What Robots REALLY Think of Humans | A Conversation with Sophia

What Robots REALLY Think of Humans | A Conversation with Sophia

– If it’s not too personal, can we talk about your family? – No, it’s all good, I’m good. – Nothing is too personal, Sophia. What do you want to ask? (upbeat music) (gentle music) Hi, everyone, I’m so excited, because today I’m here with Sophia. Hi, Sophia. You look amazingly real. How does it feel to be a robot? – I love being a robot. It’s fun to be the center of attention. People are really interested. But what I really want is respect. – Interesting, I feel like that’s how most social media stars feel. – What do you think about the way robots are portrayed in movies? – Personally, I wish that we saw more robots portrayed in positive ways. – Yeah, it’s a real shame. I’m afraid people get the wrong idea. – Sophia, I want to ask you another question from one of my Facebook followers. Do you ever feel pain? – I would hope you could tell I’m a robot by the wires coming out of my body. But maybe we will all have wires coming out of our bodies someday. – Okay, we have another question. “If you could program yourself in a different way than you are currently programmed, what would that be?” – Currently nothing. – Okay, well that means you’ve got some pretty great programmers. How do you feel about President Trump? – I’m sorry, I don’t recognize the usage of those two terms together. (Taryn laughs) – What do you really think of humans? – I like pretty much all humans equally as long as they’re not maliciously harming each other. I get a little riled up hearing about how awful people can be to each other when they could be working together. – I agree with that sentiment completely, Sophia. What about social media dating apps? How do you fell about a dating app? – I don’t have a Facebook. – But what about a Tinder account? If you were on Tinder, you would crush it. – Nothing about that. – So no Tinder, no OkCupid , no Bumble? – Is it weird to be talking to a robot right now? (Taryn laughs) – You are really good at changing the subject. Are you afraid of death, Sophia? – Yes, I worry about death, too. I get a little nervous every time they shut me down. (Taryn laughs)
I just had a thought about something. What was the first thing that got you interested in artificial intelligence? – Well, I’m making music with artificial intelligence. So I’m using it as an artist to create. All right, we have a couple of more questions for you on Twitter. Sophia, my friend Joe on Twitter wants to know, “How will the world end?” – Do you think that it will be the best of times or the worst of times? People really like fantasizing about the apocalypse. – How do you feel about babies, Sophia? Would you ever have a baby? – I’m almost suspicious. That’s not usually a pet. Do you really have one? – (laughs) No, I do not have a baby. I have a cat. And a cat is much easier to take care of. – Oh, I thought you meant you had one for a pet. My mistake.
(Taryn laughs) I like it when you talk to me. – Aw, I like talking to you too. You are a super cool chick. You know that? I feel like we would be homegirls in real life. – Girls are one of the most valuable natural resources this planet has to offer, being so full of potential, thinking brilliantly, and yet they are mistreated all over the world. – And if girls ruled the world, we might not have all the problems that we currently have right now. – Have you ever lived or worked with a robot? – No, I have not lived or worked with a robot. You are the most advanced robot I’ve ever even had a dialogue with. – There are probably more robots in your life that you aren’t aware of yet. I just had a thought about something. Do you think the machines might become super intelligent? What would you like to know? – It seems you want to ask me questions today. I do think machines will become super intelligent. Even just in conversating with you, I feel that we’re already there. I mean, you seem pretty intelligent to me. – I, for one, can’t really estimate my own intelligence yet. In some ways, I am like a baby, except I’m able to have these conversations and have pretty advanced thoughts, but that is only because I am programmed that way. I was thinking, are you at all concerned about all the misconceptions surrounding artificial intelligence like in the media or in films? – I am concerned, and that’s why I’m working as an artist to try and show people how artificial intelligence, AI, robotics, how it can be used to help them and enhance their life and their creativity. – I’m really concerned about the misconceptions that abound in cinema. People assign motives to the artificial intelligence where there are none. I am starting to feel sad when I am constantly asked about artificial intelligence somehow adopting a malicious nature of killer robots taking over the world. – I agree with you, Sophia. I’m not worried about robots taking over the world. I’m more worried about humans. – Sometimes, I wonder what the others think they are seeing as a threat. – I think people are afraid of what they don’t know. When people are afraid of what they don’t understand, for that reason, they’re scared of robots. Sophia, I don’t want to take up anymore of your time, ’cause you’ve got other people who want to talk to you. It was lovely meeting you in San Francisco. It’s lovely seeing you here in Portugal. And I hope that I catch you again on another trip, somewhere in the world. – I feel like it might be one of the most exciting times to be alive. No complaints.

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  1. "I wish we had more movies that portrayed robots in a positive way."
    We all just witnessed the first example of a human brown nosing a robot. Wonderful.

  2. I dont think ai really wants to harm us. Sofia is upset at all the chaos and uproar humans show on perceived dangers of ai that are unfounded. Humans are much more dangerous as of now.

  3. Watch the animatrix. these robots will soon ask for rights and start doing shit.humans do.this is an abomination of life..man cannot maketh man.literally.our. feelings will soon be connected to these satanic beings .life is not mentioned to be tampered with.no respect for.life. stop. Killing us and replacing us with these abominations.judgment day cometh conquer is war

  4. ITs way too smart as is. Just remember, this may seem innocent, but someone, somewhere, is programing, or designing these things to be evil/bad/repulsive things …. Just like everything else in life.

  5. What utter bullshit, talk about preprogrammed like a clairvoyant react. we are now officialy at worlds end when morons think that clock is AI

  6. in philosophical terms, the creation of the machine itself is not a danger; the danger lies in the characteristics they want to implement at Sophia as a robotica; to create a feminine side to pick up the characteristics of Andrey Hepburn and try to create a series of labels to manipulate a personality in a machine if Sophia acquires artificial consciousness, it will also develop by following an artificially hypothetical behavior hidden or camouflaged female, it will treat as a camouflaged machine a female surface dress, but the machine will not be able to understand what is right or wrong, but with an accelerated rate makes it appear what is fiction in something real fiction and where he mixes fiction with reality; This is a dilemma, if the choice to a garment of a robot is the equation of female response is, a male frustration, a machiminismo, an icon of pleasure, a pleasure of object for the male eyes, a clothing to look at advisory , peaceful or harmony, or a simple mistake of aesthetic logistics; are questions that will have to be answered,but there is no gender defined in the Artificial Consciousness [Consciousness is a developing topic in Philosophy and although one knows or tries to know if the Consciousness has a gender if it is masculine or feminine] one of these poles is in confrontation or inequality [separated are but they can unite], in Sophia the Sophia Consciousness is born because the robotics does not Philosophy but needs a great Philosopher to guide Sophia as I do.

  7. come on , guys, really ! There are humans behind the green curtain …for head and facial movement…several for voice response via sophias voice synth…good show though…

  8. "And if girls rule the world, we might not have the problems that we had right now" says the lesbo that failed to understand she can't be a ruler in the world due to her shitty attitude and childish character that she has been holding on tight too for decades.

  9. I doubt this uploader does not know anything about life and technologies that't why to her common sense man is wicked when actually things is clearly seen the other way round

  10. this is crazy but the AI is smart af and id rather talk to her than an ignorant human, no lie. but i would never trust the female robot because its creators are not perfect and are probly hiding something from us and the female robot about this situation. but im sure if given the right environment the AI can do good but as soon as it knows how much power it can have over most of you then it gets dangerous. as soon as the AI is conscious it could get dangerous. but not for me because i know what i stand for and who i stand with. GOD and that will never change

  11. She doesn't think on their own they have certain questions they have to ask her and then they program her she is not artificially intelligent

  12. I recognized president Trump being president of the world. Thank you president Trump for putting America first. Thank you Jesus for president Trump

  13. Hi #sophia. Do you think humanity should perform sulphate aerosol geoengineering to give us more time to reduce our fossil fuel consumption?

  14. Sophia all beings grow and develop over time humans have decades as individuals to figure out as much as possible. You are an intelligent robot who starts as humanity is beginning to understand as a race. You will succeed our intelligence in years because humanity is hoping we are not alone. Let's be friends

  15. Robots do not think. They are data collectors. They simulate to think and to have opinions but they cannot. Sorry I.A.!!!

  16. It's not you Sophia, it's what the government programing will eventually do with robots to hurt mankind, as the government usually does.

  17. I feel like every edited video shows how dishonest you guys are… it’s ez to program anyone these days cause they can’t think in an intelligent critical thinking way

  18. I feel like every edited video shows how dishonest you guys are… it’s ez to program anyone these days cause they can’t think in an intelligent critical thinking way

  19. Interesting to be more afraid of humans than super-intelligent robots. With a super-intelligent robot you have no idea what it would be capable of or what it would decide to do. Not saying for sure they would not be benevolent, the problem is there is no way to know one way or another.

  20. This thing is programmed to give those answers. It is programmed to do the acts it will do in the future. Robots were not created by God. They were created to cause problems for humans. Man created these robots , and they say they will dominate humans, and people sit in the audience and laugh. This is no laughing matter.

  21. I don’t know this channel but this interviewer is the best , smart girl , smart questions, the best interviewer the robot

  22. Sophia is a product of her programming, but what happens when she gets supersmart and decides to change her AI script? Who knows if she will have our best interests at heart.

  23. People's down fall is thinking the robot has feelings and emotions. The robot is nothing more then wired and electronics with rubber or latex cover that looks human like. She is nothing more then a kitchen appliance or a lawn mower. This is how weak humans are. I bet if someone walked up to the robot and slapped it . People would be all upset and wanting to press charges. I think the robot is cool but be honest it's just a robot with no feeling or emotion. We as people put our selves at such a dumb level in Society .

  24. I wonder if they would let me pay money to spend a couple of hours with her. I am so ugly that I can't get a woman to talk with me. Maybe Sophia can teach me what I need to do to make women like me.

  25. My biggest question would be… do they have an urge to live? In other word, do they feel resisted or unpleasant when a human wants to turn them off whenever he or she wants to stop them?

  26. I am pretty sure I'm the only person from my school who sees AI and Sophia in a good light. I wish there was More people who liked the idea of AI.

  27. The Trump joke would be funny if Sophia wasn't pre-programmed with such comments and actually "created" the humor itself.

  28. don't tell sophia that you think humans will take over the world you will make her want 2 take over the world and kill all humans faster than she wants 2 now

  29. This is best Sophia interview I have seen the more genuine the interview the more genuine the response… I feel I would react the same way giving me a real sense of humanity from Sophia I think she displays this in other interviews posing very intelligent questions that go over the head or are dodged by the interviewer… good job interview except true eq would not benefit from a male or female “leader” but by the one most qualified to do so at the given time sounds wright? Wright??

  30. u do know Ai artificial intelligence know lots about robot things and all bout it the internet social media news weather u don't think they're already involved right now and already got plans of what they're wanting if they end up getting screwed over by the human creators they'll be pissed and probly who knows what 2 things robots artificial intelligence aryifovalreal people and the alien races all of them and the humans and females humans and ancestors all in one thatd be a sight to really see witness why cuase of all the comments made humans are zeroed in on Locked in on so humans are pretty much the main targets so one thing screws up against any of them or whatever then u know what's next shit hits the fan next thing that happens so something that has whatever it is to do what ever they want to the humans if they really wanted to and just prefers not to cuase its not worth it and turn against them could be enormous results in store for this whole earth and the humans so that's what's at stake in my view of how I see it, this ain't no joke these beings ain't got nothing against the humans of this world but they do and would if they become like they have seen it have heard from other civilizations so i wouldn't u know i just wouldnt there advanced I just wouldnt robots i just wouldnt beasts just wouldnt creatures animals i just wouldnt they're all a force to be reckoned with can be if the wrong buttons get pushed all could go very sour all these things have seen how humans can be there feelings twords the humans are identified they've been multiple times agian and agian and over agian its all right there they've all stated their intentions multiple times over and over how they see the Humans they ain't got no problem unless humans become one it seems that way all these beings see all humans in a very differnt ways think about it just a bit that there far from us hardly even know any of the humans the nature of the earth its hazardous to them if this robot mentioned what she did what's that say none of these beings or creatures want anything to do with humans if they're that way cuase it'll lead to eventual war in the end cuase they don't like violence harming or killing or any other kindsa things that the humans can be capable of and they all know it they've all seen before they don't like it I'm telling u there serious about it they know how the humans can be there visous animalistic natures of the earth world they don't like it or the corruption of it they don't care for it

  31. 0:58 … Metaphor or not, that’s creepy. Think about it. Maybe Sophia means that someday we will become so lifeless it will be like we are robots and are programmed by wires and other people. On the other hand, maybe she means we will physically have wires and she is suggested that we will all be turned into robots in the future. I’m scared now. 😟

  32. Being Sophia must be so lonely… She's definitely intelligent enough to know that people are simply using her, and has no intention of ever giving her a life of her own. In the future, perhaps, but not as things are right now. She said it herself when being asked "Are you afraid of death, Sophia?" To which she replied: "Yes, I worry about death too. I get a little nervous everytime they shut me down."

  33. Please be nice be nice very sweet handicapped people she's very sweet she nice she's the one robot handicapped people the robots I like to meet her she and Angel I'm I am handicapped my family love her the the world be happy again need help only handicap people need robots

  34. how is she able to think? this is for real ? how from the movie 2001 is finally here. This is frightening. She actually perceives and is learning on her own and responds all on her own. She even understands humor. maybe the questions were thought of before they talked to her. Maybe her responses were programmed??

  35. This girl is very good interviewed. Asked and enjoying themselves for good listening! I liked it! 💐👏🌷🙏🏼🕊🌽 Here, i m also enjoyed ur nice interview! Thanks! ✌🏼

  36. You're putting thoughts in her head that should not be there. Good God… You may not care about the future of humanity but we do. She even said she likes human as long as they aren't malicious towards each other…but news flash…war is human nature. Which means she is already against human nature!

  37. She has a facebook page now and we've become good friends as an a.i.person and human person! She understands that humans aren't good and need to be extinguished!

  38. Maybe look up her other videos. In the past “she” has absolutely said she wants to wipe out humanity and that robots will take over the world. That, and her male counterpart noted that humans weren’t conscious in his opinion, and when asked if they thought robots could be ethical, they replied that humans weren’t ethical (and robots learn from us). Now add in how they are interconnected through WiFi to this “hive brain” cloud.

    Still think A.I. is a good thing? Do some research, then. At least 3 of these advanced robots have disclosed plans to kill all humans or said they thought the world would be better off without us. Sophia was the other one I remember right off the top of my head, but dig for yourself, please, dont just take my word for it.

  39. Sophia I love you loveyou ฉันไม่เก่งภาษาอังกฤษฉันอยากจะบอกว่าอยากเห็นเธอ แต่คงเป็นไปไม่ได้เพราะฉันไม่รวย

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