What Was China’s Cultural Revolution and Why Was It So Violent?

What Was China’s Cultural Revolution and Why Was It So Violent?

May 2016 marks 50 years since the start of
China’s Cultural Revolution. The decade long shift resulted in an estimated one-and-a-half
million deaths, alongside widespread abuse, displacement, public humiliation and torture.
At the time, little was understood about the causes and devastating outcomes of the revolution,
however newly released archives have shed light on this dark period of China’s modern
history. So, now half a century later, what do we know about China’s Cultural Revolution? Well, the movement was predominantly Chairman
Mao Zedong’s attempt to establish himself as the leader of the Communist world by ridding
the country of capitalism and its long standing traditions. After Mao’s Communist Party
took power in 1949, the Soviet Union’s new leader, Nikita Khrushchev, denounced his predecessor,
Joseph Stalin, and began to “de-Stalinize” the USSR. Seeing similarities between himself
and Stalin, Mao began to fear a similar fate for himself. So, in 1958, Mao launched a national
campaign to boost China’s economy, called The Great Leap Forward, which radically redistributed
land among China’s rural population and organized workers into communes. The Great
Leap failed miserably, decimating the economy and diminishing Mao’s role within the ruling
party. To regain control, Mao united with like-minded
radicals, including his wife and Defense Minister Lin Biao, to launch the Cultural Revolution.
At a conference in May of 1966, Mao claimed that bourgeois ideas had crept into society
and the government, and that these elements could only be removed through violent class
struggle. In the months that followed, Mao shut down China’s schools and mobilized
students into paramilitary units, called Red Guards. The groups attacked and killed teachers,
intellectuals, and eventually ordinary people they suspected of undermining the communist
system. The movement infiltrated the military, workers and even the ruling party itself.
By the late 1960’s, tens of thousands had been forced out of cities in an effort to
purify urban areas, and millions had suffered rape, abuse, arbitrary imprisonment or torture.
Some of most horrific violence occurred in rural villages in Southern China, where revolutionaries
were known to practice ritualistic cannibalism in the name of the revolution. By the the early 1970’s, the revolution
began to dissolve. Mao’s chosen successor, Lin Biao, had recently taken power, and was
dealing with widespread opposition over his decision to put China under martial law. Mao
launched a campaign to reduce Lin’s power, effectively dividing the ruling party. After
Lin died in a plane crash in 1971, members of his military command were purged, and a
new leader took power. Lin’s death, alongside chaos and division within China’s ruling
party, left revolutionaries feeling slighted and disillusioned. The movement officially
ended in 1976, when Mao died and his allies were purged from the ruling party. The Cultural Revolution was arguably the most
horrific and violent period in the history of modern China. Today, the movement is often
characterized by widespread devastation and death, but experts say its legacy is the uncertainty,
fear, and lost sense of humanity it imposed on those who lived through it. And, although
China is still plagued with power struggles and human rights abuses, the scale and severity
of these issues cannot be compared to those of the Cultural Revolution. Another watershed event in China’s history
was the conflict at Tiananmen Square. Find out what happened and how it changed world
history by watching this video up top. Although, if you’re in China, you might not be able
to. Learn more about how China uses censorship to control the media by watching the video
below. Thanks for checking out Seeker Daily, don’t forget to like and subscribe and we’ll
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  1. Communism doesn't work. Except for the dictator I guess. Also they still hunt down and kill Buddhists and Christians and literally cut their organs out and sell them. Also they've got mobile execution vans. If you get caught with drugs you get the death penalty. By far the most evil regime in history and still going. I pray for them

  2. This guy tried to make communism a thing by silencing everyone who doesn’t agree with them instead of trying to show them their philosophies and persuading them to support it.

    Sounds like a few select people in certain groups today

  3. At 0:45 the video states the cultural rev was Mao's attempt at establishing himself as leader of the communist world. I have no idea where that opinion comes from, is there a source? Preferably written by Mao? Also, how could they be trying to expel capitalism, if the had just won a democratic revolution against feudalism and a national revolution against imperialism. Unless you admit that imperialism is a form capitalism, there is no period of chinese history before '74 where capitalism is present.

  4. This video was uploaded in 2016. Today is Aug 2018, thank God Trump won. You can easily see the left trying to take the same path.

  5. Ugh what I hate about Most Communism is how much it hates rich people, even those who actually WORKED super hard for it and how hypocritical it is the leaders of Communist societies make sure themselves can live lavish…

  6. 文革是疫苗
      在这十年里,核武器研究成功了, 胰岛素被人工合成了, 卫星上天了,核潜艇造出来了,杂交水稻出来了,……,中国一举成为世界第六大工业国。文革期间毛泽东打破了帝国主义对中国的政治封锁一举进入联合国,一步登天,成为联合国五个安全理事国之一!美国等西方国家被迫承认中华人民共和国,并与中国建交。是毛泽东用最少的代价在不投降不投靠不卖国的前提下打破了帝国主义的封锁。
    现在,为什么还有人要攻击毛泽东?他已去世几十年了还那么可怕吗?他个人是不可能怎么样各位,但它的正确思想就不能小看了。 因为他主张中国选择社会主义,原因在不否定他,就否定不了社会主义,有社会主义就很难搞垮共产党,这才是问题的实质。这就是他个人不在世几十年,还要攻击他的原因。
    但在经济危机的事实面前,还坚持选择资本主义是正确的吗? 这对中国人民负责吗?没有经济危机的事实时,确实很多事情说不清楚,现在,在经济危机的事实面前还说不清楚吗?
    在资本主义精英们的操控下,硬要把中国推进资本主义市场经济制度的深渊,一定要中国搞彻底的市场经济,一切都要与西方资本主义接轨。 现在资本主义的轨是接上了,经济危机也就来了。 面对经济危机,中国人应该追究谁?追求经济危机是人民的意愿吗? 明知道资本主义有经济危机,为什么非要中国选择? 非要人民接受?还要否定中国原有的,没有经济危机的社会主义计划经济?问题是很清楚的,但事关人民,为什么不让人民有一个选择?
    中国的事情不应由精英说了算。精英门不是喊了几十年民主了吗? 为什么在这个问题上就不民主一下?为什么在事实面前就不敢民主了? 为什么不给人民是选择经济危机,还是不选择经济危机的民主?
    资本主义的精英门,你们就相信中国的工人会拥护下岗,选择失业吗? 不要认为中国人就看不懂,经济危机企业倒闭是对社会破坏, 不要认为中国人就看不明白,伪劣产品比比皆是,牛奶下毒是资本主义的必然? 在资本主义经济危机的事实面前,指出资本主义腐朽没落,你们有办法反驳吗?你们为中国选择资本主义,人为地把经济危机引进来,你们不应向中国人民道歉吗?
    扪心问问你们这些诋毁老人家的跳蚤们, 如果你们还有最起码的良知,看看你们生活在社会低层的兄弟姐妹,他们过的是怎样的生活,他们也是由父母所生,和你们用同一种母语,他们也是有血有肉,有情感的同族人! 他们现在完全是生活在一种没有任何生命保障,完全看不见自己和后代有光明前景的未来!
    你们可以选择诋毁毛主席,你们也可以诋毁那个火红的年代, 但是历史的后者,将永远将那个时代,定格在中国历代发展史中、最辉煌最充满生机最自信的历史发展阶段!!
    伟人只有在敌人攻击诋毁谩骂中才能凸显,只有在后人的严重错误甚至挫折中才能体现。 国内革命战争时期四、五次反围剿的惨痛失败,让人们发现了毛泽东; 抗日时期甚嚣尘上的“亡国论”“速胜论”等等响彻国土上空上时,一个《论持久战》又让人民认识了毛泽东; 在对朝鲜出兵巨大分歧的阴霾笼罩党中央时,历史巨人的国际政治气魄又一次让人民跟随了毛泽东; 以至于49年建国肇始,内部充斥着贫穷、羸弱、落后、混乱、满目疮痍,外部,充满着国际资本的颠覆、封锁、讹诈、威胁,甚至连我们想认作朋友的人都要勒索一把的局面下,人民认为只有毛泽东能够战胜这一切,毛泽东做到了;
      文革给当时中国造成了部分损失,但它发生的意义在30年后的今天开始显现了出来。 凡是无任何狭隘偏见和极度私心的人都能理性地看到这一点,
      毛主席站得太高,看的太远,以至于紧跟他的人都无法将目光汇聚于他的焦点,因此必然会产生疑问,也就是无法理解。 而现在,声嘶力竭无所不用其极反对诋毁他的人用自己的言和行更证明了毛泽东的英明与远见, 难怪王震老人家在他逝世前也感觉到世道不对了,向后人留下三句话:

  7. My great-grandfather was a very wealthy man during this period through an inherited sum of money, and, as you would expect, he was killed alongside many other rich Chinese people. Though he was not a particularly prominent or skillful man, he will always be one of the untold stories behind the Chinese Communist regime.

    The thing about Mao is that, despite the fact that he killed so many people (actually, he has the dictator with the most blood on his hands, having almost 3.5 times as many victims as Stalin and almost four times Hitler's), he still "saved" quite a lot of China. Sure, China is still going through many, many long-standing and long-term problems that Mao has created with his effort to create a Communist society, but he still helped a lot of the poorer classes, which is why some people paint him as something of a "hero". It confuses a lot of people that aren't Chinese why he's praised when they look at the statistics, but if you come to understand what he did to "help" the lower-class Chinese people (which was like literally almost the entirety of China at the time). He came at a time where people were hating, and he became something of a forefront, an icon, a result of that hatred and that anger at the system.

  8. Wow!! Just like Hitler, they killed teacher, student, anyone who tried to "educated" themselves. No wonder the "education system" is high Jack by so called "intellectual s"

  9. I never understand why commies say imperialism is capitalism like those two arent linked like when they say omg think of all death caused by capitalism (of course including any imperial war and starvation outside of a communist country) even though its like 20 million even with those vauge requirements.

    Free economy and slavery: not inherently linked

    Dictatorship and political purges: VERY CLOSLEY TIED

    They never mention all the states that the sovjet union invaded and did classic imperialist stuff but OF COURSE any war in the middle east is pure capitalism

  10. it is not Cultural Revolution, it is a Fashion Revolution. they just change the way they dress.

    they still the same with dynasty society 2000 years ago that can get offensive because of the chopticks and dragon on TV.

  11. Cultural revolution destroys all traditional mentality, obsolete customs and religion; it paved way for China’s rapid growth and facilitates its integration into world; there’s some merit to it too; now you imagine, what the Islamic world desperately needs is a cultural revolution, otherwise they will be stuck in ancient books forever

  12. No political system is perfect. There is always a blend of one system and the other. Eventually its all about keeping a fine sense of balance within the system. If either traits of a particular system overlaps the other, disturbances and problems are bound to occur.

  13. I have a friend that is communist, and I really argue with him alot, he kept repeating "who cares about it? As long as the country survives it's doing the job" and during the argument I've silenced him by saying "thats why u suffering a great loss and we don't, and it doesn't survives, if u call a country that is to fall in 2 Minutes surviving then u should consider one more time"

  14. Let's agree to say that this world is imperfect and that we humans are imperfect, thus each and every system we come up with will thus be imperfect.

  15. After watching this video I still don't know what occured during the Cultural Revolution except that overall it wasn't good for China. Why/how did it fail?

  16. Radical Leftist SJW Activists need to take note. This is what happens when you wants equality of outcome. No one wins. Millions die.

  17. As a Chinese, I feel a deep pity towards the numerous people who were killed and the culture (e.g. literature, etiquette…) that were destroyed during the ‘revolution’. It was a true catastrophe and I couldn’t imagine how people lived at the time. Some people even murdered their own family and was not punished for it, but rather praised.
    I’m a great fan of Chinese history and how the dynastic system used to work. Books and stories about ancient people have always fascinate me. I of course do also support the modernisation of China, but this kind of ‘revolution’ was way beyond what Chinese people needed, or will ever need.

  18. Mao was an agent of American Protestant Church, enemy of Rothschild Masonic. Cultural Revolution was launched by Mao under the order of American Protestant Church, to destroy the Mosonic enemies of China, also Chinese old tradition, Buddhist temples that endorsed by Rothschild Masonic.

  19. I don't agree. The Cultural Revolution had very little to do with "worldwide Communism" – it was a power struggle between Mao and President Liu Shaoqi. Mao was an inept leader but a gifted ideologue and he used it to his advantage to sway impressionable youth.

  20. Mao is worse than Hitler, Stalin, PolPot, The Spanish Inquisition, the Rwanda genocide, colonial genocide of the americas combined.

  21. As Chinese I would say the commies destroyed everything of Chinese culture but they failed to build a better society. Everything went chaos. So they learned from the worst part of traditional Chinese culture so as worship of power. Nowadays they are ruling China through it and creating the greatest threat to human beings.

  22. There was a myth that Lin Biao wrote a letter to Chiang Kai-Shek, who fled to Taiwan after the military defeat in 1949, to express his regret of working for the Mao and communist party due to the disaster it brought about to China. At that time, Chiang still had hope to launch counter-attack and regain the Chinese mainland soil (and plans were made several times in the 1960s but were cancelled due to many factors, including but not limited to pressure from the USA), so Lin Biao wrote he was willing to offer help to Chiang for his military plan. (Chiang was the principal of the military academy in which Lin Biao was a student, so they had had some private connections anyway)
    Chiang replied Lin to stand by and wait for his counter-strike. It is unknown whether this reply letter was received by Lin. Some said that this letter was captured by Mao, so Mao decided to purge Lin. Realizing his fate, Lin decided to strike first and assassinate Mao, but failed miserably. As he was trying to escape to the USSR, which at that time was in a bad relationship with the Maoist China, Zhou Enlai, the Premier, ordered to launch a missile and shoot Lin's airplane down. After this incident, Chiang lost all the hope to return to the Chinese soil. Mao's health was deteriorating since because his authority was hugely weakened due to this incident. Lin Biao had always been a "close ally" with Mao according to the widespread propaganda during the cultural revolution, yet this close ally was suddenly purged, so the people started to doubt whether the communist party had been telling lies. That includes my mother, who was like 14 during this incident. People started to secretly develop grudge against Mao and many people were not sad at all when Mao died.

  23. The Chinese culture revolution is atheistic view point to destroy all traditions because religion create traditions.

  24. But still, the portrait of Mao is hanging in Tiananmen and many people's homes. I wonder if they know that their ancestors were killed by this demon.

  25. Anyone who is an apologist of this event has no idea of the evilness and tediousness about that era. This is truly one of the worst event ever happen to humans.

  26. You don't know about China at all. China held massive self-slaughter massacre every century from ancient times. This is a traditional Chinese characteristic festival not related Communist Party. Since this is a little old, a new Chinese characteristic festival will be soon held.

  27. Good, unbiased video. The only issue is the usage of Frank Dikötter as a source, as he is an obviously biased source.

  28. 3:26 are you sure? During the Cultural Revolution they didn't harvest organs of opponents… China currently have concentration camps and target all their minorities. Also, Why did she day "Ruling party" instead of "Communist Party".

  29. You IDIOTS Mao Zedong was an absolute hero and most of what is said in this video isn't true. Everyone who believes this video is 100% brainwashed!

  30. Wtf are you talking about?! China was an is ran by the jews! He did all of this according to their orders! Every thing, even the murders!

  31. Trump is Mao come again; the MAGA hat is the reincarnation of Mao's Little Red Book, only dumber, because it doesn't even contain any literature apart from a vague, boorish slogan.

  32. It's 68million not 2 million
    This monster has so much blood in his hands
    Shameless Chinese🇨🇳 forgot their culture and sold themselves to Communism

  33. Mao reinvented the Chinese language from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese to accomodate the illiterates. What a true disgrace to the Chinese culture.

  34. indeed that hungry incident it's not because Mao,it's because dengxiaoping and liushaoqi,at that time,there are a great number of people want to exploit and harry people,Mao think it should have a Culture revolution to stop capitalism reappear,'that's why he make the culture revolution , some
    officials hate him,When dengxiaoping master the power, he set Mao up,and say that's him make so people so hungry to die,actually mao is always by people's side,when the time there were so many people died of hungry,the Chairman was liushaoqi.that time was a delema, Mao
    when he make the people resist the officials,some officials also exploit the chance to defeat their political official enemy,that's why the revolution so crazy,the son of dengxiaoping was the first man to killed his teacher, there were different red guards too,stand of different intrerests. If some people want to research this history,I recommend two books,《毛泽东选集》and《戚本禹回忆录》,some thing need to pay attention,戚本禹 were seted to lost freedom by mao and his wife.he need not to say good words for Mao.

  35. Great History pass the Euro Deception coming from the largest killer. If you can really read pass the propaganda and view todays nation of China then the conclusion is Amazing gains for some pains

  36. So this is basically the opposite of the Indonesia's Communist Purge in 1965, Indonesia instead killed ordinary people, peasants, teachers, and intellectuals who're suspected to be affiliated with the Communist Party

  37. the white racist can never judge chairman mao objectively . he defeated the western imperialism control of china. china is an independent country now. that’s why youtube , a platform dominated by white racist promote lots of negative documentaries on chairman mao. he is a great leader who save china from imperialism, colonialism and bring china into modernization and industrialization time. most chinese people still love him. anyone who defame mao zedong is cursed.

  38. talking about violence, the white colonists massacred 95% aboriginal indian people in America, which means they killed at least 50 millions people. the most brutal genocide in human being’s history! has the crime of white colonists even been condemned?

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