When Russia Attacks – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Gameplay Part 2

When Russia Attacks – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Gameplay Part 2

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our Civ
6 deity game as Rome. We are currently under attack by Russia, but
we are repelling their attack just fine. I will stay at war for now, if only because
I can’t actually negotiate just yet – but we can try in 2 turns. However, I don’t think I will. What we can do, is try to get Norway to join
the party. He should be more than happy to do so. Let’s find out. Yep, he will do it, for a grand total of 1
gold piece. Yep, welcome to the party. And I’m also going to switch my research from
masonry to bronze working, to unlock the spearmen, the encampment and also reveal iron. I need to know where iron is, because I will
need it for my unique unit, the Legion – so we need to reveal that ASAP. And we can also grab a governor. I will grab Magnus and send him to Rome for
now. We will also need a campus pretty soon, but
I have a plan for that. There’s a small trick I’m going to use, to
get it out a tiny little bit faster. So, here comes another wave. And also Early Empire is done. There’s no need to switch any policies. Actually, no, let’s swap out god-king, and
we can pick up either urban planning, or we could actually pick up colonization and get
a settler out, because I would like to settle this area before Norway does and it’s pretty
obvious Norway will do that, they absolutely 100% will if I wait too long, so we’ll do
that. Meanwhile, back to Russia. Let’s maybe take care of that archer first. He can’t reach my city anyway. Ok, sounds good. And political philosophy is next, to unlock
the governments. Now, we will get a dark age, but that’s not
actually a bad thing, because once I get a government, I will be able to get a combat
strength boost, for all my melee units, at the cost of being unable to heal outside of
my territory – but that shouldn’t be a big deal. Kill this guy, or not. Yeah he has like 1 health left. Oh well, that happens. Let’s finish off the archer. Ok, looking good. And just chill here. I can’t quite kill this fella, so we’ll stay
inside our territory. He’s sending another warrior to the north. And Norway is already sending a delegation. We should be able to get declaration of friendship
with Norway, no problem. Thanks to this war! Yep, now we are friends. I’ll send a delegation, sure. Ok. Let’s finish off that scout, shall we? And then… Free inquiry is fine. And let’s see if we can kill something. We should be able to, actually. This guy. We can kill him. Yep, he’s already dead. Nice. Ok. Looking good. One archer inside the city, and just chill. This is looking pretty good so far. Let’s back up a bit. Kill the other warrior. Might not be able to do it just yet, but he
didn’t pillage anything. No, he actually died. Nice. Very nice. Can we negotiate? He’s not willing to! Ok, fine. We’ll stay at war. I mean, worst case scenario, I’ll get more
combat experience for my archers. That’s certainly not a bad thing. And there has to be a barbarian camp right
here. I’ll have to go and take care of it, but probably
not right now, because right now we are dealing with Russia. It will have to wait. The settler is almost done. Oh, Norway is attacking the spearman, ok. Let’s maybe help out a bit. It should be safe to send the settler on his
own. It might not be entirely safe. Oh, and here’s another governor. So now I need a builder, you’ll see what I
plan to do. And let’s grab a governor for our second city. I’m actually going to pick up Victor. Let’s do that. That will be useful, and he only needs a few
turns to establish himself, which is pretty nice. Alright, heal up and just chill. Let Russia come to us because while I could
try to push for his city, I don’t think I would be able to do it right now. Not to mention, he’s clearly focusing on military
production at the moment, which means I would not be able to take a city that’s being actively
defended. That’s just not happening. There, we got the barbarian and we also got
a promotion. I will let the builder finish, we’ll need
quite a few improvements in the area and just overall really. So, I don’t know which exact tile I’m going
to settle, probably this one, but I will need a governor inside that city, otherwise it
will flip to Norway, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? No, certainly not. And then we can get a city here. There will only be a few tiles possible to
settle, but it will still be a reasonably decent city. Ok. Yep, there’s the barbarian camp. Even if Norway loots it, I’m okay with that. I just want that camp gone, I don’t even care
if I’m the one to destroy it. Ok, heavy chariot, that’s still not too bad,
but he might get like, catapults or something like that, at which point it will get a little
bit more dangerous, but let’s still stay at war. Yep, the camp is gone, and I can probably
ignore this. Let’s pick up the promotion first. So, right here, that will be -5. I think that’s acceptable. We’ll just need to grow that city. That’s a lot of rice. Yeah, this is a pretty damn good city location. And it will get even better if we can get
Auckland – and then we can have a second coastal city over here. I will definitely try to get Auckland later,
but not right now. Anyway, first, let’s attack. Like so. Yeah, maybe focus on the chariot because that’s
a more dangerous unit than a simple warrior. And I will stay inside my territory. Right now I’m mostly getting experience, that’s
basically what I’m doing. So, fortify, and we can improve the rice. I’ll be defending that tile anyway. And it might not be a bad idea to get started
on a campus, because I’m going to need science. Let’s get started on the campus, that’s a
pretty nice location for it. Is he switching to Rome? He seems to be doing that. Ok, good to know. So now, there’s one small trick you can use,
which I generally don’t use, because it’s pretty game-breaking. But hey, it’s in the game ever since Firaxis
added their own version of production queue, so you can use it if that’s what floats your
boat. So, you know how you normally cannot save
production in a city? You have to have something in the queue. Something in production. However, like I said, ever since Firaxis added
their own version of the production queue, you actually can. You can queue up a unit, any unit, like a
settler – and then right click and remove it, and you will be able to end the turn,
and the city will save the production in overflow – and then you can use it to build whatever
you are going to build next faster. And that’s pretty much how it works. It’s kind of game-breaking, like I said, but
it’s in the game, so you can use it if that’s what floats your boat. Anyway, let’s actually research masonry next,
because I’m going to need walls. So, as you can see, now I will be able to
end my turn. As for the settler, yeah, I was going to settle
right here, but that’s -17 loyalty from the nearby cities – I don’t think that’s very
safe to do. We could actually settle right here, on that
plains hill. I will probably miss out on the sugar, and
I will be out of range of rice, but it will be a pretty nice city, and it will be safe. I will get some stone, I’ll get the bananas. At the very least, we could settle on the
wheat, that’s only -3 loyalty. There’s a crab over here. Yeah, this is actually pretty nice. I think I’ll settle on the plains hill right
here. That way I won’t need a governor to raise
loyalty in here. Anyway, back to Russia. Let’s see. We can’t peace out yet, can we? Probably not. Nope, we cannot. Wait, he’s not at war with Norway anymore? Ok, that’s kind of bad. And I’ll have to wait before I can ask again. Well then, that was a fast war. I guess we’ll have to wait, because I need
Norway to be at war with Russia as a distraction, otherwise this is not going to work very well,
I can tell you as much. Well, I guess we’ll just wait and ask again
in a few turns. Improve the rice, and how are assignments
in here? Looking fine. Mostly focused on growth at the moment. We could make it grow even faster than this. Yeah, 24 turns, because it’s capped on housing. 21 turns, I think it’s better to focus on
production in this situation, because the city is not going to grow until I improve
the housing anyway, so we might as well focus on production more. Just like this. There’s no need to work the rice. It just won’t achieve anything. This way we’ll build the campus a little bit
faster. Alright, so let’s end our turn without anything
queued up in Rome. And now I can actually clear this forest without
placing a district on it, using the same exact method. I don’t even have to like, queue up anything
and then remove it anymore, because the queue is already empty to begin with. So, what I can do right now, is remove the
feature, which gives me +51 production, and then we’ll be able to build the campus in
2 turns, right here. There would technically be better tile closer
to the mountain, but I only got 81 gold at the moment, I can’t really afford buying tiles. If I’m going to buy tiles, it’s going to be
tiles around this city right here. So, let’s get the campus in 2 turns, and then
we can focus on military. Let’s see, I don’t like these heavy chariots
too much. That might be bit of a problem. Well. He can’t kill the archer, even if he attacks
him directly. I think it’s fine to attack this guy. And we can pick up a promotion. Let’s get battlecry for the warrior. And then attack the other chariot down here. I can actually kill that guy. Yep, nice one. Ok, we got 2 more builds, let’s get a mine. Yep, let’s do that, that will help production. And might as well finish off that barbarian
slinger. This is also a nice spot for a city. We could probably have a city like, over here
maybe, I need to think about it. So, assuming we are going to settle on the
plains hill, I would still be able to settle like, over here. It would be a little bit cramped, but it would
be a coastal city, so assuming we’ll get Auckland eventually, it will have pretty nice production. But yeah, I’m going to settle on the plains
hill to save the wheat, I don’t really want to settle on top of what, I’d rather save
it and actually work it myself. So there it is. And we got another fish! Yeah, this is actually going to be a pretty
nice city right there. It is in range. We’ll have what… we’ll have 5 sea based
resources in range of this city. That is actually a really nice spot right
there. Alright, next. And we got a promotion, nice. This is quite a few heavy chariots. I’m not a huge fan of this.. Well, here’s yet another promotion. Let’s pick up the promotion to not waste too
much experience, because I want my experience for obvious reasons. It should still be fine to attack the chariot. I might even be able to kill the chariot. I think I can kill it. Yes, that’s technically bit of a waste of
experience… ok, he’s almost dead. I don’t think he will be able to run away. That will be a mine. Are we working it right away? Yes, we are. Ok, and probably move into the city with the
worker, and go back with the other archer. I need all the firepower I can possibly get. And now we can start the city. So there it is. +1 era score and… we don’t need a granary
all that much, we got up to 5 housing, and we got the monument automatically, because
we are Rome. I could start a builder, I suppose we’ll need
one. Or, some kind of military unit, just in case. I can’t get a ship because I don’t have the
technology for that. Let’s just start a builder, because I’m going
to need that one way or the other. Alright then. So, Norway. You know who else is easy to raid? Russia! Can we ask him again yet, or do we have to
wait longer? Yep, we have to wait a little bit longer. Alright, I guess I’ll wait. So, I still want to kill that stupid chariot,
however, I can’t actually do it right now, which is a bit disappointing. Ok, let’s back up one tile and actually pick
up arrow storm. I can’t kill either of them at the moment. I can still attack with my warrior inside
Rome. Oh, also we finished the campus already. So now, I can either get the library, or another
unit. Let’s get a spearman, because right now I
only have warrior, they are not exactly very strong – a spearman would definitely be nice. Alright, that’s pretty much all I can do here. I can move in this general direction a little
bit more. And let’s improve the stone, shall we? Yes, let’s go and do that. Especially since we are already working it,
are we? No, we are not, but it’s going to be better
than the hill with no resource. Ok, carry on then. I’m just going to check with Norway every
turn, which might seem excessive, but we should be able to ask him pretty soon. Alright, more experience. This is the best thing we’ll get out of this
war, experience, because I can’t really go for his city right now, that’s just not happening. At least not until I kill all the units attacking
me. This might get a little bit dangerous. Well… I can move one tile and then attack. Maybe move the warrior? Yeah, let’s attack with the warrior. Didn’t quite kill the chariot, but I don’t
think he will be able to do anything. I can actually finish him off, so let’s finish
him off, that gives us yet another promotion. This is going really well. Alright, as for the builder, I can send the
builder to my new city, or maybe get the cattle, but right now it’s not exactly safe to actually
leave the city in this direction, towards the cattle. Are we actually working it? We are not working it right now, ok, let’s
escort the builder. Like this. And there’s another promotion, but again,
I would rather do some damage to that chariot first. If he pillages the stone, I will kill him,
at least I’m pretty sure I will. I suppose we’ll find out. Alright, so the trader. Let’s just keep trading with the city state. Yep, I need the gold. So off you go. Can we ask Norway? Probably not yet, a few more turns should
do. I still want to at least try doing something
to attack his city, but obviously, I just can’t do it right now. We need to wait for a better opportunity. He is most likely focused on military production,
as he should be. There’s political philosophy. So now, I can actually take advantage of the
fact we are in a dark age, and I think I’ll go for Oligarchy. I like Oligarchy overall, and right now it
will give us some more combat strength, and more unit experience, and 1 of each slot types. I think Oligarchy is my favorite tier 1 government,
really. So let’s pick that up. That’s +2 era score. And now I can actually pick up twilight valor,
which will give our melee units +5 combat strength. The downside is that I will not be able to
heal outside of my territory, but right now we have no need to do that anyway. We will have the need if we actually attack
his city, but right now this will be a huge help. I think I’ll go for it. And it will stack nicely with Oligarchy bonus. So let’s actually go for it. I don’t need colonization anymore. We can pick up the builder bonus, because
I am recruiting one builder at the moment. We can also just pick up +1 production in
all cities. That will be more universal, so let’s get
that. And then diplomatic policy, which is going
to be charismatic leader. I do want to get Auckland as soon as possible. We currently have 1 envoy in there, yep. So I need 2 more. There’s no competition in there at the moment. Ok, as for our next research, we should probably
get sailing at this point to unlock fishing boats. I mean, these tiles are not actually within
my borders yet, but getting a galley would also be useful to maybe try making contact
with other civilizations. As for the civic… probably drama and poetry,
because that’s required for further civics, or military tradition. I don’t think I will be clearing a barbarian
outpost, and we haven’t unlocked flanking and support combat bonuses. Let’s maybe do that then. Works for me. So, we got another promotion. Let’s kill this chariot first, and then repair
the stone. There. Ok, we’ll repair the stone. And heal up. So, more units to attack. Let’s see, is this a hill? Yes, this is a hill. Attack that guy, move back with the other
archer, and looks fine to me. And get the quarry. Nice. He’s still coming with more! Ok, here’s mercenaries boost, let’s check
with Norway again. I still can’t ask him, he still has a peace
treaty unfortunately. However, now we actually have a spearman,
that is going to be very helpful against heavy chariots. Arrow storm. Our experience is looking really good. So, you can heal up. You can stay inside Rome. What do we get in Rome? I could just get yet another spearman. If I want to at least try attacking his city,
we should get more melee units, and a battering ram. I will need a battering ram if I want to have
a chance to take that city. It only has 12 combat strength. There’s a good chance he will get more by
the time I’m ready to attack it, but a battering ram would be helpful one way or the other. So first, kill this guy. There we go, that looks fine. And I guess that’s that. I can’t let him pillage my tiles, because
I don’t actually have a builder anymore. Unless I keep this one. I can still improve the cattle, and then save
the last build for repairs, that sounds reasonable. I already have to back up with the archer,
otherwise the archer might actually die, which I wouldn’t want to happen, obviously. Here, this is fine. This is a lot of experience. There. I can almost kill the chariot. There’s no point attacking right now, that
won’t achieve much. Just stay where we are. Sounds good. So, Norway. Can we get Norway to declare war yet? Not yet. Probably a few more turns, I have no idea
what turn he got the peace treaty on. I mean, if I did, I wouldn’t have to ask him
every single turn. There, we can do it! Will he do it? Yes, he will. Just don’t peace out as quickly anymore, thank
you very much. I kind of need your help. So, down here. Looks like we are still fine. Kill these. Nice! I killed so many units Russia has been throwing
at me. I’m not even counting how many we killed,
but it’s been a lot. This stupid jungle, I can’t attack because
of it. Ok, that’s fine, let’s just stay where we
are. Ok, looks fine to me. I mean, even if we don’t take the city, this
is worth so much experience for our units. That’s definitely worth it just on its own. Almost at 2 population up here, nice. I could try to settle this location as well,
it might be bit of a stretch, but I could certainly do it. So now we can kill the chariot. Yep, don’t even need the spearman. But now I should go back into my territory,
because again, with twilight valor, I can’t heal outside of my territory – but it’s quite
a lot of extra combat strength. So, in you go. Did he actually run out of steam? Well… it’s starting to look that way, but
let’s find out. The battering ram is almost done. Now I could get a few more melee units, and
actually try to attack the city. That might work. We got sailing, and we got military tradition. What’s next? Probably iron working, although… right,
I do not have iron, and I don’t even know where iron is. There’s none that we can see, which is disappointing. Let’s get irrigation. As for the civic, that’s going to be drama
and poetry I guess. I won’t be building any wonders, but I kind
of need drama and poetry for other civics. Or we can get games and recreation and then
defensive tactics. Can we get construction quickly? No, not really. It’s right here. I can’t really get it very quickly. Let’s ignore that boost and get games and
recreation anyway, because that way I can get defensive tactics a little bit faster. Sounds good to me, and then we could go for
feudalism for more food. That’s easy to boost, just need 6 farms. Anyway, that’s going to be the end of this
episode, so thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you
didn’t, and subscribe for more videos like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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    Enjoying as always!

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