet banking your only choice for a free bank account here in France. All non internet banks charge you for banking with them, worse if you have a business. In the UK non business accounts are free. As for top sheets we don't have one, same in the UK. There are customs here in France, they are called douanes. As for scaffolding its used all over France, it depends on the town hall, Parisians are anal about keeping the look of the city, i.e. the historical architecture. Must be Parisian thing when you talk about microwaves? we all use microwaves its not generally recognised as a problem here.
    About deodorant where did you get your info a handful of your friends, the majority of French people use it, n'importe quoi! Trying to get permanent work here is very difficult, so yes your spot on with that. French people are cultured generally, but there are exceptions. Waiting for the bill in Paris is a chore, in Brittany its the same as in the UK. True about the French and their in your face observations. You want to do a video about driving here, roundabouts and driving to close to your bumper on the motorways.

  49. Funny video, interesting to see what "shocks" you, congrats! It's eye opening and you got a lot of things right! Here's my take on:

    Except with some old conservative banks, I did not really experience the inconvenience of seeing my account updated only by Tuesday-Wednesday. Not denying that it has not been true like 10 years ago, but this is surely a thing of the past 🙂

    We also have top sheets for our bed as well aha, I do not know where you have been to but yes, we do have them too although we can agree on the facts that a big duvet… is much handier right? I don't know, haven't noticed a particular pattern here.

    Well, to me, the only reason why once arrived in France you did not get your luggages checked thoroughly at the airport is because it has been done already from where your plane took off. Happens all the tome to me but the other way around and I travel a LOT. If I go to extensive security checks when leaving France, I don't have to go through them again once arrived say in Germany (where I live) or in anywhere else – or very rarely. And France being the first touristic destination (i don't intend to brag about it, it's an argument), I believe the airport staff members know what they do to ensure public safety – you did not forget a step aha, do not worry! But if you were really talking only about what can be imported or not, I have no clue 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Interesting point about the scaffoldings! I agree, yes they are atrocious but essential temporary scars ruining the sight.. but we do not go to the extend of covering them up with matte painting just to get rid of them. For most of them, the reason is financial: they are deployed by patrons and generous sponsors that accept to donate money and fund the restoration work in exchange for some public visibility. You can see a lot of Apple, Samsung or LVMH backdrops in Paris for this reason – except at the Louvre that, of course, could not bear the sight of brand logo ruining its architecture.

    Can't say much for the rest 😀

    I loved this video!

  50. Je lave ma couette tout les 2 ans et je dors sans draps comme quasi chaque français lol ! Nous on se pose pas la question de l'hygiène de la couette c'est juste pour avoir chaud. on change que les draps du dessous ^^ en revanche on met la couette dans une housse spéciale qu'on lave regulierement et le tour est joué ^^

  51. Seems like you're talking about Paris…. But Paris is not France and France is not only Paris !!! Great vid thought

  52. You are probably the nicest person in France—and NO, they are not coming from a place of ❤️, they are just exercising national passive-aggression (versus going to the gym).

  53. I am from Turkey I watch this video rn because im moving to France tomorrow for University! I am also fluent in French because my highschool was a french high school.

  54. Parfois, c’est mieux de commandé au bar et de payer, ton verre. Après, tu t’assoies où tu veux, et tu pars quand tu veux. Et si tu veux être très poli, tu ramènes les verres au bar. Évidemment, si c’est pour de la nourriture, c’est pas possible.

  55. They may have borrowed a German idea? I always used bottom and top sheet but my German friend is using the duvet cover as top sheet.

  56. Haha the scaffolding thing is like that in Italy too! My husband and I visited Milan in 2017 and the cathedral was covered the same way!

  57. I am so not even french love your name…I am so fascinated with the french culture and want to live there. But what you said about stable work is kind of hard to shallow

  58. I'm French and all my family uses top sheet, if you go to the countryside you will see that many people use top sheet.
    And most of the French people use microwaves even if we consider it as " not good ", yes it's totally illogical 😂

  59. Every week without fail I see someone wrestling a duvet inner into a cover at the laundromat. I have a double bed here and there’s no way I’m doing that. First thing I bought here was a top sheet.

  60. At the airport customs, officers often search bagages from asian people because of the food they bring with them (vegetables and even rotten meat ,avaried food). In each international airport Chinese are a plague with that.

  61. He Miss Kiwi; you are a little "chochotte" to focus on such insignifiant details. In addition you say " choc culturel". Good heavens, it"s horrible !

  62. Hello i am french living in Britany a nd 90% of people around me have top sheet. Concerning the control at the airport you can control because New-Zeland is an island, not France. And yes, I have seen that on TV, in a "reportage" about your country ! 😁

  63. The top sheet is the exception I think. It's not only in France that they don't have it. I've been in many countries, and no one has top sheets at home. Same with the border control. NZ is the exception here. I was in NZ and Australia and even in Australia they don't go that far about cleaning shoes.
    About the permanent contract, it's a national issue. That's because it's very hard to fire people in France and the employee can sue you for firing him. So employers are very careful about giving that permanent contract. There are efforts to change the culture, but it faces a lot of resistance from the syndicats. It's a complicated subject in France, going on for decades.

  64. soooo, they don't overly use a bunch of tedious bed sheets, they have a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to Internet bank transactions, they don't have an international customs to rifle through people's personal belonging's, they actually teach their populations about the dangers of chemicals in hygiene products/cell phone radiation and they hold onto work permits like their fucking balls, as most European countries do now…. I don't see these things as odd or quirky at all…

  65. Compared to OZ or NZ, yeah, our customs can seem very slack ! Thing is, Australia and New zealand have very delicate ecosystems that need protection 🙂

  66. Top sheets are not use in Japan or Taiwan either, in most countries people do not use top sheets, but in U.S yes, people do use them …. There are also lots of travel documentaries and food programs on TV , people really enjoy these kind of show in Japan and Taiwan as well.

  67. Question: I've seen that land is cheap in Southern France, I wad thinking of buying there and moving, why is it so cheap and what difficulties would I face, especially if I wanted a small farm? Milk farm, for myself and the community?

    Also, the reason why there's low unemployment in New Zealand is because they all flock to Australia for the jobs! Burn! 🤣

  68. Avant que les couettes (ou duvets) arrivent, on utilisait le « top sheet » entre nous et les couvertures en laine qui nous tenaient chaud et qu’on ne lavait pas aussi souvent. Mais puisqu’on a une housse de couette, qu’on peut laver, ce serait un peu un double emploi d’avoir un autre drap sur nous. Mais tu as raison ce n’est vraiment pas pratique de devoir enlever la housse de couette et la remettre chaque semaine pour la laver!! Votre technique est bonne 🙂 et à propos des echauffaudages (je ne sais pas comment ça s’écrit), il me semble que l’idée de les recouvrir est assez récente et c’est surtout l’occasion d’afficher de l’art en très grand format en ville! Je trouve ça super!

  69. 50 years ago you wouldn't find duvets in French homes, it's a german and swiss tradition that was gradually adopted when French people enjoyed duvets abroad. And thus we do not use topsheet with duvet covers, it's redundant !

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