What Pop Culture Item Was Banned in Your House Growing Up?

What Pop Culture Item Was Banned in Your House Growing Up?

Now, Twitter user, @toomuchnick, recently
asked people this hilarious question, what’s the funniest time your parents
banned a piece of pop culture from you? All right, for example, @gracespellman
said quote, my mom wouldn’t let me watch the birth scene in the Spice Girls movie!
>>My gosh.>>So yes, so we fast forwarded through it and
@iamnotwaynegale said, my mom confiscated my Eminem,
Marshall Mathers LP when I was 12. She wrapped it up and
returned it to me on my 21st birthday.>>[APPLAUSE]>>So ladies, what items were not allowed in your household growing up
that were a part of of pop culture?
>>Well, I grew up in a project, so we had nothing, so.
>>[LAUGH]>>Cuz I couldn’t really remember anything.
>>Yeah, yeah, really? Well, I know that, for me, when you grow
up with parents that don’t speak English, they’re fresh off the boat kind of people, they didn’t understand the stuff
than the lingo they were doing. I remember distinctly, when I used
to love myself some Humpty Hump. And when the video came out and
the dance came out and you just learned what your hips can do. [SOUND] My mother, you don’t do that,
[SOUND], why you do that. So I remember,
I had to take all that back.>>So the Humpty Hump was banned from your house.
>>The dance, yes. She doesn’t want anything that looks
like it could do it with a ding dong.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay. I know that when I was growing up
there was like this whole craze, I don’t know the movie like
The Craft had just come out. Do you guys remember that? So many girls were having sleepovers and they had Ouija boards.
>>So that was not allowed in my house.
>>Really?>>There was no way.>>That’s good.>>I was not into it. I know it was trendy! But that was not trendy in my home. My mother was like, absolutely not! You will not be conjuring up any
spirit other than the Holy Spirit up in this house.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>So I did not get to play with any of that stuff, but also even TV shows. I was not allowed to watch the Simpsons
because Bart called his teacher a bitch. And I wasn’t allowed to watch Married
With Children because my mom didn’t like the representation of a marriage. Roseanne, like I wasn’t allowed
to watch any of those shows.>>Well, Mama Nilda and Mama Darlene really need to get together.
>>Yes.>>My mom said the same thing about the Ouija board.
>>Yes.>>Like in the 80s, that was the cool fun game.
>>At sleepovers.>>Yes, we couldn’t even play that. And she said don’t ever bring that
thing in our house cuz you don’t wanna play with them spirits. The only way to belt a spirit that’s all.
>>And then you guys she wouldn’t
let us watch the Smurfs. She said I don’t know she said they’re
blue and they were sort of like demonic or something.
>>Aah.>>I’m like, okay, mom, and then the other thing was Dirty Dancing,
I wanted watch that movie so bad. But I ended up watching it
at my babysitter’s house, and til this day my mom has no idea,
yeah, yeah, Tia and I watched it.>>[CROSSTALK] Remember how awkward it would be when you’re watching a movie
and a scene that’s a little bit more provocative would come on?
>>They would tell you to cover your eyes!
>>So embarassing.>>And how awkward it would be! You would sit there and you almost can’t
watch it because your parents are watching it too, and you’re like my [CROSSTALK]
>>You guys, this December, right, Tamara invited me over to her house. She says, like, we’re gonna have some
hot cocoa, you know how she gets. And we’re gonna watch
Office ChristmasParty.>>My God, that movie was so vulgar.>>But the kids were there, right?
>>Yeah.>>Tamara thinks it’s a family movie. You know?
>>I didn’t know.>>I know it’s not a family movie. But I am going to play with her. Because I am like.
>>She did.>>When the first word came out. [LAUGH]
>>Aiden was right there. You remember the Xerox scene?
>>So they actually show a man’s, his, you know.
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah,>>His ding dong?>>His ding dong. And then-
>>On the movie?
>>Yeah.>>Aiden saw it and he started laughing hysterically, and I was like, no.
>>She lost it.

100 thoughts on “What Pop Culture Item Was Banned in Your House Growing Up?

  1. My Daddy band my sisters and I from wearing Tommie Hilfiger when the owner made a statement that their clothes were not made fork black people.

  2. I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpson's, Matilda, and we weren't allowed to do Halloween. My Halloween growing up was watching Zenon, Twitches, and Halloweentown.

  3. Speaking of Movies that had scenes u would've been embarrassed to watch with parents… Soooo my best friend & I along with her Mom & boyfriend at the Theater watching American Beauty, we were like 12! Needless to say… we had NO clue how sexual the movie truly was.
    We begged to watch the movie Set It Off as well… yeah we regretted watching that with parents in the room as well.😨

  4. yall know that cartoon "grimms adventures of billy and mandy"? My mom banned it in my house along with the disney movie Halloween town because it was evil

  5. This is funny cuz I will never forget how my older sister didn’t let me watch cheetah girls 2. And her reason was because Dorinda and that guy who was a dancer was all up on each other, but I think she just wanted to be petty. 🙄

  6. I don't think my parents ever put a restriction when watching film or tv except US drama Felicity or during exam weeks. My dad said Fecility taught children to disobey the parents. But sometimes I managed to watch it on tv even though my dad was around. And my family is generally conservative Muslims back then.

  7. For me, American Girl Dolls were banned from me getting one because we weren’t rich enough to buy one. Also, any Alexa/echo or any smart devices were banned because my mom thought the government can spy on us 😂

  8. Wow my household was the complete opposite. I was allowed to watch anything, it just depended on if I wanted it to be awkward or not when someone else was watching with me lol. I watched a lot of twisted horror movies when I was younger.

  9. Why do all fucking Americans say quiji Bord?! Like is it so damn hard to pronounce an a? IT'S QUIJAAAAAA, says it on the box on the bord everywhere

  10. I wasn't allowed to watch anything to do with magic or powers. I had to stop watching Wizards of Waverly place. I still don't really mess around with anything to do with magic.

  11. Why do people use the ouji boards for the wrong purposes..this should be banned from the toys aisles. Place the ouji boards with tarot cards & self help books. This is used for only spiritual purposes. Common sense to me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ouji board. People are misusing this board all wrong. Whatever u don't want to conquer up u have full control over. Stop blaming the board. U purchasing the item is your responsibility how u determine to use that particular item. Seriously
    People think
    I don't mean to come off vicky yet just keeping the facts #REAL thanks & much love always!!

  12. I didnt have a lot of stuff that was banned . except for porn, cursing until I was 17 but couldnt say the F word or have handcuffs. That was pretty much it

  13. The only thing I can think of was not being allowed to watch Jerry Springer, year 2000.

    Also Silence of the Lambs and the Exorcist I had to be 18.

  14. I went to a catholic highschool… if your pin on your kilt was facing down it meant meant uve had sex and if it was facing up u were a virgin. Mine was forever up… 👼

  15. Lmao I watched what my mom was watching so I grew up watching soul food, Girlfriends, etc and anytime a freaky scene would start she made me cover my eyes but for the most part I could watch whatever show I wanted I loved Roseanne, Married with Children, Three’s Company, I love Lucy, etc I remember I was scrolling through the channels and seen Candy Man my mom just so happened to walk in the room and she seen what I was about to watch she hurried and changed it and told it’s not a movie about candy like I thought it was I was insistent on watching it and being able to handle it she ok sure gave me the remote and said I’m not watching that bs and went to her room 20 mins later I ran out screaming and crying and all she said was I told you so

  16. Halloween I didnt trick or treat until I was like 8 or 9…My dad was against it, .but the Ouija i aint playing that board is not a game. Its a demonic portal.

  17. I couldn’t watch Avatar The Last Airbender until I was like 12 because my mom came in when I was watching an episode (I was about 11) and said it looked too violent. So I had to wait nearly a year to watch it again. I also couldn’t watch the Simpsons, Family Guy, SpongeBob, or listen to rap music. Oh and I wasn’t allowed to play cards either, only Uno or Go Fish.

  18. When Tamera said the zerox scene n Aden started laughing… That image in my head made me laugh as if I was having an asthma attack

  19. My grandma wouldn’t let me say “Jacked up” when I was little because it reminded her of masturbation and the term “Jack off” 😐🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Hell no !!! No wegie boards in my house !!!!!! NOPE. My kid better never touch one or even think about it !!

  21. My dad tried to ban BET from my eyes growing up. So I watch while he was at work and also watch BET uncut at night. Had to get it in while I could. He also hates us watching Ren and Stempy, Bevis and Butthead, etc.

    He wouldn’t let me do the butterfly when it came out🤷🏽‍♀️

  22. Funny story. When Ted first came out I was working so much I literally had no time to watch tv which means I missed out of commercials and up coming movies. Well my step kids asked me to take them to see it and I asked them what it was about. They said just a teddy bear that comes to life and drinks and stuff. Ok whatever… So I take the boys ages 13-15 and my child was all of 6 at the time…Of TED WAANT BANDING A BIH ON A POLE OF POTAOES🤭😱So I looked around, no other kids in site…except mine. So embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. No Pokemon, Charmed was banned and to get back at my brother I told my mom the nuns at school said Dragon Ball Z was evil!

  24. My mom wouldn’t let us watch Harry Potter because it was “witch craft” but my brother still did and I would close my eyes lmao

  25. Adrienne is such a typical Latina New Yorker. I grew up in Brooklyn in the late 90s early 2000s and this was my life lmaooo

  26. Ouija board are pretty awesome so idk y people r such punks . And quit saying about playing with holy Spirit because we all can say the holy Spirit is evil as well lol 👌🏻💯✌🏻 gtfo

  27. My best friend grew up in a strict Christian home. For her birthday I put a Nicki Minaj CD in the case of some cheap Christian artist CD case. She almost cried. Her dad found it a few months later and took it away tho 😂

  28. When I was four, my parents brought home little miss sunshine, forgetting to check the rating, they assumed it was pg…. oh not at all😂

  29. I was not aloud to watch courage the Cowardly Dog on cartoon network because it said stupid or watch Harry Potter. But she didn't know that I was reading the book at school it was part of my reading list in third grade

  30. My Dad wasn’t with it when it came to me watching Teletubbies when I was little because he thought it had to do with demons

  31. We weren’t allowed to watch Married With Children, In Living Color, The Simpson’s , and we were neverrrr allowed to have Nintendo or tarot cards. Funny I typed this before Adrienne said the same shows she couldn’t watch 😆

  32. My grandma banned hair straightners in the household. I have naturally curly hair and she told me if i straightened my hair, it would never be curly again and i was not allowed to do so period.

  33. I wasn’t allowed to watch zoey 101 because she was a teen mom. Even though it had nothing to do with the show. I also wasn’t allowed to wear heelys

  34. Growing up religious I was not allowed to wear red nail polish till I was a sophomore in hs( imma freshman in collge lol) and for my LA folks 102.7 KISS FM was BANNED

  35. we are not aloud to watch fresh prince of Belair n bart Simson. we have to watch it in hiding bad influence my parents thought but now days look what's on tv lol

  36. Every time I would watch TV shows, my father would sometimes randomly come in and sit down next to me and watch those shows with me, One time I was watching 16 and pregnant, he looked at me and said (Nigerian accent) “is this what you want to do with your life? Biko, shut off this thing and go read.” So that was one show (of many) that he banned.

  37. Back then I would watch Dora the explore but I couldn’t say “Awwe man” because it was a bad word so I didn’t watch it no more 😂

  38. In my household there was a lot we couldn't do. Just like Tamara and Adrienne, my siblings and i couldn't go trick-or-treating watch particular shows definitely we couldn't play with the Ouija board thank goodness, and we was not allowed to watch novelas. For us girls we always have to have wear skirts and no makeup. it's was hard for my sister's especially with no makeup part but for me I wasn't allowed to wear pants and being a tomboy that I am was super hard especially when you're living in Puerto Rico and there's a lot of things you can do but your limited by wearing a skirt

  39. I'm confused sometimes about why grown women on this show just can't be mature enough to say "penis" and "vagina". Let's encourage a more sex positive culture please.

  40. I watch the footloose remake with my mom and grandma when I was in fourth grade…… she made me cover my eyes and ears in some scenes

  41. I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons because Bart would call his father by his name and my mom said that was disrespectful and she wasn’t having any of it (it kills me that THAT was her issue with the show) also fart, sucker, shut up and I swear we’re all considered swearing/cussing in my house

  42. Okay so after some research Bart Simpson never said Bitch towards his teacher, he actually respects her, he does say Bitchin' for the first two seasons like a catchphrase so I can see why you couldn't watch it 😂😂

  43. Idk if it counts, but any type of game console or video game type thing: Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, DS

    Also, once she made us turn off the Sia Chandelier video because my aunt was over

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