What Would A Civilization 1 Billion Years Older Than Us Be Like?

What Would A Civilization 1 Billion Years Older Than Us Be Like?

If we were to meet an extra-terrestrial civilization,
the chances of them being the same age as humanity are slim to none. If they’re much younger than us then it will
be difficult or impossible to communicate with them, but if they’re older, say, a billion
years more advanced than us, then what might they be like? How would they look, what technology would
they have, and what would they be capable of? Let’s find out as we ask What Would A Civilization
1 Billion Years Older Than Us Be Like?Number 2: Technologically To imagine what a billion-year
advanced civilization may look like, we must first consider where we humans are technologically,
and where we’re likely to be in future. To do this we can use the Kardashev Scale;
a method of measuring acivilization’s technological level based on the amount of energy it can
harness. This scale was developed in the 1960’s by
Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev, and its first level describes a civilization
that can harness 100% of the energy which reaches its home-world from its parent star. As you might have guessed, we’re not even
close to achieving the bottom rung on the ladder yet, and after 4.5billion years of
faffing about with war and coal and beanie babies we’re estimated to be at 0.73 on this
scale. However, our progress of late has been pretty
swift. It is thought that we could reach Type 1 status
within a hundred years, although this does require humanity to put aside its differences
and work together…so it’s not exactly nailed on. But if we can, Kardashev believed it would
take just another 3,200 years to reach Level 2 status, and this is where things really
start to heat up. Type 1 civilizations can theoretically control
volcanoes, the weather and near-Earth objects as well as being able to harness 100% of the
sun’s energy received on Earth. But a Type 2 civilization can harness 100%
of the sun’s energy, period, and they might do so using the theoretical Dyson Sphere. Dyson Spheres are theoretical large structures
which can encompass a whole star, and we think we may have seen one being built last year. Remember the story about Tabby’s Star, whose
dips in brightness could not be explained by science? That might have been an advanced civilization
in the process of building a Dyson Sphere. A Type 3 Kardashev civilization is able to
colonise star after star using endless Dyson Spheres to harness energy on a galactic scale. This would almost certainly bedone remotely
by swarms of robots, and while Kardashev optimistically guessed we could do this within 5,800 years,
others like Michio Kaku believe it’ll be more like 100,000 to a million. A fourth Kardashev level has also been suggested,
and this is one we may not even notice if it were operating in our own back yard. Level 4 civilizations can theoretically control
a universe, and this is how far advanced a race of beings a billion years’ older than
us could be. While we’re on terra-firma fiddling with rocks,
they’re out there manipulating the stars themselves. And according to another technological scale
they may even be able to play with time, space and transcend the multiverse too. The Microdimensional Mastery levels classify
beings according to how small a scale they can work on. Type 1 can build structures and cut mines,
Type 2 can manipulate genes, and further types up to level 6 can edit molecules, atoms, the
atomic nucleus, quarks and leptons. But the final level on this scale, Type Omega,
would be capable of manipulating time and space itself. Humans have already mastered Type 3, and we’ve
made strides towards achieving levels 4 to 6 as well. So are we closer than we think to becoming
a god-like civilization? Because if you could manipulate space and
time, or even just stars and planets, your work would be on such a grand scale it’d be
indistinguishable from nature. Humanity itself could be the result of such
work, as it’s entirely possible some ancient civilization got lonely and slung a bunch
of microbes towards Earth just for someone to talk to. These people could be our gods, or at least
they’d appear to act like them. Because just think how godlike modern humans
would seem to the inhabitants of Earth one-billion years ago, considering that during this time,
it was populated by single-cell organisms. Number 1: Biologically If you think it’s hard
to imagine what technology may exist in a billion years, it’s even more difficult to
comprehend what life may look like after such a million millennia of evolutionary development. On Earth, the first multi-cellular organisms
only developed around 800 million years ago, so over 1billion years, how would organic
life develop? When you look at a single cell of bacteria
and you compare its experiences, limitations and capabilities to that of a human, how can
we even comprehend what gifts another billion years of evolution may bring? Although, that is assuming that evolution
would continue biologically. If a race was one billion years older than
us and had progressed along roughly the same technological direction, at some point biological
evolution may end. For if a civilization is capable of manipulating
their own bodies on a cellular level, then that makes them practically immortal, invincible
and all-powerful. Where else do you go from there? You don’t need gills, wings or laser vision
if you’re able to edit yourself and the world around you. So would a sufficiently advanced race shed
its biological form and become entirely artificial in nature? Susan Schneider of the University of Pennsylvania
thinks so, as she was quoted as saying “I think it very likely – in fact, inevitable,
that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon. If we ever encounter extra-terrestrial intelligence,
I believe it is very likely to be post-biological in nature.” Ever since we’ve dreamt of alien species we’ve
imagined strange creatures with tentacles, grey skin and long, probing fingers. But it seems we’ve been thinking about them
in entirely the wrong way. A billion-year advanced being would have to
be technologically augmented to traverse and control the universe, because biological beings
have limitations. No, it’s more likely that an advanced civilization
would use robots to travel across the universe, with self-replicating von Neumann probes heading
out to colonise the cosmos while their biological masters stay home. It is even thought possible that an alien
von Neumann probe could have kicked off life on Earth, with its remnants still left over
on our planet or the Moon. But a more important question concerns the
nature of these robots; are they a civilization’s tool, or their successors? Can consciousness be transported into a non-biological
entity, and if so, is this how a billion-year advanced civilization would appear to us? It’s certainly one possibility, but Arizona
State’s Paul Davies thinks we’d be lucky to even recognise a billion-year advanced civ,
because he believes they may not be made of matter at all. Imagine going back a few hundred years and
trying to explain non-tangible concepts like software, music files and porno jpegs to a
regular human. Then push that idea a billion years into the
future, and try to picture where technology may take us next. Paul Davies believes that advanced technologies
and their masters may not have a physical form; they might not be constrained by size
or shape, space or time; they won’t act like we do and they certainly won’t think like
we do. Alien civilizations a billion years ahead
of us will operate on a level we cannot imagine comprehend or detect, and that means we wouldn’t
know if they were stood right in front of us. So this brings us to an interesting conclusion. One day, humans may develop the ability to
understand and observe a billion-year advanced civilization. And on the day that we do, when we finally
flip the switch to the non-physical entity detection machine, what happens next? Are we all alone, or are we surrounded? You can find out in our Bonus Video “How
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